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Question about Opana and Opana er?
I was wondering about the difference between opana and opana er.Is one stronger? and are the chances of overdose increased? How do you know if you have overdosed? How many should one take? I was also wondering if the side affects iv heard about such as respiratory distress and unable to cough if needed, are rare? or does it happen alot?
Is it safe to mix Opana with somas?
I'm aware of the dangers of mixing Opana with sleep aids, xanax, and anti-depressants but I don't know if taking 1/4 of an Opana (oxymorphone) 40 with one soma is safe. The soma was taken several hours prior to taking the Opana. Is that ok?
  You should call your pharmacist about it but if you won't then you can go to and look it up. They have a drug interaction finder and it will tell you if there are any interactions. But be sure to put in exactly what form of Soma you are taking. There is just plain Soma, Soma with Aspirin, and Soma Compound with Aspirin and Codeine.
What do you think of Opana ER?? ( the med)?
HI my mums a drug rep and i wanted to do some reserch for her. She sells Opana ER well what do you think about it does it help you??? Why or why not?
  I have never used Opana but I have met several people who have used the medication and did not have good results with it for their pain.
How long did it take the FDA to approve the drug Opana and Opana ER?
Sakenah B
  I have worked in pharmacy for 10yr. and have never heard of this drug. I have looked it up and no where can I find a listing for it. Sorry there is no good answer for you.
Is Opana ER the same thing as MS Contin?
I am wondering becasue my spouse had knee surgery and they have him on Opana ER and it is very expensive. The MS Contin is alot cheaper also. I could really use some help. Any advice you give we will be very thankful.
  MS contin = Morphine. Opana is oxymorphone it is more expensive because it is a combination of two powerfull opiates. There are other options I would not recomend MS contin because it has the worst side effects on peoples moods. Try a generic Oxycontin. That should be strong enough and not have as harsh side effects. ALL OPIATES ARE ADDICTIVE.
what will opana er show up as on drug screen?
want to know if opana er will show up as oxy or morphine
  hey i can`t understand what your saying
Stephen Galorio
Did you have any swelling after taking opana er?
I started taking opana er, 15 mg, 3 times daily...shortly thereafter I started getting swelling in my feet, legs & knees.
Has this happened to anybody else? My toes are also kind of numb and itch a little bit... Is this normal ?
lee c
is it safe to take an anithistamine such as benedryl while using Opana?
I'm having some allergy problems currently and am on Opana 10 mg. Just wondering if its safe for me to take benedryl, thanks!!
☮ M e g s t a c y 1 1 ☮
  I can only suggest that it may not be safe to take an answer from someone who may reply, as you would not know what medical experience or qualifications they may have, unless they include source references which you can follow up, and determine that these references are legit.

I would suggest that you google Opana & do your own research. Try the drug manufactors site for a start.
Greg D
What does opana do to a person no perscribed fot it?
what would Opana do to a person not prescribed for it?
  Opana is oxymorphone. A combination of oxycodone plus a derivative of morphine (a ketone of). Dilaudid is hydrocodone and morphone, so would be equivalent except for hydrocodone/oxycodone.

Side effects might include, but not limited to: "Relieves pain by stimulating opiate receptors in CNS; also causes respiratory depression, inhibition of cough reflex, peripheral vasodilation, inhibition of intestinal peristalsis, sphincter of Oddi spasm, stimulation of chemoreceptors that cause vomiting, and increased bladder tone".

This means may experience difficulty breathing, unable to cough if needed, increased blood flow to extremities, constipation, vomiting, unable to urinate.

These symptoms may be experienced by someone not used to this medication. You don't mention how many milligrams, but it could be that the person they were prescribed for has worked up a tolerance, and therefore their dose increased, which may knock a person not used to this medication for a loop because of the increased dose, and may require 911 intervene if breathing becomes distressed.

It is good you are researching this......before it is consumed rather than AFTER.
Someones' Mom
I am experiencing oxycontin withdrawal despite new rx for opana er.?
I took oxycontin for many years for a severe pain condition - lyme induced fibromyalgia/arthralgia with nerve pain. I went cold turkey from oxycontin to opana because it wasn't supposed to cause withdrawals but I am having really bad withdrawals. Note - never abused it. Help!
CO guy
  What was your dosage of OxyContin, and what is your dosage of Opana? If the conversion was done properly, you should not be experiencing any opioid withdrawal symptoms. Especially since oxymorphone (Opana) is one of the main metabolites of oxycodone (OxyContin).
what will opana come up as on a 5 panel drug screen?
i have to take a 6405n sap 5-50 GC/MS drug screen for a job. will opana show up?
  It will test positive for opiates, in all likelihood. Depending on time between the two of course.
Why isn't Opana ER helping with my withdrawal symptoms?
I take Percocet everyday for pain but someone made off with my bottle. I can't get a hold of the doctor and I started having BAD withdrawal symptoms.

I have some Opana 10mg ER and I have been taking them but they aren't helping with the withdrawal much.

Why? Is there anything I can do? My doctor is switching clinics and he won't have his new one open for a month, thats why I can't get through to him.
Liam E
  Go the the emergency room.
Street value of Opana Er 20mg?
what's the street value of Opana Er 20mg , dilaudid 2mg, and zanaflex 4mg?
Mr. Anderson
  reported go to a drug forums and ask there not yahoo answers fuckhead
I have been given soboxone for pain. I have opana and percoset the soboxone is not working for the 2 days i hn?
I have been on soboxone for 2 days for pain and it does not work when can I take my opana or percocet
  OMG I can't believe a doctor gave you both suboxone and percoset. Is he trying to kill you? Stop the suboxone now! Do not take another one. Do you have your bottle with you. is it 8mg-2mg? If so, it has 2 mg of naloxone. Naloxone is put in the drug to block other opiates. Suboxone is almost always used for someone who is addicted to pain pills and is getting off them. It is for detoxing. You are very lucky it didn't send you into severe withdrawal. You must not have had alot of other pain med's in you. You have to wait 24 hours after taking other pain med's before you can even take the suboxone. The reason for this is if you have to much pain med's in you, the naloxone will take hold and block out that pain medicine and if your addicted it will cause you to get deathly sick. Suboxone was made to give people who are heroin addicts, opiate addicts (pain pills) people addicted to morphine. I take suboxone now. Im taking it because I was on percocet for 4 years and became badly addicted. I can not take a pain pill or I will get sick as hell. If you are in pain, stop the suboxone, wait at least 2- 3 days before taking any other kind of pain medicine. I am not sure on the 2-3 days. I know you must get it out of you. Since you only took it 2 days, you may can wait 24 hours. Suboxone doesn't help pain. It isn't even for pain. Its for addiction. Im freaking out here. I can't believe they gave that to you.
Will opana show up the same as vicodin on a drug test?
Will opana show up the same as vicodin or Tylenol 3 on a drug test?
  If they do a multidrug screen, your test will show positive for opiates. That's the same as for Vicodin and Tylenol 3 - which contains hydrocodone and codeine, respectively. Depending on what is ordered, they can then go on to test to determine which opiate and the amount present in the sample, to figure out the dosage that was likely taken sometimes. Just in case you are taking Opana, be careful. That is a pretty strong drug, and it's easy to overdose.
The mom
Knee & shin pain?
Had arthoscopic knee surgery 10 weeks ago. Currently have pain in the back of my knee and down my shin. Wakes me up in the middle of the night. Doctor says I have severe arthritis on the outer side of my knee but the inner side is okay. I am on pain meds for chronic pain due to MS. Take Opana ER 20mg every 12 hrs and Opana 5 mg twice a day for breakthrough pain. For the arthritis I take Naprelan 375mg (2) at bedtime. Very stiff when I get up. Knee locks up. Can't walk normal because of the pain. Very slow too. The surgery was to take care of torn menicus. Thought I should be better by now. Actually I feel worse. Suggest x-rays or MRI? Anyone experience this kind of pain? Any thoughts of what it could be?
  Welcome to the world of Arthritis, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis takes me hours to get moving in the mornings. Sorry no cure for Arthritis, as you are on pain killers for MS, they will not increase the dosage. Sorry I do not have better news but I have had RA for some 29 years. Good Luck
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Howard Hertz
What should I expect from snorting 20mg of Opana with 0 opiate tolerance?
turd Slinger
  As Steph said you might have a really good time or you might stop breathing. Not to be a buzz kill but it could happen. You might want to be around others who are a bit more alert then you might be just in case.
How long does it take Opana ER to start working?
and does it have any type of buzz? 5mg. I'm switching from oxycodone.
I switched because my doctor wasn't comfortable with an as need med and wanted me on an around the clock. I take it because my hips are falling apart. Thanks,
  Opana ER is a controlled-release form of oxymorphone. Oxymorphone is approximately twice as potent as oxycodone when taken orally, so the 5 mg of Opana would be equal to 10 mg of oxycodone.

The oxymorphone in Opana ER is released slowly over 8-12 hours, and it usually takes a day or two in order to reach steady levels of the drug in your body.

Oxymorphone can be habit-forming and can give you a "buzz" just like with oxycodone. Oxycodone actually is partially converted to oxymorphone by the liver. If you are taking opioids to get high instead of for treating actual chronic pain, it can very easily turn into true addiction. Be careful, and only take what is prescribed. Do not increase your dose or take it more often than prescribed without talking to your doctor first.


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