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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 075915/001.

Names and composition

"TIOCONAZOLE" is the commercial name of a drug composed of TIOCONAZOLE.
It belongs to the class Antifungals and is used in Skin and nail infections (Skin)

Answered questions

Does tioconazole really work for yeast infections?
I get yeast infections every now and then and don't have time for the doctor this week, so I bought some tioconazole and used it last night. Nothing is really better, but nothing is really worse either. I know it said most women don't experience complete relief the first day...but I just wanna make sure... Asked by Danuta Walls 6 months ago.

I get yeast infections every now and then and don't have time for the doctor this week, so I bought some tioconazole and used it last night. Nothing is really better, but nothing is really worse either. I know it said most women don't experience complete relief the first day...but I just wanna make sure that this really is gonna work. Did you use it and did it work for you? Answered by Elanor Sobolik 6 months ago.

Yes, tioconazole really does work to treat vaginal yeast infections. (if you have a vaginal yeast infection.) You should notice some relief within a 2 or 3 days (Is this the one dose treatment that you bought?) If you don't notice any improvement, then you may have a Bacterial Vaginosis infection which requires a doctor's evaluation and a prescription medication. Answered by Nguyet Childrey 6 months ago.

Difference between tioconazole and miconazole?
I bought the Monistat 1-dose but I was confused weather to buy tioconazole or miconazole.. is there a difference? I ended up buying tioconazole, but im still in doubt, is one better than the other? Asked by Lemuel Sonterre 6 months ago.

Both are effective in treating yeast infections. The med you bought is a single dose; tioconazole needs to be repeated daily for several days. Women often prefer the single dose cream as it is less messy and you need apply it only one time. Answered by Susanna Oharroll 6 months ago.

Difference Between Tioconazole And Miconazole Answered by Bradly Perr 6 months ago.

I bought tioconazole 1 to treat yeast infection...?
the box says to use it before bed, but it's 9AM and i don't want to deal with this all day long...do you think i could just take it now? Asked by Yvette Vanbogelen 6 months ago.

You would be better off waiting until bed. When you are up and about, it will ooze out. That won't make it as effective, and you will be a complete mess. When you put it in at bedtime, you are laying down so it stays in place. That allows it contact for extended time so it can work better. For immediate relief, get some external vulvar cream. Answered by Larue Val 6 months ago.

Tioconazole 1 yeast infection ointment cause burning while using?
does this mean its working? Asked by Marlana Papciak 6 months ago.

Oh, yeah it burns, especially if you have a raging yeast infection. I feel for you. No, it doesn't mean it's working, it's the ointment itself, not the active ingredient, that's causing the irritation, but the only alternative is Diflucan orally which requires prescription and a couple days to work. Answered by Kandis Hogen 6 months ago.

I'm too scared to use Tioconazole-1... but i really need it!?
I hate being a girl so much -_- Asked by Harrison Mcmartin 6 months ago.

First of all, i know this is gross...all the "ewwww" comments are not needed. Alright, so i have a really bothersome yeast infection (IK ITZ GROSS!) I've tried all the Vagisil creams but all they do is calm the itching for a few hours... so my mom bought me this thing called "Tioconazole-1" I'm supposed to put this inside my "Girl Area" but i'm too afraid... i'm a virgin, I don't use tampons, I don't masturbate... so i've never had anything 'down there', people told me i should finger myself to get used to it... i tried, but i felt a slight pinch of pain barely in and i chickened out! I want to get rid of this so bad! any tips? Please don't tell me to 'suck it up' and i prefer answers from women .-. Answered by Lakenya Hera 6 months ago.

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of your yeast infection is to use the stuff your mom bought you. Or else you go to the doctor and they prescribe you with the exact same thing. I know you are scared, but if you leave it any longer, it WILL get worse, trust me! It's painful having a yeast infection.. so it's best to sort it out immediately. Just think, using the cream will help you. Please don't be scared, you need to do this, and soon. Go into the bathroom, try to relax, and do what you need to do. It will feel SO much better tomorrow/the next day, i promise! Answered by Adena Merila 6 months ago.

Please see a female doctor. It sounds like you may have something more serious than a yeast infection. Answered by Sherill Kubicek 6 months ago.

Does Monistat 1 (with the Ovule and insert) decrease the effectiveness of birth control?
If so for how long??? Asked by Willow Kuhlmann 6 months ago.

Tioconazole (Monistat 1) may damage a condom or diaphragm so use another form of birth control while using tioconazole and for 72 hours following treatment. This medication does not effect oral birth control or IUD's. Answered by Glayds Cathers 6 months ago.

Effectiveness Of Monistat 1 Answered by Tessa Walgren 6 months ago.

Is it possible that one type of yeast infection medicine didn't work, and i need to try a different one?
The one i tried is tioconazole 6.5% ointment....Should i try one with another main ingredient and different percentage? Asked by Josefa Milner 6 months ago.

Yes it is possible. Go to the doctor and get a prescription. Also know that if you don't clean up your diet and what you eat it will be hard to get rid of and you will get them more frequent. No sweets, chocolate, sodas and caffiene is not good either. Get some good quality yogurt from the health food store (not Dannon, there's too much processing and sugar in there). or spend the money and get a good probiotic from the health food store and take it with some Vitamin C. Answered by Hiedi Krapp 6 months ago.

Hey I see your looking to cure a yeast infection. A friend of mine recently had a nasty infection and she was having real problems until she found Yeast Infection No More. She has now managed to get herself clear of the infection. This could be something that you should take a look at too. best wishes Answered by Sueann Wesberry 6 months ago.


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