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Whats the difference between Plan B and Plan B one-step?
Okay so i know they both prevent pregnancy and Plan B (Uses two pills) while Plan B One-Step (Uses only one pill) What i would like to know is: Is Plan B One-step stronger?? or is it basically the same?

Also do the both have the same side effects or do they have different side effects?
Carlos Tomate
  Same thing and same side effects but Plan b 1 step avoids the error of missing the second dosage where as plan b, you have to take the second pill exactly 10 or 12 hours after the first.
Carla P
Can Plan B one step cause your second period to skip?
i took the plan b one step in february and i got my period in march...i am suppose to have my period today but i haven't had it yet. any possibility that plan b can cause you to miss your second period?
  Plan B puts your own cycle out of sync temporarily.
Kevin H
Is it safe to take two Plan B One Step Pills in the same week?
My boyfriend and i had sex, and then condom broke so i took the Plan B one step pill. Then very next day, there was a huge lapse of reason, and we had sex without a condom. I'm on birth control, but I do NOT need a baby right now. Will it be safe to take another Plan B pill? Will this mess up my peroid?
How effective is the Plan B One Step pill?
Last night I was having sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke, I was just wondering if the Plan B One Step pill would be a good idea to purchase? And how much it costs if you know?
  the same thing happen to me lasted year. well it 100% effected. you can have your period on time or before or one week late. it cost about $50.try to go to there web page and get a $10 dollar of really works best of all you only have to take one pill.
how do i know if a plan b one step pill worked?
I had my period last weekend. I have just had sex this morning and our condom broke and he came inside me. I took a plan b one step pill within 2 hours of the sex. About 12 hours later I threw up and now my vagina is leaking clear liquid ( and a decent amount of it ). Is this bad? I am not trying to conceive.
Eobert Humperdink
  Im on the same boat as you. I had sex with someone last friday and the condom broke which resuled in him cumming inside me. i took plan b right after i found out and took another one 12 hours later. ive heard that it will just do a bunch of weird shit to your body because its just a huge injection of hormones. right now ive been experience stomach cramps and a weird greenish yellow discharge. im still waiting for my period. good luck!
How do you get the plan b one step pill and how much does it cost?
How and where do you get the plan b one step pill? How much is it? Can you get it at the health department?
  You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here -
Can you have sex with a condom after taking the plan B one step?
I took the pill after 24 hours of having unprotected sex. I am on birth control but we were scared anyways. so i took plan B One step. We normally do not have unprotected sex but it was spur of the moment. Now we want to know if it is ok to have sex again (with a condom) later the same day i took the pill.
  Yes, it's fine to have sex after taking Plan B as long as it's protected.

Truthfully, though, if you are on the pill and you take it every day there is certainly no need to take Plan B. All plan B does is give you a super dose of the hormones already found in birth control in order to keep you from ovulating. If you are on the pill, ovulation is already prevented. Next time, save yourself the $60. Birth control is designed so that you are already protected when using it without condoms.
Will Grapefruit juice affect the absorption of Plan B One-Step?
I just realized grapefruit juice is a medication killer and I really need to clear this up. I just took Plan B One-Step with some grapefruit juice and I want to know if the pill won't work.
  I understand your concern, and I have heard of grapefruit juice affecting other medications. However, I've never heard of it affecting Plan B, because Plan B basically a huge dose of hormonal birth control, which is not affected by grapefruit juice, and their website does not say anything about it. You may want to contact your doctor just in case, but I'm fairly sure it will work. I suppose you'll find out next month, when you're supposed to get your period (bad joke, sorry.)
should i be bleeding heavily after taking plan b one step?
had unprotected sex. the morning after i started my regular period. i took the morning after pill, plan b one step anyway. i was already having my regular period, now i am bleeding very heavily for the past 5 days. is this o.k. when should i be worried that i am bleeding too much?
  This is a common side effect of Plan B. Plan B induces a period in order to keep the fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus wall. If you experience any other symptoms talk to a doctor but this is normal.
Is Plan B one step still effective if you have unprotected sex within 72 hours after you take it?
Plan B one step (the morning after pill) is for making sure one doesn't get pregnant if taken within 72 hours after they have had unprotected sex. But if you take it the morning after, will it still be effective if you have unprotected sex later that same day?
For example:
sex on thursday night, take the pill friday morning, then have sex again friday night. Would it still be effective for that night as well?
  I think it should be. Since you're taking the pill, you having your period is pretty much 100% guaranteed. You should call Planned Parenthood clinic though and ask them.
How do I switch insurance companies while keeping my Remicade treatments covered?
I've been on Remicade for a while with my employer's health insurance plan. I plan on going back to college full time and wish to switch to a new insurance plan. Will this count as a pre-existing condition and will I have to wait 12 months on my new plan until I'm covered? Also, I can continue with my company insurance for up to 15 months after quitting but the premiums are outrageous. Somebody please help!
  It depends upon why you are taking the Remicade. Remicade is usually taken for a serious health condition, such as Crohn's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Vasculitis. In this case almost every insurance company will decline to accept you - period.

If it is taken for a minor health condition such as Myositis then there will be a rider placed upon the condition. A rider means they will accept you but will not cover your condition or anything that has to do with the condition, such as medication, for a certain period of time. This rider can last 1 to 2 years or may be a permanent rider.
Plan B....??
Okay, so here is my story: My last period was on July 18 and I usually have a fairly normal 28 day cycle. About July 27 or 28 I was messing around with my bf. We did not have sex or any penetration but I got nervous that some ejaculation as it was close to me. About two hours after I went and got Plan B and took it immediatley and then took the second does twelve hours as instructed. About two days later I took another dose of Plan B after messing around again. Today (August 9) I woke feeling very dizzy like i might pass out and a little nauseated. I decided to take a urine pregnancy test which came back negative. I am very worried still. I know that it is very unlikely that I could be pregnant seeing as there was no actual penetration. I guess my question really is what is the latest anyone has had a period after taking plan b? (I still have a few days until my normal period time) Also, how long should i wait to get a blood test from the Dr.? Thank u for ur considerate answers
I am aware that taking two doses was not the ideal way to go about this and I understand that it is not the same as regular birth control. This was unplanned and I do plan on starting a regular safe birth control plan.

Also, from what I have read the Plan B pill is not a abortion pill, it is an emergency prevention

I would appreciate encouraging and informative answers. I already know that what I have done is not ideal. Thank you.
Lindsey F
  people are annoying that don't answer exactly what your asking. they should waste someone else's time. i'm sure you know that taking 2 doses isn't good...thankyou captain obvious. = ]

anyways. I took plan b on the 27th of July too. I wasn't due for my period till August 17th, I got it 2 days ago..7 days early. Plan B will make you feel like crap, it did it for me. I was fine the 1st 24 hrs and then 5 days later got sick. It happens definitely. It's a huge dose of hormones, and being that you took 2, I can see why your dizzy. Your not pregnant, so don't stress that or it'll make your period later.

Everyone's different, you might get it soon..or might get it late. I don't think your going to have to take a blood test, being that there was NO penetration, but since you took 2 doses, you may actually not get your period. If anything you might spot, that's normal.

Good luck and don't let these people get to you.
I have some important questions about Plan B, birth control, and antibiotics?
Okay, so I got Plan B today and also birth control (Gildess FE 1.5/30). Do I start my birth control when I get my period (If Plan B works and I am not pregnant)? Or do I start it another time? When it says to take them around the same time each day, how much within is the 'same time'? Is it half an hour, a minute, 2 hours? Also, I am allowed 12 refills. So, when my pack runs out, how do I refill it? And my doctor put me on antibiotics. I know they can interfere with birth control. Can they interfere with Plan B? If so, when should I start them. I am supposed to take them twice a day. Thanks.
  I've never used plan B, but when my friend took it she was supposed to wait until after her period to start Birth Control again.

Take your BC pill as close to the same time each day as you can. Taking them 20 minutes apart or even an hour apart isn't going to hurt anything. A lot of people just use the "morning" rule where anytime before noon is fine. I personally have an alarm set on my phone so I know when to take it.

After the 12 refills (probably around your 11th one) your doctor will ask for you to come back to get another pap smear, then he/she will refill your prescription for another 12 months.

As for the antibiotics it usually will say on the bottle if it has been known to interfere with Birth Control. However if you're really unsure look the antibiotic up online or just call the nurse at a clinic and they'll let you know.

Hope that helped!!!
What is the next step after Imuran?
What is the next step (ie: medication) to use if Imuran proves to not be working in autoimmune disorders?
Crohns, behcets, arthritis are the diagnosis if that helps.
  it might be worth trying Remicade as it is often useful in CD and Bechets

it would be best to discuss this with your doctor
Does plan B affect the menstrual cycle that is regulated by birth control?
I am prescribed to Loestrin 24fe, a birth control that regulates my period. I took plan B one weekend after a small scare (while still on my regular birth control). I had sex a week after that (while still on my regular birth control but without the plan B this time). My question is, does plan B affect my menstrual cycle that is regulated by my birth control? I am on day 2 of my placebo pill and have yet to start my period so I am quite concerned. Thanks!
  It's likely. It's a much larger dose than your normal birth control, so it may well overrule that and mess things up.

If you take your birth control at the same time every day and never skip a pill, there is no need to take Plan B, because you'll be protected.
♫♪♫ Moem ♀
can ovcon 50 birth control pills be used as plan b?
i remember my doctor saying something like that when she gave me the pills but can't remember. if i give an extra hormone pill to a friend who needs plan b, will it work as plan b?

p.s. friend does not take birth control
ABC Puppy
How long after taking plan b will your period be off cycle?
I took plan b last month around the 20th. I'm suppose to start my period in a few days but no signs.
Sammi ♥ Jon [3.5.2004]
  it might be irregular for a little while after it depends on your body
Star Light
plan b??????????????????
i took the plan b and i got my period 3 days after the pill. my period should be due around this time. im not pregnant right?

and if im not then how late will it be? one week, 3 weeks....? and will this be forever. will i never be able to know when ill be due again?
  Plan B is pretty heavy stuff. It'll throw off your whole schedule for a month. You should be using the birth control pill instead of relying on condoms or Vatican Roulette.

You'll have a period again, but it will probably be another week or so. Don't use Plan B as a regular thing.
How well does Plan B (Levonorgestrel) work?
My friend had unprotected sex with her boyfriend and like an hour after it happened she went to the drug store and got the Plan B tablets. I just wanted to know how well does it work in preventing pregnancy, especially if you take it right away after intercourse.
Kristie O
  Plan B works pretty well as long as u take it no longer than 72 hours after sex not 120 wouldnt even be effective. Its about 80% effective and the hormones alot stronger than regular birth control so its pretty effective...jus let her know that plan b side effects can cause early and/or irregular bleeding and abdominal cramping
What can plan B do to my body if I have taken too many over a period of time?
When i was younger i abused the plan b pill (extremely). I used it as a birth control method and i know i shouldn't have and its wrong of me to do that. I want to know how it could affect my body if i ever try to get pregnant.
Sonya Montano
  Plan B is just a larger dose of regular OCPs (oral contraceptive pills). The cumulative effect is negligable (less that that of someone who takes OCP's on a regular basis).

In general, estrogen increases risk for heart disease VERY SLIGHTLY, but does not affect your ability to get pregnant or have a normal pregnancy after cessation.
Justin Catlett
How much does generic Prozac (Fluoxetine Hydrochloride) cost?
How much does a thirty day supply of 20mgs 3 times daily cost? (or 60 20mg pills)?
I was asking without insurance. Of course it matters from plan to plan, I am asking out of pocket expense.
  Thirty 20mg pills cost $15.
Thirty 40mg pills cost $40.
(Why it's more for one 40mg vs two 20mg I don't know..)
I Just got put on TenCon plan A what does it cover?
I just got put on Tencon Plan A... also known as the Adult Medical Program, and the Adult Waiver Program....What all does Plan A cover? Does it cover Colonoscopies?or Eye glasses?
  Phone them and they have to give you a brochure it will tell you everything that they will and wont cover
Is there anyway to get Temodar in a payment plan or for free?
My friend was recently diagnosed with Brain Cancer. He needs to take Temodar, but cannot get his insurance company to pay for it because his prescription benefit is capped at $1000.

Are there any programs set up to help pay for the cost or to provide an installment plan option?
Marina G
  Here is the link for Schering's patient assistance program to provide access to Temodar. Given what you have said about your friend's insurance situation I would guess that he could receive it for free if he contacts Schering and applies here.
What happens when one's eye is soaked in isopropyl alcohol?
Okay, i just came up with this question a minute ago, while staring at the hand sanitizer in our living room. So, what happens when one's eye is soaked in isopropyl alcohol? Scientific please? Step by step too.
  well, first off, it would burn like hell. the eye would begin watering, and within a minute or so most of the alchohol would be washed out of the eye by tears. It would also cause an inflammatory response making the eye and surrounding tissues very red. Alcohol is also a dessicant, so it could concievably dry the cornea to the point of damage and sight loss.
So, you often come up with just stupid ideas and thoughts? Or do you actually occasionally come up with one that makes sense?
Growth hormone - Genotropin 5 Needle?
I need help reloading my Genotropin 5 needle. Where can I go to get a step by step procedure and picture description of how to do it.
Thanks so much
My husband is out of town and usually does it. I watch him everytime but am lacking confidence actually doing it myself. I've been trained about 4 years ago. And a pharmacist one time messed up my needle trying to help.
  Hello...I understand the difficulty doing it yourself because I am nervous everytime that I will do it wrong. Here is a PDF of instructions:
I use a different pen and growth hormone, Nutropin, but hopefully this is what you are looking for.
Need to get prescription filled for Xopenex?
I was recently prescribed a nebulizer for COPD and asthma I was given a script for Xopenex but my medicare prescription drug plan won't pay for it. Do you know of a plan that will help me with this prescription because I don't have the money to pay for it. I really need this medicine. Thank you for any answers that you may come up with.
Kimberly A
  Xopenex is an expensive drug. Cheap Albuterol is just as efficacious as it. The side effects are the same. Everyone knows this fact. Have the doctor change the prescription to Albuterol Nebulizing solution and Medicare will cover it.
Combunox--anyone used it?
Any experiences out there in Yahoo!land?

My insurance plan won't pay for it (my doc prescribed it), so I'll likely get another prescription for post-outpatient surgery pain unless people tell me they've had good experiences with it.

It wouldn't cost me a ton of money to pay for it myself, but I'm inclined to get a generic of something else for $10 on my insurance plan.

Thanks for anyone with knowledge/experience of this medication.
Stuck in the Middle Ages
  Combunox is just Oxycodone (the main ingredient in Percocet) and Ibuprofen (Advil). Have the doc prescribe Percocet. It is cheap and effective. If you need a little extra pain relief, you can take advil with the percocet. They are different drugs and can be taken together.
Can estrogen (Activella) be used to achieve the same result as Plan B?
I'm "only" 28, but I'm taking Activella to get my hormones back to normal after they got out of whack from the Depo-Provera shot. Anyway, I'm curious if taking one or more of these would prevent pregnancy like Plan B does. Also wondering about the differences and similarities between the chemical properties of levonorgestrel and estradiol/norethindrone acetate. Thanks.
A Jen In Progress
  No, estrogen cannot be used as Plan B. Plan B is made up of artificial progestin not estrogen. Two different hormones. If you need Plan B, go to a pharmacy!
How long do serious plan b side effects last?
I took plan b about 2 months ago two times in one week. I just noticed that it says they put you at an increased risk for heart attack and stuff. I was wondering if that is just when the pill is in your system (and ut will decrease once they are out of your system) or you will have the increased risk for several years and when I get older? I am 17 now and a nonsmoker.
Hey You
  You should not be ever under any circumstances taking plan b twice in the same week! The side effects you are describing are temporary. Those are effects that occur while on the pill. However, there are other side effects you should be concerning yourself with. They haven't done studies on patients using plan b twice in the same week (I checked) and you could be doing far worse damage than you know of. You could be increasing your odds of infertility. The way plan b works, is it basically jump starts your period. Pushing the uterus to shed it's lining. Shedding it's lining twice is one week is dangerous as it is an un natural cycle. Try to lay off the Plan B pill and start being a bit more responsible. Condoms and birth control pills are just as available as Plan B. You have no excuse not to be using them. If you're too embarrassed to buy condoms or birth control than frankly, you're not mature enough to be having sex.
How many days after taking Plan B can you start to drink alcohol?
I took Plan B two days ago, and I was wondering how long it stays in your system, and when I am allowed to drink alcohol?
  Alcohol and Plan B have nothing to do with each other. Plan B is just large amounts of birth control so u can drink alcohol whenever. Just think about it people that take birth control pills every day can drink alcohol whenever they want to, they are not restricted.
cat lover

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