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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 018746/002.

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"VASOCON-A" is the commercial name of a drug composed of ANTAZOLINE PHOSPHATE and NAPHAZOLINE HYDROCHLORIDE.


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How do you get rid of yellow eyes?
p.s mi mom had a joundice and her eyes are yellow and she had them all her life but mines is different HELP!!!!!!!! Asked by Deedee Boring 2 years ago.

im born in America but mi parents are born in India i have a huge problem with my eye it always get gunky and yellow im sick and tired about people saying "whats up with your eye" or "why is it yellow?" is there any medicine that can get rid of this i don't have any joundice problem or a liver problem my eyes always gets itchy ive seen the doc but they gave me benedryl it works but it wont help the yellow its all over the white part please help me im only 13 Answered by Luciana Ardan 2 years ago.

Benadryl is for allergies and it may work if it's allergies that you have. There are antihistamine eye drops that are probably better if you have eye allergies (like Naphcon-A or Vasocon-A) However, the "gunkiness" is usually a sign of an infection. You would need antibiotics to clear that up. I would try a different doctor to get a 2nd opinion. I would try an ophthamologist who specializes in the eye. Answered by Angie Atwater 2 years ago.

the only reason for the eye "whites" to be yellow is disease!!! go talk to the doc again some more and tell him/her that you are concerned about this. Ask WHY!!! and get an answer from them. Answered by France Maultasch 2 years ago.

are you taking any prescrition medicines ??? i have a pill that i take and one of the many side effects it has is turning the whites of your eyes yellow [ and i'm suffering from that right now ]. Answered by Cory Bohinc 2 years ago.

Help, this is driving me CRAZY!!?
The muscle around my left eyebrow has been twitching constantly since this morning. Is there any way to make it stop? Asked by Chantay Babjeck 2 years ago.

To determine what are the causes of eye twitch it is important to see what eye twitch really means. Left eye twitch or right eye twitch represent involuntary contractions of eye muscles (twitch). The dictionary definition of twitch is "a sudden involuntary or spasmodic muscular movement". This spontaneous twitching occurs also in other muscles of the body. The twitch results from a spasm in the muscle (left eye twitch or right eye twitch is the result of an eyelid muscle spasm) and many people may get this symptom periodically for a short period of time. This means that occasionally an eyelid may twitch at random (the eye muscle twitch or spasm) and this involuntary eye muscle twitching usually lasts less than a minute. Left eye twitch or right eye twitch almost always occur in the muscles of the eyelid. Mild eye muscle twitching is a common phenomenon. Although these involuntary contractions of muscles are annoying, they are almost always temporary and completely harmless. Minor eyelid twitches require no treatment as they usually resolve spontaneously. So if sometimes your left eye twitches or your right eye twitches you shouldn't worry. But if you're still wondering "why does my eye twitch" here are the causes of eye twitch: chronic irritation of the eye or impaired focusing can cause muscle spasms. The term for muscle spasms in the eyelid (eye muscle twitch) is blepharospasm (a condition that most people think of as an eyelid twitch or tic). This is a common condition and usually is not reflective of any serious underlying problem. Other possible causes of eye twitch (left or right) are stress and fatigue. If the eye is healthy this are the more likely causes of the eye muscle twitch. In many cases the cause of eye twitch is a simple muscle spasm, which happens spontaneously without any known cause. Also, there are other factors, unrelated to the eye that can bring on these muscle spasms. If muscle eye twitches don't disappear spontaneously, simple measures like cold compresses or lubricating eyedrops can help. Or you may be able to relieve the twitching by gently massaging the affected eyelid. Rarely, a twitching eyelid can be a symptom of a muscle or nerve disease, but in this cases it's usually accompanied by other symptoms. A cause of involuntary eye muscle twitching is the dysfunction of the seventh cranial nerve. It affects approximately 25,000 people in the US, usually between 50-60 years, mostly women. This dysfunction may be caused by stressful situations, bright lights and fatigue, so this are other causes of eye twitch. The dysfunction of the nerve also manifestates through excessive blinking and light sensitivity. It is recommended to stop caffeine intake, specifically coffee, tea, chocolate or any soft drinks with caffeine, stop smoking, because caffeine and smoking may also be the cause of eye twitching. Treatment for this condition includes magnesium, sunglasses, herbs, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and other alternative treatments. So, the root cause of eye twitch seems to be lack of sleep, too much caffeine or increased stress. Finally, there is a benign condition, often familial, characterized by irregular twitching of groups of muscle fibers giving a rippling appearance to the overlying skin, called myokymia or kymatism. The eyelids are very loose and sensitive making eyelid myokymia more easily felt than myokymia in other muscles. Myokymia, cause of eye twitch, has been blamed on caffeine, fatigue, stress, and electrolyte imbalance but it happens without them, as well. The cause of myokymia is not yet known. Doctors suggest avoiding caffeine and stimulants, taking calcium, drinking tonic water and eating bananas (high in potassium). It seems that eyedrops containing an antihistamine, such as Vasocon A or Naphcon A, can stop eye twitching. Answered by Juliet Strole 2 years ago.

while my peers stored bugging me to spend time with them alternatively of staying dwelling by myself. i am through nature a loner. it drives me nuts considering that i fairly select to be alone now and then, however them bugging me suggests that they care approximately me. and i would not difference that for the sector. Answered by Melony Oberloh 2 years ago.

thats happened to me several times before, all I did was wait it out and it went away after a few hours Answered by Taisha Czapla 2 years ago.

I have a little bit a pimples?
and i want to get rid of them before school. they are slowly going away. but then one day they just all come back :( What acne cleaner works the best?? Asked by Mitch Demel 2 years ago.

CLEAN! Wash your face with a gentle, oil- and fragrance-free cleanser; preferably a nondetergent one labeled pH balanced. If you have oily skin all over your face, use a cleanser that contains benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid. Don't scrub - irritated skin swells around the pores, which can cause breakouts. Skip toner unless your face is very oily, otherwise it might dry out the skin TREAT! Apply a topical acne treatment containing benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid over your entire face, not just where blemishes have already erupted. At night, use a drying spot-treatment product and dab oil-free moisturizer on dry areas. In the morning, apply an oil-free sunscreen gel over the entire face CONCEAL! Use a small makeup brush to dab concealer or cream foundation (in the exact same shade as your skin) directly onto the blemish. Use a fingertip to wipe away excess concealer around the blemish and, if necessary, apply another coat of concealer. If the makeup becomes cakey, carefully wipe it off and start over. gently brush powder (in the exact same shade as your skin) on top of the concealer. Tricks Of The Trade: * If you have oily skin and feel that you need toner, apply it only on the T-zone, and rinse it off afterward (leaving it on can dry the skin). Use a clay mask as often as every three days to absorb excess oil. * To stop redness and swelling in an emergency situation (job interview, wedding), ask your doctor for a cortisone injection. It calms down a pimple almost instantly. * If you can't get to your dermatologist (or needles make you squemish), temporarily reduce redness and swelling by dabbing on a drop of drugstore cortisone cream, Preparation H, or Vasocon-A eyedrop. Answered by Chase Lincourt 2 years ago.

Read tips on Treating Acne, Skincare and Home Remedies on this site Answered by Louann Paponetti 2 years ago.

Well, I wouldn't reccommend you spending all your moneys on Proactiv if your acne isn't that bad. I don't get much acne either, so I just use simple things like Witch Hazel. That works pretty well. Answered by Clement Nypaver 2 years ago.

the original oxy cream. Answered by Birgit Maccord 2 years ago.

go to your dermatologist. he will advice the best one! :] Answered by Liliana Keilholz 2 years ago.


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