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"STERILE WATER" is the commercial name of a drug composed of STERILE WATER FOR IRRIGATION.


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Answered questions

What plants will grow healthfully in sterile water?
Asked by Carli Mcrobbie 2 years ago.

Sterile water means there is no micro organisms in the water - most plants do not need microbes, molds, fungi, spores, etc to live. So almost all plants will if you add the nutrients and minerals which the plants need. The nutrients and minerals would be strerile, in-organic compounds. how you would keep the whole environment sterile, especially the water, would be very difficult. Answered by Esperanza Bestine 2 years ago.

Almost all plants will grow healthfully in sterile water. All plants require some sort of fertilizer (whether they get it from the air or soil). Pure H2O supports almost all plant life. Answered by Raina Grumbling 2 years ago.

What's the difference between sterile water and distilled water?
Asked by Kenda Thoreson 2 years ago.

Sterile water is distilled water that has been additionally treated with ultraviolet or extreme high heat, or both until there is one hundred percent organism death. Then it is packaged in special containers that are also sterile, and sealed. Distilled water is very nearly sterile as well, but it usually has not been through anything more than a heating process, and sometimes not even that. While it is close to sterile, there can still be some organisms alive in it, and the packaging is clean, but not sterilized. Answered by Libby Danniels 2 years ago.

Distilled water is water that has been boiled right into a vapor and recondensed into a liquid, doing away with any solids and gasses. Sterile water is water that has no germs. Distilled water is by its nature additionally sterile, however sterile water may also be made that manner via any number of approaches. Answered by Kay Yocum 2 years ago.

am i suppose to give you a helpful answer or something? Answered by Ted Gransberry 2 years ago.

How do you dilute Tween 80 to 15%?
Sterile water will be used. Asked by Jerlene Schisler 2 years ago.

You need to know first the initial concentration of the Tween 80 and final volume of the 15% solution. Anyway, the formula that you can use is: C2V2 = C1V1 For example, asssuming C1 = 100%, V2 =1 liter = 1000 mL and C2 = 15% then, V1 = C2V2 / C1 = (15%)(1000 mL) / 100% = 150 mL It means that you need 150 mL of the concentrated Tween 80 then add 850 mL of sterile water (to complete 1 liter) and you will get the 15% solution. Hope it helps! Good luck! Answered by Robena Rarogal 2 years ago.

What is the purpose of sterile water for irrigation?
Well 2 days ago i was in the hospital being checked for appendicitis. And they made me drink this gallon of "sterile water for irrigation" and it tasted HORRIBLE. It was before they did this cat scan thing. So yea whats the use of that water for, for what purpose? Asked by Lisette Gurkin 2 years ago.

The purpose was to "inflate" your stomach to get things out of the way to see the appendix clearly. Anyway, the reason why the water tasted "terrible" was lack of air in the water. That little thing on the faucet called an aerator is there to ADD air to water. Carbon dioxide in the air added to water makes carbonic acid, which is why tap water has a "sharp" taste, and why soda is acidic. You are used to having that sharp taste in all the water you drink, and when it is missing, the water tastes "flat". Sterile water is just that, boiled and packaged in an airtight container. Try boiling some water, let it cool, and then putting it into a bottle and then in the fridge to make it cold and then later, taste it. You will find that same flat taste as the sterile water. Then, shake the bottle vigorously to add air and taste it again and you will see the difference a little air in the water makes... Water by itself, distilled or demineralized, without air or minerals really does NOT taste like anything at all... What you taste is what is IN the water, NOT the water itself. I was in the Navy in submarines. We would go to sea with full fresh water tanks. Over time though, water is used and is replaced by distilling sea water. The mineral content in the fresh water tanks is diluted. After a week or so, the water in the tanks is almost all demineralized. That is when you make coffee, that you add a teaspoon of salt to the coffee grounds otherwise the coffee tastes really bad. In the engineroom, we would make a big pot (50 cups or so) of coffee at the end of each watch so it was fresh for the oncoming watchsection. Distilled water does NOT make good coffee... Oh, yeah, sterile water for irrigation is what is used during surgery to "wash" the field to clean things up and get the blood out of the way so they can see what they are doing. Being sterile means it will not cause any infection that ordinary water COULD. The water from the tap in your house carries small amounts of bacteria which could be harmful if it does not go through your digestive tract. Your stomach acid does more than help you digest food and cause ulcers, it kills a lot of bacteria that could hurt you. Stomach acid is your first line of defense against foreign bacteria. Surgery bypasses things, so sterile water is a must. Answered by Cherie Melgoza 2 years ago.

Sterile Water For Irrigation Answered by Modesto Throop 2 years ago.

This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the purpose of sterile water for irrigation? Well 2 days ago i was in the hospital being checked for appendicitis. And they made me drink this gallon of "sterile water for irrigation" and it tasted HORRIBLE. It was before they did this cat scan thing. So yea whats the use of that water for, for what purpose? Answered by Vicki Origer 2 years ago.

sa·line ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sln, -ln) adj. Of, relating to, or containing salt; salty. Of or relating to chemical salts. n. A salt of magnesium or of the alkalis, used in medicine as a cathartic. A saline solution, especially one that is isotonic with blood and is used in medicine and surgery Answered by Lynna Schaul 2 years ago.

Any info on sterile water injections?
i have heard about this used in labor instead of an epidural, and would love to get more information, and people's opinions about it, thanks! Asked by Lenna Ohanian 2 years ago.

The Procedure The woman's back is cleansed. Then 0.1-0.15cc of sterile water is injected intradermally into four places on the women's sacrum. Preferably, the procedure should be done with two people doing the injections simultaneously. The injections cause an intense burning sensation which lasts 30-90 seconds. Relief from the procedure should be noticed in 2-3 minutes. Because of the intensity of the pain, the woman should have constant support and encouragement during the time of the injections. Conclusion Sterile water injections is an excellent alternative for pain relief due to back labor. Even though it may not provide relief from contraction pain, often once the back pain is alleviated, the laboring women can cope better with her labor. Likewise, often the relaxation of the back can assist in the proper decent and positioning of the baby, leading to a shorter labor. With no known side effects and no medications entering the body, sterile water injections may become the choice for the relief of back labor for many laboring women. Answered by Amina Lamore 2 years ago.

Where to buy sterile water?
need for science project.... can it be bought at a local store? where??? thx a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!! Asked by Lilly Sietsema 2 years ago.

Hi. you probably mean distilled water... water in its purest form. You can get distilled water from and drug store or grocery store. Even brands you usually buy to drink for have ditilled water selection... it just has a little different packaging. Good luck!!! Answered by Tena Greenwaldt 2 years ago.

do you need pure water or sterile water? if you need sterile water just boil it for a few minutes. if you need pure water a lab at your school probably has a stock of "distilled" water. Walk into a lab at your school and ask - they used distilled water for a lot of stuff. You want, you can make your own contraption where you boil water from a pot and collect the water vapor in a cool container where it condenses back to liquid. that water would be mostly pure and sterile but the configuration is tricky and it takes a lot of heat to get not very much water. Answered by Fran Gadsden 2 years ago.

Once a sterile water/normal saline bottle is opened it is no longer sterile. I do what you do and throw them away. To re-use them is an infection risk and they should not be re-used. Good on you for looking out for your patients. Answered by Bobby Ubry 2 years ago.

you can get distilled water at your local drug stores: cvs or walgreen Answered by Jong Landrith 2 years ago.

the drug store Answered by Aliza Lacrosse 2 years ago.

What is difference between sterile water and mineral water?
Asked by Caryl Gorby 2 years ago.

Sterile water contains no germs. Mineral water comes from the ground and contains a lot of mineral nutrients. So water can be both sterile and mineral. Mineral water is normally made sterile by passing UV radiation thru it. Tap water can also be made sterile by boiling it or other methods. Answered by Seymour Kats 2 years ago.

Earth is the 'Water Planet.' Water is very common and very useful. There are many classifications of water. See the link. Your question is about 2 classifications: sterile and mineral. The answer depends on what the water is to be used for. All sterile water is disease free. There are basically two general kinds of sterile water: medical and non-medical. Medical sterile water is of two types: SW, or Sterile Water, and SWI or Sterile Water for injection. SW is very pure water of high quality. It is used to dilute medicines, in moisturizers and ventilators. SWI is water used in Intravenous Injections, and includes buffers to make it safe for use in the blood stream, such as salt and sugar. Pure water injected into a person's blood stream could harm them or even kill them. Hospital staff must be very careful to use the correct type of water. Mineral water has basically two types, which are natural and manufactured. Water as it falls from the sky may or may not have minerals in it depending on the dust in the air. But after it soaks into the ground, it dissolves the minerals there and definitely has a mineral component. Depending on the location, this mineral component might make the water taste very good or very bad. Since people like to drink a good tasting water, ordinary water can be purified or filtered and then have minerals added for flavor or marketability. Sometimes, water from a well will naturally be pure enough and have a good tasting mineral content. This water is usually purified to remove bacteria and sediments, and sold as 'mineral water.' ;-D I'll be right back... gonna get a drink of water! Answered by Frederic Presutti 2 years ago.

Sterile water has been boiled to remove germ, viruses, and bacteria. Mineral water has the minerals that were naturally present in the source. Distilled water had been distilled to remove the minerals. Answered by Summer Landis 2 years ago.

sterile water has been sterilized through 1 or more of many ways to sterilize heat being just one of those ways...... sterile water may or may not contain minerals. minerals can be removed through several filtration processes including ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis's....... Answered by Trevor Mentkowski 2 years ago.

sterile water has to got through test by the government to check for its purity. They are very healthy and used for baby food and so many other stuff, mineral water goes through no test, nothing is added to it to make it better, it's just pure. Answered by Marla Middaugh 2 years ago.

sterile water means it has no bacteria, etc. It may or may not have minerals dissolved in it. Mineral water has minerals dissolved in it and it may or may not be sterile Answered by Myra Hoskins 2 years ago.

sterile water goes thru sterilization process which is boiling...with this all minerals and bacterias are killed...whereas mineralized water goes thru the process of purification and mineralization...which is healthier and safer Answered by Ashley Pecot 2 years ago.

sterile water has nothing in it..and mineral water has minerals in it. Answered by Gilberte Debarge 2 years ago.

Where can I buy sterile water locally and not online?
Asked by Flor Greaney 2 years ago.

I do not know how much sterile water you need, but small amounts can be bought at most large pharmacies, and a prior poster is correct--make sure it is not saline(salt water solution). You can also make your own sterile water. You can make sterile water by boiling tap, bottle, or distilled water for 5 minutes, use this sterile water once and then throw it out. Beware the container you transfer the water to needs to be sterile also. So you may need to steam sterilize a bottle, this can be done using a common household vegetable steamer and steam for 30 minutes. Make sure the bottle and lid and are heat proof. Let the bottle and lid cool before handling, steam burns can be very painful. Answered by Jaimie Voves 2 years ago.

Where can I buy sterile water locally Answered by Kimiko Sarafin 2 years ago.

any pharmacy should have sterile water. Make sure it is just water and not saline solution. Answered by Argentina Bronstein 2 years ago.

Sterile water in the US is Rx only. Answered by Lore Zucconi 2 years ago.

Try a medical supply store or a larger pharmacy. Good luck! Answered by Caryn Verderame 2 years ago.

Sterile water is the same as water treatment by Reverse Osmosis. I have seen it at Kroger's Answered by Edward Mcdannold 2 years ago.

Went to Walgreens they do not have it. Answered by Susan Fein 2 years ago.


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