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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 011679/001.

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"PENTOTHAL" is the commercial name of a drug composed of THIOPENTAL SODIUM.


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How true is Sodium pentothal also known as TRUTH SERUM.?
Does it exist? And does it work Asked by Dorine Bellah 2 years ago.

Pentothal is a trade name for sodium thiopental (or sodium thiopentone), formerly much in use by anaesthetists to induce anaesthesia. It is much less used nowadays, because there are other drugs from which one wakes up more quickly. So yes, it exists. Does it work as a "truth serum"? The idea is that giving it in small doses makes one sleepy, and in a sleepy state one finds it more difficult to tell lies. It is very doubtful that this is a reliable method of arriving at the truth, so no. To complete the story, it is also used as a component of lethal injections, though I believe the manufacturers are trying to avoid selling it for this purpose. Answered by Gretchen Chi 2 years ago.

It's true that it is KNOWN as "truth serum" but not true that it actually works as one. It may lower inhibitions, like alcohol does, but there's no guarantee that anything said is in any way truthful. Sodium pentothal is an ultra-short acting barbiturate that we used to use to induce general anesthesia. It's near impossible to buy in the US now, having been replaced by propofol, which is a far superior drug. I'm not sure if they've stopped making it, or if it's just in short supply. Does it work? Works great as an anesthetic. Does not work for truth-telling purposes. Also, it's intravenous only, and dangerous because a little too much makes breathing stop. Answered by Amy Phoun 2 years ago.

I'm sure it exists. But I would t think it would work. You'd probably kill whoever drank it. Answered by Shaina Silguero 2 years ago.

How much do pentothal (3-5grams), Pavulon (100milligrams), and Potassium chloride (100milliequivalents) cost?
Yes, I know that they are used for lethal injections in the U.S., but I need to know how much they would cost so that I could tell people how much their life is worth. No hater comments please! If you don't think it's funny, you can leave. All answers are appreciated. Thank you. Asked by Latrisha Ambroz 2 years ago.

That's a lot of Pentothal. It's about $5 for 500mg, so 6-10 times that would be $30-50. Pancuronium (generic for Pavlon) is cheap - maybe $2? Potassium is cheap, too. They usually come in 20 mEq vials, so I'd say about $5 total for that. When you take it to the checkout, you'll have to pay in the neighborhood of $40-60 for the lot. You know that the cost of the drugs does not have ANYTHING to do with the worth of anyone's life, even a murderer's. It's a ridiculous concept. Answered by Wanetta Merker 2 years ago.

Don't forget to add in the cost of the IV, the IV tubing, the saline flushes, and the pay for the person who's placing the IV and pushing the drugs (unless he or she is doing this pro bono). Alternatively, since a properly wielded razor blade to the throat would kill someone, you could argue that the value of a person's life is no more than the price of the razor blade... Answered by Jasmine Egert 2 years ago.

They are not only used in lethal injection. They are used theraputically in smaller doses. I have an rx for micro k which is potassium in 20meqs for 200 pills that cost 3$ with my insurance. Answered by Hulda Mcgarrity 2 years ago.

Realistically, since you can't get these drugs, why does it matter what they cost? Why is it your job to tell other people what their lives are worth? If it was really your job to pass on this information, would you not have access to it? You could conceivably contact the manufacturers. Answered by Cami Birt 2 years ago.

Why use sodium pentothal instead of propofol?
I received ECT a few months ago, and each time they used pentothal for the induction of anaesthesia, followed by succinylcholine for a muscle relaxant. I'm curious why they would use this instead of propofol - I thought it was the standard now, having mostly replaced pentothal. Asked by Josiah Kunshier 2 years ago.

We don't use pentothal, we use Brevital (methohexital). It lowers the seizure threshold, so the ECT works. Propofol and pentothal raise the seizure threshold. We actually use pentothal to STOP seizures. Answered by Diana Mallis 2 years ago.

Propofol "is the most commonly used parenteral anesthetic in the United States". From the little that I have just read about the two drugs I can point out a few reasons why a doctor would prefer sodium thiopental(Pentothal) over propofol, besides the doctor's previous experience: Propofol, being not water soluble, is made into an emulsion with the aid of egg protein. although the literature states that anaphylactoid reactions are about the same as thiopental I find that hard to believe. Propofol emulsions also promote bacterial growth, you can see why, and this has resulted in "serious patient infections". Thiopental also has a proven protection for the brain from cerebral ischemia where propofol does not. Propopol causes pain on injection, whereas thiopental does not. Propofol does have ant-nausea effects, thiopental does not, and causes less bronkospasm than thiopental (I don't believe this). I suspect that the statistics do not reflect repeated dosing from several surgeries. Given egg phosphatide (in Propofol) over and over by IV seems to me would make allergic reactions become more likely. Answered by Nell Wragge 2 years ago.

Please find out how your doc got pentothal into the USA. We do not make it any more and other countries refuse to send it to the USA because we use it for executions. Answered by Willie Handelman 2 years ago.

Can you Counteract drugs like Sodium Pentothal or Propofol.?
unforualty that would not work becuase nether of those drugs are opiats. But that did get me on a track that maybe i can switch the drug to an opiat. Asked by Jonathon Defibaugh 2 years ago.

I'd imagine that Narcan would be able to. It's what they give people who've overdosed on benzo's...I had surgery last year and between coming out of surgery and the pain meds afterwards, I stopped breathing, and so the paramedics used it on me. Side note: I found this online...I highly HIGHLY doubt anyone would be using prop or sodium pentothal in a tranquilizer dart, so it is in no way a realistic portrayal...Valium would be better for a traq, and benzo would really. Marc E. Koch, MD, MBA, an anesthesiologist and President and Chief Executive Officer of Somnia, Inc., New Rochelle, N.Y., testified about the administration of propofol before the FDA: "Because there are no antagonistic agents for this anesthetic [propofol], it is crucial that a formally educated and trained anesthesia provider, with primary and sole responsibility for advanced airway and resuscitative support, be responsible for its administration." The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), in response to written questions from Anesthesiology News, stated, "Propofol is a powerful anesthetic agent that can produce unpredictable levels of sedation along the continuum from sedation to general anesthesia. There are no drugs that can quickly reverse the effects of propofol." Answered by Lakenya Astrella 2 years ago.

Don't know about sodium pentothal but Propofol has a very short half life so it would wear off pretty quickly (within several minutes). Answered by Charmain Shelite 2 years ago.

How much Na pentothal should inject to make patient unconscious for 3 hour surgery without gas anesthesia.?
weight 92kg, male Asked by Pearlene Anderlik 2 years ago.

Check the other answer I gave to the same question. Short answer: We don't use pentothal like that, and we don't use gasoline. The "gas" is one of several halogenated ethers. Also, every anesthetic is tailored to the particular patient and procedure. It's more complicated than it looks. Answered by Beckie Kaupu 2 years ago.

For a initiate you would be applying the incorrect drug. i won't understand why a junior clinical student might ask certainly one of those question as they might have get entry to to all that counsel interior the clinical college they are reading. Who might use gas for anaesthetics. Answered by Aron Berhow 2 years ago.

depends on the patients age, sex and weight Answered by Brigid Fulgham 2 years ago.

Can a hydrophobic drug like Thiopental ( sodium pentothal) able to cross the Blood Brain Barrier?
and have a rapid effect on the body? Asked by Carmine Kivisto 2 years ago.

Yes. Obviously sodium pentothal passes the BBB. If it did not, it would not have any effect on the brain, which i clearly does. Answered by Martin Zugg 2 years ago.

Can someone be trained to withstand pentothal?
On 'Chuck' this week, Sarah indicated she was trained to withstand pentothal. Is this even possible? Asked by Edward Cazeau 2 years ago.

No. What may be possible is that someone could develop what is called tolerance to a drug such as sodium pentothal. This happens after repeated usage of an addictive drug, such that after many exposures to the drug, it requires more and more of the drug to give you the same effect. Answered by Missy Zeolla 2 years ago.

Sodium pentothal WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR?
THAT WAS THE RIGHT ANSWER THANKS Asked by Aurelia Longton 2 years ago.

This is a question, how? BTW, Pentothal is not a truth serum, any more than alcohol is. We used to use it in anesthesia, until we got something better. Answered by Trudy Miska 2 years ago.


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