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period while on Prometrium
I have been taking Prometrium for a year now. The last few months my period changed and I now have it while I'm taking the pills. And then it comes again a couple weeks later. I have just finished the pills. My question is should I keep taking them to get back on a proper schedule.
Joanne Murphy
When is the best time to take your hormone replacement therapy pills?
I'm taking 1mg of estradiol and 100mg of Prometrium. Is it better to take them before bed or when I wake up? I am just starting the Prometrium after being on norethidrone and changing. What do you find most beneficial? Did you have a good experience with Prometrium?
Susana Sky
I have irregular periods and am taking prometrium help regulate. My question is does it start or stop your period? For a brief time I was taken off and was given metformin to try and it did not work so I went back to prometrium. While I was trying metformin my period got all messed up and now I've been on my period since Feb. 27 and my dr. put me back on prometrium. I take it only for 10 days and Thursday was my last day on it and since then my period has been heavy and I've never gotten cramps before and now I have cramps. So I was wondering if this is normal. And when should I expect to stop bleeding?
  believe it or not prometrium is used for both starting and stopping a period. it can take up to 14 days after you finish them to start or stop your period.
if you dont stop by then i would call your dr and see what your other options are.

good luck
Brandi M.
I am taking prometrium & started my period. I am supposed to take clomid on day 1. Do i finish the prometrium?
I am not sure as to wether or not I continue the 4 prometrium pills or if I stop and just take the clomid. Not sure if I should take both pills.
  It is very difficult to reply without having full information. But in general prometrium is used in luteal phase for provoking menstruation and you should start clomid from 5 day of the cycle. Don't use both together.
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Is there a chance I could get pregnant if 48 hours after having sex i took Prometrium?
have PCOS and my doctor prescribed prometrium. I had unsafe sex and after 2 days was time to take the medicine again. How big of a chance will I get pregnant? I still didn't get my period after 3 months on prometrium. I only take it every first 10 days of the month though..
  Yes it is. Prometrium helps you get pregnant, so yes it will. You shouldn't have had unsafe sex in the first place.
I am 61 & on an estrogen patch & Prometrium. Is the Prometirum making me have a period?
I still have a regular 5-day period, and am advised by my OB/GYN to continue taking Prometrium until my period stops. Isn't the Prometrium making me have this period? The MD says no, but I'm wondering.
  Are you taking Prometrium every day, 100mg? Or like for 10 days/month, 200mg/day? If you're taking it every day, 100mg, then it should likely be too little to cause bleeding, except a little breakthrough bleeding. If you are taking 200mg/day, then you're supposed to only bleed on days when you're NOT taking it. Frankly, though, that was not my experience. I bled all the time while taking prometrium. It has a very short half-life in the body, so I'd bleed a lot at certain times of day, then completely stop bleeding at other times of day. I found better results with Provera, which has a much longer half-life in the body, and therefore gives you a steadier dose of progesterone.
Prometrium claims to be from wild yam but is there a synthetic component to it?
I want to know the truth about Prometrium. Is it natural from wild yam or has it been synthetically altered so the drug company makes a killing in profit from it??
  It appears to actually be made from wild yam (with a lot of peanut oil). However, there are plenty of varieties of wild yam at every health food store. And if you choose one of those, you wouldn't be supporting the pharmaceutical industries attempt to take over the supplement market.
☮Jen D☮
How long after starting Prometrium will I start my period?
My period was 11 days late, and I thought I was pregnant so I went in to the dr and he discovered an ovarian cyst. He prescribed me Prometrium 200 MG capsule to take twice a day for 10 days. I have heard that this pill will make your period extra heavy. Is this true? Also, how does this affect my cyst? And how long after beginning this drug will I begin my period? Thanks in advance!!
  Hi, I'm going on 3 months late and my doc presecribed me Prometrium in the same dosage as you. Originally she said I would get my period on the 4th day after the 10 day cycle but when I didn't have my period on the 5th day she said it could take up to 2 weeks. I'm on day 9 now and still waiting......hope this helps!
I was given prometrium 200mg 20 pills for 10 days and How will it be effective?
Iam 24 years old. I dint get my period since four months and ive consulted a doctor and my pregency report is negetive. my blood reports are normal and ultra sound reports are good and still i dint get my period. doctor gave me prometrium 200mg tables for 10 days (2/day during bed time). that coarse is also completed and still i dint get my period . with in how many days after using this pills i will get my period. can u please help me in finding solution for this problem .
  from what i read the drug is a type of hormone replacment therapy... go here:
hopefully that will help you some!
How long did it take for you to notice your HRT working?
I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure in 2003. Just last week, I was officially diagnosed was postmenopausal - at the age of 34.

I've started the Vivelle patch and Prometrium. I'm wondering for those of you who are on HRT, how long did it take to see an improvement in your symptoms?

  Its very individual but it might take 2-4 weeks depending
on your system. Its a slow or gradual process and if you suffer from hot flashes you will notice how they get weaker and less frequent until they stop. If after a month it has not stopped or improved you might need to go back to your doctor to consider changing the HRT.
Can someone tell me if a medication called Prometrium is suppose to stop or start your period?
I know it sounds kind of crazy, but my gyno prescribed it and I wasn't very sure about when to take it. I also wanted to know if it causes a heavier flow? Or am I totaly off and it help stop the flow? I don't know I'm confused :(
  Prometrium is prescribed for postmenopausal women who are taking estrogen (hormone replacement therapy); it prevents a buildup of the lining of the uterus and abnormal bleeding. Prometrium also may be prescribed to restore menstruation if your menstrual periods have stopped...Check out the link below. It has way more info than I can post here. Hope it helps.
I need 4 prometrium-100mg-&3 vivelle-.1mg- dot patches to stop symptoms-anyone else ever needed this much?
I am having a really rough time with peri-menopause (probably because of other health prob.s) and I'm only 4 years into it.Worse sympts are sleep probs,anxity, depression,very spacy,heart palp.s. I tried Paxil to get the hormone therapy down but it didn't help. Now I'm trying birth control pills.
men on pause?
  I have talked to ladies who have used Prometrium before but not at that high of a level. I've used Vivelle patches for a different problem and never had to use that many.

One thing that I've heard can be good for menopausal symptoms is chasteberry and also black cohash but because they are herbs I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.
What will happen if I go through menopause with no hormone replacement or medications at all?
I have tryed bioidentical hormone replacement and had severe symptoms. I was currently given prometrium and estropipate. I read the possible side effects including increased risk of dimentia and I dont want to take that risk. Alzheimer's runs in my family. ( I am only 47).
Cindy B
  Menopause is a stage in life when a woman stops having her monthly period.It is a normal part of aging, marking the end of a woman's reproductive years.Get enough calcium. A woman going through menopause needs 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a day. Avoid excessive amounts of salt to reduce bloating associated with hormonal changes. More information and remedies at
Is there any adverse effects to a mistake double dose of prometrium?
I was prescribed Prometium by my fertility doctor to help my body to cycle.

I woke up earlier than usual this morning which threw off my whole schedule - once I got to work, I couldn't remember if I had already taken my dose of 100mg and took my last one. Now thinking about it, I think I may have doubled my dose. Does anyone know if this may be harmful? Or have any side effects I should be prepared for?

Thank you!


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