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"LINDANE" is the commercial name of a drug composed of LINDANE.

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Is lindane a good choice for scabies?
lindane lotion is good for scabies in case there are also sores due to scratching?can it be applied onto sores? Asked by Doreen Pyscher 6 months ago.

Lindane (Gamma benzene hexachloride) is a scabicidal drug which has to be applied to the whole body below the face in the night and hot water shower the next day morning.Other family members also need to apply.Also the bedsheets and clothes need to be washed completely.What u have got is secondary infection of skin because of scratching. U can apply lindane along with antiseptic cream like fusidic acid at the part where there is sores. Answered by Jerald Leatham 6 months ago.

Treating scabies Although over-the-counter (OTC) treatments are available for scabies, it is recommended that you visit your GP if this is the first time you have had a scabies infestation. This is because other, more serious skin conditions can cause similar symptoms to scabies. It is therefore important for your GP to rule these out as a cause of your symptoms. However, if another member of your household has already been diagnosed with scabies, you will not need to visit your GP and should proceed with treatment. Creams and lotions The two most widely used treatments for scabies are permethrin cream and malathion lotion. Permethrin is usually recommended first, and malathion lotion is used if the permethrin cream proves ineffective. Both medications contain insecticides that kill the scabies mite. Applying the medication It is important that all members of your household, and any close contacts (including all your sexual partners over the last six weeks or, if you have had scabies before, any sexual person that you have had sex with within the previous 48 hours), are treated at the same time, even if they do not have any symptoms. If they are not treated, re-infection could occur. •Treatment should be applied to cool, dry skin and not after a hot bath (applying after a hot bath increases absorption into the body and removes the drug from the treatment site). •Apply it to the whole body from the chin and ears downwards, paying particular attention to the areas between the fingers and toes and under the nails and areas where there are skin folds. Treatment can be massaged under fingernails and toenails using an old toothbrush (which should be sealed in a bag and thrown away afterwards). •People with a weak immune system, the very young and elderly people should apply the treatment to the whole body including the face and scalp. •Permethrin needs to be left on for eight to 12 hours. •Malathion needs to be left on for 24 hours. •If you wash during this time (for example, washing your hands), you should reapply the treatment. •Follow-up treatment after seven days is advised to make sure the treatment is successful. This is to ensure that any mites that have hatched from existing eggs will be killed by the second application. If you are breastfeeding, the cream or lotion will need to be thoroughly washed off before feeds and reapplied if necessary. You should talk to your GP or pharmacist about using Malathion on children under six months and before using Permethrin on children aged below two years. If you are embarrassed about contacting your previous sexual partners, your GP surgery may be able to inform anyone who may have been affected that they may have been exposed to scabies, without giving them your identity. Infection control On the same day that you first apply the cream, you should also wash all clothes, bed linen, and towels, at a temperature of above 50C (122F). If you are unable to wash certain items, place them in a plastic bag for at least 72 hours, by which time the mites will have died. It is not necessary to fumigate furniture, pets, or carpets. If you have been diagnosed with scabies, you should avoid any close and prolonged physical contact with other people until you have applied the cream for the first time. You should also avoid close contact with other household members until their treatment has been completed. Children and adults can return to school, or work, after the first application of cream has been completed. Itchiness Your GP should also be able to prescribe creams, such as a mild steroid creams, that can help relieve the symptoms of itchiness. The over-the-counter (OTC) remedy, camomile lotion, may also help to relieve itchy skin. Oral antihistamines can help to control symptoms of itching and help with sleeping. These can be bought over- the counter (OTC) at your local pharmacy. However, they might cause drowsiness, so avoid driving, or operating heavy machinery, if you are affected in this way. If you unsure, check with your GP, or pharmacist. The symptoms of itchiness can persist for several weeks after treatment because your immune system is still reacting to the presence of dead mites and their waste products. See your GP if the symptoms of itchiness persist for more than six weeks. Side effects of treatment •Permethrin 5% dermal cream Side effects can include itching, numbness, a tingly feeling, stinging on application or skin irritation. You should talk to your GP or pharmacist if these side effect don’t go away. •Malathion 0.5% aqueous liquid Skin irritation can occur. You should talk to your GP or pharmacist if this worsens or doesn’t go away. There is no evidence that complementary therapies can cure scabies. There is no evidence that complementary therapies can cure scabies. If you delay seeking treatment you risk passing the condition on to someone else. You should avoid sex or close contact with others. Answered by Dia Rische 6 months ago.

Does anyone know anything about Lindane ?
My mom had to use this medication on her hair yesterday. She was not cautious in using it and it is believed that some of the medication had dripped slightly into her mouth or soaked through some of the skin. This morning my mom woke up, and was up all night feeling sick, had a bad stomach ache, and threw up once.... Asked by Traci Salos 6 months ago.

My mom had to use this medication on her hair yesterday. She was not cautious in using it and it is believed that some of the medication had dripped slightly into her mouth or soaked through some of the skin. This morning my mom woke up, and was up all night feeling sick, had a bad stomach ache, and threw up once. She said it does not feel like flu symptoms, but she feels very sick. Does anyone know anything about the medication Lindane and if it has affected anyone you know, or how dangerous it could be. I have heard things about seizures and people having issues with the medication but I do not think in my mom's case it is that serious. Answered by Sallie Abdulmateen 6 months ago.

Hi, Lindane is a pharmaceutical product for treating scabies and headlice. It is an insecticide, so be careful in getting it into your actual body. It's for external use only. Be VERY careful with this treatment, because it is known to cause seizures and sometimes death after using it for prolonged periods of time. If your mom has gotten it into her mouth and swollowed it, I strongly recommend a medical checkup, because it clearly states on the warnings that it must NOT be taken by mouth, and must not be left in the hair for more than 12 hours. Take care of your mom, and I hope everything settles down for her. Give her my kind regards. (From a Trainee Registered Nurse from Australia) Answered by Roberta Hertle 6 months ago.

What is the difference between Lindane poison and Multiple Sclerosis?
Do you know any famous person/ celebrities who have had MS or is having one? Asked by Jarvis Skarphol 6 months ago.

Scoliosis isn't an autoimmune ailment - it's with ease a curvature of the backbone and creates a now not flawlessly directly backbone in particular whilst bending forwards and will (in severe types if progressing - (such a lot keep the identical ) be disabling) Generally talking this can be a benign situation and now not of nice rationale for main issue MS or more than one sclerosis is an autoimmune ailment which assaults the primary fearful approach's conduction approach (the insulation at the nerves) and reasons most commonly extreme incapacity over years. There are special types and a few development rapidly inflicting incapacity over years others can come, get greater, worsen however nonetheless development over years. If your pal has been identified (BY A DOCTOR) she will have to recognise if she has MS - this can be a VERY severe analysis. I have a moderate scoliosi in my backbone and it reasons me no trouble whatever, If i had MS i could be pushing for maximal remedy enter and medicinal drugs to manage it ASAP Please do not confuse those stipulations any further - they're worlds aside and shouldnt be notion of within the identical breath, Hope this is helping - please see a surgeon - they're loose on this nation. Answered by Arla Streib 6 months ago.

How long does lindane stay in the body?
It was used to treat scabies Asked by Scottie Paddock 6 months ago.

Lindane is not recommended for use on the body anywhere because it is very toxic. We, in the medical community, stopped using it many years ago to treat head lice because it passes through the blood brain barrier and is thought to cause brain damage. There are other less harmful treatment for scabies. I'd search around for a new Dr. Answered by Loren Herard 6 months ago.

one treatment is one treatment. But 24-48 hours at most. Answered by Latarsha Dinn 6 months ago.

How soon after using with lindane shampoo can I use conditioner? It has left my daughters hair dry & course!?
The lindane treatment has been the last resort after months of every treatment you can think of!! Now her hair is so matted and course that I cannot even get a comb or brush through it. I don't want to risk neutralizing the residual effects of the lindane shampoo though. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Asked by Oneida Chisom 6 months ago.

Lindane will do it's job immediately, you can safely use conditioner after rinsing out the lindane. Answered by Marguerita Traughber 6 months ago.

Is LINDANE really as harmful as what they say?
I got medicine from a gov. clinic for headlice treatment. Lindane was a content. It was 0.1% of the content. Is it harmful?? Should I stop using it?? Asked by Tammi Polchinski 6 months ago.

Lindane is mixed with modern head lice solution. I think it should not be a problem because you do not use it for many times. Once the lice is gone then you will not use that anymore. Answered by Jesse Wooddell 6 months ago.

use it. lice are so resistant these days you almost have too. Answered by Myrtice Saam 6 months ago.

Head lice and lindane shampoo?
I discovered that I had a head lice infestation last night, and treated my head with lindane shampoo at around one o'clock this afternoon. Is there any reason why I cannot take a shower tonight? Also, if I do not comb out ALL of the nits, will the infestation return, or should all the lice/eggs be dead? Asked by Valentin Sanday 6 months ago.

Well, when I tried Lindane, my scalp turned bright red because I had an allergic reaction. But, yes you can take a shower, but read the label to make sure. If you didn't comb out all/most of the eggs and lice then, chances are, you will get a re-infestation because that doesn't usually kill them all. It is really hard to kill them all, so if you have time, wrap your pillows in plastic so you don't get them again soon. Answered by Leana Rucker 6 months ago.

wash your hair with mayo it helps trust me Answered by Min Crosley 6 months ago.

Should I use Lindane Lotion?
I have a skin infection on my legs, but it isn't very severe. My doctor prescribed me this lotion which is for scabies. She told me that it was okay to use it even if i don't have scabies. Im not sure if I should use it because it is poison that can cause seizures and nerve damage. Help!? Asked by Tomiko Wessner 6 months ago.

NO Absolutely not . I was poisoned by lindane lotion and it did cause seizures and nerve damage . Please don't use it . Take a warm salt bath ; and then use un perfumed lotion after you rinse off . For scabies people can just paint the infected ares with finger nail polish ( not the best stuff but better then lindane . Answered by Genevie Gase 6 months ago.

Lindane cures lice and scabies, but it may cause serious side effects. Safer medications are available to treat these conditions. You should only use lindane if there is some reason you cannot use the other medications or if you have tried the other medications and they have not worked. In rare cases, lindane has caused seizures and death. Most patients who experienced these severe side effects used too much lindane or used lindane too often or for too long, but a few patients experienced these problems even though they used lindane according to the directions. Babies; children; older people; people who weigh less than 110 lbs; and people who have skin conditions such as psoriasis, rashes, crusty scabby skin, or broken skin are more likely to experience the dangerous effects of lindane. These people should use lindane only if a doctor decides it is really needed. Lindane should not be used to treat premature babies or people who have or have ever had seizures, especially if the seizures are hard to control. Lindane is poisonous if too much is used or if it is used for too long or too often. Your doctor will tell you exactly how to use lindane. Follow these directions carefully. Do not use more lindane or leave the lindane on for a longer time than you are told. Do not use a second treatment of lindane even if you still have symptoms. You may be itchy for several weeks after your lice or scabies are killed. Your doctor or pharmacist will give you the manufacturer's patient information sheet (Medication Guide) when you begin treatment with lindane and each time you refill your prescription. Read the information carefully and ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions. Answered by Rosalie Cazeault 6 months ago.

Lindane is a pesticide. Call your Dr. and explain your problem. Answered by Rashida Saterfiel 6 months ago.

fibromyalgia or chronic use of chemical Answered by Kassie Leston 6 months ago.

Should I use Lindane Lotion? Have you?
someone else respond so i dont have to give these two the best answer Asked by Rosemarie Brunett 6 months ago.

To all those who have used it, and to medical professionals - should I be worried about using this product? My dermatologist prescribed me it, but I keep reading all these warnings and to be honest I am afraid of having a seizure, etc... Also, how should I use it? They say a thin layer but it's hard for me to rub a thin layer on my body and not concentrate it on one particular area in the beginning... Answered by Halley Oshman 6 months ago.

medically used lindane has side effects like --itching and burning sensation of skin,dryness and rash. toxic dosage has nervous system side effects,like convulsions .verystrong exposure[poisoning] can prove fatal. many countries are planning to ban its use. strictly follow your docs instructions for use. Answered by Daine Maretti 6 months ago.

Have you used Lindane Lotion? Are you expiriencing strange nerve problems, tingling and numbness?
About 2 years ago I got scabies from a client in my hair salon( I am a hairdresser) and it was aweful.. So I went to my doctor and he gave me Lindane Lotion. I used it and the scabies went away asap. Ok so a few weeks later I noticed I was not feeling well. I was fatigued all the time and my arm and the side of my... Asked by Roberto Osland 6 months ago.

About 2 years ago I got scabies from a client in my hair salon( I am a hairdresser) and it was aweful.. So I went to my doctor and he gave me Lindane Lotion. I used it and the scabies went away asap. Ok so a few weeks later I noticed I was not feeling well. I was fatigued all the time and my arm and the side of my face were having episodes of going numb.I never linked this to the Lindane lotion until no other answer could be given for my problems. Doctors found nothing wrong with me. I felt terminally ill everyday. The numbness was horrible and still is. Just theother day I asked myself what the hell is this numbness coming from, and then it dawned on me. I had used Lindane lotion and I remember hearing how toxic it was. The main side effect is nerve damage and if anyone uses the shampoo you can get brain damage. I only used the cream. So I am wondering if anyone is having similar side effect like I am after using Lindane lotion? Answered by Elizbeth Seamster 6 months ago.

After reading this question, I sent a instant message to one of our Senior Pharmacists I work for ( we are also social with one another and a few other employees outside of work and chat alot online ) .. To experience nerve damage from Lindane Lotion or Lindane Shampoo, you would have to have very frequent long term exposure from use, It would take a very large amount used over an extended period of time. You were prescribed a minimal amount to treat one outbreak of scabies. This course of treatment is in no way toxic enough to have caused permanent nerve damage and to have any effect on your body 2 years later. You can rule out the lotion. There are many toxic chemicals in products used in the various hair processes. Something here would be the likely source if this is in fact caused by a poison or toxin. I would suggest a visit to a neurologist to be tested for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and rule it out before searching for an environmental factor for your nerve problems.. Answered by Loan Riskalla 6 months ago.

Asked in diabetes conditions, therefor I respond with referring to this condition as peripheral neuropathy. Poor circulation due to elevated blood glucose levels and nerves being affected giving the brain incorrect messaging. Sensation is impacted leading to numbness and the tingling as already mentioned feels like legs permanently 'asleep'. In more severe cases the person can experience sharp intermittent pain in association with numbness and tingling. Answered by Elida Bonet 6 months ago.

fibromyalgia or chronic use of chemical Answered by Daisy Thiebeault 6 months ago.


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