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How can i walk my dog?
lol, my dad cant walk him eather Asked by Belinda Meaney 2 years ago.

ok, my dog Kobuk is a Saint Bernard, he can pull over 200 pounds, last time i tryed to take him for a walk i got dragged on my tummy and it hurt, TREATS DO NOT WORK when kobuk is in that state of mind he doesnt pay attition to anything, and with giving prays its like he cant hear anything to when hes out side, WATERBOTTLES do not woork i tyed to spray him with lemon juice and nothin, i tryed hopping on top of him once he took off and i got a ride, and i am 13 so i do not have enogh money for a profenal trainer, i live in alaska and there is only 2 other people living on my road so its not really dangerous when he run into the road PLEASE, i just REALLY want to walk my dog! Answered by Mollie Hanock 2 years ago.

This is where early training comes in handy. You should have taught the dog proper lead behavior when it was small and more manageable. You need to get a choke collar and start out in a fenced area or indoors. Pop it, release and yell "NO" each time the dog pulls. Start working in larger areas until the dog can be handled anywhere. Answered by Marjory Fuscaldo 2 years ago.

Hi emmawizers, I have a Giant breed also and I had the same problem. A Halti or Gentle Leader is the answer. These are devices that wrap around the dogs nose rather than the neck. Once you control an animals head - you control the animal. But I would suggest that you also use a conventional lead as well for security, as the dog can get out of the Halti. EDIT (some time later) To all those who 'thumbs down' on some of the answers here - you obviously have no experience on Giant breeds - so you shouldn't be thumbing or giving answers. All of the Giants are immensely well built and powerful and also very stubborn and are less responsive to 'treat' training. I, personally, don't like the use of chokers - but these Giants don't feel any pain or suffer any damage to the use of chokers unlike the smaller breeds. So please, before you give an opinion - make sure you know what your talking about. Answered by Connie Mau 2 years ago.

Everyone offered some really great advice as to what you should try. I understand that you can not afford to go to a professional trainer even though that is what he really needs right now. You guys do not have control over him and essentially he controls you guys. You need to teach him the sit and heel commands. A halti is great for the avid pullers. I have one for my Akita who can take off your arm when you walk him. What I did was used the Halti and walked him around the yard and worked on our sit and heel commands. We then started walking short distances around the neighborhood and I would randomly make him sit or heel. It took time but now he walks so well that my 5 year old daughter can walk him and he does not require the Halti anymore. There is also the pinch collar that you can use. When used correctly, it will give them a gentle pinch to correct them when they pull. Answered by Tyler Haught 2 years ago.

When the dog pulls on the lead turn and start to walk the other way or when he pulls stop and make him sit next to you untill he has calmed down after a while he will understand that if he pulls he is getting no-where. Hope this helps Mk Girl Answered by Yee Gasaway 2 years ago.

Try different types of lead, a haltie might be best as it keeps the head under control so all you need to do is pull and the head turns. Don't use a harness or you will make it worse, although i would suggest obedience classes to get him under control; if you can't afford or get to them then there are some good information on the web just look. Answered by Kristina Lisser 2 years ago.

I agree with some of the answers See if your Dad, or another strong guy can leash train him. And although I don't like "contraptions", this would be a good case to use a "Halti" or "gentle leader" Answered by Daniell Hober 2 years ago.

Won't your parents pay for obedience classes? It is to everyones benefit to have a trained dog. With a well trained dog you can walk the dog.Try to talk your folks into the money for obedience classes so they can teach you how to train the dog. If not go to the library and check out some books on dog training and start reading... Answered by Beata Erich 2 years ago.

Play with him in the back yard or somewhere safe but confined until he starts to get tired. When you notice him slowing down, snap on the lead and walk around the back yard. When he lets you lead in the back yard, take him out front for a SHORT walk (like down the driveway). Gradually increase the distance of your walks. If he starts getting overexcited, increase your play time until he consistently walks WITH you without pulling. Answered by Arletta Metro 2 years ago.

Thats a Big dog for a person of your age ! get your dad to help you? I find with my rotty, which his hard to walk at times, i put diffrent leads on him, some leads give him the ablity to pull me really hard, but some other leads dont give him the ability to do it, Thats the only thing i can think off. Answered by Allena Earlgy 2 years ago.

I have a dog just like yours im 23 and im not that small and i cant handle him at all. If it is getting exercise for the dog you want then i suggest getting him on the treadmill, it might sound stupid but its really easy for them to walk on it, you dont really need to train him to walk on it. But on the other hand if you just really want to take him for a walk i suggest taking charge, when you go out the door, you walk out first and let him know who is boss, also practice a loud anoying sound that your dog doesnt like that can be used to let the dog know you are in charge, it will take practice and patience but overall you need to be the leader and the master, your dog should soon realise that. Answered by Harry Wadusky 2 years ago.

Is there anything that I can take for pain?
....during pregnancy- other than Tylenol- for ovarian cyst pain???? Asked by Tory Jent 2 years ago.

Everyone's contractions feel different so you could be headed toward the delivery room soon! Like PP said, time the pain and feel your tummy for tightening. Some women don't even end up feeling contractions until they are almost completely dilated. Some women also don't have regular contractions and only end up with back labor (which is usually VERY painful from what I've heard). No person or even labor is a like so don't be surprised if you aren't have the textbook signs of labor. Even if the pain isn't coming regularly and you can't figure out for sure what the gas pain is, you might want to call your doctor because I'm sure they have seen almost everything and can tell you what is going on. Good luck! Answered by Alva Salvadore 2 years ago.

If you are looking for OTC only OTC pain reliever approved for use during pregnancy is tylenol. Unfortunately tylenol is not really an effective pain reliever...for most anyway! Check with your physician as they will be able to go over prescribed medications that are felt to be safe for use during pregnancy! Hope you find something that works for you! Good luck! *btw: Tylenol and Paracetamol are both acetaminophen, just sold under different generic names. Answered by Dania Purzycki 2 years ago.

Paracetomol. I had gallbladder pain during my second pregnancy and they injected morphine I was in that much pain. I asked what was safe and they said very limited pain relief in pregnancy, not because it may be unsafe but because they haven't trialed them all in pregant women so therefore can't say for sure whether it is safe or not. What about a heat pad? Answered by Felisa Pompey 2 years ago.

You can have paracetemol when you're pregnant. Otherwise you have to see the doctor so he can suggest something Answered by Janae Dikes 2 years ago.


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