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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 050786/001.

Names and composition

"PYLERA" is the commercial name of a drug composed of BISMUTH SUBCITRATE POTASSIUM and METRONIDAZOLE and TETRACYCLINE.

Answered questions

Can I open my pylera capsule?
I am trying to heal a terrible h.pylori infection but i cannot swallow pills. I was told by the pharmacist that i cannot open the pylera but my dr said it is okay to open & put into applesauce. I am unsure what to do. I am wondering if anyone has taken this drug by opening it & what the outcome was. Asked by Veronika Serl 6 months ago.

No, don't open it. You'll ruin the medication. MDs don't know that much about medication delivery. It is literally in the prescription information for Pylera to not open the capsules. Answered by Lezlie Officer 6 months ago.

Pylera Capsule Answered by Adelaida Dupree 6 months ago.

if the doctor said it's ok to open it, then go ahead. Pharmacist was probably worried you would spill it if you tried. Answered by Hettie Munce 6 months ago.

I'm taking pylera for Helicobacter pylori?
I started taking these pills today and I fill nauseated, dizziness just sick to my stomach has anyone taken this pill before and was your symptoms the same? Doctor told me to take them for 10 days Thanks Asked by Ellamae Kuja 6 months ago.

I've seen a few patients where they had similar symptoms. In those patients, it was related to how they were taking their medication. Are you taking it at the correct time? Are you also taking omeprazole (proton pump inhibitor)? Each dose of all 3 capsules should be taken 4 times a day, after meals and at bedtime for 10 days. You should swallow the capsules whole with a full glass of water. One omeprazole 20 mg capsule should be taken twice a day with Pylera after the morning and evening meal for 10 days. Answered by Garnet Radford 6 months ago.

Has anyone taken Pylera, a medication for stomach bacteria...?
I just wanted to know what kinds of side affects you experienced when on this medication and do it actually works? Asked by Shante Fabula 6 months ago.

No, I have not take Pylera before. Answered by Shante Keneally 6 months ago.

What probiotic band should I take with pylera treatment?
Im about to go on the treatment Asked by Eartha Chinen 6 months ago.

When I had helicobacter Pylori my doctor just prescribed 3 different antibiotics that I had to take together over a period of 10 days. They did the trick............ Answered by Nenita Majeske 6 months ago.

What if you take a dose of Pylera 10-15 earlier?
its every 6 hours by the way. Asked by Ryann Broking 6 months ago.

Do you mean 10 to 15 minutes early? If that is the case then no big deal. Major focus is To spread out as close as possible without totally missing a dose and completing all days of therapy. Missed doses will increase chance of incomplete H pylori eradication and subsequent need to retreat with this tedious and often expensive therapy Answered by Danny Ranieri 6 months ago.

I stand up at 11am however i'd still reply the door at 10:15. Most persons will have to be up by way of then. I'm still up at 6:15am and do not sleep till 6:30am. Whilst you best get 4 or 5 hours of sleep, there isn't any telling what your perspective can be if someone knocks at the door. It can be adequate although, in view that most people must be up by means of a decent hour like 7 or 8am. No significant deal. If the person said it used to be too early, it by and large imply they are anti-social. Answered by Milan Rayne 6 months ago.

I'm taking Pylera for a stomach bacteria. It is making me very dizzy and nauseated. Should I stop taking it?
Asked by Wilfred Loeppke 6 months ago.

Are you taking it with a full glass of water? Are you making sure not to lie down for 30 min. after taking meds? the symptoms you mentioned are actually the side effects of the medicine. You can check in for the others. If for some reason this medication bothers you too much just let your doctor know there might be something else he can prescribe for you. Answered by Travis Betenson 6 months ago.

From what I'm reading about Pylera, those are expected side effects of the medication. If it gets too much to handle, you should contact your doctor to discuss the next step. Stopping the medication without consultation might be a bad decision because it'll stop treating the problem. Answered by Delfina Horan 6 months ago.

You should call your doctor immediately. Are you taking it as prescribed? I.e. if it states take with food, are you? Answered by Vi Pesenti 6 months ago.

My medication is making my hair turn grey ?
Hi all I'm an 18 yr old female and I have a stomach problem, I've been prescribed antibiotics called Pylera, it's 12 pills per day and it's making my hair thin and grey , is this normal ? Asked by Lorretta Mandley 6 months ago.

The side effects listed do not include anything having to do with your hair, so not it is not normal. Answered by Gayla Gregan 6 months ago.

H pylori PLEASE HELP!!?
Thanks for your help Gary! I will give the dr a call and see what she says! Asked by Jennell Zelinski 6 months ago.

Ok so I just got done with my treatment, 3 pills 4 times a day for 10 days. The medicine was called Pylera. I was wondering how long after you take the medicine are you cured? Like does it take a few days after your done with treatment for it to start working or should I be cured after I am done with treatment? I still feel as if I have acid in my throat after I ate breakfast. Any advice will help! Answered by Keeley Dragan 6 months ago.

Bear in mind that you took an antibiotic, NOT an antacid, so after 10 days of taking it, you have killed all the "H. pylori" bacteria that can cause an ulcer, but you may continue to have acid reflux from other causes. Your meds killed the bacteria, but they didn't stop the acid production permanently. You should tell your doctor that you have completed the medication, but are still encountering acid reflux (Also known as: "heartburn"). I also encounter frequent acid reflux and take over-the-counter Prilosec to treat it. Answered by Maryland Beckner 6 months ago.

What is the treatment for h pylori?
Asked by Alberto Shuecraft 6 months ago.

H Pylori Treatment Pack Answered by Alona Depratt 6 months ago.

Hi: Yes the treatment for h pylori is a Prev-Pack. The Prev-Pack consists of 14 days of Amoxicillin and 14 days worth of previcid. Be safe and be well. Answered by Genny Corino 6 months ago.

In areas of low clarithromycin resistance, including the United States, a 14-day course of “triple therapy, ” with an oral proton pump inhibitor, clarithromycin 500 mg, and amoxicillin 1 g (or, if penicillin allergic, metronidazole 500 mg), all given twice daily for 14 days, is still recommended for first-line therapy. Unfortunately, this regimen only achieves rates of eradication > 75%. Answered by Ceola Cheers 6 months ago.

if it is diagnosed -get it treated by the prescription "prevpack". listen to you doctor. Answered by Isis Neldon 6 months ago.

antibiotic. Answered by Torri Kray 6 months ago.


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