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Mucinex D is a extended release of the combination of guaifenesin and pseudoephedrine. Guaifenesin the most commonly used expectorant that helps you loosen your throat and chest congestion. Pseudoephedrine works specifically in the oral/nasal mucosa by vasoconstricting the dilated blood vessels that cause localized congestion. Do not use it if you are using MAO inhibitors to avoid serious life-threatening side effects. Remember that you don't need to crush, chew or break the extended-release tablet. Drink plenty of water the wholw tablet and get medical assistant if severe dizziness, anxiety, restless, or nervousness occurs. Tell the doctor if you are taking antihypertensives or antidepressive medication.
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Does Mucinex work for chest congestion in smokers?
I have allergies and experience post nasal drip. My chest gets congested and I'd like to try Mucinex (Guafenesin). This is the problem. I am a smoker. Boo Hiss. Someone told me not to take Mucinex if you smoke.
What happens when you mix clonopin and mucinex?
My pharmacist said that I cannot take mucinex with my medication. I am on clonopin for panic disorder.

He never said what would happen. What would have happened if I took the mucinex?
  I am not aware of any reaction between Klonopin (yep, it's spelled with a 'K') and Mucinex.
  don't panic
Can I take Nyquil Cold and Flu at night and still take my Mucinex DM every 12 hours?
I ask because they both contain Dextromethorphan (15mg in Nyquil, 60 mg in Mucinex DM), and I don't know how much it too much. The other ingredients are not the same, so I should be ok... 1200mg guaifenesin (Mucinex DM) and 500 mg acetaminophen, 6.5 mg doxylamine succinate (Nyquil). Thanks!
Babykins Baby
  The maximum amount of Dextromethorphan for adults is 1 gram (1000 mg) per dose and 4 grams (4000 mg) per day. Taking more Dextromethorphan could potentially damage your liver so yes, 75 MG of Dextromethorphan is safe to take within a 24 hour period. However, as per the 500 MG acetaminophen you should be careful as depending upon your metabolic tolerance and pharmacological predisposition it could cause a potential conflict(if taken excessively), but the 6.5 MG of doxylamine succinate should not comorbidly cause any other health problems. You should also be cognizant of the fact that these drugs taken over a period not constituting 2 weeks or more can cause/increase risk of health complications.
When will the Mucinex D start taking effect?
I am badly congested. My nose is completely clogged. I just went out and bought some Mucinex D. When will the Mucinex D start to work? A half hour from now? An hour from now? 2 hours? tomorrow?
  not that long, probably an hour from when you took it.

but when it starts working, it woks wonderfully.


hope you feel better!!! <3
Alison P
Is Mucinex available without a prescription in Germany?
I am currently staying with a family in Dortmund and contracted a terrible cold. Ideally I would like to have Mucinex, but I have been told that some major OTC meds in the US are not available without a prescription here. I am desperate, since every waking morning is plagued by heavy, painful coughing. Is there any known place nearby to pick up Mucinex, or does anyone here know of some similar German product that would help? Thanks!
do i dare disturb the universe?
  The active ingredient in Mucinex is Guaifenesin. Similar German products are e.g. the different Wick Syrups.
[email protected]
  MUCINEX D contains guaifenesin and pseudoephedrine and neither interacts with Clindamycin

MUCINEX DM contains guaifenesin and dextromorphan (cough surpressant) and neither interacts with with Clindamycin.

If you have heart diesease or high blood pressure avoid mucinex D and if you have asthma avoid the DM.
Can I take regular Mucinex and Mucinex D?
Mucinex D keeps me up at night. I was wondering if I could take it in the morning, and then take regular Mucinex at night?
That Dude
  Yes, you can do that.
Can I take regular Mucinex and Mucinex D?
Mucinex D keeps me up at night. I was wondering if I could take it in the morning, and then take regular Mucinex at night?
Kirk Cameron
What products other than Mucinex contain high amounts of Guaifenesin?
Mucinex Extra Strength contains 1200mg of Guaifenesin and it works really well. Mucinex is rather expensive and I was wondering if there are any generic medicines or other name-brand medicines that contain high levels of Guaifenesin that I could purchase at a lower price.
Can I take mucinex DM together with vitamin C pills?
Well I have bronchitis, and I got mucinex DM to reduce my mucus, and I also got vitamin C pills to boost up my immune system. So I was wondering if I can take mucinex as well as vitamin C pills without any problems? Thanks.
  Of course you can, neither one will affect the other.
nurse betty
Can I take benadryl and Mucinex D together?
I feel awful and Mucinex D alone is not doing the trick. Can I take them together?
  Yes you can, but what is the point. Benadryl will knock the allergies out and will also dry out the mucous. Mucinex will usually thin the mucous. I would just get Benadry with sinus, because it has both antihistamine and pseudophedrine. And yes it will make you go to sleep, and you will feel better in the morning.
Will mucinex work for draining sinuses or is it just for chest congestion?
I had a sinus infection last week. Now I feel better, but that thick gross junk is still oozing/draining out my sinuses into the back of my throat and making me cough and lose my voice.

If I take mucinex, will it thin out that thick stuff and help it drain faster or is mucinex just for chest congestion?

Thanks in advance!!!
Princess Leia
  Sudafed is better. Mucinex is better for breaking up congestion. If you're already draining, Mucinex won't do much for you. Do you have any Sudafed?
Mucinex DM?
A week ago my left ear started feeling clogged like it won't completely pop. Went to the DR. He told me it didn't look to bad, a little red and to take Mucinex DM and it should work. Ingredients: 600mg. Guaifensin and 30mg. Dextromethophan HBr. 6 days later still isn't helping my ear at all. What is this stuff?
  Guaifesin is an expectorant which means it will help you cough your drainage up. I think that he may have told you the wrong one to get because it needs to have a decongestant to make your ear drain.
Lisa C
what is the difference between Mucinex and Mucinex maximum strength?
Regular Mucinex has instructions to take 2 tablets every 12 hours that contains 1200 mg of guaifenesin or 600 mg of guaifenesin for each tablet making it 1200 mg combined. Maximum strength Mucinex instucts to take 1 tablet every 12 hours and contains 1200 mg of guaifenesin.

Both regular and maximum strength Mucinex have the same doses of guaifenesin so whats the difference? Is taking one tablet better than taking two tablets with the same amount of guaifenesin?
  It sounds like you already answered your question... there is twice as much of the active ingredient per pill. "Maximum Strength" in this case just makes it so that you only need to take 1 pill at a time instead of 2... not that you're taking a higher dose, but you're taking a higher dose per pill so you don't need to take as many pills.
The only reason the higher dose would be better is that it's easier to swallow 1 pill than 2, but if you don't care, I'd personally go for whichever one is cheaper. I hope I helped!
Will Mucinex D help my ears to pop so I can hear properly again?
So, all day yesterday and today I have had a sinus infection. I bought a prescription to Mucinex D and I'm hoping this will help pop my ears too. Does it help unclog your ears?
  Going through it right now. I've had a cold for a week, then it started to get thick with mucus (green) and I felt my sinuses blocking up. Couldn't breath at night. Woke up this morning with a blocked ear and excruciating pain. Took Mucinex D on the advise of a pharmacist and the popping started about 2 hours later. I've had a very warm heating pad on it and lying straight up. The pain has cleared (thinking the MD helped some of the mucus in my ear canal) but it's still blocked. If your ears are plugged up but no pain, you might be ok with just the MD but in my case, I've got pain and green mucus. I'm going to the doctor for a Zpak (antibiotics). Good Luck!
Can i take mucinex DM and vicks nyquil cold/flu together?
I want to take mucinex dm for my cough at around 9pm and then take nyquil to help me go to sleep before bed at around 12. Can i mix these two?
  look at the ingredients list on the back of the packages. I do believe they both have dextromethorephan (DM). SO no you shouldn't. BUt I have done it and i was fine but i don't recommend doing it all the time.
kim g
Do you need a prescription to get Mucinex D?
Mucinex D is the one for nasal congestion. Do you need to go to the doctor to get it or is it available without a prescription?
  You need to ask for it at the pharmacy, and probably need to be at least 18. It is over the counter, but it's also a main ingredient in meth, so they control the sale of it closely.
Robert W
What Will Counteract the Guaifenesin in Mucinex DM?
I've just taken Mucinex DM, and the Guaifenesin in it is making me nauseous and causing some discomfort. Would it be safe to take some Pepto? Would that even work? If not, what will safely counteract the guaifenesin? Please answer! My stomach is killing me!
Four Twenty
  You'd have to have waaaay overdosed to be nauseous from the guaifenesin - you were trying to get high off the DXM weren't you? Tsk.

Not much you can do about it now. Next time make sure the cough syrup contains no medicinal ingredients other than DXM Hydrobromide. You're lucky you OD'ed on something that merely makes you feel like shit; if you chugged a bottle of cough syrup containing APAP (fairly common), you'd be dead right now.
is there something similar to "mucinex D" in a non pill or smaller form?
so I have a hard time swallowing the mucinex pills, and was wondering if anyone knows of a similar product that I could take instead? I am aware of the kid's melts of this product... however I need something with the "D" and the melts do not contain it. any suggestions or ideas? I just want to breathe again through my nose!
  Sudafed P.E. is like a small M&M..i think..gah.
What are the side effects of taking expired Mucinex?
I has a sore throat and a friend of mines offered me their mucinex. On the following day I read on the bottle that it expired in june of 2006. I want only serious replies only. Are there any serious side effects from this medication that could occur?
  Don't take that junk! The biggest side effect is dehydration. It dries up your body-I don't mean just your nose and chest-it's drying out your kidneys, your heart! Where do you think the mucus is going that dries up? It's clogging up your breathing tubes. It is now waste material with no where to go-it rots there and now it's poison just sitting in your bronchial tubes-not good. Start taking local honey and you won't have any congestion to get rid of. LOCAL honey works with the body to help develop immunity to all the air born irritants around you. It will keep you from getting many colds and flu symptoms in the winter as well. Be careful-don't over medicate Sometimes your body will heal itself in a few days without medication.
Mucinex D?
I went and got Mucinex D over the counter because my doctor prescribed it but it say's on the box to take two tablets every 12 hours, not more than 4 tablets in 24 hours. Do I have to take it every 12 hours or just until I feel better? Anyone know about this stuff
  if your doctor prescribed it...didn't he tell you how many tablets and at what time?? I would say call him again. Sometimes the package will say something but the doctor might suggest otherwise.
How do you extract DXM out of mucinex DM pills?
I have a couple boxes of mucinex DM extra stregnth pills. How do i do i extract the DXM from the pills so i can get high? And dont tell me, "buy syrup" (if i could, i would). Or give me some speach about how drugs are bad. Im a sucsessful man who is just looking to get high off some legal pills.
Kent Bowdin
  If you took high school Chem. Class you would know you need a base to pull it out. All the forums talk around how to do it properly. The only site I trust is not allowing me to post it here for you.

Check out grass type site forums. There info. on there.

If you want a great high you may want to try Mr. Smiley Face, it's herbal and you don't test + by and drug test. Last on some people for over 2-4 hours. Kinda like serenity now, but better.
Date Dr.
Mucinex DM maximum strength-does it cause a person to urinate more than what's regular?
I have been taking Mucinex DM Maximum Strength since Monday. The directions state to take the pill once every 12 hours. I have done that and it seems like after I take the pill I have to urinate alot. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?
taking suggested mucinex dm concerned about the dmx in it showing on a drug test?
hi i have had a very bad head cold and sinus infection so i have been taking mucinex dm, come to find out it has stuff in it that people trip off of. but i am in the military and have a drug test coming up and am worried it will show up. i have done some research and i know it can but i see people saying only in high dose. i need a for sure answer please.
thank you.
Hunter T
  Unfortunately there is no "for sure" answer. You should probably bring the package with you to the drug test and tell them that you have been taking it for a cold.
What will happen if I drink Alcohol while taking Mucinex D?
I know you should avoid alcohol with pain relievers. They say you should avoid taking Mucinex D with Alcohol on the website but I dont see why. I'm asking because I've been taking it for the past 3 days and I went out last night a had a few drinks.
The Amazing KRISSY
  "Mucinex D can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert. Avoid drinking alcohol while you are taking Mucinex D."
Can mucinex dm extended release get you high?
I have the 12 hour mucinex dm extended release tablets 60mg of Dextromethorphan. I've never been high off of them before, But i know they DO get you high. How many should i take? I weigh about 130 pounds. And dont tell me to just go buy syrup or some other drug with JUST dxm in it. (if i could, i would) Dont give me the whole "drugs are bad" lecture either.
Kent Bowdin
  I've seen those 60 mg DXM per pill Mucinex, but I haven't tried them yet. I usually use triple c's as my source for DXM and the last time I tripped on it was last Wednesday. I took 10 triple C's with 10 milligrams of hydrocodone. That's also 300 mg of dxm.

You should take like 4 of those but I don't know how effective they are for tripping. 240 mg is a good starting dose and I've taken as much as 900 mg of dex (and will do even more soon) but that'd be 15 of those Mucinexs. Just try 3 or 4 and if you don't feel anything 90 minutes later, take 2 more, and if still no more just go for Robitussin gel-caps or Coricidin
Jeffrey Oravitz
Can I take Dimetapp Cold and Allergy with Mucinex DM?
The Dimetapp Cold and Allergy is just for runny nose, etc. It does not have DM in it. Would it make me sick/be a bad reaction or can I take it without worrying? The Mucinex helps my chest and cough, but not my runny nose and head pressure. Not to mention my desire to sleep.
  Mucinex DM is a cough suppressant and expectorant. It seems to me it would be better to take the expectorant (guaifensin) and leave off the cough suppressant. See more here:

Dimetapp C & A is an antihistamine and decongestant combined. It may cause rapid heartbeat, dizziness, sleeplessness, headache, See more here:

In the drug interactions and cautions, there is nothing to indicate that these to OTC meds should not be taken together. I would feel comfortable doing so. However, it doesn't cost a thing to check with the local pharmacist - they are happy to help & sometimes have anecdotal evidence that isn't listed in the product information.
Janet S
How does mucinex get a person high?
I'm wondering because isn't dextromethorphan the ingredient in cough medicines that gets a person high? That ingredient is not in mucinex. So I'm just wondering.
I'm an ex-druggie. Thanks though.

God loves you.
  ugh you make me sick, but if you want to get high just take a handful, ugh i hate druggies.
Can i use mucinex dm and vicks vapo rub together?
I have bad chest congestion and cough! Will it be ok to take mucinex dm and also put vicks vapo rub on my chest and feet?!
How long does it take for Mucinex extra strength to kick in?
i just took 2 Mucinex extra strength pills, how long will it take to kick in?
sarah s
  For me, it takes about half an hour, but it varies. I would give it an hour.

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