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Why is lipase elevated when no pancreatic disease?
I have had thorough testing for an elevated lipase level. Everything has been normal and I have no symptoms. Are there other reasons for lipase elevation?
  Another possibility is a bad gallbladder. However, liver enzymes will be out of whack also.
If you have very little lipase in your blood could that contribute in inability to lose wt?
Lipase helps your body to burn fat. I don't know how much influence it would have but I would like to know. Thanks.
  no relation at all this enzyme for cholesterol in blood
What does it mean when my Lipase numbers are 1,000+?
I have Pancreatitis and was recently hospitalized overnight for pain and dehydration. I was told that my Lipase counts are over 1,000 but I don't know what that means.

charles p
  Apparently no one else knows either. It varies according to the lab that does the test....
Mr. Peachy®
Whats the difference between lipase and trigylcerides?
Are the two related or completely different things? My lipase is normal and my trigs is 333. Can a nurse explain that to me or even a med student thanks.
I am diabetic. my Ac1 level is 8.9
  Your triglycerides are part of the circulating cholesterol in your body and has nothing to do with lipase which is produced by your pancreas. You can go to and type in triglycerides in the search line and read everything you want to know about this and then, return and type in lipase and read up on that.
What would cause an elevated Lipase blood test, but normal CT scan of pancreas?
I have an elevated Lipase test for pancreatitis, but my CT scan results were normal of the pancreas. What would cause elevated lipase? What diseases cause elevated lipase?
  "Peaches" is correct. When a doctor orders a test, it is the responsibility of that doctor to explain the results. An elevated lipase must be evaluated in the context of your medical history, physical examination, and many other parameters such as your blood tests for renal (kidney) function, liver function, the complete blood count (CBC), and usually a serum amylase which is often done with the serum lipase. We need all of this information - which your doctor has.

If you have obtained your own lab results - fine, but make sure you discuss these results when you see you physician - - and make sure you pay attention. I always recommend having a friend or family member along when I explained these things to patients. An extra set of ears helps you recall what is being explained. Sometimes doctors actually do spend time explaining things carefully, and the patients have trouble hearing or understanding what is said.

Caution - It's not a good idea to place an emergency after hours call to a doctor late at night to explain a lab result - especially if they have explained it already. Even the most caring and patient doctors get a bit upset about getting these calls late at night. Doctors are not perfect - we get tired and grumpy too. This website is not a bad place for this question after hours. ' Quite a few medical people on this site. I expect you will get your answer at your next appointment.

The negative CT scan only helps exclude causes such as a pancreatic cancer causing this lipase elevation, but that should be comforting news. Whatever the cause (and there are many possibilities), it is less likely to be a malignancy with a negative CT scan. Remember that CT scans do not "see" everything. There is no perfect test in medicine.
CT scans usually cannot "see" or diagnose pancreatitis.
Does taking the Alli diet pill effect your pancreatic lipase levels?
About a month ago, I had some severe stomach pains. The pain would then redirect to my back - some of the worst pain I've ever encountered. I went to the doctor and got some blood work done and they said that my pancreatic lipase levels were high. Just two weeks before, I had stopped taking Alli and I know Alli inhibits lipase enzymes. I was just wondering if anyone can verify if there is a connection between the two.
Terri S
  Three steps that have really helped me are dieting, exercising, and the correct weight loss supplement for losing weight. Focus on those three things and you will lose weight considerably. I exercise 30 mins a day along with taking Proactol, a natural weight loss supplement that I saved money on at

Good luck and stay focused = )
Joann P
What are some causes of high lipase enzymes?
My niece is insulin dependant and her lipase enzymes are over
700. She is on the pump and her sugars have been up and down for two weeks. She spent one week in the hospital when her sugars went up to 500. Any suggestions?
  almost ANY abdominal pain (regardless of the cause) can raise the lipase level although VERY HIGH level points toward Pancreatitis (not likely in your cousin's case).
i think poorly controlled diabetes is another cause of high lipase level.
My lipase level is 953. I am on entocort ec for my Crohn's disease and also was taking Imuran but doc took me off it after resolts came back.She said i should be fine and that they will just find other med for me to take.Is that level too high? Should i be worried?
How can I improve the health and function of my Pancreas ? my Amylase and Lipase reading are on the higher..?
my Amylase and Lipase reading are on the higher side can you please suggest natural - (non medicated) way to improve my Pancreas health
Ray roger
  Are you alcoholic? If so, give it up immediately.
What is an average level of serum lipase or amylase for 50 year old females without pancreas abnormalities?
Mine appear to be at the upper levels, although in the acceptable limits.
How much is a amylase and lipase blood test?
I have private insurance BUT it does not pay for these specoific tests.... Does anyone knoe where I can like a general price sheet of the various blood tests? or can someone tell me what they have had to pay in the past?? Im supposed to have them tomorrow.... also the have to draw them from my port does that raise the cost of the labs and if so by how much... I just want to make sure i have enopugh in the bank to pay them
fur k
  The cost will vary some depending on your location and the lab you have it performed at. The Amylase and Lipase each cost about $40-50 each. There may also be phlebotomy costs that will vary depending on the lab.
could this possibly be pancreatic cancer?
Back in late June of 2009; I started having alot of stomach pain with gas. I had a ct scan done it said pancreas, liver, gallbladder were unremarkable. I take it they meant everything was ok on my blood lipase was elevated. They did a scope on me said I had irritation of the stomach lining gave me nexium and another pill to cote my stomach 5 days later pain went away. Now 2 months later pain has come back with more of a belching, gas, nausea, heartburn/indigestion and stomach pain the pain gets worse when I eat. On my blood test this time my lipase was up 69 points amylase was normal wbc count and rbc were normal calcium was a little low1or 2 points low bilirubin was a tiny low. X-ray showed what they claim to be mild constipation. Back in june they also said the same thing but they where wrong then. Pain has been here almost 2 weeks just wondering if this sounds like pancreatic cancer or the stomach irritation again. I have another ct scan in about a week or 2.

p.s. tThe pain comes and goes is this normal with pancreatic cancer please help...They also tested for t-pylori it was negative..current meds are sucralfate 1gm tab twice daily,,doc-q-lace 100 mg twice daily,,ranitidine 300 mg twice daily{zantac},,bactrim 800/160 tabs twice daily,,promethazine 25 mg every 6 hours.
i'm 23 years old
the reason i am worried it could be panvreatic cancer is beacuse when i look up the symptoms on the internet some point to pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis the i have been to the er twice and family doc once in the past 2 weeks thay claim it's not pancreatitis so i really dont know what else to do..
  "Panda" is right.
You give us some information but omit your age ?
People do this all the time on this site.
I think that is Panda's point.
Pancreatic cancer pain usually does not come and go.
If you had a CT scan of your abdomen in June - 4 months ago - that showed no pancreatic mass, you do not have pancreatic cancer causing your pain.
If your are under 40 years of age, you probably do not have pancreatic cancer.
Why the fixation on pancreatic cancer ?
Is there a strong family history of this ?
If a tumor mass is too small to see on a CT scan, it is too small to cause symptoms.
So, how old are you ?
Does Xenical work to lose weight for the fat that is already present in your body?
I know it inhibits the enzyme lipase and causes fats to be eliminated in the stool. But what about the fat that is already present in your body? Will it get rid of that? (Problem areas such as stomach and thighs), or will it just prevent them from getting bigger, and you have to work to burn off the fat in those areas?
  No. Xenical works like Alli. It stops the fat absorption but does nothing for the fat you already have. Plus if you continue to eat high fat foods, you will be sitting in the bathroom a lot.

Instead try to eat healthier, i.e. whole grains like bulgur wheat or quiona instead or rice in soups or as a side dish, lean meats and fish, plus fruits and veggies.

Good luck and keep you eye on the goal.
angela s


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