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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 020958/001.

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"PEPCID COMPLETE" is the commercial name of a drug composed of CALCIUM CARBONATE and FAMOTIDINE and MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE.

Answered questions

Is Tums Dual Action, Esentially the Same as Pepcid Complete?
K, Obviously, the Only Thing New is the Name. Asked by Theda Dublin 6 months ago.

Tums Dual Action Answered by Sung Bobian 6 months ago.

I think so. Both have an antacid and an acid secretion reducer, like ranitadine or such. These drugs are moderately effective, but have various drawbacks. A male on these drugs for any serious period of time can suffer erectile disfunction, and females can experience trouble with water consumption, electrolytes, and water retention. You also need, both sexes, to worry about liver and kidney function. These are serious matters, only to be overlooked if MAJOR pain and esophageal problems from stomach acid are present. Otherwise, it's not worth it. Prilosec and Nexium are slightly better but still have these drawbacks. EDIT: These are from a LONG TERM point of view - if you're just taking it for a one-shot upset stomach reliever, no problem. Answered by Renata Andreula 6 months ago.

Yes. Tums is very light in its effectiveness and the active ingredients should not cause any problems. Congratulations on the baby! Answered by Kanisha Marrapodi 6 months ago.

Pepcid Complete for dogs?
I have heard it is ok to give a dog Pepcid AC for upset stomach, but does anyone know if it's ok to used Pepcid Complete. I gave some to my dog the other day but he threw it right up. Not sure if he threw up from the medicine or just from being sick. Asked by Lauryn Frese 6 months ago.

Active Ingredients Famotidine 10 mg-which is the drug name for Pepcid is fine! However the other ingredients listed Calcium carbonate 800 mg Magnesium hydroxide 165 mg (in each chewable tablet) are not something to be messing with. Especially if your dog has any kidney issues, and the Calcium carbonate if mixed with asprin can cause other medical issues. Inactive Ingredients Cellulose acetate, corn starch, dextrates, flavors, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hypromellose, lactose, magnesium stearate, pregelatinized starch, red iron dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, sugar.I wouldn't want any of these other ingredients in my dog either. So please ONLY use Pepcid-A/C at a dose of 10mg per 40lbs. It is also important to note that you should not use this as an one time thing. Give AM and PM for 3-5 days, then PM for 3-5 days, then every other day for 6-10 days. As always check with your vet! Answered by Yajaira Tohonnie 6 months ago.

Pepcid Ac Complete Answered by Don Penagos 6 months ago.

Pepcid Complete Ingredients Answered by Dorie Windholz 6 months ago.

You should never give your dog human medicine without a Vet telling you to do so. They metabolize medicines differently than we do and you could do some serious damage without meaning to. Answered by Gracia Bazemore 6 months ago.

Well, I suppose it's okay to give your dog Pepcid Complete, if you want it to explode! Answered by Lottie Saulsbury 6 months ago.

Don't give any medications to your dog without first checking with your vet. The vet can tell you if the medication is safe and the correct dosage. Answered by Marjorie Negri 6 months ago.

Yes, the AC is okay. I checked with my vet and have given it to my dog before. Just make sure of the proper dosage. Answered by Tracy Lieu 6 months ago.

Can you take pepcid complete with amoxicillin?
Asked by Penni People 6 months ago.

yes. edit: amoxicillin restricts the production & bonding of peptidoglycan molecules which are only found naturally in the cell walls of bacteria. If you have a little extra in your body from the inhibition of acids & enzymes from the pepcid it really wont harm you at all, only the bacteria. Your stomach acids & enzymes DO help fight bacteria though, so supressing those (with the pepcid) might have a slightly negative effect, but the antibiotics should take care of that. Just make sure you use up your entire prescription (and take it on time), even if you're feeling better. Answered by Randal Savory 6 months ago.

Yes. There are Antibiotics that can't be taken with antacids, but they mean more along the lines of tums and maalox. The antacids bind the antibiotic and keeps it from being absorbed by the body. Answered by Michelina Pithan 6 months ago.

I Saw an Ad for Tums "Dual Action", the Other Day, Could the Equivalent of "Pepcid Complete" Be Made With -?
Byte Me, Famotidine, I Looked it Up, to Make Sure. Asked by Bunny Mabra 6 months ago.

Yes, it certainly could. But Prilosec (omeprazole) is more of a maintenance, a long-term-type drug treatment ("proton pump inhibitor"), while Pepcid Complete is aimed at short-term (the antacid) and medium-term problems (the acid reducer - is it ranitadine?) Omeprazole, while good for long-term acid erosion prevention, is pretty useless for _immediate_ pain because you have to be taking it for awhile, and build some up in your system, for it to work. So my answer is, yes it could be done (and you wouldn't even need the enteric coating), but it doesn't make sense to try. (EDIT: just researched it a little further - you're right - coating WOULD be needed) Antacids are used for immediate problems, "acid reducers" for the medium-term, and Prilosec or its cousin Nexium for long-term. By the way, even slight weight losses have been shown to be dramatically effective in reducing GERD. When I got skinny I was able to cut my antacid and acid reducer use to almost nothing. EDIT: No, I haven't. This is the slow period of the year in my work and I'm short on $, and have no medical insurance. We're probably looking at another year or so. They found the Barrett's about a year-and-a-half ago. If it became cancer in the meantime, I'll just have to die. That's life under capitalism. Answered by Andy Vassar 6 months ago.

Once I was driving with this girl in broad daylight in a lot of traffic who said the same thing, and then took her shirt off, and there was nothing underneath! But she was just as stunned as I was, coz she had forgotten that she'd taken her bikini top off a bit earlier. She screamed and got her shirt back on immediately and then we both had a laugh! Answered by Velva Crantz 6 months ago.

Will pepcid complete help stop Nausea?
My mom bought it for me and I'm just wondering if it would work? Asked by Chester Pratcher 6 months ago.

Pepcid is to help stop the burning of over-acidity. It might help with some nausea but it's main function is stomach acidity. Answered by Kayce Capra 6 months ago.

Pepcid For Nausea Answered by Juana Sarafin 6 months ago.

This Site Might Help You. RE: Will pepcid complete help stop Nausea? My mom bought it for me and I'm just wondering if it would work? Answered by Tod Proveaux 6 months ago.

Drink lots of chamomile tea- it calms the stomach and stops muscle spasms, which will cause your stomach to feel better. Also try peppermint tea for the naseua and diarrhea as well. Eat some ginger or make some rice cooked with ginger in it. That way you don't have to eat the ginger but you'll still get the benefits of it. Also try apple cider vinegar. 2 teaspoons in water three times a day. All of these things should help to calm your stomach, and the ACV actually has healing properties so that should help promote healing. Other than that sleep as much as you can, rest, try putting a hot pack on your stomach or sitting in spa or hot bath, and relax as much as possible. Feel better! Answered by Judith Emmi 6 months ago.

I agree with Alice Answered by Alyssa Asman 6 months ago.

Can Pepcid Complete be taken in conjunction with Pepto-Bismol?
I was told Pepcid Complete can be taken in conjunction with Pepto-Bismol to help any upset stomach or acid reflux symptoms. Is this true? Asked by Mitsuko Maycumber 6 months ago.

Yeah you can take both Pepcid AC and Pepto-Bismol at the same time. They don't conflict with eachother at all because of their active ingredients, so it's fine to have both in your system. Answered by Landon Kisto 6 months ago.

I wouldn't take pepto but call your doctor. I had horrible ALL the time sickness and my doctor gave me a prescription for the nausea and it works very well. Good Luck to you and Congrats!! Answered by Roselia Lasik 6 months ago.

Yeah, both have very mild ingredients. i would still follow the label on both, but yeah you should be ok with taking both. if you have acid reflux, see a doctor. He might prescribe something. Otherwise take Prilosec OTC or the generic equal. At CVS we have the same thing only about 10$ cheaper. (CVS Brand). Answered by Quinn Khay 6 months ago.

What happened to pepcid complete chewables?
now i cant even get the store brand The shelves are empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!... Asked by Renetta Vellucci 6 months ago.

I have heard that there will be lack of regular pepcid(Famotidine) too. I have already ordered 6 months supply of pepcid not to run out of them. Answered by Michaele Berthelsen 6 months ago.

I wrote the manufacturer - Johnson & Johnson ([email protected]). They won't respond in writing, but tell you to call 800-962-5357. I did so. They had problems with their subcontractor of all Pepcid products and are searching for a new subcontractor. As of today, 12/17/2010, they have not yet found one. This product will definitely not be available until February at the earliest. Answered by Ji Lozinski 6 months ago.

Don't know. My boyfriend is looking for them too. Answered by Sheena Klages 6 months ago.

Why do we not have any Pepcid Complete at any stores anymore?
Asked by Chandra Klein 6 months ago.

Pepcid Complete Walmart Answered by Albert Wiebusch 6 months ago.

I can't find pepcid complete in So. Cal. stores anymore either. Don't know why. I have noticed that Target and Walmart are selling their own 'pepcid complete' tablets now, though. Answered by Altha Buzzard 6 months ago.

I don't know what" Pepcid Complete" is however I buy the generic of pepcid. Very very inexpensive at Sams Club. Probably the local drug store too. The drug is called Famotidine, 20mg pills. Periodically I will take two (40mg) if really bad heart burn which is normally the prescription dosage , the drugist told me. Ask the drugist where it is on the shelf. Burp ! oops :-) :-) Answered by Pat Oppenheimer 6 months ago.

Why does heartburn sometimes come back 1-2 hours after taking an antacid?
FYI - Neither my wife nor I get heartburn that often - maybe once or twice a month at most, but a little more often during the holidays. Prescription meds (Nexium, etc.) are usually for people getting heartburn 2-3 times a week, so we are nowhere near that level. Asked by Versie Paxman 6 months ago.

There's a new commercial on TV for Pepcid Complete, featuring two guys. One guy takes Pepcid for his heartburn, and it goes away for good. The other guy takes Tums or Rolaids, and he keeps having to take more tablets every few hours because his heartburn keeps coming back. My wife and I usually use Mylanta Supreme liquid when either of us get heartburn. It's not the strongest antacid, but it tastes good and doesn't have any chemicals like aluminum or magnesium. Sometimes, the heartburn goes away for good after one dose. Other times, it will come back an hour or two later - just like in the Pepcid commercial. Does anyone know why heartburn sometimes comes back, even after taking medicine? Any tips on how to keep it from coming back (besides using a stronger medicine)? Answered by Kari Diloreto 6 months ago.

Pepcid complete is actually a two medicine thing. The first is an antacid that neutralizes acid in the stomach immediately and the second actually shuts off the production of acid. Your heartburn isn't really returning, your stomach is still producing acid, there is just no more antacid to neutralize it. So its not really stronger, but a different type of medication performing a different task. If you have heartburn this bad you really should consider trying pepsid or Prilosec. Don't eat such big meals. Answered by Adelaida Uppencamp 6 months ago.

First off make sure your doctor knows about this, it could be the start of something serious. Prilosec OTC is a great product. You take it once a day and works good. antacid tablets and liquids are not always good to take. Make sure also you don't lie down right after you have eaten a meal. If you wake up during the night with it, try elevating your head and upper back. Again.. if you have heartburn often make sure you talk to a doctor about this. Answered by Audra Meshanko 6 months ago.

Your job has to accommodate your pregnancy and your DR request to either put you in an easier position or give you less hours. There are laws about this. I would have your DR write up something for your work stating that until you deliver that you can not do any job that involves excessive amounts of standing or lifting or whatever it is you do that is causing you such a great deal of pain. I also do not know how long you've had your current job, but if you've worked for over 12 months at this job then you qualify for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) where due to issues with your pregnancy you can leave work and still be paid for an appropriate amount of time. Maybe that is something you should look into. I do not know how far along you are either.. Excessive swelling can sometimes be something to worry about so I would keep pressuring your DR to make sure everything is ok and baby is ok. Try not to stress out and try to rest as much as possible. I hope that some of my advice is helpful to you.. Answered by Elenor Barbar 6 months ago.

You should know that using any ant-acid product is harder on your system than those selling these products want you to know. Take an honest and thorough evaluation of your diet, the size of the portions you eat and the way it is eaten, in addition to what is being eaten. I've suffered with this same ordeal until I became so tired of dealing with it, I went through the process myself. Within two days I was rid of the constant heartburn. Eating healthy takes into consideration many different aspects of how we consume the foods we need to support a healthy lifestyle. Answered by Dulcie Tiro 6 months ago.

Is it ok to take pepcid complete during pregnancy? i'm 30 weeks pregnant and have HORRIBLE heartburn?
tums dont help me anymore unfortunately. i've called my dr about so many other things and they are probably tired of hearing from me lol. i have a dr appt in a few days so i'll ask them then. thanks everyone Asked by Clinton Ottey 6 months ago.

Absolutely, it's prescribed all the time after the first trimester. Ask your MD; it's much cheaper to fill a prescription for this if you have insurance. Also, Pepcid works fairly well, but Prilosec is available over the counter as well and works by a different mechanism. It's also very safe and generally considered much more effective. Hope that helps; I know how bad acid reflux can be! Answered by Timothy Phomphithak 6 months ago.

Pepcid Pregnancy Answered by Thora Racedo 6 months ago.

Pepcid Complete Answered by Marcelina Kneisley 6 months ago.

This Site Might Help You. RE: is it ok to take pepcid complete during pregnancy? i'm 30 weeks pregnant and have HORRIBLE heartburn? Answered by Rolf Montierth 6 months ago.

My doctor told me I could take Pepcid AC. Eventually the heartburn got too bad and she gave me a prescription for "Protonix". Good luck! Answered by Julian Boxx 6 months ago.

you should be asking your OB this question ALL doctorsz have a list of drugs they are ok with for their patients... plus the doctor knows YOUR medical background so they can decide what is best for YOU... that said my OB wanted me to stick with tums as much as possible... towards the end of my pregnancy i was allowed pepcid but that is only because tums did nothing Answered by Lulu Bransom 6 months ago.

As with everything else, ask your doctor before you take anything. Most doctors agree that Tums, Rolaids, and Mylanta are perfectly fine to take, but others have risks or haven't been studied enough to know for sure if they are safe or not. But, just to be safe, call your doctor. Answered by Eveline Comish 6 months ago.

Mine told me no under any circumstances...tums only or drink a little bit of water with a teaspoon of baking soda...tastes awful but it worked when tums woudln't touch it! Answered by Benny Kashuba 6 months ago.

Call your doctors office and ask the nurse to be sure but my doctor said i can take anything over the counter for heartburn, so yeah, you can. Answered by Irwin Polosky 6 months ago.


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