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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 020717/002.

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"PROVIGIL" is the commercial name of a drug composed of MODAFINIL.

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Tell me about Provigil?
What is it generally used/prescribed for. What does it do? Are there health risks. Asked by Diann Lopus 6 months ago.

Provigil is a drug given for excessive sleepiness (narcolepsy). It also has been given for the positive side effect of treating mental focus problems and attentiveness problems. Basically it is prescribed to help wakefulness. Side effects are plentiful, as with many drugs. Also, it is habit forming in some individuals. Answered by Laraine Melchiori 6 months ago.

You can look up Provigil on the web to find out the risks and side effects but it is used to treat narcolepsy. Answered by Paulette Rufi 6 months ago.

Provigil is a prescription medicine used to help people stay awake. Specifically, it is approved to treat people with excessive sleepiness due to the following: Narcolepsy; sleep apnea (known medically as obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome or OSAHS); shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), a problem in people who work night shifts or who frequently change between day and night work shifts. At this time, it is not known exactly how Provigil works to promote wakefulness. It does not work like other stimulants. The medication is known to affect certain brain chemicals, but this does not seem to be the way that the drug works, since blocking Provigil’s effect on such chemicals does not stop it from working. Answered by Era Peppas 6 months ago.

Does anyone take Provigil or Modafinil to help them stay awake?
I'm tired all the time, because of a chronic illness, so I'm thinking of asking my doctor for something along these lines, or maybe even getting it online without a prescription (is that legal?). I found some places that let you buy it. Has anyone taken this for these reasons, and what sort of side affects... Asked by Trudi Stulick 6 months ago.

I'm tired all the time, because of a chronic illness, so I'm thinking of asking my doctor for something along these lines, or maybe even getting it online without a prescription (is that legal?). I found some places that let you buy it. Has anyone taken this for these reasons, and what sort of side affects does it have? Answered by Ellsworth Mazzoni 6 months ago.

Firstly Provigil is a schedule IV controlled substance under federal law, as is Nuvigil (armodafinil), a recently released, more potent drug like Provigil. As a result getting it online without a prescription is illegal. Even if you get it through a web site where a doctor writes a prescription, based on the answers you give to a few questions, it is still illegal. You actually need to see a doctor in person for a prescription to be legal. Most of those web sites will say it is legal to buy Provigil but I assure you it is not, don't be fooled. It is a good drug for many people and it is possible it might benefit you. Technically it is only approved for narcolepsy, sleep apnoea, and shift work sleep disorder however it is commonly prescribed off label to people with depression, to counteract sedation of opioids in people with chronic pain, for idiopathic hypersomnia, fibromyalgia, and hypersomnia due to a medical condition. It tends to work well in most people and is described as a "wake promoting agent", it has fewer side effects and risks than traditional stimulants like amphetamines and other "strong" stimulants. Common side effects include: headache, nausea, nervous, anxiety, agitation, insomnia, weight loss, and loss of appetite. However these are typically mild and often disappear after a few days. If your tiredness is severe it would be reasonable to ask your doctor about Provigil and any other options your doctor might feel are appropriate. It is certainly more favorable to use Provigil and more likely to be prescribed rather than amphetamines like Adderall and Dexedrine or methylphenidate (Ritalin). I have not personally taken it although I do have a sleeping disorder but I have scene several people respond very well to it. Answered by Shakia Cuadras 6 months ago.

What does provigil look like?
Asked by Stepanie Schuff 6 months ago.

Shirley, PROVIGIL (modafinil) is a wakefulness-promoting agent for oral administration. Modafinil is a racemic compound. The chemical name for modafinil is 2-[(diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl]acetamide. PROVIGIL (modafinil) Tablets 100 mg Each capsule-shaped, white, uncoated tablet is debossed with "PROVIGIL" on one side and "100 MG" on the other. NDC 63459-101-01 - Bottles of 100 200 mg Each capsule-shaped, white, scored, uncoated tablet is debossed with "PROVIGIL" on one side and "200 MG" on the other. NDC 63459-201-01 - Bottles of 100 ALL ANSWERS SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED, IN ANY FORUM - AND ESPECIALLY IN THIS ONE. - MANY ANSWERS ARE FLAWED. It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms. The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. Hope this helps matador 89 Answered by Lanny Leander 6 months ago.

Provigil is available in 200mg form & it effectively terminate sleep disorders like insomnia, anxiety completely. Buy provigil 200mg tablet from Supergenericmart online pharmacy at cheap prices. Answered by Odell Hamai 6 months ago.

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Does provigil/Modafinil show up on a standard drug test?
screen for pot, coke, meth and opiates Asked by Juan Damberger 6 months ago.

No, Provigil will not show up on a routine mass spectroscopy. Although the drug is considered to be a stimulant of sorts, it's chemical compound is DISSIMILAR to the amphetamine chemical compound in the illegal stimulants (such as Cocaine, speed, etc.). You can test for the presence of Provigil in the bloodstream but the test must be for that specific compound. A standard drug test (like for employment or standard court ordered drug tests) will NOT detect Provigil nor will taking Provigil cause you to get a "false positive" for any illegal drugs. Hope that helps. **An interesting note is that the Provigil is banned in the Olympics. Some doctors/researchers believe that if Provigil (Modafinil) is taken by a person that doesn't need it for medical reasons, that person may actually see a performance enhancing benefit. Because of this, the Olympics DO test for the drug & an athlete is disqualified if it is found on their system. This was first done in 2004 and as a result, 5 athletes were stripped of their medals. Answered by Kym Macias 6 months ago.

Provigil Drug Test Answered by Pia Sotolo 6 months ago.

Modafinil Drug Test Answered by Eloy Bland 6 months ago.

No not exactly. It does not contain any amphetamine or derivative there of. It does promote wakefulness though. Answered by Glady Haer 6 months ago.

Is provigil a narcotic methamphedamine?
Does provagil have methamphedamine Asked by Nelson Gordillo 6 months ago.

No, Provigil does not have methamphetamine, it is however a Schedule IV Controlled substance. Provigil® - Wake-Promoting Agent Provigil is the first in a new class of wake-promoting agents. Originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998 for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, today Provigil is the only FDA-approved prescription medicine for treatment of excessive sleepiness associated with OSAHS and SWSD. Provigil is structurally different from other central nervous system stimulants. Its mechanism is unknown but is different from traditional dopaminergic and catecholaminergic-enhancing stimulant drugs. Provigil does not have the number of withdrawal problems that other stimulants have, and withdrawal effects are not as severe. Neither are negative side effects as typically bad. Provigil is not as strong as other stimulants such as Ritalin, for most people. The United States FDA has classified Provigil a Schedule IV drug (low abuse potential). 2.6 millions Provigil prescriptions were written in 2006. Answered by Ronald Carfrey 6 months ago.

It does not work. The studies that were conducted in the military showed little or know improvement in the fatigue of the soldiers. Save your money. Answered by Shawnda Paras 6 months ago.

It is a narcotic but it does not contain meth. There is a warning on it that says you shouldn't take it if you use meth. Answered by Ima Hollinghurst 6 months ago.

Does Provigil show up on a drug screen?
I have to take a drug test for work & am scared that Provigil will show up. What are the chances? Is it something they routinely check for? I do not have a prescription. Should I be worried? Asked by Sammy Scheuerman 6 months ago.

Provigil (Modafinil) can be screened for and show up on "drug tests". HOWEVER, the routine drug tests that employers offer do NOT test for Provigil. Drug tests given to athletes will show Provigil because those tests are specifically looking for the drug (it's not illegal but it is banned for many professional athletes, such as Olympians). Although Provigil has similar effects as amphetamines (stimulants), it is actually chemically dissimilar and will not react the same with the test chemicals as amphetamines would. As such, mass spectroscopy and liquid chromatographic analysis (which are the 2 most common drug screens given by employers) would NOT show the presence of Provigil nor would Provigil cause a false-positive (amphetamine) on either test. In a nutshell, your test should be fine. The only industry that I personally know of (besides athletes) that tests for Provigil is the long haul trucking industry. And there, if you can show a valid prescription for the med, then you're fine. Answered by Yong Dessecker 6 months ago.

Take your meds!! If they ask you for a list of medications you have taken in the last 14 days, be clea, even if it is just Tylenol. Also, if you eat anything with poppy seeds make a note to your self. It will show up, but do not stop taking your meds. Answered by Sheryll Riippi 6 months ago.

How did your drug test go? Answered by Keenan Lathen 6 months ago.

Where can I buy Modafinil or Provigil in the U.S.?
I have had ADHD for my entire life but do to our shitty current economy I can't afford my prescription. I heard that Modafinil can be used as a substitute but I do not have any credit or debit cards so I can't order them online. Is there anywhere in the U.S. that I can buy them? Asked by Bryan Moler 6 months ago.

you can order Provigil form online pharmacy, but can use only e-check price from $89, shipping cost $30 Answered by Mickey Cassens 6 months ago.

Provigil medication?
i have not tried my new recomended dose of 400 mg's a day yet but has anyone taken that much before?how do you feel while on it? the 200mg doesnt seem to do much for me anymore. Asked by Denis Embury 6 months ago.

Your Doctor is giving you 400MG because your old 200MG is no longer "working" b/c your body has gotten used to it... and now needs more of the medication to carry out it's purpose. Provigil (modafinil). Its primary function is to promote wakefulness in people with narcolepsy, but it is being prescribed off-label for just about everything. Other than binding to a few dopamine sites in the brain, but not releasing any more dopamine like amphetamines do, the people at Cephalon haven't published just how Provigil does its magic, because they don't know. They DO know that monkeys like it as much as cocaine. They plan on banning it next year. Provigil has been found effective as a treatment for ADD for children in studies. According to my doctor, it works best for ADD if sleep disruption or if brain injuries are involved. Some people are finding it best when taken in a cocktail with other antidepressants, so maybe that dopamine action is just the boost their other antidepressants need. Headache and nausea are really common side effects. 100mg of Provigil combined with 40mg of Strattera is most effective for concentration, focus and dealing with the lethargy. Freakiest rare side effects: hallucinations and flatulence. Initial dose is 100-200 mg in the morning and may be increased to 400 mg either as a single dose in the morning or divided into two doses. Doses above 400 mg are not recommended for anyone who does not have narcolepsy. Provigil is rated for doses up to 600 mg a day. Answered by Orlando Houts 6 months ago.

Has anyone used PROVIGIL? and.....?
Do you know when a generic will be available in the U.S? Has anyone had success ordering this drug from a Canadian pharmacy? It is way too expensive in the U.S....need help...thanks. Asked by Devorah Gurski 6 months ago.

Provigil has been around for years now. I've been taking it for about 8 years and a generic form is still not available (or even scheduled to be available). Thankfully, I have great insurance that covers the hefty $1100/month cost. I don't know about ordering from Canada, I'd be a little apprehensive. My doctor just asked me the other day if my insurance covered Provigil because there is a newer drug on the market called Nuvigil. He said it is a variation of Provigil but it's supposed to work a little better and it's much cheaper. He also said that many more insurance companies have approved it. That might be a viable option for you. Call your doctor and ask what he/she thinks of Nuvigil. It's worth a try. Good luck! Answered by Derrick Okuno 6 months ago.

Buy it from SuperGenericMart at reasonable price. Answered by Luz Haney 6 months ago.

What type of doctor will prescribe provigil?
I have had sleep studies done and I do have a sleep disorder which is successfully being treated by another medication (Nuerontin) that I take for pain. My excessive daytime sleepyness has not improved even though the nuerontin has been successful in treating my pain and sleep disorder. I am surviving off of... Asked by Benjamin Bies 6 months ago.

My family dr refused but suggested I try a rhuemetologist for a rx(weirdly enough). He stated it was against their office policy to prescribe that level of drug as such a stimulant requires the patient to be closely followed. Has anybody haad experiences or luck with this drug, and how did you get a prescription?? I have extreme daytime sleepyness that's lasted years. Thanks. Answered by Melany Desormo 6 months ago.

I have had sleep studies done and I do have a sleep disorder which is successfully being treated by another medication (Nuerontin) that I take for pain. My excessive daytime sleepyness has not improved even though the nuerontin has been successful in treating my pain and sleep disorder. I am surviving off of popping diet pills for energy and I know how unhealthy that is but at the time it is my only option. My daytime sleepyness is disabilitating and renders me incapable of performing even simple daily tasks, all of which I have explained to my doctor over the course of a few years. I have never taken any drug such as provigil but that is coincidently the one my doctor recomended lmao. Answered by Maritza Quayle 6 months ago.

Provigil (modafinil) is usually prescribed for narcolepsy, and I think it's sometimes also used in occupations that demand prolonged hours of wakefulness (e.g. the military). Unless you suspect that you have narcolepsy (or a related sleep disorder), I think you should look elsewhere for the cause of your daytime sleepiness. First, are you getting enough sleep? It might seem obvious, but it's often overlooked. If you are, then is that sleep good quality sleep? A relatively common sleep disorder is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is associated with excessive snoring at night that disrupts your breathing. Being overweight predisposes individuals to this condition, and it is highly treatable. To get a diagnosis of a sleep disorder, you would have to spend a night at a sleep center so that your sleep could be monitored. There are many other causes of daytime sleepiness. If you are female, then iron-deficiency anemia could cause fatigue. Males can also be anemic, but this is less common since they don't lose blood like females do during menstruation. An underactive thyroid can also cause fatigue, as can diabetes. Affective disorders like depression also cause fatigue. Simple lifestyle modifications can improve your energy. Eating less refined foods, getting more exercise, and drinking plenty of fluids would be a good start. Of course, these are just general guidelines, and you should follow whatever suggestions your physician provides. It might help if you just describe your symptoms to your doctor instead of requesting a particular treatment, since this will help your doctor with diagnosing the problem. Answered by Jonathan Lutts 6 months ago.

Sleep Specialists and Neurologists Answered by Graciela Devost 6 months ago.

Neurologist, but you will need a sleep study to rule out certain conditions. Answered by Manda Goffigan 6 months ago.


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