Anyone take cardizem for fast heart rate?

anyone take cardizem for fast heart rate with low b/p? did it work.? tell me your story and how you got well?the skipping and fast is soooooooo scary?wonder how fast it can beat with out stopping?

Asked by Rashad Brighton 3 years ago.

I took Cardizem 360 for two years and was okay with it to keep my blood pressure down. My resting heart rate is normally 60 and would drop into 50's with this med. I have episodes of Atrial Fib so I know what you mean about scary. As far as my meager mind knows; rapid heart rate is common and cardizem is one way Dr's. keep the episodes less frequent. Lastly, I found that eating cantaloupe, oranges and bananas for Potassium. Nuts for Magnesium and Yogurt for Calcium along with taking a mineral supplement reduces the likelihood of arrhythmia's.

Answered by Jamaal Caberto 3 years ago.

Cardizem, which is in the calcium channel blocker group, effects the heart by blocking some of the electrical impulses.For this reason it is not used to slow down the heart rate although as pointed out this is one of its effects.It is normally used as second/third tier (add on) blood pressure med.The drug of choice to slow down heart rate is a beta-blocker such as atenolol, metoprolol, or propranolol which work far more reliably by blocking some of the effects of adrenaline always present in blood stream.

Answered by Elia Pennebaker 3 years ago.

What the hell are you talking approximately? Cardizem is a calcium channel blocker; it makes your coronary heart beat much less forcefully for that reason reducing BP. Why might you be taking diltiazem? Has your wellness care expert prescribed this? you're making it sound like to procure some off the line and are thinking taking it. lots of folk have speedy strange coronary heart quotes with hypotension; it is pronounced as "atrial traumatic inflammation" and might bring about many problems down the line. in case your wellness care expert has prescribed you diltiazem to deal which includes your A-Fib, you're a retard in case you have no longer began taking it yet.

Answered by Lilian Mosconi 3 years ago.

they gave me cardizem for high blood pressure. they gave me coumadin for fast heart rate.

Answered by Lakiesha Schade 3 years ago.

No I am fit as a malley Bull and my Herat though Big and soft is good thanks

Answered by Karren Pore 3 years ago.

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