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what is trimeth/sulfa ss for?
i got my general anual check 2 weeks ago ,and i got a call from the doctor's office and they gave me this medicine call trimeth/sulfa ss i have no idea what is this medicine for
  It's an antibiotic.
Best UTI pain reliever and info on trimeth-sulfa, DS?
Alright so i've had the WORST pain lately when i use the bathroom. So i went to the doctor and he said that i definitely have a bladder infection. He gave me some anti biotics called trimeth-sulfa, DS 160-800mg. And told me to take them 2 times a day for 5 days. I was wondering if anyone could give me any info about this drug. I've tried looking but mostly i can only get anything about it being used for sinus infections.

Also i would like to know what i should take for pain while i'm waiting for this to start working. i've seen 3 things in my town. uricalm, uristat, and azo. Please don't just read me off the stats and say the higher concentration should work best. If possible i'd like personal testimony.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer me!!!
  The antibiotic you got is a sulfa double strength. In the meantime drink plenty of fluid, cranberry juice helps to neutralize the urine. Uristat or azo is kind of a urinary tract pain med. It will help with the burning and frequency and will turn your urine orange. It works fairly quick. Talk to your pharmacist if you have any other questions. (Haven't heard of uricalm, probably the same thing) Hurry to the drug store now! Make sure you finish all your antiobiotics to make sure that the infection is gone.
Anaphelexic shock to avelox. I am not perscribed sulfa. Are theyrelated?
I Was in the ER due to a deadly reaction to an antibiotic avelox. I was just perscribed trimeth-sulfa, is there going to be a risk with this as well ?
  No, they are not related. Avelox belongs to floroquinolone class of antibiotics while sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim belongs to sulfa class. You can take sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim.
cyp 450
does trimeth/sulfa ds 800 interfere with birth control?
and if it does, how long should i wait before having unprotected sex?
  Use a backup method as long as your on your antibiotic treatment and an additional 10 days after that. If its to treat an STI you need to wait 10 days after all partners are treated to have unprotected sex.
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How do you know if u are allergic to something before you take it and get a reaction?
i was prescribed TRIMETH SULFA DS and the nurse asked if i was allergic... she told me side affects but i don't want to take its and have one
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  Most likely you will not have an allergic reaction. If you are afraid you will, have a benedryl at hand and take it if you experience hives, itching, flushing and/or a rash, the most common allergic reactions. The benedryl will stop those symptoms. For added precaution, take it with someone around who can call 911 in the extremely rare event that something worse happens. But I do think you are worrying too much.
Suprax in Sulfa family of abx?
My daughter had an allergic reaction to Suprax when she was 2. Most of her doctors since then have her avoid Sulfa drugs as well. Are they in the same family? Her new doctor watns to know why she can't have sulfa abx,and she says Suprax is not in that family.
  Check this website:

According to it, "Although any drug can cause an allergic reaction, antibiotics are the most common source of drug-related allergies. The list below includes examples of drugs that have an increased risk of causing allergic reactions.

* Antibiotics
o Penicillins: Penicillin, Ampicillin, Amoxil
o Cephalosporines: Keflex, Cefzil, Ceftin, Suprax, Vantin
o Sulfa: Septra, Bactrim, Pediazole"

Notice that Suprax is listed under "Cephalosporines" not "Sulfa".

Hope this helps. Good Luck!!
is trimeth/sulfa ds effective?
I was diagnosed with a severe sinus infection and cold today and the dr. gave me trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole antibiotic around 11am today. i went to work and ihad to go back home because i was feeling really sick, even after taking it along with acetaminophen for my fever and medication for the congestion. It is 12am of the next day and stil feel sick. i have taken the meds as prescribed.
how long will i have to wait until this takes effect? i dont wanna feel sick anymore like this. it took a beating out of me, and i still have to go back to work tomorrow....
is this antibiotic very effective or not??
  I agree with "Nick". TMP-SMZ is one of the best meds for sinus infections, especially in someone who smokes. It takes 1-2 days for antibiotics to start working, longer to fully treat an infection. Have a bit of food in your stomach when you take it - it might help with any nausea you get because of the med. But, there are resistant bacteria to any antibiotic that is out there. If your symptoms are not beginning to improve after 3 days of the antibiotic, contact your physician.
Can I use neosporin with a sulfa allergy?
I recently found out that I have an allergy to sulfa drugs after using Bactrim for an injury which had gotten infected.

I was wondering if it was okay to use neosporin on wounds, since it contains neomycin sulfate. Is neosporin considered a sulfa product as well, or is neomycin sulfate in a completely different category? I've never had an allergy to neosporin in the past, but I thought I should ask someone who knows a thing or two about pharmacology. Thanks to anyone with answers.
Lady Arcana
  There should be a 1-800 number on the tube or box that you can call and they should be able to tell you. or you can ask your local pharmacist
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Is sulfur the main ingredient in sulfa medications?
I had an allergic reaction to Sulfa meds when i was 4 and have recently had adverse reactions to a chem lab that used sulfur, I am wondering if they are the same. Also is there sulfur in sulfates?
  These are all in the same family (the ones you listed) and all you need to do is tell people you are allergic to Sulfa and avoiding contact with these products.
Sulfa allergy - What antibiotics can I take?
I just had an allergy to Bactrim, so now I can't take any sulfa drugs. I also had an allergy to Cefzil when I was younger, so I can't take whatever type of drug that is. WHAT'S LEFT?
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Is SULFA of any kind in a Polymyxin B SULFATE and Trimethoprim Opthamlmic Solution?
Daughter treated for Conjunctivitis came down with a horrible drug reaction rash all over face and eyes. Dr states Suftate and Sufa are "different chains of molecules" and she has a NEW drug allergy and eye drops had no Sulfa in them. Is this so?
Mr. Mom
  Your doctor is correct. A sulfate is a "salt" not a sulfa drug. Sulfacetamide is the only eye drop that contains a sulfa antibiotic. Sulfacetamide can be combined with Trimethoprim, but it would be listed on your prescription if it contained it. Sounds like something else in the drops irritated her face and eyes.
I absolutely can not get rid of my UTI! Help?!?
I'm 15 years old. I got a UTI back in December. I was prescribed a 10 day course of trimeth/sulfa. My symptoms went away temporarily. Less than a week after my course was finished, I began to have irritation again. The irritation was not severe. I did not have severe urgency, only slight burning while urinating and not being able to empty my bladder completely/having the urge to go when there was barely any urine. I returned to the doctor and they gave me a 5 day course of the same antibiotic. Again, I temporarily felt relief but now I am feeling the burning sensation again. I am chugging cranberry juice as much as possible. I have 5 left over Cephalexin from a surgery that I am going to try taking. I am also going to begin taking cranberry supplements. I am feeling like this misery is never going to end. What should I do? I can't live like this forever. Oh, I forgot to mention: they kept re-testing my urine after the first course of antibiotics, claiming that I had contaminated the samples. I went to another doctor for a urine test and she said that it was negative and that was when she prescribed the second dose of antibiotics as a precaution.
  Don't drink cranberry juice. Take cranberry pills, instead. The pills are much more potent than the juice and the pills won't make you urinate like drinking the juice does (less urination=less pain). Also, the pills are way cheaper and much more discreet than chugging a big bottle of cranberry juice. Just drink lots of water and take the cranberry pills and your UTI will be gone in about 2-3 days. The antibiotics could actually be HURTING the healing process.
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Im allergic to sulfa drugs, why cant I take Dyazide- what is the commonality they share?
Why would I have an allergic reaction to Dyazide if I am allergic to Sulfa antibiotics? What makes these drugs similar?
  I am so glad to know this as my 16 year old daughter is deadly allergic to sulfa drugs, too.

Well, I just did some basic research into it. You are absolutely right, every site, every article says over and over, if you are allergic to sulfa drugs, don't take Dyazide. But none of them say WHY.

So, I am sorry I can't answer this very good question. I owe you one for posting it b/c you brought to my attention something I knew nothing about and now I can warn my daughter. She doesn't need Dyazide or any diuretic now, but who knows what the future will hold? And it is so important to be an informed patient these days.

I can only guess that the two drugs must share a common compound in their make-up. It is so odd that every site would contain the warning with nary a word of explanation.

Take care.
Is there sulfa in sucralfate?
I have reflux and take sucralfate, does this have sulfa in it. thank you
alice h
  No. Sucralfate lacks the sulfonamide functional group.
Is sulfur that is contained in Latex body paint the same as sulfa?
I am planning on doing some paint art on my body with latex body paint and I realized it contained sulfur. I took these antibiotic pills for my skin called sulfa, and I was very allergic to it. Are they both the same thing? I need to know this before I start this process. Thank you.
  Yes they are from the same family of sulfonamides though they are chemical compound is different and unrelated. internally may not mean you will be allergic to it on your skin. You could try a small test area several hours before you put it on the rest of your body. You can be allergic or become allergic to anything at any time.
Check this out on wikipeda.
Are there any alternatives to Diamox (for those allergic to sulfa) for treating Acute Mountain Sickness?
I am traveling to Nepal in a few weeks and have read that Diamox can be very helpful for treating the symptoms of acute mountain sickness. But I'm allergic to sulfa drugs and can't take Diamox. Are there any othe rdrug or homeopathic remedies out there? Any ideas wouuld be really helpful.
  Well, I don't know much about altitude sickness but I know a lot about prevent nausea and vomiting (I'm emetophobic).
Ask your doctor for an anti-emetic - Raglan, Phenergan or some such.
I honestly don't know if they'd work at altitude, but they worked for me at 10,500 feet in the Sierras :/
Question about nebulizer medications?
I have COPD, with emphysema, chronic bronchitis and frequents asthma attacks. I am highly allergic to sulfa. I am somewhat confused by the medications I have been prescribed in the past to put in my nebulizer .
I know when I was hospitalized in March with a bad reaction to Bactrim the M.D. would only let me have Xopenex via neb...even though my pulmo had me on Brovana,albuterol and atrovent (mixed together) 2 times a day.
And atrovent and albuterol (mixed together )two times a day.

The pulmo also had me on amoxilllian 500mg 3 times a day for seven days "every" month.

The pulmo I was going to is quite a distance away and I am looking for a closer one, in the mean time can you advise me about the nebulizer meds and what would be safe for someone who is so sensitive to sulfa?
Until I get in to see a pulmo in a neighboring city, I am taking albuterol via neb and using the proair puffer.
Any information would be appreciated
  I know you may fill a gig pig at time's but your doctor is try to fine out what will work best for you only you know your body better then you tell your doctor what have worked for you in the pass this may help him to fine out which medications will work for you
does furazolidone (furoxona) contain sulfa?
this is what was given to me for traveler's diarreah....
  No - this is a nitrofurantoin, not a sulfa product
What is sulfa silvadene, and is it safe when applied topically?
  Silvadine cream is used for prophylaxis and treatment of 2 to 3 " burns. It is only used topically but isn't recommended for children.
Can I use gentamicin sulfate for pink eye if I am allergic to sulfa drugs?
Stuck in the Middle Ages
  yes! Gentamicin is from a completely different family of antibiotics than sulfa drugs are, so an allergy to sulfa drugs should not cause any problem with that.
I had reaction to Ceclor. Also reactions to Sulfa Drugs and Doxicycline. I can take Zithromax. What is safe%3?
  Call your doctor or pharmacist. They're the experts at drug allergies.
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Why sulfa drugs use with the combination of Trimethoprim?
Why Trimethoprim used to damage the bacterial cell, but not for human body?
sonjoy m
  it's generally used with sulfamethoxizole(together, that's bactrim)
trimethoprim kills only bacterial cells because of the enzyme it inhibits...humans i think don't have it...something to do with dihydrofolate reductase i think.

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Zabrina_Marks: @andersoncooper Try asking the doctor for a sulfa based medication like Septra. It really helps and isn't an antibiotic. Get well soon.
kevnewton: @tferriss Have had good results with Dramamine and electrolyte-rich beverages. Can try acetazolamide if you can take sulfa drugs (I can't).