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Does Phenergan make Tylenol with Codeine more effective??
My doc has prescribed Phenergan to me because I get so naseaus when I take the Tylenol w/ codeine, which I take for migraines- I am pregnant, and he doesn't trust that Fioricet (which I normally take) is safe in pregnancy. The Tylenol doesn't even help my pain, and makes me sick- he says the Phenergan may make the Tylenol more effective, but I am too afraid to take it- I vomit for 12-15 hours and can't eat when I've taken the Tylenol. Is there a different medicine I can take for the pain?? I've taken Fioricet a few times just to get a break from the pain, but I don't want to take it if it's really that big of a risk. Please help!!
  Phenergan is sometimes given for pain control (in obstetric surgeries) and it also has antihistamine properties. I have to take it with Tylenol 3 to curb the nausea too. It works. As far as the antihistamine properties, it will help boost the potency of the codeine and might have a small bearing on increasing the pain management levels.

It's safe to take and sometimes doctors will even prescribe phenergan to ease the symptoms of morning sickness.

It will just make you a little more drowsy...but it's pretty safe to take those two medications together to control pain and nausea during pregnancy. I have a friend that is on the same combination for trigimenal neuralgia, is six months pregnant and is doing just fine...the baby is okay too.

A single tylenol 3 breaks down in the liver to less than a point of a milligram of morphene equivallent. That's less than what will even go through the placental blood barrier.

To get effective nausea control when taking the tylenol with codeine, take the phenergan 30 minutes before taking the codeine....and eat a small meal with it too.

In effect, the phenergan is perfectly safe to take during pregnancy, just take it a half hour before the other meds and your nausea will be lessened if not completely gone.
Chick-A- Deedle
Does all Phenergan (Promethazine) w/ Codeine cough syrup taste the same?
I have a respiratory infection and the Dr. prescribed Phenergan w/ Codeine for my cough. I usually get this prescribed and it has a sweet fruity taste but I went to a pharmacy closer to home this time and this one tastes very bitter. Why would it taste so different? Does it differ from store to store or did they screw up the prescription?
Fireman 1
  Some of the liquid medications come in different flavors. If you don't like it, you can always get it flavored. If you are getting the generic, different generic houses use different flavorings.
My Phenergan w/ Codeine cough syrup tastes like crap. Did they give me the wrong medicine?
I have a respiratory infection and the Dr prescribed Phenergan (Promethazine) w/ codeine for my cough. It's the same thing he always prescribes for me only this time it tastes very bitter. Usually it tastes very pleasant (fruity and sweet). However, the color is the same as it usually is; purple.

I went to a different pharmacy this time, one closer to home. I'm wondering if they screwed up the prescription and gave me something else instead...

What do you think?
Fireman 1
  Is this medicine mixed by the pharmacy? If it is, the original pharmacy probably adds that flavoring to cover the bad taste. The new pharmacy may not add this flavoring, so it ends up tasting pretty terrible.
Are Dramamine and Codeine/w Phenergan bad to take together?
Ive been taking both to try and self medicate. I get nausea from stress and anxiety, so i take dramamine to try and kill the nausea but its not super effective. I have the Phenergan with codine cough syrup that my mom had from a while ago, and i know phenergan helps nausea, and i figured a little codine might help my anxiety as well. I feel very strange, and weak and "heavy" today so im not sure if thats from taking all those drugs together. Anyone know anything about this?
  It is bad for you to self medicate... Call a doctor!!!
oh my!
Can I take phenergan with codeine after I have taken vicodin?
The doctor prescribed liquid phenergan with codeine for a cough I have. I'm supposed to take it at night before I go to sleep. I have back problems and take 750mg of vicodin for pain as needed. My back hurts but I don't want to take the pain med if it is going to affect me taking the cough med when I go to sleep in a few hours.
Suspended Animation
  Vicodin contains codeine. Do not mix the two. You could go to sleep and never wake up.
I am Getting all 4 wisdom teeth out a week from today =(...?
The doctor prescribed me valium, tylenol Elixer with codeine and phenergan. can the valium make me nauseous? b.c the phenergan is for nausea. Or is it for the tylenol w/ codeine, can that make me feel sick? Also I am SUPER anxious already, and am actually a severely anxious person in everyday life, can this valium cause me to stop breathing? they want me to take 1 the night before, with no food or water after Midnight. then 2 as soon as I wake up before I leave to come into the clinic? THEN when I get there they're going to put me on an IV pumping Valium into me.. does that seem like a little much? im 19, female, and only weigh 100 lbs. I am SO scared that Im going to gave a bad reaction to these drugs, hell I don't even like to take advil.
I have to get them pulled because there is no room in my mouth for any more teeth, theyre already close to being crowded...
all of them are empacted..
  Don't be worried. I went through the procedure. Unless you have impacted teeth or they're coming in sideways or some other funny angle you'll be fine. Although the valium seems a bit over the top, I too was prescribed Tylenol-3 and I also had IBuprofen-800 for the sweelling. I didn't have any impacted teeth and they were all the right direction (even though my circumstances were the same, no more room)! I was put under for surgery and I woke up with no issue. I got to suck on some gauze for about 3 days and shoot water into craters the teeth left, but I barely used any of my pain meds and only used the I800 when my cheeks looked like I was storing acorns :P

Long story short, don't be so anxious; there's no reason. It's a safe procedure and you're in the hands of professionals :) Good luck!
Is it ok that my Dr prescribed me phenergan and tylenol 3 (w/ codeine) while I was pregnant?
If not, why? And why would he give them to me if it weren't okay?
๑۩۞۩๑ Kaila ๑۩۞۩๑
  Both Phenergan and Tylenol #3 are pregnancy category C, which means there are either no adequate studies, either animal or human, or there are adverse fetal effects in animal studies but no available human data. Usually, whether or not to prescribe these meds is based on weighing the benefits to the mother against the risks to the unborn child. Was this your OB who prescribed them? If not, ask this doctor to consult your OB about the safety. You can also get a second opinion. Good luck.
How long does it take to start working--Phenergan gel?
How fast does it take for Phenergan gel to work? My son is sick.
  it should take about 20 minutes
Does anyone know of an alternative to phenergan?
I'm severely nauseous (and no, I'm not preggo) and I'd like to find an alternative to phenergan as that medication makes me very sleepy and not able to function.
Amy I
  zofran and compazine dont make you sleepy but generally cost a little more
If I had a stomach virus and took the Phenergan suppository, would it keep me from vomiting and help nausea?
What other things is phenergan effective against in preventing vomiting? Is Compazine better?
What colors do phenergan tabs come in?
I have a friend who is pregnant and sick and she ran out of her Phenergan, her Aunt gave her one from her stock but it is pink and she hasn't seen a pink one before. Does anyone know if they come in different colors for different strengths maybe?
Thanks so much.
  there is 3 types of phenergan so u can see here which one
How long does Phenergan/promethazine tablets take to make you tired?
How long does Promethazin/Phenergan take to make you drowsy or sleepy ect.
James L
  If you took it on an empty stomach 20 minutes to 1 hr, if not maybe up to an hour an a half.
Can you take phenergan and subutex together?
I took a subutex and it has caused me to throw up over and over. Can i take a phenergan pill, safely?
i have never taken subutex before.
  That is something to ask your doctor.
What are some effective antiemetics that don't have the drastic side effects of Phenergan?
I take Promethazine (a generic brand of Phenergan) for nausea and vomiting and it works well as an antiemetic, but it also makes me extremely drowsy and extremely dizzy.

Are there other antiemetics out there that would fulfil their function without knocking me out and making me feel like the whole world is spinning once I woke up?
ZER0 C00L ••AM••VT••
  One of my all time favorite drugs because it makes me sleepy. My doctor gives it to me for sleeping. She said it is safer than any of the other drugs for that.

Gorgeoustxwoman, I love my Spurs.
Why is nubain and phenergan administered as a cocktail?
it could be administered seperately. but why do they adniminister it as a cocktail (esp. preoperatively)
OKAY I GOT phenergan counteracts the effect of nausea and vomiting that nubain causes..thanks to those who answered =)
  I just asked a doctor coworker and he told me the phenergan potentiates the action of nubain, making it take effect faster & more effectively.
Hope this helps!
Can I give my 2 year a phenergan suppository?
It is Friday after 6pm and my son is vomiting and has diarrhea. I have 25mg Phenergan Suppository's. Can I give them to my 2 year old who weights 28 lbs.?
  You can give 1/4-1/2 of the suppository that is 25 mg, comes in 12.5 as well. Try 1/4 first
My son is allergic to Morphine and has been prescribed Dilaudid - is this safe?
He is having his wisdom teeth pulled and was prescribed both Phenergan and Dilaudid to take prior to the procedure. When I looked it up on the internet it said the Dilaudid is a morphine and the Phenergan an antihistimine. He was also prescribed Vicodin for pain control afterwards. Being that he had a reaction to Morphine in the past (Dentist knows this) is this safe?
Pat M
  I'm a very old nurse and when we had patients who were allergic to Morphine we used Dilaudid for them. It's a synthetic form of morphine rather than being made of morphine, so I expect he won't have any reaction to it.

Like Morphine, Dilaudid is highly addictive, but it sounds as if he'll get this in a one time dose. So I wouldn't worry about that. Generally,the Phenergan is used as an antiemetic. It will prevent him from being nauseated following the anesthetic.

Best of luck to you and your boy ... I expect he'll do fine.
Could this drug I'm taking be causing my depression?
I've got depression. I haven't been diagnosed, nor do I want to tell my mum about it. It's all come out of what's happened since my start at school through to grade 11, and I'm a male, 15 years old. But I think this drug that I'm taking might be worsening it.

It's not anything big. It's just a simple antihistamine. It's called Phenergan, and the tablets are 10mg each. It's "scientific name", I guess, is Promethazine Hydrochloride. It says that the only side effect is drowsiness, which has affected me, and it supposedly contains lactose, which I'm not intolerant to.

Is this Phenergan actually making my depression worse or is the depression just all from my life experiences?
Nineteen-Twenty by Ten-Eighty Pixels :)
  Why are you taking so much Phenergan? It is typically used as an antiemetic (reducing nausea) and has been almost completely replaced as a drug to treat allergies. Although sometimes it is used for an acute allergy. No matter what I highly recommend you look into another medication.

Can it be making you worse? Yes. Is it actually making you worse? It is almost impossible to say. It may also be a combination of factors.

Phenergan is also, as the other person said, a bit more complex. Actually many of the best antiemetics are better known as antipsychotics like haloperidol. Antipsychotics are also antihistamines, actually the first antipsychotic was developed to treat allergies and it was tested on psychiatric patients and many got better. Phenergan falls within this group of drugs that are antihistamines but have many other actions that control psychosis. Phenergan is not used to treat psychosis because it is very weak and not very effective but it still retains those antiemetic properties.

My point is that despite the fact Phenergan is weak and you are on a tiny dose it still does impact some of those neurotransmitters in your brain like dopamine.

See your doctor, try a new medication and see what happens. If you feel better then it was the Phenergan. Also no drug on Earth has one side effect, although drowsiness is most common it has other side effects.

Lastly I don't know exactly why you have not told your mum about your depression but you should. Depression is not weakness or failure, and if it has gone beyond the mild depression everyone has from time to time then you need to get help.
What about neurologist and migraines?
I am a 30 yr old female who has suffered migraines for almost 10 yrs. Since the preganancy of my daughter. My mother also suffered exact migraines. She had a hysterectomy and has not had another migraine since. I have 2 Dr.s that believe my headaches are hormonel related and baromic pressure related. Please forgive my spelling. I experience a migraines atleast once or twice a week. I am familiar at the ER (where the Dr.s are great, some nurses are another story until they see me vomitting everywhere). In the past 7 yrs I have tried every thing. Triptans, things like Migranal, Cafergot, Imitrex,Topamax,Birth Control, you name it,I've tried it. I use to have to go in for shots of Demerol and Phenergan then started becoming allergic to that. Darvocet gives me rebounds, They prescribed me Tylenol with codeine but I became allergic to the codeine. They now use a medication on me, only when I visit the Dr. It's a nubain shot and phenergan. I've been on this for about 3 yrs now but only when I am seen by a Dr. I'm so lost. I can't afford to keep going to he Dr. for these shots. I had one Dr. who would have prescribed it to me with no problem but he was out of state and was a visiting Dr. who couldn't over step my Dr. He specializes in Phyciatry, so it wouldn't help to even travel to go see him. My depression worsens all the time cause the pain I am in. I am suppose to be going to a new neurologist this month but am scared to because they will probably just want me to go through everything I have already been through. I don't do drugs, I have never been addicted to prescription drugs, so I don't understand why I can't get a Dr. to prescribe me Nubain. I know it's a narcotic analgesic, however it's the best medication they have found to work for me. I do get aura' with some of my headaches but not all. I just want relief without having to travel to travel to get a shot and pay major bucks. Am I asking to much? I have a EMT who said she would have no problem giving me the shots when I needed them if I could get it prescribed. What are my chances of getting this type of medication from the neurologist? Are they slim. My first neurologist was a joke and spent the whole time talking about what hot dogs where made of and told me not to eat them, no medication no nothing. I have no triggers except weather changes and hormones. Sorry I am going on and on and ready to cry cause I don't know where to go anymore. I am getting so depressed about this again because I can't get help. 8 months ago I just got out of a hospital for depression and thought we found answers. After I was released, I was ignored. Now I am starting over. Can anyone please help me. Tired of the pain so bad.
What do I expect from a neurologist?
  Have you seen an internist? You may have a cardiovascular problem.
I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was having migraine visual aura. The doctor ordered an MRI to make sure I did not have an impending stroke. Since he put me on medicines to control those other problems the aura are mostly gone.
Wayne P
What is the difference between Codeine Sulfate, Codeine, and Hydrocodone?
I have chronic cough and muscle stiffness and pain often. I have been prescribed everything from Tylenol 3 (30mg Codeine and Tylenol) to Hydrocodone 10mg/1000mg.

I've noticed that codeine seems quite weaker than Hydrocodone. If I take 2 hydrocodones, the same feeling takes 3-4 codeine tablets to acheive the desired feeling.

Recently, someone told me I should try Codeine Sulfate (60MG), they are small white tablets and contain no Tylenol, Asprin, or Ibuprofen. If I take 2 of these, will they be more similar to Hydrocodone or the Tylenol 3's?

What is the difference between Codeine Sulfate, Codeine, and Hydrocodone?
Repkying to first answer someone left.

Tylenol 3's and 4's are the combination of codeine with acetemetophin.

Hydrocodones (Vicodin, Lortab...etc) is the combination of Hydrocodone with acetemetophin.

Vicodin 5/500 is 5mg hydrocodone/500mg acetemetohin.

Tylenol 3's are 30mg Codeine / 300mg Acetemetophin.

Hydrocodone must be a different form of codeine that is stronger. MY main question is....What is the difference between Hydrocodone and Codeine? And where does codeine sulfate fit in the mix.

I do like your answer, it just lacks the main information I need.
  I'm not familiar with codeine sulfate vs. codeine.

I know that hydrocodone is a combination of codeine plus an NSAID. I think it's acetaminophen.

Hydrocodone will be more powerful than codeine alone, because the 2 drugs combined provide a stronger effect than either would separately. You can get the same thing from taking codeine and tylenol pills separately, 10 mg and 1000mg respectively. It's the same thing.
Iori in Danger
What does fiorinal with codeine feel like?
Can someone tell me what fiorinal and codeine feels like? I usually take vicodin when I get a severe migrain because thats the only thing that works!! I cant take topamox because it makes me forget and imitrex doesnt work! I have fiorinal without the codeine and it works ok but Ive heard that fiorinal with codeine is more effective!
Kim and Jim
  Vicodin has hydrocodone in it, and codeine in th fiorinal makes them both controlled substances. The hydrodocone is a stronger narcotic, but fiorinal is the med of choice for migraines, because of the compounded drugs and their action.
deb s
How can I keep Phenergan suppository in place?
I was given it from the ER because of constant vomitting. So I am in despirate help!
SaM aDaMs
  Phenergan suppositories are some of the worst. The best thing to do is put them in the fridge (which is how they are supposed to be stored anyway. There is no secret to keeping them in. If you lay on your stomach, gravity will help.

Using a lubricant will make the medicine less effective, since it will block absorption. The suppository is made to be easily inserted (as it is made of wax). If you are having trouble, hold it in your hand to warm it a bit.
will zofran or phenergan work for a stomach bug?
does anyone know? the doc said he could write a script for either..what do you think
will it keep you form throwing up?
Does fiorinal with codeine give you the high feeling like vicodin?
I have just the regular fiorinal but am going to ask my Dr for the kind with codeine for my migrains. I know codeine is considered a narcotic but I've taken 222 pills and never felt "HIGH" does fiorinal with codeine make you high? And if not why is it a narcotic?
Kim and Jim
  Fiorinal is a barbiturate, the codeine while not exactly structurally the same as vicodin will get you "high". The barbiturate in Fiorinal is called butabutal and is in itself a narcotic.
What is the difference between Promethazine VC w/ Codeine and Promethazine w/ Codeine?
I get pneumonia frequently and they usually give me Promethazine w/ Codeine 10-6.25 for my cough. This time they prescribed Promethazine VC w/ Codeine 10-5-6.25 instead. What is the difference and what does the "VC" mean?
Fireman 1
  VC stands for the addition of a decongestant- so you have promethazine which is an antihistamine and codeine an opiod all in one. Sounds like it may work for you. Be careful with driving until you get used to their effect. It may also affect your sleep patterns.
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Does Promethazine or Codeine have any traces of cocaine in it?
Some dumbass white dude at my skool keeps trying to say Purple Drank/Purple Lean has cocaine in it. I'm tellin him that all Purple Drank is Sprite, and Promethazine/Codeine Cough Syrup. So basically the question is: does Promethazine or Codeine have any cocaine? I know Codeine is a narcotic, made from opium, so I dont think it has any cocaine in it.
  No. Cocaine is stimulant, and a completely different compound extracted from coca leaves. Codeine is an opiate, synthesized from morphine which in turn is synthesized from opium. Cocaine would definitely not be in a codeine mixture.
Vicodin or Tylenol w/Codeine?
Well, yesterday I was trying to experiment with some painkillers, i had 4 T3's every tylenol with codeine has 30 mg of codeine in it, i had theese for a back injury i had a while back. My friend is prescribed vicodin for a dental issue, he gave me 2 vicodin, and i gave him 2 T3's. Later on I started to not feel the numbing effect so he gave me 2 more vicodin. So i had 4 vicodin and 2 T3's. After my friend gave me the other 2 vicodin i felt the high come back a little, but not very much. I did feel like my brain was scattering alot. My question is which one is more effective, the vicodin or the tylenol with codeine? I've done some reaserch and apparently vicodin has 5-10 mg of codeine in it, is this all? or is there another substance in the drug that hits hard? or is it that because i started off with taking pills with 30 mg of codeine that vicodin doesnt effect me? So this is just a curious question.

yes, it's wrong to abuse drugs, i know there are no excuses, so i guess you can tell me how bad it is if you want. I'd prefer an answer though.
Erica Ramirez
  Vicodin is brand name hydrocodone/acetaminophen (tylenol). Tylenol #3 has codeine/acetaminophen. Hydrocodone and Codeine are both derivatives of opium. Vicodin contains 5-10mg of hydrocodone and Tylenol #3 has 30mg of codeine. Hydrocodone is on a mg per mg basis more potent than codeine. So it would take less hydrocodone than codeine to get the intended analgesic effect. These medications contain acetaminophen, which when used at higher dosages can be toxic to your liver. For adults, it is not recommended to use more than 4 grams (4000mg) per day.
--edit to Cindy's answer: Yes Cindy, the activity the quetioneer has posed does present some legal implications, however since codeine and hydrocodone are related in chemical structure, if the person can safely take hydrocodone, there is very little risk that codeine would cause an allergic reaction unless they were allergic to the inactive fillers or dyes in the other medication.
Two questions on medications?
The first question is for myself. Here is a list of old and new anti-psychotics. Can anyone tell me which one is the most sedating? Or, if you can't answer that, which is the most powerful?


The second question is for my brother. He is chronically addicted to Codeine. He has been for a long time. He was getting high from taking Panadeine Forte, but then he got banned from getting scripts for it. Now, all he does is take more and more over the counter products that contain Codeine. The family is very, very worried. He literally takes about 40 painkillers a day. 20 Panadine 15's (contains 15mg of codeine), and 20 Nurofen Plus (Contains 12.8mg of Codeine.) He is even drinking cough mixtures that contain Codeine. We are all scared to death that either his kidneys are going to blow or his mind is going to blow. If this keeps on going, how long does he have to live?
Ryan George
  OMG! I'm really concerned for your brother...he has to stop or he will damage his liver and he is at grave risk of dying. You need to make contact with a drug and alcohol councillor asap. Try this online counselling service: There is also a phone number on the page that you can call. He needs help immediately.
what is the difference between codeine and codeine phosphate?
robaxisal contains "codeine phosphate" while tylenol contains "codeine"
what's the difference?
  Phosphates are fertilizers so it's likely in there to make you fit & strong, A degree of responsibility is always essential with phosphates as they are an active constituent in bomb making & it is therefore important to keep them away from children & Muslims

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