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What is the difference in Lortab and lorcet?
I have taken lorcet before with no problems. I was recently prescribed lortab for a shoulder injury. I have never taken lortab before. I always assumed lortab and lorcet were the same thing or close to it. The lortab makes me feel goofy, groggy, and kind of sick to my stomach. I never had that problem with lorcet. Anyone have any ideas as to why I feel different with the lortab or know the difference between the two drugs?
Lortab and Hycodan in the same day?
I was wondering if it is okay to take a lortab around eleven in the morning and then take the liquid lortab around seven or eight at night? I have done it before but I am just wanting to double check.. I didn't know if the other ingredients in the two would not mix well. But I don't think it is a problem in taking that much hydrocodone since i only took one 5mg.. Just wondering.
  It's not a problem.
Heather A
Can you take lortab and zofran during the same day?
My husband just had rhinoplasty... His doctor prescribed him lortab for pain, but he's complaining of severe nausea. I am 30 weeks pregnant with a prescription for zofran (works wonders). Is he able to take the zofran and lortab? Thanks for the help :)
  No clash there, so, yes, it's fine.
Good luck to both of you! :)
what is the ingredience in vicodin hp tab 10-660 compared to lortab tab 10-500?
I have been prescribed,taking vicodin hp 10-660 now prescribing Lortab tab 10-500mg .I'm wanting to know the difference.?
Debbie S
  Both medications are combination products. They have hydrocodone (an opiate pain medication) and acetaminophen (a non narcotic analgesic medication - usually called Tylenol)

The numbers after the name of the medication indicates the proportion of each medication in the combination product.

Vicodin HP 10/660 has 10 mg of hydrocodone and 660 mg of acetaminophen per tablet. Lortab 10/500 has 10 mg of hydrocodone and 500 mg of acetaminophen.

It is not recommended that anyone take more than 4,000 mg of acetaminophen a day for a short period and 3600 mg per day long term. By changing the medication from 10/660 to 10/500 it decreases the impact of the acetaminophen on your liver and kidneys which have to metabolize and excrete the drug. It also makes it possible for you to take a higher total number of tablets per day and still have a safety margin.

Many providers prefer to use Norco 10/325 for this reason, as the acetaminophen, in many patients, provides minimal analgesic benefit when compared to the hydrocodone.
Does anyone know if fiorinal with codeine is at potent as lortab 10mg?
I do not know the dosage of the fiorinal but does it come close to lortab? is it in the same family of drugs?
Csi Fan 33
  If you don't know the dosage than it's probably not yours and you shouldn't be taking them. And no it is not the same,,, hydrocodone is a lot stronger than codeine.
are there any legit sites that sell lortab? My doctor is out of the country and I haven't had a refill for a month and a half and I am hurting(I am disabled) and all these sites are so expensive. Does anyone know a good one?
  Don't know what LORTAB is.?? If you need it you should be able to contact your Dr.'s covering Physician. He could write a script for you. At least enough until your Doc returns..
How long does withdrawals from Lortab last?
I've been taking Lortab for about six months and want to quit but always start back because of the withdrawals.
  Man, you should quit now while your ahead. The withdrawal from Lortab will be quick. It will only last about a week, and after 3-5 days the worst of it will be over. The thing is though, if you have the pills laying around, its damn near a physical impossibility to go through the withdrawals. Wait till your out, then try to have atleast 4 solid days where you can do nothing but lay around and do nothing but feel shitty.

My best advice for easing the withdrawals: Get yourself some Ibuprofen, some Loperamide (Immodium AD), and Pepto Bismul. Make sure you drink plenty of water, force yourself to eat, and try to do some exercise as well. If you can, do a quick 7 day taper/detox using methadone or suboxone. Good luck man. And BTW, you got it easy. I've had cold turkey withdrawals from 105 mg of methadone a day, and also from 1 gram of high quality heroin a day. Lortab withdrawal is not even on the same level as those.

Oh, and the cravings... Well, the cravings last a lifetime. Sucks man... :-/
What happens if take take lortab with a ton of alcohol?
The office alcoholic is drinking Jack Daniels straight up and also taking lortab (sp?). He drinks like a fish everyday, but today he is acting like a total nutcase.
We are Loan Officers, and its not acceptable to drink at work, although everyone knows this guy has a problem.
Juliet R
  i cant wait till i get a job and become the office stoner
How does Lortab make you feel if you take it for pain from internal surgery?
Just curious? I know it's a painkiller, but I was wondering how it makes you feel exactly other than getting rid of the pain.

Also, if one was taking Vicodin, and was getting too dizzy and nauseous from it, would Lortab be a better replacement?
Sad Face
  Lortab is just like vicodin just make sure to drink milk with it to coat the stomach and lay down it aways makes me sleepy
What is the fastest way to make Lortab 7.5 start working faster?
What is the fastest way to make Lortab 7.5 start working faster? Chewing them? Eating on empty stomach? Thank You.
  Drink a cup of coffee with it. The caffeine and warmth will help.
How can I extract the acetaminophen from my lortab elixir?
I have lortab elixir for surgery and have to take a large does for the pain but thats too much tylenol. Is it possible to extract the tylenol from the hydrocodone? I know people do it with pills but wasn't sure if its possible with the elixir. Thanks for your help! And quit telling me to get a different medicine. If you dont know how to do the extraction method then dont freakin reply! I'm looking for a straight answer not some BS!
  It's not impossible to extract the Tylenol. You can find instructions on Erowid for cold water extraction. But it's not smart, and nobody does it unless they're tryign to get high. Ask your doctor for somethign without Tylenol.
Mandy VZ
How many days is my lortab suposed to last?
I take Lortab for pain but I am unsure when I can refill it. I get 60 at a time and it says take one up to 4 times daily as needed. If I take 4 a day it would only last 15 days. Is my perscription for 30 days or if needed can I refill before 30 days. I hear about people trying to get drugs refilled early and dont want to do that. Any help would be great thanks.
  Your pill bottle will say how long of a supply it is.
How does Lortab affect breast milk and how much is too much?
I was prescribed Lortab for pain after my C-Section last week and I am breastfeeding. The medicine isn't helping to relieve my pain very much at all and I'm taking one tablet every 6 hours. I'm unsure of the milligrams because all I can see on the bottle is 7.5/500 written at the bottom so maybe that's the measurement. I just wanted to know if I can take two without a risk of it affecting my baby. Doctors answer only please.
  Hi. Im not a dr so I hope its ok to give some 2 cents. I do know of some expierence involving a dr.

My friend had a c section and her dr prescribed your same medication. She was in some horrible pain. She is a stiffler on breastfeeding, its kinda a family tradition with her though she was in so much pain her dr tried to tell her she was going to need more pain meds then the baby coud tolerate
She rfused said she would deal with the pain. She as prescribed took her 7.5 which was not working at all. She called and asked him if she could up th meds and he said no that by now her colustrum has stopped and tht when you first deliever pain meds aren't going to your baby colustrum is but now your milk which is yur blood and whatever is in your system is going straight into baby. He again suggested he knew she was in pain and that saddly breast feeding just wasn't going to work an that she needed to manage her pain. She refused and wanted to feed her baby. She upped her dosage, and the way the Er caculated the babys blood test she had taken aprox 2 at a time.. but 3 that day so probably the regular dosage of 1 then the pain got bad then thats when the 2 at a time. She doesn't admit it still to this day but the ER says she did and her dr says she did she would never have purposly harmed her child she loved him and wanted the best but he got very out of it, limp a if all his bones were just broken almost, he was not passed out but out like a light snoozing and she couldnt get him to wake up to eat. When she was going to pump instead her milk woud not come down due to the lortab and she had clogged milk ducts.

She could have got in a lot of trouble but because she was usually a reliable patient and he knew she was in the bad pain and she was in shock and depression at what could have happen to her son she decided to ive up the breast feeding,
If anyone chooses to do so we do have the perfect remedy for this!!! AMAZING!
How does Lortab, ultram and darvocet show up on a drug screen?
Have scripts for ultram and darvocet, but took my husband's lortab last night and now I have drug screen in am for a job? What can you tell me?
Mary Jane L
  Mary...there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that yes...even having taken only 1 Lortab it will show up as an opiate in your test a low level. Now the good news...or at least....with a bit of luck, good news.

Darvocet is a combination of propoxyphene and acetaminophen. It is a mild pain killer BUT it is also an OPIATE. Granted, chemically it is considered a "weak" opiate, less than simple codeine but an opiate non the less. So...make sure that you tell the person/company that is conducting the test that you have been taking your Darvocet as prescribed by your doctor for the last several days...depending on what you use it for. They will ask you what medications you maybe taking any way but make sure they write down you have been taking the Darvocet. Then when the opiate shows up the odds are in your favor that they will figure it is due to the Darvocet. That's the best chance you have unless you can delay the test for at least a weak....but what are the odds; right.

Hey, good luck. I'd hate to see you miss out on a job for take 1 Lortab.


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