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"PREPIDIL" is the commercial name of a drug composed of DINOPROSTONE.


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Anyone familiar with the cervix softening gel "Prepidil?"?
So earlier today I received the gel to soften my cervix to help me dilate. My doctor explained the use for it, but I just want some personal opinions to people who have used it or may know anything else about it...was it effective for you? Did it cause you contractions? ( I was given the gel because I am being... Asked by Reginald Wnek 2 years ago.

So earlier today I received the gel to soften my cervix to help me dilate. My doctor explained the use for it, but I just want some personal opinions to people who have used it or may know anything else about it...was it effective for you? Did it cause you contractions? ( I was given the gel because I am being induced at 5:30 in the morning to have my baby boy!) Answered by Barbra Faby 2 years ago.

Congratulations! I had my baby boy 5 months ago and was induced. I started off with the pill in my cervix and it didn't really do to much. Only one centimeter. So then my doctor put the gel in and it got things moving. Softened and dialated. I eventually got the Pitocin but the gel did work. Congrats again and have a safe labor and delivery, and a healthy baby boy. Answered by Iris Ship 2 years ago.

first off, congrats! second, i was induced with my first and from the prepidil i went into labor! doesnt happen to everyone, apparently 1 out of 4 women(25%) will go into labor(this was 5 years ago almost) and i was part of thatt 25%! i was also young (17) idk if that played a part in it :) good luck!! Answered by Brad Buffo 2 years ago.

Whats the safest drug to induce labor? I heard prepidil or cervidil...any suggestions?
Asked by Hien Schiver 2 years ago.

Cervidil is not for labor induction - it is for cervical ripening, to prepare for an induction. But sometimes women do go into labor when they have cervidil. Inductions are usually done with pitocin through an IV, or by rupturing your membranes, or both. Those are the two most effective and safe ways to induce labor in a hospital setting. Talk to your doctor more about the process if they are considering an induction for you. Answered by Jessika Shappy 2 years ago.

I would try to avoid a medical induction if at all possible. I used acupressure to induce my labor at home naturally and it worked within 48 hours. Answered by Nancy Virgadamo 2 years ago.

pitocin makes contractions happen and breaking the bag of water will speed things along because it allows the baby to move down farther. good luck congrats!!! jesus loves you your in my prayers Answered by Sharilyn Beckner 2 years ago.

the doctor gave me pitocin and then they break your water thats what they did for me Answered by Dorian Moscaritolo 2 years ago.

the safest way is to let the drs do it. Answered by Mirella Pod 2 years ago.

Take a dangerous drug or risk an emergency C-section?
I'm 41 weeks and a day and only a fingertip dilated. I'm scheduled for an induction this Friday (2 days before 42 weeks). My baby is estimated over 10 lbs and my OB will not let me wait past Friday.The hospital here does not use Cervidil or Prepidil, only Cytotec. (Cytotec is used for treating ulcers and is not... Asked by Trudy Madayag 2 years ago.

I'm 41 weeks and a day and only a fingertip dilated. I'm scheduled for an induction this Friday (2 days before 42 weeks). My baby is estimated over 10 lbs and my OB will not let me wait past Friday. The hospital here does not use Cervidil or Prepidil, only Cytotec. (Cytotec is used for treating ulcers and is not approved for induction, FDA and the manufacturer has issued warnings against using it for induction due to risk of uterine rupture leading to hysterectomies and fetal and maternal death). So it's Cytotec to ripen my cervix or nothing at all. I told my OB I didn't want the Cytotec, and she has agreed to just put me on Pitocin and "see what happens". Since I'm a first time mom and I have an unfavorable cervix, there's a high chance I will labor fruitlessly for hours only to "fail to progress" (C-section) or that the contractions will bring on fetal distress (emergency C-section). So, my question is should I... A. Take the cytotec and risk uterine rupture/death/baby's death but improve my odds of a successful induction? B. Refuse the Cytotec and risk uterine hyperstimulation/fetal distress/C-section? Answered by Bella Sturdnant 2 years ago.

UGH - what a situation! I feel for you. If I were you, I would be pressing my doctor to FIND ME some cervidil or prepidil. I would even go so far as to suggest he contacts another OB practice or even the local planned parenthood clinic (I believe they use cervidil as part of administering the abortion pill). I am willing to bet that SOMEONE can get their hands on some, somewhere in town. I would pester, pester, pester him. Cytotec sounds very unsafe, and I would rather annoy someone and turn over every stone than to just give in and wonder... Pitocin stimulates very, very strong contractions of the uterus, and given that you have an unfavorable cervix, I would be wary of inducing contractions like that without knowing that your cervix is soft and dilating. Dang, I'm not helping much am I? But I do hear your concerns. Again, I'd really press your doc to find an alternate route. BEST OF LUCK to you. Answered by Doretta Eshom 2 years ago.

I was induced with cytotec for my first pregnancy and never needed pitocin. They inserted half the pill into my cervix and this started my labor. I was supposed to go back home(i lived 30 min away and they put first round in at 5 pm) and come in at 8 the next morning to start the next round with some pitocin. I never made it home. I had hard contractions from the start and was only in labor for 6 1/2 hours with 20 min of pushing. I was 18 at the time. There was never any worries throughout my labor or delivery, and I had a healthy 8 lb baby girl. I was induced with only pitocin with my second, had labor for 5 1/2 hours and pushed, again, for 20 min. Had a healthy 8 lb 6 oz baby girl. Again no problems with labor at all. If you are extremely worried about being induced, go with the c-section. If you have the mind set that something is going to go wrong, then more than likely it will. If you go in saying you are going to have a normal labor and your baby is going to come out with no complications, chances are that's what will happen. The mindset you go in with will make a world of difference! Oh and with both, I was induced early so had no previous dilation and was only about 60% efaced. Answered by Krishna Handly 2 years ago.

Refuse all induction by any means, especially the abortion drug cytotec. My friend's daughter and granddaughter died on the same day from this induction drug. Tell your doctor you will sue her for distress if her guess of a 10 lb baby is not correct. No one can guess the weight on your baby in utero. Best, G Let me know what hospital is doing this. There are many lawsuits happening for mother and baby deaths related to this drug throughout North America. You can switch doctors at any time, even during labor, anyone can pick up your case. Answered by German Catalina 2 years ago.

I would not be taking the Cytotec. Ask for someone else to deliver you baby. Better yet, why can't they just wait for you to go into labor, or give you natural ways to kick start labor. I have one child and I am pregnant right now. If my OB told me they were going to give me this particular drug I would tell them no, The bottom line is it is your body, and your baby. You are the one in labor, do what you want. What are they going to do, tell you to go home. They can't they will hem and haw, but will eventually do what you want done, if you outright refuse anything else. Answered by Mervin Medbery 2 years ago.

I would do the option im suggesting.. Option C we'll call it. And its pretty much.. Dont rely on drugs for everything. Our bodies were made for making, holding, and having babies.. SO go for long walks, up hill. Swim.. Hell, go for a long water walk if your up for it! Try everything YOU can, before doing either option A or B. They are both dangerous, but why your even considering something that could kill either of you, i have no idea.. By the way, if the drug they use, isnt approved, why are they using it? Go to a proper hospital, that uses normal drugs... Answered by Alita Forslin 2 years ago.

I really would get a c-section. Don't feel guilty at all-taking this drug can put you and your baby at risk! And don't feel bad about not having a vaginal birth-in this case, a c-section would be safer than taking Cytotec. Answered by Eleni Carroway 2 years ago.

I really think that in your case you would be better of with opting for a c-section. Then if you have another bub later on find a hospital that actually uses FDA approved drugs to induce labor Answered by Kelley Highland 2 years ago.

I would take the c-section if I were you. 10lbs is alot of baby! lol c-section. I watch birth day and usually there are no complications. My aunt had two with no complications. No worries and good luck! xx Answered by Jimmie Bluestein 2 years ago.

if you feel safer with the caesarean do it, im being induced this friday also (42 wks exactly) i wish you luck Answered by Yong Klaft 2 years ago.

Did anyone get induced from doctor?
how long after doctor using prepidil gel before went into labor Asked by Joesph Hamonds 2 years ago.

I was induced for both of my pregnancies and likely will be for this one too. each time I got cervidil the night before to ripen my cervix and then the next day I was given pitocin to start labor. Answered by Christeen Scontras 2 years ago.

I did but it was 14 yrs ago. I remember they put this gel stuff on the night before and they see if you dilate any; if not then they give you some kind of an I.V. that makes you go into labor. Which is what I had to end up doing. took like a few hrs to have the baby and all. Not a bad experience for me. I had an epidural and virtually no pain. Except before the epidural. Answered by Daniele Gaulin 2 years ago.

I just had my baby on November 1. I was given cervidil at 8pm on 10/31 ( I was only 38 weeks) that caused me to start pre labor and at 10:30 am they gave me pictocin (not sure on the spelling) and I had the baby at 5:30 that night. Answered by Gwyneth Packwood 2 years ago.

I'm going to be induced on Monday if my baby hasn't made an appearance by then... I'm nervous! Answered by Ken Gouldsberry 2 years ago.

Please help, will labor come soon?
I saw my doctor this morning for another round of prepidil gel to help ripen my cervix. While she was administering the gel, she swept the membrane to help with dilation (i was only 1 1/2 cm and 80% effaced at the time.) After the hour and laying and monitoring i got up to change and noticed a massive amount of... Asked by Faviola Steifle 2 years ago.

I saw my doctor this morning for another round of prepidil gel to help ripen my cervix. While she was administering the gel, she swept the membrane to help with dilation (i was only 1 1/2 cm and 80% effaced at the time.) After the hour and laying and monitoring i got up to change and noticed a massive amount of bleeding and a glob of bloody mucus (sorry TMI).The nurse assured me it was normal and sent me home right after. Could i be near labor? I'm trying so hard to go on my own without induction but I'm now three days over my due date and am becoming impatient. If any one has any advice i would truly appreciate it. by the way this is my first baby so i have no idea what to expect with contractions. thanks :) Answered by Georgia Nicoletta 2 years ago.

That big bloody gob of mucous is what they call your mucous plug or bloody show. When it comes out, that means your cervix is opening and labor is progressing. Usually with your first baby, you will go into labor within a couple of days of losing your mucous plug. Good luck! Answered by Eric Casarrubias 2 years ago.

Losing your mucous plug naturally can be a sign of impending labour, but membrane stripping/sweeping can dislodge your mucous plug, as the doctor has to insert her tip of her finger(s) past your cervix (where the mucous plug is located) in order to reach the amniotic membrane. Losing the plug at the exact moment you did is probably, more than anything, a result of her stripping the membrane. That said, your body was proably ready to let it go, being at the end of your pregnancy. The good news is, both the stripping and the loss of the plug can help to stimulate labour. Good luck! Answered by Signe Median 2 years ago.

i know you probablly hear this a lot, but there really is no way to tell when you'll go into labor. the good thing is, you've started to dilate, you've lost your mucus plug, and your doctor is doing what she can to help speed things up. you are allready past your due date, so hopefully you won't have to wait more than a couple days! you're soo close! just hang in there! you really don't have much longer! when your contractions start, they might feel like really bad period cramps. when you start to feel the "cramps", start timing them. if true labor has started, they'll get closer together and get more painful. when they get to be five minutes apart and stay that way for an hour, it's time to head to the hospital! congrats and good luck! Answered by Cecelia Mcfarlain 2 years ago.

I hade a membrane sweep twice!! and i had the bloody mucus...I was 10 days over on my last sweep 2cm+ and fully effaced and i still didnt go into a natural labor so they called me in to break my waters...This was with my first too...I was 12 days over due in total... Contractions are like a real bad period pain and a tightening of your stomach it goes rock solid when you have one!! Good Luck!! Answered by Daphine Lieber 2 years ago.

well, I was definitely in your situation, I went 6 days over due with my son, and tried EVERYthing to get that boy out! lol...anyways what conclusion I came to after trying everything was to just let it go and realize that this baby would not come until is was good and ready...after I had resolved myself to just relax and enjoy my last few baby free days, that night I went into labour naturally and on my own and 20 hrs later (long labour) delivered a healthy and big baby boy! It was about 8 days after the doctor had stripped my I don't think that had anything to do with it, as hard as it is to hear, be patient, your baby is taking a few extra days to "cook" just relax get plenty of rest and it will happen in it's own time, my friend tried to force her labour on with castor oil and such and ended up having a c-section because her body just wasn't ready...let nature run it's course, and God bless and good luck!! Answered by Celesta Peranio 2 years ago.

Sounds like it will happen any time now. Usually it starts shortly after losing your plug. My sister had the prepidil and her water broke as soon as they started the Petocin. I know you are not going that route but I am sure you'll be in labor really soon. good luck Answered by Germaine Tezeno 2 years ago.

This may sound awful for the situation but trust me if you can get your hubby to agree... go to the bedroom and have sex make sure you both get an orgasm. Something about it pushes you into labor! I was having pretty much the same issue with my 2nd pregnancy and my hubby and i done it around 10p.m and at 3:14 am my water broke!! Good Luck!! let me know!!!! Answered by Tiffiny Eichholz 2 years ago.

Ok-take a long speed walk-have some hard sex and then get a long hard foot rub from your other. This should do the trick. And-while you are getting your foot rub-give yourself nipple stimulation! I swear this baby will come after that:) Answered by Marissa Rotelli 2 years ago.

I was induced with my son and I tried everything to go into labor like walking,the exercise ball,etc...maybe it will work for u! Answered by Venice Deluco 2 years ago.

Don't worry, your baby will be here VERY soon! Good Luck! Answered by Leonel Mapp 2 years ago.

Being "induced" tomorrow any last advice?
I will be 39 weeks tomorrow and chose to have an elective induction. Last check up I was 3cm dilated and OB plans to give me prepidil to augment labor. Depends on how it goes I might not need pitocin. This is my 4th baby and never been through anything similar. I am scared, nervous, excited! Asked by Anjelica Kusinski 2 years ago.

Nothin much different then last ones! I you do have to have the pitocin go for epidural or something for pain.. The contractions can get pretty hairy with that! Congrats and good luck! Answered by Jordan Rabjohn 2 years ago.

My daughter was induced a year ago with pitocin. I couldn't believe how hard and fast her contractions were coming! It still took her over 36 hours until she delivered. Her labor was all in her back and her water broke about half way thru her labor. It was not pretty. But the result was wonderful. She was NOT induced by choice. The baby was a week overdue and was under stress. Answered by Moira Strebel 2 years ago.

Contractions will be harder, faster, more intense. They'll come on one after another. You'll get little to no breaks in between before the next ones already starting. Its a very tiring experience. Answered by Idalia Biddy 2 years ago.

Labor is more intense when someone is induced, because the body hasn't prepared for labor. Expect stronger contractions and probably a longer labor than if you waited until your body went into labor naturally. Wishing you, and your baby, well. : ) Answered by Mariann Dequattro 2 years ago.

Don't have a baby. There are already uncountable amount of people on earth. There is so much problems in the world and it's all because of population. family problems, financial problems, employment problems, crimes, it's all because of population!!! Why crime happens? Because people don't have money. Why don't people have money? Because there is no jobs. Why don't they have job? Coz there are no vacancy, it's full of people. Save the world by not having babies! Don't think that it doesn't effect you if population keeps rising. If population keeps rising you will also face consiquencies. Answered by Migdalia Masello 2 years ago.

Induction question 39 weeks?
I am 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant 2 days from being 40 weeks. I am suppose to be getting induced tommorow morning but I am having second thoughts about the whole thing because I learned that my doctor is going to use cytotec- the drug which is not approved by the FDA for labor induction. I asked if they could use... Asked by Rocio Huerto 2 years ago.

I am 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant 2 days from being 40 weeks. I am suppose to be getting induced tommorow morning but I am having second thoughts about the whole thing because I learned that my doctor is going to use cytotec- the drug which is not approved by the FDA for labor induction. I asked if they could use something else but said no because I am only 1 cm/ a fingertipped dialated. and not thined out or effaced. Sure I could wait one more week but if I don't have her by next week or dialte/thin out I will be in the same boat. They won't use petocin or break my water until I am at least 4-5 centimeters. I am uncomfortable with cytotec being used because of the reasearch I did on the drug. Petocin isn't 100 % safe either but it doesn't sound as dangerous. I was given petocin with my first child and I had him at 38 weeks. Has anyone been give cytotec and have any more info about it or another drug that could be safely used that my doctor just doesn't want to use. Answered by Basilia Callez 2 years ago.

Follow your instincts and refuse the Cytotec induction. By refusing to use pitocin, the doctor is telling you that you are not a good candidate for induction - if your body is only a fingertip dilated and not effaced, then the chances of a failed induction are very great. Cytotec is also very cheap, so it saves the hospital money. To determine whether a woman is a candidate for induction, the doctor should determine your Bishop's score. It should be above a 7 before inducing. From what you're describing, yours is much below that. Also, all inductions carry a 5x higher chance of a c-section, especially when your body isn't ready. The rates of uterine rupture from Cytotec are so significant that both the FDA and GD Searle, the drugs's manufacturer, issed statements in 2000 discouraging the use of it during pregnancy. It is only approved for the treatment of ulcers but is also used as an abortion drug. So, unless you have some pressing medical need that you haven't mentioned, you should refuse the induction and wait until your body is ready. You could discuss other options like a cervical ripening gel like Cervidil or Prepidil to first make your cervix more favorable. The benefits of these is that if it doesnt' work, you can just go home instead of having a c-section. Other options include trying the gel first and then adding pitocin or using a foley catheter to manually dilate the cervix. I would not recommend that you let him break your water either as it is not a reliable method of induction and once your water is broken, you'll be on the clock to deliver. If your body isn't ready, then this could again lead to an otherwise unnecessary c-section. By forcing a Cytotec induction, he's adding unnecessary risk to both you and your baby. The bottom line is he can't make you do anything you don't want to do. You can refuse the induction, talk about other options, or wait to go into labor on your own. Good luck! Answered by Johnny Bodin 2 years ago.

Although I'm not a huge fan of cytotec your OB is right, cervidil is effective when dilated to at least 2cm, pitocin can be used immediately, but most dont start until your 4-5cm dilated as its a very hard and fast labor, the contractions are like no other! I personally would wait with the induction if your not comfortable with him using the cytotec, have sex and get out and walk, or ask for a membrane sweep instead, the side effects at this point in the pregnancy are low, but its your body and you have every right to say no! Its a matter of do the Pros outweigh the cons in this instance. Good Luck! Answered by Danette Nugent 2 years ago.

I don't understand why they won't give you pitocin?!?! That is just weird! That drug is specifically made to help a woman dialat, efface, etc. They used pitocin on me and I wasn't dialated one single bit. Look, go with your gut instinct on this one. If you have a "weird feeling" about this drug and the baby will be fine for at least one more week, then wait one more week and make a decision then. Another thing you can do: Call the hospital, or several hospitals and speak to a nurse in the labor & delivery ward - see what they say about this new unapproved drug. Tell them you are just half way through your pregnancy and the doctor was telling you about it, but that you have conflicting info. DON'T tell them which doctor, that you wanted an unbiased opinion about it. Answered by Lorrine Whitmeyer 2 years ago.

i'd ask him to use Cervidil to soften your cervix and help it dialate. I was completely closed when i got induced...the night before they put Cervidil in and i stayed in the hospital. when i woke the next morning (after some contractions throughout the night) i was 2 cm and they started the Petocin. You don't have to use anything that you don't have COMPLETE control over what goes into your body. ask about the cervidil or other products...there is an L&D nurse on here...hopefully she will answer with some other products she knows about but thats the only one i know about good luck with the new baby :0) Answered by Carissa Jacquez 2 years ago.

I think they are inducing you too early ( unless it is for medical reasons that you can't wait it out another week) I know towards the end you just want it to be over with but you could go from where you are now to water breaking in a matter of days. I would wait if I were you. Answered by Donn Burback 2 years ago.

I am with the other person who suggested asking about Cervidil. That is what they used to help me dialate. There are always complications with inductions, especially that you are 50% more likely to have a c-section. I was one of those ppl who had the c-section, but I wouldn't do it any other way. I liked knowing when I was going in and the nurses took great care of me. You will be fine either way and so will the baby. Answered by Venus Lehar 2 years ago.

I had a lot of complications and I think they were caused from my induction. i am not a big fan of inductions. I would be concerned as well about an unapproved drug. I would wait least a week more, maybe a week and a half. You haven't even hit your due date yet so there' no reason to rush. Answered by Collin Cedotal 2 years ago.

i would definitely express your concern to the doctor... as they are being paid by you for their service and should not be doing anything you dont want them to... if theyre telling you that they cant give you patocin because your only a finger tip dialated thats a bunch of crap because i was 2 cm dialated and not progressing for weeks so finally they induced me and they used patocin.... it sounds like your doctor is jerking you around and i wouldnt stand for it at all... good luck hope everything goes well... Answered by Bobbi Skillings 2 years ago.

Why are you being induced so early, are there medical problems if so I would say that really you have no choice however if it is not medically necessary then wait. Answered by Tawanna Swietoniowski 2 years ago.

don't get induced just wait Answered by Wai Wehrwein 2 years ago.

Anyone had side effects from and epidural.?
With my second child I had an epidural it took the edge off the pain but I had a severe headache for a week immediately following the birth. They always induce my labor and I cannot take that pitocin without an epidural. The pain is just unbearable. I'm having another baby. Is there anything they can do to... Asked by Isaiah Kuhnel 2 years ago.

With my second child I had an epidural it took the edge off the pain but I had a severe headache for a week immediately following the birth. They always induce my labor and I cannot take that pitocin without an epidural. The pain is just unbearable. I'm having another baby. Is there anything they can do to prevent that side effects or will I have to do it naturally? Answered by September Morales 2 years ago.

with my last baby, I was induced, but they didn't use pitocin. they used a small pill like form that was inserted into the vagina. Dinoprostone (such as Cervidil or Prepidil Gel) can be inserted as a suppository into your vagina (intravaginally). It can also be given as a gel that is gently squirted into the opening of the cervix (intracervically). Once the cervix is ripe, labor may start on its own. this is what was used on me with my last baby, and worked just as good as pitocin, even though I was induced about a week and a half early. good luck. Answered by Jeffrey Dejardin 2 years ago.

I actually liked being induced with pitocin and I didn't have an Epidural with my daugther. I recovered a lot quicker and felt great afterwards. With my son I had the Epideral and it took longer to recover. I also have back pain once in a while and he is almost 3 yrs old now. I didn't get the headache but I know that is a common side affect. I am going to get induced with this baby and I am opting for no pain meds. I know besides the Epidural, they have something they can put in your IV to help deal with the pain. Not sure what it's called but you can ask about it. It's supposed to take the edge off the pain yet not invasive like an Epidural. My labor never really last that long so going without pain meds even when induced isn't that bad. I checked into the hospital at 7am and had my daughter at 11:26am. Only in Hard labor for 20 minutes. Since you have already had one baby, this time it should be a lot easier than the first. You might try it without pain meds. Answered by Suzette Gloshen 2 years ago.

i had an epidural with my second child, and i to was induced for this child. i chose the epidural because the pain was unbearable. with my other two i did them naturally, my third son was two weeks late but i held out and went into labor naturally. I have had problems with my back since the epidural 27 months ago. i didn't experience any headaches but it made me sick to my stomach, the cramping was worse after birth and i still experience back pain at the site and around. try just having a local at first to take the edge off it may work alot better. good luck and congrats by the way Answered by Assunta Mcgrotty 2 years ago.

I did not have any side effects from the epidural. The only negative thing was that I 'forgot' how to pee for like 2 hours after the birth. The muscles down there were numb, it took me 24 hours to pee right! I don't think there is anything to prevent the side effects. It all depents on the anestheologist who gives you the spinal. You cannot control it! If you want to go natural, you can go the birth classes and practice the breathing exercises . That way you will have confidence to resist the temptation of the epidural. those breathing exercises are a life saver!! Answered by Bryan Lua 2 years ago.

I had no side effects from having an epidural from my first pregnancy and plan on having another one for my current pregnancy. One of my friends has had back pain in the spot that the epidural was given still, and her baby is now 18 months. I think everyone's body reacts different to it. You should ask them if thay have any other alternantives for you. Answered by Dennis Quinnan 2 years ago.

It could be that the epidural wasnt placed correctly, there shouldnt be any side effects, esp. not headaches that last for a week, spinal yes, pitocin labors are sooo hard, if you have another pit labor i would try the epidural again, again it could've been it wasnt placed right Answered by Liana Shren 2 years ago.

I had a splitting, insupportable headache for the appropriate to the 1st 8 days after my epidural. I had blurred imaginative and prescient and swelling, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it substitute into from the being pregnant frequently and from truly some saline drips i wanted as a consequence of unrelated problems. for about 3 months after giving delivery, I had a numb spot on my decrease lower back/bum appropriate to the size of a deck of taking part in cards. It very slowly went away. i substitute into advised that this substitute right into a facet consequence of my epidural. additionally, while my epidural cord thingy substitute into bumped off in the well-being facility, I leaked some clean fluid. curiously it substitute into spinal fluid, yet no one appeared very worried. (in spite of the indisputable fact that i began out having fits, thinking i substitute into going to be paralyzed!) Answered by Kaci Rafael 2 years ago.

head ache back pain, explain to ur midwife im sure they have an alternative if not grit youre teeth n bear it Answered by Sona Phillips 2 years ago.


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