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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 103964/001.

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"PEGASYS" is the commercial name of a drug composed of PEGINTERFERON ALFA-2A.
It belongs to the class Hepatitis B and hepatitis C treatments and is used in Viral infections (Infections and Infestations)

Answered questions

Where i can buy Pegasys and what is the price?
pegasys is a medicine from Roche.i need to buy this for hepatiis.i am from europe,and here to buy is very expensive.maybe i can buy this online directly from usa? Asked by Shemeka Angst 6 months ago.

Pegasys is being used to treat Hep B as well as Hep c. It is a mild form of chemotherapy and does have some side effects that can be managed. You MUST be followed by a specialist, such as a gastroenterologist or infectious disease doctor because your bloodwork must be monitored closely to see how your body is tolerating the drugs. Roche pharmaceuticals does have a patient assistance program that goes by your income. However, I don't know if you can access that outside of the US. This medication and the disease must be monitored by doctors who are experienced in dealing with HBV & HDV. Best wishes to you. Answered by Adriane Gozman 6 months ago.

never heard of this name but the only true(not fake) medications you can buy from the USA has to have a doctors prescription unless you are talking about a herbal remedy. then you could google holistic medications in the USA. Answered by Duncan Knoth 6 months ago.

Pegasys Price Answered by Josephine Tolle 6 months ago.

If you are in the u.k then go to the GP (its free to register) and ask for a prescription (you ll get it for free ! ) All meds in uk need prescription from doctor. Go to a GUM clinique ( ask 118500 for the one near you) Answered by Josefine Issac 6 months ago.

Which better pegasys or peg intron ?
Asked by Rolanda Slifer 6 months ago.

Usually your doctor decides which to prescribe. However, if given a choice I would choose pegasys. It stays in your system one day longer than peg intron. The advantage is that less time without the medication means that you may feel worse when you take the next dose. So having pegasys in your system the extra day means that you may not have that particular problem. I have had HCV for several years and had attended many lectures on several medications, and I have taken a variety of them. Even the old Intron A and Intron B - yuck, talk about side effects. Those make pegasys seem like taking an tylenol. Good luck, if you can find a support group to attend while you are taking any medication and afterwards. I know that there are other illnesses that pegasys and peg intron are prescribed for other that HCV, but the meds effect you emotionally as well as physically. Take care Answered by Claretta Ungar 6 months ago.

Off label uses of Pegasys medication?
School project. I cant find this information and im sure a few of you know so please answer! :)) Asked by Lera Scritchfield 6 months ago.

Technically, the only indication for a drug is the approved indication (that is, the indication under study when it was approved by the FDA in the US and EMEA in the EU). Pegasys is pegylated interferon, alpha 2a, and is only approved for use in Hepatitis C therapy. Interferons work by inactivating certain cell receptors, mostly those involved with cytokines) which in turn inhibit certain specific protein syntheses and encourage apoptosis (cell death). They also can activate certain major histocompatability complexes and thereby prime the immune system. Some interferons are used in cancer adjuvant therapy with chemotherapeutic agents. Administered intranasally in very low doses, interferon is extensively used in Eastern Europe and Russia as a method to prevent and treat viral respiratory diseases such as cold and flu. However, mechanisms of such action of interferon are not well understood; it is thought that doses must be larger by several orders of magnitude to have any effect on the virus. Consequently, most Western scientists are skeptical of any claims of good efficacy. This could be considered an example of an off-label use. It has also been used in some off-label combination therapies for dermatologic conditions such as atypical nevi. Pegasys is not used alone, but in combination with other therapeutic agents. Answered by Melodie Zlaten 6 months ago.

you can check AHFS, facts and comparisons, or lexicomp if you have access to them. Answered by Yen Blok 6 months ago.

Has anyone in here gone through the Hepatitis C treatment {Pegasys & Rebetol}? Please share experiences.?
I'm genotype 3a; my HCV PCR quantitative came back at 378,000 two weeks ago. Asked by Don Ziadie 6 months ago.

I'd like to know about how you felt, if you completed treatment and, if so, was the virus eradicated. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C infection {genotype 3} in 2003 but have been postponing treatment. I've heard horror stories about the side effects of treatment. The vast majority of those whom I've asked stopped the treatment due to the side effects. A few ones completed it but were not cured {they are all genotype 1}. Any honest answers will be welcome. Answered by Trinity Sensmeier 6 months ago.

I did the Pegasys & Rebetol treatment in 2003 - fortunately for you, you only have to do the 24 week tx, I had to do the 48 (I was genotype 1b). It wasn't bad like you read in most people's stories. Do what Stephanie said about drinking lots of water and get an antidepressant. Also I would like to add that you make an effort to get into shape by walking or running a mile a day before starting treatment and keep the exercise going as long as you can while on treatment. I did this and hardly had any of the side effects mentioned by many people on the treatment. Still clear of the virus five years later. You should do fine... Answered by Ping Benzing 6 months ago.

Those horror stories are very few and far and inbetween...usually when one has a horrible time on treatment, they ususally have other diseases either brought on by decades of infection with hcv or have other diseases that contradict treatment. Prescreening for possible issues that are contradicted are usually tested for prior to treatment. You don't feel great on treatment at all times, but you dont feel horrible either....The worse are flu like symptoms between 5 and 48 hours after injection....this is why you do your injection when you have a few days off for resting. Things that will get you through treatment? Staying positive, join support groups, online or in person....learn what you can about hcv and it's treatment. Drink LOTS of water, take an antidepressant and anti anxiety ie, like zoloft and when you can and take it easy. I did 48 weeks 7 years ago and it was the BEST thing that happened since I was very young!!! I now go and go and go.....I no longer have depression- years of antidepressants.... Treatment is's not of luck!!! Answered by Alfred Loeven 6 months ago.

Long Term Effects from Pegasys & Victrellis?
Have you or anyone that you have known with Hep C taken the new treatments Pegasys & Victrellis and experienced horrid muscular pain in their hands/arms or legs? If so, do you know of an alternative to treating this pain after treatment has been stopped? Asked by Solange Antosh 6 months ago.

I suspect that Pegasys depletes the body of magnesium. One might try to supplement with magnesium, any kind although Oxide isn't as well absorbed as other forms. The book The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Caroline Dean explains how critical magnesium is to nearly every body function especially muscular ones. Answered by Thersa Stallones 6 months ago.

Safe for baby One month after Pegasys treatment?
Is it safe to have a baby 1 month after pegasys treatment? I was on pegasys treatment for 6 months. Doctor advised to stop med 10 weeks ago and now found myself 6-8 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to have the baby? Any teratogenic effect? Asked by Iola Kunicki 6 months ago.

the medication for hepatitis c is not out of your system yet. it takes a good 6 months or more as everyone proccesses medication differently. i'm sorry to have to tell you this, but this child your carrying might be deformed or have other serious health challanges-if not fetal death. pegasys treatment consists of interferon and ribavirin in normal circumstances. ribavirin can cause birth defects. both drugs are considered a form of antiviral chemotherapy. ribavirin causes RNA mutagen's amantadine causes Matrix protein / haemagglutinin interferon causes cell defense proteins activation the combination with any interferon can cause fetal death as the worst conciquence and fetal malformities and learning disabilites as the less serious side effects. i would contact your doctors (obgyn) and your liver doctor to know about the side effects on your unborn child, that way you can weight the pros and cons and decide what you should do and where to go from here. good luck and god bless Answered by Derick Shoaff 6 months ago.

If there are any body considering hep=c TX. I recommend pegasys it has less side effects.I,ve tried both .?
Asked by Theda Wosher 6 months ago.

well i have done interferon alone/ and the interferon with ribavirin(same as pegasys- i think) both sucked flu like side effects thru me in depression(never b4 was suffering from this)AND both had no effect on my viral counts whatsoever...hope u had positive results-ALSO i do not recommend the soothing effect of marijauna to help ease side effects as i now learn that it reduces the positive effects of the while it helps u get thru it in the long run it isnt bad medicinal marijauna i "hear" can be helpful in ohter illness ....who cares if u didnt ask a question....long live your liver my friend Answered by Vina Koren 6 months ago.

This is a statement not a question. Answered by Son Balcom 6 months ago.

Does pegasys cause low pulse rate?
I had a heart attact in feb 07 and now I'm taking pegsays injections for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Asked by Thu Agular 6 months ago.

If you have a slow heart rate on pegasys, you need to notify your doctor immediately! If it is unusually slow, it is indicative of a serious side effect. Your doctor can determine if it is too much of a change by comparing your present heart rate to what it was before you started the medication. Please call your doctor first thing in the morning. Answered by Estrella Rekus 6 months ago.

thats pretty bad, maybe ur under alot of stress? Answered by Chester Rosenkrans 6 months ago.

Is there anyone out there who has Hep C with a Genotype 1a and has taken the Peg-intron/Pegasys treatment?
I have taken Interferon only twice before within the last 18 years and I am a non-responder Asked by Evette Schrecongost 6 months ago.

Yes, I actually had genotype 1b, and did the 48 week tx on Pegasys...what would like to know. It worked for me. Answered by Breanna Valdivia 6 months ago.

Infergen use after Pegasys failure (rebound breakthrough)?
I've been on Pegasys for 10 months. Last week i can back as detectable after 6 months of being undetectable. I asked my NP if I could switch to infergen and she said okay cuz I'm pushing her into letting me do this. What do you think? DO you think the infergen will work? Also do you think that my medicare... Asked by Gisele Hermanson 6 months ago.

I've been on Pegasys for 10 months. Last week i can back as detectable after 6 months of being undetectable. I asked my NP if I could switch to infergen and she said okay cuz I'm pushing her into letting me do this. What do you think? DO you think the infergen will work? Also do you think that my medicare part D will switch me over to the Infergen after being on the pegasys for a year? Just any thoughts about this would be appreicated. Answered by Jenni Aschenbach 6 months ago.

first id have another viral load test to make sure of the result - infergen has been successful in retreatment - however there new treatment therapies due out spring - summer next year - they have proven more effective than infergen - you will probably have to wait 6 months to retreat anyhow - id recommend waiting for the telaprevir or boceprevir Answered by Iola Jaconski 6 months ago.


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