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What flavor mixes best with Trilyte?
I'm getting a colonoscopy on Monday and the doctor gave me Trilyte. It came with 5 different flavor packs; Citrus Berry, Lemon Lime, Orange, Pineapple, and Cherry. Has anyone had Trilyte and which flavor did you use and did it help mask the taste? Or should I just drink it without a flavor pack? Any suggestions for my preparation?
  Patients have told me that lemon-lime is best. Drinking it cold also helps.
When a person has a colonoscopy done what determines whether a they are given Halflytly or Trilyte?
I was told that a person with diabetees is given the Trilyte because the fluid is dehydrating. Is the only determination really the need to drink less of the fluid? My friend has the Trilyte to take but I was given the Halflytly - and I threw up half of it. Is the Halflytly just more concentrated? It made me really sick.
I was told that I was being given the Halflytly so that I wouldn't have to drink so much of the liquid. I still got very sick. I used to work in a doctor's office and I remember the drug reps coming in with Heavenly Ham luches and pizza and talking to everyone about the newest drug. It actually upset me pretty bad. Maybe my reaction to the Halflytly is the reason I've been feeling so poorly lately. Anyway, they determined that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  It depends on what gifts the doctor got from the pharmaceutical sales rep. The crap is all Polyethylene Glycol. That is also what they use for biodegradable anti-freeze. Others may follow their doctors blindly; but for the record Hommie don't play dat. I do the Fleet Phospha Soda, chugg the little bottle and quick chase it with diet soda or Gatorade.
Póg Mo Thóin
Going in for colonoscopy tomorrow, I just drank The Trilyte, I was wondering what color the stool should be?
I have had Stomach Problems for 3 years and am Finally going in for a colonoscopy and endoscapy. I have drank all the Trilyte plus more then I was suppose to. I have clear stools now but it is really bright yellow. Is that normal or is it suppose to be clear like water?
  I have had this done 3 times in several years. You got the worst part done, drinking the (mine was called Kolite) drink. Yes, the yellow color is OK. My doctor told me they have a problem when a person only drinks half of it, because then there not cleaned out good enough and may be sent home to do it again. What a bummer that would should be just fine. I felt no pain what so ever because they put you in a twilight sleep. You wake up quickly and say, "where's the food"? I have never ever had any ill effects from doing this test. Can go right about your normal activities the same day. The only thing they say is you should do no heavy lifting for a day or so.
Good Luck
I have a colonoscopy in the morning, I have used GoLYTELY in the past, if Trilyte better ? Any side affects?
maire t
  It is still a PEG (polyethylene glycol) based laxative and I refuse to take any PEG based preps. Still slimy and makes you want to vomit.
Póg Mo Thóin
Trilyte flavor question... Colonoscopy?
Which flavor did you use that you thought made it taste somewhat better... I am down to two choices (orange or lemon-lime). I don't know what to choose... Anyone?
I don't mean to be disgusting... But I need help deciding, LOL!
  Sorry dude.
That's a question only you can answer.
Which one of the two is your favorite and that's what you go with.
Either way, it's some nasty shlt (no pun intended)
I have to have a colonoscopy next Monday. I have had one before and am really not looking forward to it. The problem is drinking the triLyte crap! Anybody have any ideas about how to get it down quick and painless? Which flavor packs are the best?
I can't take the pills because I have kidney damage. :(
  Best thing is to drink it cold, drink it with a chaser like juice or soda(both considered clear liquids just no red colors) any flavor pack you pick is gonna taste horrible:( but even though your doc says you have to drink the whole gallon as soon as you start passing clear when you go the bathroom... you can stop the prep your doc wont know the difference, Good luck
Bombshell Letty
Any experience with Trilyte?
I was wondering how long it will be in effect?
Its a laxative for a surgical procedure tommarrow.
I have to drink a gallon of it....
I started drinking it every ten minutes over an hour ago.
Not much movement so to speak.
(I havent had much solid food in the last 24 hours)
I would like to go out for an hour at 9:30pm
Does anyone think its possible
  Keep going out to a minimum in case you need to get to the bathroom. You can probably run in and out somewhere quick. Good luck with your procedure tomorrow. Drinking this stuff is going to be the worst part of the whole thing! ;o)
Can i stop taking my Colonoscopy prep laxative now?
It's Trilyte, and i'v taken near 3 of the 4 liters that it contained. All i see comming out is clear, yellow tinted, liquid, with some little white cloud-like residue (Like sheds of cotton)
Yeh i have been taking the solution veeeerryy slowly all day, like hours between cups, just because i'v vomited a couple times

Colonoscopy prep- Do i haved to take the whole gallon?
I'm taking trilyte right now, and it says on the gallon that i can stop taking it after i see that im only releasing clear liquid, but my mother says that the doctor said to take the whole gallon and not take chances. I havent ate much in the past days, and im 110- lbs, so yeah, anyone ever done the test w/o drinking the whole gallon?
  All this depends on what the liquid looks like that you are passing. If there is still flecks of stool in it, then you need to continue with the prep. If you go and there is nothing of any color in the stool, then you can stop. You need to make sure your bowel is completely empty so that this test doesn't have to be repeated due to inadequate prep.
Colonoscopy preparation solution flavorings or techniques - any suggestions or advice?
Am dreading my first colonoscopy shortly and received flavor packets with my TriLyte solution. The choices are citrus berry, orange, lemon lime, cherry and pineapple. I've heard the prep is the worst part of the test. I'd hate to mix the solution with the flavoring and make matters worse. Benefit of your experience would be appreciated. Are there flavorings or techniques that make this process easier?
  My flavor choice would be lemon-lime. From experience though, chill it in the 'fridge and then drink it over ice.

Other answers are good as well, but let me add one thing: Buy some baby-wipes and/or vaseline. Need I explain?

Hope all goes and turn out well. Ask for plenty of Versed and you won't remember a thing! Good luck to you!

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