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orphenadrine citrate 100mg (norflex) versus orphenadrine comp tablet san (norgesic)?
What is the difference or is there really any? i was taking the 100mg tabs twice daily now im getting ready to go see a neurologist and the dr changed me to the orphenadrine comp tablet san - and i take them 3 to 4 times a day - starting today - should i expect any difference in how i will react to the meds>

I was trying to compare them on web sites and i pulled up one page that said manufacturer has stopped making them? are they less safe than the orphen citrate -
  The difference is the ingredients: Norflex is indicated for muscloskeletal pain and only contains orphenadrine. Norgesic has that plus aspirin and caffeine. Unless you can't tolerate either of the extra ingredients, you should be fine. Apparently norgesic is discontinued but I'm not sure why. However, if the neurologist made the change and is aware if the situation, it should be OK.
Is Aspirin water soluble?
What I'm wondering is if you can take the product, Excedrin and CWE (Cold water extract) The caffeine out of the Aspirin and Acetaminophen mix. Leaving only the caffeine.
Thanks much appreciated.
X. marK.
  No. You can't. If you only want the caffeine, buy caffeine pills. If you don't want the caffeine, buy a pain reliever that has no caffeine.
Caffeine hype?
Since the first of the year I have dramatically cut my caffeine intake....I drink very little soda (just a couple times a week) and maybe a glass of tea at night. So my question is I just took some excedrin ( aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine) for a headache about a hour ago and now my heart is racing and I feel a little shaky. I have taken this medicine on several occasions so I know I am not allergic to it or anything. So I was wondering if maybe the caffeine has made me feel this way. I havent had any caffeine all day just water, so maybe the caffeine in the medicine is making me feel funny. Tell me what yall think. Serious answers only please!
  From your information I would say it definitely sounds like it may very well be the caffeine.If you don't feel better in a few hours check it out then. The symptoms you describe don't sound blood pressure related or anything of a serious nature.
Cindy M
what is norflex orphenadrine citrate?
what happens if you take more than the recommended dosage? one of my friends decided to take it to get some sort of high and im just wondering if anything will happen.
  Well Norflex is a muscle relaxant that also works as a pain killer. It is an opioid that will give the side effects of over dosing or mis dosing a strong pain killer. Like any medication, I would make your friend stop abusing them to get a high becuase there is always a chance of addiction.
Will I be able to extract caffeine from excedrin?
Can it be done using a cold water extraction method? I would like to discard the acetaminophen and aspirin, leaving only caffeine. Tips?
  Here's a tip for you: just buy some NoDoz. It's a lot cheaper than extracting it from mild pain relievers.
can cummadin and orphenadrine citrate 100mg andnaproxen andaciphex rabeprazole sodium cause limp dick?
i have been usig the acid flex drug for three days and now im on mussle relaxer drugs
Johann B
  Those medications should not be causing that, none of them have effects on erection, the coumadin works on blood clotting, the orphenadrine relaxes skeletal muscle(none of that in your penis), naproxen is an antiinflammatory, and aciphex only works in your stomach, so i dont think its related
What is a good prescription muscle relaxer?
I am taking Norflex (orphenadrine citrate) 100mg twice a day right now and it is helping a little but I am wondering what would be bit stronger and wouldn't knock me on my @ss. It should be specifically for targeting my neck muscles.
  Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) works well.
Lisa R
if someone takes this pill what would happen?
its called Norgesic(is it a muscle relaxant?)
it contains :

orphenadrine citrate BP 35 MG
paracetamol BP 450 MG

lets just say someone takes a few..what would happen?
Janice Warrier
  a few... they'd be very relaxed to the point of sleeping
Johnny G.
Is orphenadrine going to make me euphoric and loopy?
My physician prescribed orphenadrine (aka Norflex) to help with some back and leg pain. He said I should take it as I need it, but I am nervous to take it at all. The side effects are described as making people euphoric, lightheaded, dizzy, and nauseated.

I live alone so I am always nervous when I get into more serious medications like this. What should I expect?
Dan Parmelee
Can Celebrex and Pormus be taken together? Pormus - Paracetamol 500mg, Orphenadrine Citrate 35mg?
My dad sprained his back muscle few years back and has been experiencing extreme back pain on and off occasions. He has been prescribed Celebrex. A friend recommended Pormus to take together, for a period of 1 month, thrice a day.
Caffeine a miracle drug? (Did it help my problems)?
Recently I've been depressed, had insomnia, and am failing in school. But last night it took me about 4 hours to fall asleep. This left me with 3 hours of sleep until school. So this morning I decided to take an Excedrin pill since it contains 65mg of caffeine.

During school when I'm normally sluggish, bored, irritated, etc. Today I was active, alert, payed attention, and actually enjoyed doing my school work.

Another odd thing was that it reduced my anxiety tremendously. I could hold conversations easily, do things in front of people easier, etc. Not sure if that was the acetaminophen/aspirin that helped or the caffeine. (Would like some clarification on this)

Not sure if I actually do have adhd since I was never diagnosed with it but a lot of my symptoms lead to inattentiveness to an extreme extent.

Today is the best day I've had in a long, long time. If caffeine will make me feel like this everyday I think there's hope for my grades yet. Along with just better quality of life.
  Caffeine is actually a serious drug. I think it's ranked up with narcotics (vicodin, loracet, etc.). Wait, I think it's actually a form a speed. I remember hearing something like this somewhere.

While it does seem like it helped, it will harm you and your body in the long run, just like any other drug out there.

If you are depressed and an insomniac, as Psychology major, I suggest you go to a psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist, or any one who is in the Psychology profession, especially if it's affecting your schooling and grades.
Medicine interactions.?
I am taking two medicines. Meloxicam BP and Nuberol Forte (Paracetamol and Orphenadrine Citrate). These were prescribed for a mild muscular spasm in my back. Will any of these interact badly with alocohol or viagra? I ask because I have read about people taking wrong mix of medicines or taking the wrong medicines and having a drink with fatal consequences.

Thanks for your help.
Jeffrey E
  alcohol is proabbly a bad idea-

as per teh viagra---there are online interaction checkers--i'll see igf i can find one-

you could always call teh pharmacy--if you got both at the same place--they should pick up on a problem--but they have been known to miss things
What happens to your body when you withdrawal from caffeine?
I am on day two of keeping caffeine out of my diet, and I haven't had any caffeine since Sunday at 9:30, I have been through the headaches and vomiting and all that pretty much is over now just feel tired with a mild headache. My question is once the caffeine is out of my system will I still feel tired or will my body naturally adjust to not having it anymore. For example, will I feel as alert and awake as someone who has caffeine regularly?
  You will be even more alert without it in just a few days.
The Flaming Raven
What is the best way to stop caffeine without the headaches?
I have a really bad pepsi addiction. Well, more it's that I am afraid of getting a caffeine headache. The trouble is is that I also have migraines. I've tried to stop soda before, however I got caffeine headaches that most of the time turned to a full blown migraine. Which puts me out of commission. I have two toddlers, so I don't have time to be out with a migraine. Any suggestions other than caffeine pills? The caffeine pills don't seem to work and are awfully expensive when trying to compensate with them.
  to break mine...I took advil on schedule from the second I got up to bed time everyday for about two weeks. I also loaded up on ice tea and water....If you keep your stomach full of won't crave the soda... It took me about two weeks of doing but I have been soda free for about three months now... The headaches are the worst but if you can get thru the headaches your clear.
Does anyone know if they make a drug that makes you sick when you drink caffeine? I know they do for alcohol but what about caffeine?
  It's not something i've ever heard of, i can't imagine it would be so popular considering so many people live off caffine.
Face it (:
What is the difference between B vitamins and caffeine?
I've noticed that a lot of energy vitamins have B vitamins or niacin instead of caffeine. Do these give the same effect as caffeine, or am I better off buying a pack of vitamins with caffeine?
  B Vitamins are co-factors for cellular energy. That is they are essential for us to turn our food intake into ATP (our energy within the cell).

Caffeine is a CNS stimulant. It directly stimulates the nervous system and rather quickly. It has nothing to do with energy production.

Niacin is a B-vitamin, it is B-3.

Unless you are deficient in B Vitamins, they will have no effect on you. It is more hype or marketing gimmicks with the 1000+ % of B-vitamins. The effect you feel off energy supplements is the Caffeine, Sugar, and some of the other directly stimulatory CNS ingredients. It isn't the B-Vitmains.

You would be better off going with just Caffeine, but B-Vitamins are cheap to manufacture so it surely doesn't hurt you to take them in excess. Your body will excrete whatever it doesn't need in the urine.

Take care,
What is the difference between guarana caffeine and normal caffeine?
Why are we extracting caffeine from guarana and not from the coffee plant? What is better in the caffeine extracted from the guarana?
  Guarana contains a high amount of guaranine, a chemical substance with the same characteristics as caffeine. This makes Guarana a stimulant similar to coffee, which means that it:

quickens perceptions
delays sleep
helps with endurance based activities
can help to recover from a hangover
impairs the appetite
will lead to more frequent visits to the toilet
causes a higher blood pressure and an increased heart rate
can make you feel jittery and may prevent sleep at all.


Guarana is not:

a 'miracle medicine'
a dangerous drug
an easy way to lose weight
a vitamin
a food supplement
Not proven by scientific research, but some users state that:

Guarana is a 'Smart Drug'
Guarana is an aphrodisiac
their health improved thanks to guarana

Theoretically, it is possible to overdose on caffeine or guarana. The fatal dose has been estimated at 10 grams of pure caffeine / guaranine (taken at once!). Guarana seeds contain maximal 10% caffeine, so when you would swallow at least 100 grams guarana seeds at once, things start to look ugly. Our advice: don't even think about it.
To put all of this in perspective: the average cup of coffee contains 65-130 milligrams of caffeine; some very strong guarana-based syrups can contain up to 350 milligrams. Look at our caffeine chart for more info.
People with cardiac problems or a high blood pressure should avoid Guarana (and smoking or drinking coffee, for that matter) When in doubt - consult your doctor.
As with all stimulants, dependency may occur.
Are 1,250 mg of Ammonium Chloride and 570 mg of Sodium Citrate dangerous?
I usually robotrip using a certain product (whose only active ingredient is DXM) that ran out at the local store. Instead I bought another cough syrup that in each 5 mg has:
diphenydramine HCL (12.5 mg)
DXM HBR (15 mg)
pseudoephedrine hcl (30 mg)
ammonium chloride (125 mg)
sodium citrate (57 mg)
menthol (1 mg)

I'd usually take it so I'd get about 150 mg of DXM, but that means I'd get 1,250 mg of sodium citrate and 570 mg of sodium citrate, which I've never dealt with before. Would those 2 get me really sick.. and not be worth taking?
  Ammonium Chloride is used as an expectorant, and the LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of the population) is 1650mg/kg. So unless you weigh under 1.5 pounds, you should be OK with 1250 mg.

There are three "sodium citrates," but trisodium citrate is the one usually meant when using the term.
Taken orally, it's used as an antacid. It is also used as tart-tasting food additive, including in some Ocean Spray juices.
It's generally considered harmless, unless you do something like eat a brick of it.
  Beware, starsnatcher, if you are not already ill or dead. Check your math. If you consume 10 doses, simply add a zero on the end of each ingredient. If the LD50, that is the average lethal dose, of Ammonium Chloride is 1650mg and you take 1250mg.. you risk death every time you robotrip. Are you feeling healthy today? I wonder what would make anybody intelligent enough to figure this out want to do this more than once? Maybe you could use your smarts to be a doctor.
Why do people say that magnesium citrate tastes nasty?
I was warned that magnesium citrate solutions would taste "nasty" or "gross."

This could not have been less correct. I actually like the taste a lot! It has a crisp, citric, salty bite to it. Especially when it's cold - magnesium citrate on the rocks is really tasty. I would drink it like soda were it not a laxative and full of sodium.

Does anyone else enjoy the flavor of magnesium citrate solution?
  A lot of people have to drink the entire bottle before bowel procedures. Maybe that's when it gets nasty.
I woke up this morning with a bruised eyelid.?
I just started taking toviaz - could this be a reaction to the new medication? I am on a daily low-dose aspirin regimen and I also take aspirin for aches & pains. Last night I awoke with a headache (around 3 a.m.) and took 3 aspirin. When I woke up at 8 a.m. I had the bruise. Could the aspirin be responsible?
Question about Darvocet-N 100 Tab and Aspirin Please Help??
I have Horrible Headaches and Severe Back Pain from an injury at work and I am concerned about taking pain medicine. I had a blood test about a year ago and it came back normal for my kidney's and liver. I take Headache Relief from walmart it has Aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine. And I take the Darvocet for the back pain and sometimes for the headaches. Also my urine changes from dark yellow to clear. Whats going on??? Also if you know of any natural alternative for pain would be helpful??? I have tried heat, cold, bio-freeze, icy hot, and massager's, they help sometimes but very minimal. Thank you for your help :)
  your urine changes color depending on how much you are drinking. clear is good, not dehydrated. If it stays dark no matter how much you drink, that is one symptom of liver disease.
The aspirin acetaminophen and caffeine is not a very good idea in my opinion.
Take either or, not both. All the caffeine does is make it work faster and you can become addicted to caffeine and then get headaches from withdrawl of that.
Have you considered massage therapy or chiropractic exam for the injury at work?
That can sometimes do more good than more medications.
Physical therapy might also be worth looking into.
While "natural" pain medications may be out there, fixing the cause of the pain might be worth looking into first.
You may also be suffering from rebound headaches, which are from taking too much pain medication or taking too low of a dose too often.
IF your last doctors appointment was a while ago, it might be worth it to have another one and share your concerns with him.
Can I take Calcium Citrate if I am intolerant to citric acid?
The girl who works in the vitamin department at the store where I bought my vitamins said that "citrate" in the Calcium Citrate just means that the calcium came from a plant source unlike Calcium Carbonate. She said that a citric acid "allergy" shouldn't be a problem. I looked it up, and citrate is the "salt or ester of citric acid". Will I have the problems taking it as I do when I eat something containing citric acid? Thanks!
  Your vitamin girl is a moron. They put the calcium together with citric acid because it is a well absorbed form of calcium. You will be getting a heaping dose of citric acid if you take it, and YES you will react to it. I have known of other people who could not take it. Try some other form of calcium like calcium lactate.
Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Anticonvulsants?
I take 450mg of Trileptal daily.
I was reading up on anticonvulsants and acetaminophen and how they can cause liver problems. Can a serious dose of Excedrin (250mg acetaminophen, 250mg aspirin, 65mg caffeine), more specifically 8 Excedrin taken at one time, interact with my Trileptal? Aside from the expected side effects, nausea, hyper-activity, and possibly racing heart, will I have any liver problems? Any long term liver problems? Or should I get my ass to the nearest hospital?
  Drugs usually have two names, the generic and the brand

This information is from the drug interaction site of which
I placed the link below:
Interact of OXCARBAZEPINE (in Trileptal, Trileptal Suspension) may interact with ACETAMINOPHEN (in Excedrin Extra Strength)
Oxcarbazepine may increase the rate at which acetaminophen is broken down by the liver. This may result in less effective pain relief due to the diminished amount of acetaminophen. In addition, the increased amount of metabolite (break-down product) may increase the risk of liver damage. Ask your healthcare provider about these drugs and this potential interaction "as soon as possible".

All medications, whether over the counter..herbs.. herbal teas..or medications prescribed by other doctors should
be checked out first with the doctor you are seeing for
this condition and prescribed this drug for you.

Here is the site I got this information from, so you can
check in the future about whether a drug may interact
with any other medications you have:,4109,,00.html

The liver is a very quiet organ when it comes to a problem
with it. It may show no signs or symptoms that there is
anything wrong with it until the cells die and it cannot
perform the functions it once did to keep the body healthy
and alive. Many people are walking around not knowing
they have damage to their livers until a doctor may
discover it when they are trying to find answers for other
medical problems. I definitely would arrange for a
doctor appointment and tell the doctor about it. It is better
to have a few blood labs drawn than to risk facing having
to have a transplant.
How serious this may be depends on your own body
chemistry, the action of the drugs in your body, and how
often and how much you took of these drugs.

There are two types of blood tests the doctor can do:
one will show if there is damage to the liver, known as
the liver enzymes and the other will show if the liver is
functioning well, known as the liver function tests.
He may even feel to see if your liver has enlarged any and
may do an ultrasound to see if it has developed inflammation.
The inflammation has to be controlled by drugs so the
liver will heal, if can lead to permanent damage and
death of the cells.

Overdosing on just tylenol is very easy to do as many
combination drugs have tylenol in them. Doctors don't
always have the time to explain to patients what drugs
may interact, that is why pharmacies give a paper to
read with your medication when you get it. If you are
not sure about a drug interaction, you can always call
your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about it.
Don't be afraid to do this...they have all the information
right there with the drugs they need to tell you this from.

You have definitely taken too much of this medication
at one need to decide whether you should
get in contact with the doctor office now or later...I
cannot make this decision for you.

I hope this information is of some help to you.
Why do some people take Tylenol instead of aspirin?
I rarely taken meds like aspirin or tylenol, but I've been curious why people take Tylenol over aspirin sometimes? Is aspirin harmful, or is it just not as strong as tylenol for headaches and minor pains? What's the reasoning behind why people do or do not choose aspirin for minor pain relief?
  Aspirin is more likely to make you bleed because it thins the blood. People on prescription blood thinners or those who are prone to bleeding ulcers ( or bleeding anywhere in their body) should not take aspirin. Tylenol is safer for this reason although in large doses over a long period of time Tylenol can damage the liver. Also, unless okayed by a physician, aspirin and aspirin-containing products should not be given to children because of a serious, avoidable, rare condition it can cause called Reye's Syndrome.
Lithium Citrate... can I inject it?
I'm prescribed lithium citrate and I can't take it by mouth because it bothers my stomach so I was wondering can I inject it? It can't be bad for me right? The lithium citrate ends up in my bloodstream anyway, I'm just skipping a step.
What should I do if I took aspirin after possible concussion?
Slipped earlier going down the stairs at home fell on my but hard whipped my head back but did not hit it on anything. Have a pretty good headache so I took 2 aspirin.

Later read about concussions to see if I might possibly have one and have read DO NOT take aspirin after concussion. If I do have one what should I do if I took aspirin? My only symptom is a headache, nothing else.
  Chances are, you don't have a concussion. I've slipped on ice before, and I smashed my head against the it, and for a moment, I actually saw black. I laughed it off and was all fine. I just got an extreme headache, but it felt obvious I didn't have one because it went away after about an hour. (I was at school, so aspirin wasn't an option)
Is it persisting? If you have it for a couple hours, maybe you should go to the hospital, just to be safe?
You never know. Should be careful.
Hope it helps! :)
Potassium citrate and potassium chloride?
If someone has been on Potassium citrate (urocit-k) for 9 years (for Cystinuria/Kidney stones), why would a doctor have them to start taking both the potassium citrate and the potassium chloride, together? Especially if that person has developed High blood pressure?
because i am a 39 yrs old smoker male i decided to take 81 mg aspirin daily to reduce heart attack risk(i know quitting smoking would be much better of),i also have moderate hemoroid problem that bleeds once in a while if idont be careful with my diet,but after 10 days of low doze of aspirin treatment i noticed the bleeding got worsen,more often,more blood ,i stopped taking aspirin,is these 2 things be related or was it a coinsidence(i am asking this question here because i cant afford to go to a doctor,so exclude those answers please)
  Aspirin has been known to be a moderate blood thinner, with reduced clotting ability, so it is possible for the hemmoroid bleeding to increase somewhat. I suggest you keep up the aspirin regimen, but also consider taking a daily dose of a fiber supplement, such as Metamucil or Citrucel to aid in easier bowel movements.
What kind of painkillers can one take if on an aspirin regime?
If a person is on a low-dose aspirin regime, what type of painkiller can be taken for everyday pain like a headache or a backache? I know you shouldn't take a couple of about tylenol?
Does sodium citrate (laxative) cause much cramping when used?
I have never used it before, and I am told that it doesn't, but I am still scared. Have any of you tried it?
Sorry I'm stupid, it's magnesium citrate
  I didn't have any cramping when it I had to take it before a procedure. but don't wander far from the bathroom. It does not take long to work and it works thoroughly.

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YuliyaMelnikova: @saverte you should take something without aspirin in it. Aspirin thins the blood so it's not the best for lady pains.
Raisins_Liasons: Caffeine is no match for vicoprofen. Why is that the only substance I have no tolerance for (caffeine)?
NetWork_15: If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: "Take two aspirin" and "Keep away from children
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