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Urologist prescribed suprax?
can anyone give me any advice on the following.

My urologist wrote me a prescription for a drug called suprax and told me to take it
for 4 weeks. I am hearing stories on the internet and according to a urologist on
Stephen Leslie he says that suprax is not used for prostatitis, The drug also costs $900
and I have no insurance. can you tell me if you believe suprax is an effective agent for
prostatitis ? I don't wanna go pay $900 for a drug if it is not even used for this

and yes all of the common drugs such as floxacin drugs such as cirpo , levauin, ofloxacin and tetracyclines such as dodxyclcine and minocycline and bactrim sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim the infection is immune to all of them

this is why im asking if suprax works
By the way i have prostatitis so drugs like amoxicillin and nitrofurantoin can not be used .
and it is immune to cephalexin i stated it is immune to almost every single drug their is
Captain Clown
Suprax in Sulfa family of abx?
My daughter had an allergic reaction to Suprax when she was 2. Most of her doctors since then have her avoid Sulfa drugs as well. Are they in the same family? Her new doctor watns to know why she can't have sulfa abx,and she says Suprax is not in that family.
  Check this website:

According to it, "Although any drug can cause an allergic reaction, antibiotics are the most common source of drug-related allergies. The list below includes examples of drugs that have an increased risk of causing allergic reactions.

* Antibiotics
o Penicillins: Penicillin, Ampicillin, Amoxil
o Cephalosporines: Keflex, Cefzil, Ceftin, Suprax, Vantin
o Sulfa: Septra, Bactrim, Pediazole"

Notice that Suprax is listed under "Cephalosporines" not "Sulfa".

Hope this helps. Good Luck!!
How long should i take Suprax for treating gonorrhea?
How many times a day and how many days should i take suprax for the treatment of gonorrhea?? :D
  I think you should phone your doctor or the pharmacy. But your supposed to take it until you finish. Then you have to wait 7-14 days and be re-tested to make sure that the meds cleared it up.
can suprax cure chlamydia and gonerrhea?
my doctor gave me some other pills,last time i had got this but this time he gave me one suprax pill 400mg i am worried
Cindy Parks
does one 400mg Suprax tablet clear away Chlamydia?
the doctor gave one 400mg of Suprax to take. I just want to know will that really clear up my chlamydia?? (he also said that it would even clear up gonnorhea but i dont have that, its just chlamydia)
Baby b
  Beginning in April 2008, cefixime (Suprax®) 400 mg tablets are again available in the United States.
Oral cefixime is now being provided by Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Baltimore, Maryland), which received Food and Drug Administration approval in February 2004 to manufacture and market cefixime. Lupin has been manufacturing and marketing cefixime oral suspension (100 mg/5 mL) since February 2004 and cefixime oral suspension (200 mg/5 mL) since April 2007. Public health pricing* will be available for the 400 mg cefixime tablets.
Information on obtaining cefixime is available from Lupin by telephone (866-587-4617). Guidance on treatment of N. gonorrhoeae infections and updates on the availability of recommended antimicrobials are available from CDC at
Azithromycin 1 g orally in a single dose
Doxycycline 100 mg orally twice a day for 7 days
Alternative Regimens

Erythromycin base 500 mg orally four times a day for 7 days
Erythromycin ethylsuccinate 800 mg orally four times a day for 7 days
Ofloxacin 300 mg orally twice a day for 7 days
Levofloxacin 500 mg orally once daily for 7 days

I am a retired nurse epidemiologist working in STD programs for 15 yrs. So as soon as I read your question I knew something was wrong. Suprax 400mg is treatment for gonorrhea, not chlamydia. I copied and pasted out of the CDC's treatment guideline book for you. So the info your doctor gave is not correct or there was miscommunication. None the less wait for 3 weeks and get a test of cure. Did your partner get treated along with you? Couples are to be treated at the same time and no sex, no oral (chlamydia and gonorrhea thrive in the back of the throat, did your doctor swab your throat? Also if you receive rectal sex your rectum needs to be swabbed. Your doctor can get a urine sample from you to run a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to replicate DNA and this is much more efficient than any other type of testing for you and your partner. Now if you are pregnant and a PCR is done on your urine, something in a pregnant woman's urine can give a false positive. We brought that to the attention of the company that makes the test in 2002. I don't know if anything has been changed or not. If you are positive then call your local health dept. and they should treat your partner for free. I don't know where you live and guys freak out about being tested so make sure they do just a urine test first.
does suprax 400mgs clear up head n chest infections?
  Suprax is a super strong antibiotic and very appropriate for bronchitis, sinusitis, and other upper respiratory bacterial related infections. However, make sure you finish all the medication, or your infection may return. Antibiotics should only be taken by the person for whom they were prescribed. And antibiotics are only effective for bacterial infections, not a virus. Not to be taken by people who may be sensitive or allergic to penicillin.
Nancy Nurse
is is safe to take 2g AZITHROMYCIN and 400mg SUPRAX in a single dose at the same time?
Is it right to take antibiotics in my case?
Hey there! I'm in a foreign country without any friends who are doctors around. A local doctor pre-diagnosed me with laryngythis and prescribed antibiotic Suprax 400 to me. Do you think I should take it or just go along with regular flu medicines? Thank you!
  If you have any indication that your infection is viral, you should avoid antibiotics altogether. A relationship with a doctor should be a partnership and we all have some responsibility to recognize and pay attention to our own symptoms. If you take antibiotics and you don't need them, it just kills off the beneficial bacteria in your digestive track and actually makes it more difficult for antibiotics to work when you DO need them. This isn't something you can do overnight however. Starting today, learn one thing that can help you to maintain your body and preserve your health. It's just like going to an auto mechanic anyway. If either of them know that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, they are going to charge you a whole lot more and mess with you!
Is it possible to have a swollen urethra?
I am suffering from yet another bladder infection. Dr. has me on Suprax. My urethra feels swollen and actually "aches". There is an infuriating itch too. Has anyone experienced something like this?
  yes it's possible to have a urethral infection.
Straight Shooter
When treating Gonorrhea with cefixime (Suprax), how much? one time or over 10 days?
Need to know if one time dose of what milligram tab or over how many days?
  If you are not allergic to Penicillin, that is the best thing for Gonorrhea.

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