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psychiatrist doctor gave me qwin(chemical name:quetiapine fumarate)tablet at night .tell its purpose/effect?
  Antipsychotic, for the management of manifestations of schizophrenia.
quetiapine (anti psychotic drug) querie?
Hey guys,
so today i got prescribed quetiapine fumarate which is an anti psychotic drug for my anxiety around food My doctor prescribed me 25 mg twice a day and when i had it i was really drowsy, and when i mean drowsy i mean i couldnt even drive the car properly. He said that i wouldnt experience any of the side effects of the drug at such a small dose but yet i was drowsy and really irritable after i took it. Is this going to go away after a few days of taking the medication or is it going to stay for the duration of the time that i take them?
Renee Stew
  This is normal for quetiapine, especially in the beginning. Different bodies metabolise drugs differently, so 25mg may affect you in this way. So it is possible and in your case 100% related.

Speak to your doctor about perhaps prescribing the dose at night when you don't need to drive or work.

When I started taking quetiapine I was literally falling asleep at work and it was terrible. This lasted for about a month and then it started getting better. A bit too late since my work asked me not to come back because of my grogginess and sleeping on duty.

Give your body some time to adjust to the medication. This can take up to a month. But speak to the doctor about the times that the pills are prescribed.
Odd Olga
Is anyone out there have some knowledge to share about Typical Anti-Psychotics?
Someone whom I am very close to used to be on Quetiapine fumarate (Seroquel), but because we live in canada, she has been taken off it.
NOW she is on Thioridazine (Mellaril). She had been extremely psychotic ever since. Any ideas why? Any personal experiences you would like to share? If you have ever lived with someone on typical or atypical antipsychotics you will understand how hard it can be. Please, I'd love to hear any input
  My husband take Quetiapine fumarate so I understand how you feel. They have this ups an down and is very hard to live with a person that it doesn't behave normally. What can I say be patient. If you love them just be patient
What can I do to boost my metabolism when it's slowed by antidepressants?
My antidepressants have made me gain weight. I'm not necessarily looking to lose the weight, but I don't want to gain anymore. My pills make me hungry all of the time, even if I've just eaten. This never used to be a problem because of my high metabolism; I could eat anything I wanted without gaining weight, but now it seems like it's slowed right down. If it helps, I'm on quetiapine fumarate, mirtazapine and amitriptyline. Thanks.
Calling all intelligent pharmacits, reasearchers...I need info on seroquel ( quetiapine fumarate)?
1) Is this drug an acid or a base?
2) Which groups are ionizable?
3) I need information regarding solubility. Does solubility depend on pH?
4) What is the mechanism of action of the drug?
5) What is the molecular target and the protein class?
6) How is the drug metabolized? What enzymes are involved? What metabolites are produced and the percentage of each.
7)How is the drug excreted? (renal vs. intestinal) and in what form (unchanged vs. metabolites)
Kendra S
  All of the answers to your questions should be in the prescribing information found on the FDA site (if the drug is marketed in U.S).

Click on the following link and then click on 'View the label approved on 05/13/2008'
Calling all you intelligent pharmacists and researchers...I need info on Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate).?
1) Is this drug an acid or a base?
2) Which groups are ionizable?
3) I need information regarding solubility. Does solubility depend on pH?
4) What is the mechanism of action of the drug?
5) What is the molecular target and the protein class?
6) How is the drug metabolized? What enzymes are involved? What metabolites are produced and the percentage of each.
7)How is the drug excreted? (renal vs. intestinal) and in what form (unchanged vs. metabolites)
Kendra S
  google it
is the end result of taking ferrous gluconate the same as ferrous fumarate?
My mom just had a hysterectomy and was told to take ferrous gluconate iron supplements but she has ferrous fumarate iron supplements from before can she take those instead..i was looking up the difference and someone had said that the difference was ferrous fumarate was organic and didnt make you constipated and ferrous gluconate is not organic..if that is the only difference can she take ferrous fumarate instead of ferrous gluconate and what is the they do the same thing in the end?
  Ferrous fumarate is equally good as ferrous gluconate and they are both organic.

Ferrous sulphate is a very common iron supplement but it is inorganic.

Organic iron is absorbed better than inorganic iron.
Susan Yarrawonga
should people take quetiapine fumarate if they have sleep apnea?
My husband just came home with the medication from the VA and one of the side effects is extreme sleepiness. I know that if you have sleep apnea, medications with extreme sleepiness can aggravate your sleep apnea. His DR's are closed for the weekend, but I am worried he will have a bad attack. Anyone know about the medication? Any information is helpful. Thxs.
The VA is EXTREMELY slow about things and they refuse to get him a CPAP machine until THEY test him. He had a test done in the military, but that wasn't good enough. And the problem is, they keep pushing his sleep study back further and further.
Kammy B
  I can't speak to sleep apnea, but I can tell you that Seroquel is extremely sedating! It also make me congested the first couple hours. Everyone doesn't get that, but I've talked to others who do. First night you should probably watch him. It's good medicine, btw.
A medication question on my anti psychotic drugs?
Some of you may be aware that for a few months now I have been hearing voices urging to self harm and kill others. I am still waiting for an assessment at a place called reaside in Birmingham. The medication I was on previous was 300 MG of Quetiapine Fumarate, which didn't seem to have any effect on me, I still heard the voices etc, bad dreams and urges to kill which resulted in me walking around for miles not knowing where I was going.
I saw my psychiatrist yesterday who is going to chase up my assessment and he changed my medication to Risperidone 4MG, I start taking it tonight, ......what I want to know is, I know it is different medication but the dose seems such a drop from 300MG to 4MG, and how long is it expected to kick in before I feel any better.
  The usual maintenance dose of quetiapine is 300 - 400mg and the usual dose of risperidone is 4 - 6mg, as risperidone is more potent than quetiapine. It doesn't take long to notice effects. Within a few days you will hopefully notice a difference although it could take a couple of weeks to be fully effective. Hopefully risperidone will work better for you and your psychiatrist will have helped to bring your assessment forward.
bisoprolol fumarate cardioversion?
i had a cradioversion done yesterday and im on bisoprolol fumarate 1.25mg a day now what should i watch out for and what should i do relax etc for a few days ? i woke up feeling flushed round my face and neck is that a side affect? and what about drinking lager shandys and the occasional cigartte
  About 50% of cases are familial with autosomal dominant penetrance. The genes affected are those that code for molecules such as B-myosin heavy chain, troponin T or a-tropomyosin, which are involved in cardiac muscle contraction.1
HCM may also be associated with other diseases such as Friedrich's ataxia, and Noonan's syndrome.6
This condition can present at any age.
A family history of the disorder or sudden death should be sorted.3
Mary Boo
I am suffering from PTSD?
I have paranoia, night sweats, anger issues, depression and so on. I served in the military, went on 2 tours as a river rat in the middle east. Whenever I tell people I have PTSD, some of them have the nerves to tell me that it doesn't exist and it is all in my head. How do I stand up for myself when I don't really know much about it? All I was told is this: "You have PTSD, we are prescribing you Quetiapine Fumarate, we don't have enough resources to send you to therapy, tell us if you want to kill yourself or someone else" and then the DR walked out of the room. That's it. For awhile there, I wasn't getting out of bed and when I did, I was verbally abusive towards my wife because I was so mad at having to get up. I am just starting to come out of it with the help of medication but I don't have the will to do research on it, not yet at least. But what is bothering me is the people questioning me and what I have been through. Aren't I supposed to be supported from being a Veteran? From serving my country?

Just so you know, I was honorably discharged. Chose to get out because of a medical condition my daughter has. I wanted to be there for her.
Chad B
  absolutely yes. You will at some time need verbal therapy to talk about the memories, dreams and changes in or maintaining your relationship with your wife. The military would prefer that PTSD did not exist because easier to count physical wounds and estimate costs, but psychiatric costs are tough because there is no obvious finish to the problem. I am sure that VA has support groups set up around in every center. You might even consider a Vietnam support group for PTSD as they have been dealing with it for a while longer.

Thank you for your contribution to our country , Good luck finding support that works for you.

Addition: There is an actress Ellen Muth who is doing a great deal of work at Walter Reed. She has a myspace page. She has done fundraising, promotions and is extremely vocal about how soldiers are being treated. Write me if you need/want more info.
Anemia: Ferrous Fumarate, Gluconate, or Sulfate?
I've been taking Ferrous Fumarate for the past couple months for anemia. Since then I've been having stomach aches/diarrhea almost daily and I feel nauseous nearly as often. I'm at the point that I want to stop taking it entirely. Would that be unwise? Could i switch to Ferrous Gluconate or Ferrous Sulfate? Which would be easiest on my stomach?
Thank you!
It was my doctor who told me to take Ferrous Fumarate when my blood test came back with low iron amounts.
What, other than iron, can anemia be treated with?
Where can I find chelated iron?
  Ferrous gluconate is more easily absorbed. Typically though Iron supplements tend to constipate people.Did your doctor put you on the supplement? Do you know why you have Anemia? Some anemia's are not treated with iron supplements. Iron builds up in the body, you don't want to take it if you don't need to.
can i drink alcohol while i take ferrous fumarate?
ive just been diognosed with mild to severe anemia and i hvae been prescribed 210mg tablets of ferrous fumarate to take 3 times a day for a few months, the only thing is its my 18th birthday next month and plan to get shitfaced.. what i wanted to know is if i can drink alcohol...
  If you're losing blood from your stomach, it's not a good idea.
What is the difference between Ferrous Fumarate and Ferrous Gluconate?
I have been taking these Ferrous Gluconate iron supplements for quite some time but yesterday I accidentally bought Ferrous Fumarate instead. How different are the two?
  Ferrous fumarate is organic iron made from a plant source and can be used by the body more effectively and does not tend to cause constipation.

Ferrous gluconate is inorganic iron made from a rock source and that's why it tends to cause constipation in some folks. Also, the molecules are bound together very loosely and the iron can easily break free to bind with and destroy vitamin E.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to contact me with questions.
Does Ketotifen fumarate eye drops 0.025% overdose can cause glaucoma?
I use Ketotifen fumarate eye drops twice daily, 1 drop in each eye, but yesterday I put 3 drops in my right eye. Since then I'm scared that it might have caused glaucoma. I only had glaucoma once before when I used eye drops that contains Cortisone.
  The development of elevated intraocular pressure (which can lead to glaucoma) is a known risk of steroids (such as Cortisone). Ketotifen fumarate (Zaditor or Alaway) is not in the steroid class of medications. Although there is no benefit to using this drop three times a day instead of twice a day (or using three drops instead of one), this will not result in an increased risk of glaucoma.

Hope this information was helpful.

David D. Richardson, M.D.
Medical Director

San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates, Inc.
207 S. Santa Anita Street, Suite P-25
San Gabriel, CA 91776
David Richardson, M.D.
Is it ok to combine marijuana with Seroquel Xr (quetiapine fumarate)?
I am 16 and i've recently been diagnosed as bi-polar. Ive been prescribed Seroquel and am at 50mg a day right now but my doctor advised i will probably need around 200mg a day and i am slowly increasing my dosage. Over the past 4 years i have been smoking marijuana multiple times a day to bring me down from my manic moods (mainly), the depressive moods aren't as big of an issue. Marijuana has been effective in this but i don't want to live my life smoking everyday and have quit since i have been prescribed this medication. I was wondering if every once in a while i could blaze and if it would undo the effects of the the Seroquel. Marijuana does not cause me anxiety, i have smoked a lot, and i know how it affects me in terms of depression and what not. So don't tell me it can cause anxiety and depression... i know that, and it doesn't affect me in that way (i need the depressive effects to calm me down). I'm just wondering how it will react with the Seroquel. (please only people who know what there talking about, no pot heads who think marijuana is perfect (I'm one of you)) I'm worried about long term effects, not just how ill feel when i smoke.
Xavier K
  It is not uncommon for weed to cause mood destabilization in people with bipolar disorder. So yes, it is entirely possible that by smoking you will "undo" the mood stabilizing effects of the Seroquel and cause yourself more problems than you fix. Also, marijuana is a depressant and Seroquel tends to cause drowsiness as a side effect, so using the two together would probably not be a great idea. I was diagnosed bipolar when I was 19, a few years older than you, and I quit smoking weed at that point too. It helped my mood become more evened out, and I have never really regretted quitting. Of course you can always try it and see what happens, but honestly if you get a good thing going with the Seroquel and you go several months without any mood episodes, I wouldn't test it by lighting up.

Good luck.
Ferrous Fumarate 18mg vs. Ferrous Sulfate 325mg?
Hello. I need a little help. Well, I am very anemic so my doctor prescribed Ferrous Sulfte 325mg twice a day for me but silly husbanded washed my meds with his landry when he picked up the medication. I am still entittled to two more refills but had just picked up the sulfate. Am I am to get another refill asap or should I just try the over the counter untill my refill time is up? I was taking b complex 75 complete, which contains ferrous fumarate 18mg. But does anyone know if that is equally to ferrous sulfte 325mg? Need help!
What is the difference between ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate?
I am anemic and have been for awhile. Despite 2 iron shots in the past month and taking 325mg of ferrous sulfate a day with calcium, my iron dropped. I am currently a 7.7 (I am not bleeding). Someone told me ferrous gluconate was better, but someone else told me that ferrous fumarate had more elemental iron. Whats the difference between the three?!?
Sorry! I am taking vitamin C! I just had a check up and I am now at a 9.3 serum iron level. Still low, but the Ferrous Sulfate seems to be working.
Heather S
  The difference is that ferrous fumerate and ferrous gluconate are organic iron which is absorbed much better than ferrous sulphate which is inorganic iron.
Susan Yarrawonga
Does Ketotifen Fumarate 0.025% eye drops contains Cortisone?
  Each mL of ZADITOR™ or equivalent contains: Active: 0.345 mg ketotifen fumarate equivalent to 0.25 mg ketotifen.
Inactives: glycerol, sodium hydroxide/hydrochloric acid (to adjust pH) and purified water. Preservative:
benzalkonium chloride 0.01%. I see no cortisone listed
I have to take a 200mg ferrous fumarate tablet a day for mild anemia. I took an extra pill by mistake.?
Would this cause me any problems?
How do I safely come off of effexor, tegretol, and quetiapine?
I take all these medications and I want to safely come off. If you can help me then email me through my profile. I don't care about your opinions only answer if you know how to do it safely. I could quit cold turkey but I'm afraid of the repercussions. My doctor refuses to help me and wants me to be over medicated.
Dungeon Master
  I agree, find another doctor. You may need medication, whether you like it or not, but if your doctor won't even consider helping you knowing you're going to stop anyway, you really do need a better doctor.

I can only personally tell you what to do for effexor. I'm assuming you're on Effexor XR? If you've ever missed a couple of days of it, you know how nasty withdrawals can be. Even after a single day without, you may start to feel the mood swings, dizziness, and 'brain swooshing'. If you want to avoid this, you simply need to taper off the medication instead of stopping cold turkey. If your prescription is one pill, start only taking the pill every other day for a week or two, and then skip another day between doses, and then you should be good to stop. If you have multiple pills, do the same thing only start by first reducing the number of pills by half each day. If you're on a higher dosage, that may take a little longer, but still, you can safely stop that within a month without any bad side effects. Ideally, you'd do that with a doctor who could prescribe you a month's worth of small dosage pills so you could work your way down and still take them daily so you won't start to feel the withdrawal effects at the end of the day.

I've quit effexor cold turkey and lived through it just fine, but it was a rough couple of weeks. With everything else going on though, I wouldn't suggest you quit cold turkey.

I can't say for sure about the other two, and again, I'll urge you do seek another doctor's opinion if you can. If you're dead set on going ahead, I'll point out a few more things. Seroquel doesn't have direct withdrawal effects, just an increased risk of having whatever problems you take it for. Also, being on it increases the chance of seizure in some people. So, and especially since Tegretol is an anticonvulsant, I'd stop taking the Seroquel before you stop taking the Tegretol. Tegretol doesn't have huge withdrawal effects either, but if you do take it for to prevent seizures, I'd consider staying on it. Otherwise, do the same thing with the Seoquel and the Tegretol that you did with the Effexor, but since they don't have the nasty withdrawal effects of Effexor you may be able to do it a little quicker. I'd suggest only stopping one drug at a time so you can deal with each on its own, and also, that way, if you start to have problems or feel worse off of the drugs, you'll know exactly which one you might need to keep taking for now.
could my medication be the cause of weakening and damage of my teeth?
the following are the medications i am taking, trazodone hydrochloride, seroquel quetiapine fumerate and sertraline, as my teeth were in good condition prior to taking them?
  Doubt it
Any street uses for Thioridazine, Haloperidol, Quetiapine, Bupropion, and Amitriptyline?
I'm writing a paper on these psychoactive drugs and I need to know if there are any street uses for them. The first three are anti-psychotic drugs and the second two are anti-depressants. Thanks.
  Buproion gave me very intense headaches in the attempt to stop my smoking. I think the Dr. should have told me his full intentions. I knew I was adding it on to accommodate my current anti-depression drugs but did not know I would suffer incurably while my did his secret little study.
Linda S
Is ferrous fumarate a listed drug of the Drug Free Sport organizations?
Is it safe for athletes to take or is it regarded as a performance enhancing drug?
Arrie R
  what is it? Some sort of iron supplement? What do the instructions say?

Is it FDA approved?

If you are in doubt, call the organization. WHy take a chance or take too much stock in answers from strangers? Good luck.
a s


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azizithepooh: 60mg Prozac and 100mg Lamotrigine in the morning, 100mg Lamotrigine and 300mg Quetiapine in the evening. How lovely is that? #bipolar