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"IVY BLOCK" is the commercial name of a drug composed of BENTOQUATAM.


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Poison Oak or Ivy spots constantly! Any supplement to prevent this?
My fiance does landscaping for a living. He is constantly coming home with spots of poison oak or ivy. He is extremely allergic. What is so strange is that he wears gloves, pants, socks and shoes all day but will manange to get a spot of poison oak on his foot, hand or leg. Yesterday he came home with one on... Asked by Tania Mcgeever 2 years ago.

My fiance does landscaping for a living. He is constantly coming home with spots of poison oak or ivy. He is extremely allergic. What is so strange is that he wears gloves, pants, socks and shoes all day but will manange to get a spot of poison oak on his foot, hand or leg. Yesterday he came home with one on his buttcheek. It seems like whenever he is within 10 feet of the poisonus plants he will get it, whether he touches it or not. It's started to affect his sleep at night, which affects my sleep as well. The painful itchy bumps keep him up all night. Can anyone reccomend anything to keep him from constantly getting these poison oak or ivy rashes? Is there any kind of herb or supplement that will make his immune system stronger to the poison? Thanks so much for your help Answered by Mafalda Delosh 2 years ago.

Has he tried Ivy Block? It's a barrier cream that helps prevent the oils of poison ivy/oak/sumac from penetrating your skin. He should be very careful when removing gloves, clothes and shoes. The oil will cling to anything it comes in contact with. Regular bar soap is rather poor at dissolving the oil so he may want to wash with a degreasing soap such as Dawn. Also, some people are so extremely sensitive to these plants that they may react to pollen released from the plants. An over-reaction of the immune system to the urushiol (the chemical in the plants that triggers the reaction) is what causes the allergy. So a stronger immune system may create an even more intense reaction. People with weakened immune systems tend to have a reduced reaction to allergens. But definitely don't try to reduce your immune system functions. That could open you up to a whole host of even worse problems. Answered by Teresita Petz 2 years ago.

Poison Oak and Poisin Ivy is caused by the OIL from the leaves ~ if it gets on the outside of your gloves or clothing you can still transfer it to your skin by touch. You can't get Poison IVY/OAK from the air. You have to TOUCH it. No supplement that prevents it. Hydrocortisone helps once you see it develop on yuor skin. But there is no prevention medicine or supplements. If he sees that he has gotten it (by touch) he should wash with soap & water right away so it is not transferred to other parts of his body. Good Luck ~ perhaps another vocation might be in order. Answered by Brady Fujii 2 years ago.

Golden Seal Root! Sold at herb shops or walmart, just about anywhere. It works!! Answered by Monserrate Farrin 2 years ago.

Is there any way to prevent poison ivy?
so i went down to a stream today for my english class and there was tons of poison ivy all around and im afraid i might have stepped in it. i am really scared that i will get poison ivy. is there any way to stop it from making you itch after you come in contact with it? Asked by Winifred Ditta 2 years ago.

Prevention of Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Product such as, (Ivy Block), (Armor) and (Tecnu), should be used on your skin if you know that you may come into contact with one of these plants. Make sure you avoid poison ivy, oak and sumac by being able to recognize them. If you think that you may be working around poison ivy, wear long sleeves and long pants, tucked into boots, and impermeable gloves. If you come into contact with a poisonous plant, wash your skin in cool water as soon as possible to remove the oils of the plant and keep it from spreading further. Pets are not usually sensitive to poison ivy, oak or sumac but oil from these plants can stick on their fur and if someone pets them, it can cause a reaction. So immediately shampoo your pet. It is recommended that you wear rubber gloves. Immediately remove and wash clothing, gloves and shoes in soap or detergent. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND A VIDEO GO TO: Answered by Dominga Simeone 2 years ago.

Using calamine? (i think) lotion and running it under cool water might help. If you did come into contact with it, it will itch, but don't scratch it. The poison in poison ivy is temporary, it should wear off in 24 hrs. Answered by Karmen Mctee 2 years ago.

Try using aloe vera lotions and if you do break out in a rash, use calamine on it. Also, you could be allergic to it, so be on the lookout for an excessive swelling, large blisters, etc. Depending on how severe your case gets, a trip to the ER probably won't be out of the question. Everytime I get into it, I swell like a balloon and its off to the ER for a Cortisone shot. Good luck! Answered by Chang Deir 2 years ago.

HELP! I have some serious poison ivy...?
Like this guy right here. It is very hard to sleep and is bothering my with these big pus pimples! It is almost this bad! Asked by Helen Bilby 2 years ago.

Treating Poison Ivy Exposures If you are exposed, according to the FDA, you should quickly (within 10 minutes): first, cleanse exposed areas with rubbing alcohol. next, wash the exposed areas with water only (no soap yet, since soap can move the urushiol, which is the oil from the poison ivy that triggers the rash, around your body and actually make the reaction worse). now, take a shower with soap and warm water. lastly, put gloves on and wipe everything you had with you, including shoes, tools, and your clothes, with rubbing alcohol and water. Unfortunately, if you wait more than 10 minutes, the urushiol will likely stay on your skin and trigger the poison ivy rash. You may not be able to stop it on your skin, but you might still scrub your nails and wipe off your shoes, etc., so that you don't spread the urushiol to new areas. Commercial products, like Zanfel, Ivy Cleanse Towelettes, and Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub, are also available over-the-counter, if you don't want to use rubbing alcohol. Remember that poison ivy isn't contagious though, so touching the rash won't actually spread it. Since your kids get poison ivy a lot, having a 'poison ivy action kit' ready, with rubbing alcohol, a large bottle of water, and some soap, might be a good idea. Since rubbing alcohol can be poisonous, children should be supervised with it though and it is not something you should send off into the woods with them. Preventing Poison Ivy In addition to getting rid of poison ivy when you find it, you can avoid poison ivy by: wearing long pants and a shirt with long sleeves, boots and gloves when your kids will be most at risk, especially when playing in wooden areas, around lakes, or going on hikes apply Ivy-Block to exposed areas Poison Ivy Treatments Typical treatments for poison ivy are going to be directed at helping to control your child's itching, and can include non-steroidal topical medications, topical steroids, oral antihistamines (Benadryl), and/or oral steroids (prednisone) or a steroid shot. Wet dressings, compresses, or soaks with Domeboro solution mixed with water (modified Burow's Solution) or Aveeno oatmeal baths can be especially soothing for itchy rashes. Examples include: Atarax (hydroxyzine, a prescription oral antihistamine) Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Aveeno 1% Hydrocortizone Anti-Itch Cream (OTC topical steroid) Band-Aid Anti-Itch Gel Caladryl Clear Topical Analgesic Skin Lotion Calamine Lotion Cortizone 10 (OTC topical steroid) Cutivate cream 0.05% (prescription topical steroid) Domeboro Astringent Solution Powder Packets Gold Bond Maximum Strength Medicated Anti-Itch Cream Itch-X Anti-Itch Gel with Soothing Aloe Vera Locoid cream 0.1% (prescription topical steroid) Triamcinolone acetonide 0.1% (prescription topical steroid) Newer medications that are supposed to target poison ivy symptoms include: Burts's Bees Poison Ivy Soap Cortaid Poison Ivy Care Treatment Kit Ivarest Medicated Cream IvyStat Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub Zanfel Wash For Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac If your child has a history of severe reactions to poison ivy or his rash is quickly spreading, be sure to see your Pediatrician right away for professional help. Keep in mind that many children need prescription strength oral steroids or a steroid shot to avoid severe poison ivy reactions Answered by Bettina Keri 2 years ago.

Can i take a bath with poison ivy?
i have poison ivy and i want to take a bath, will it spread it all over me or not? Asked by Carin Ringgold 2 years ago.

WTF is that girl talking about, cutting it? Right on, write out a will while you're at it. Anyways, I put on the ivy block or calamine lotion *pink lotion* and then just rest. Why couldn't you take a shower? It's not bad to wash your body if you have poison ivy, however it might hurt when you try to towel off. I would rather keep my body dry and put on the lotion and bathe IF need be. Answered by Tiera Dorothy 2 years ago.

No. Don't do it. That's like bathing in it. First make blood come out so cut it. Then bleach it. Wash with towel. The bleach hurts like crazy!! Answered by Jacinda Warga 2 years ago.

How can I prevent poison ivy from getting on me?
I am like a magnet for poison ivy. When ever I go in the woods or even in my backyard I always get a rash. I am going on a hike in a few days with my family in the woods. How can I prevent poison ivy from getting on me? Asked by Bruna Goodwyn 2 years ago.

Most important, learn to identify the plant and avoid it. Wear long pants & sleeves, socks and cover as much as possible. Ivy Block helps wrists, etc. Wash as soon as possible if you did (or might have touched the plant). Even plain water (stream, drinking fountain) is better than nothing. Fels Naptha bar soap is the classic wash, but any detergent will do to remove the oil. Wash the clothing you wore asap, and wash your hands again after you put those clothes in the wash. Anithistamines help a bit as does the sap of jewel weed. If a rash gets really nasty, run it under water almost hot enough to burn. No, PI is not spread by scratching nor is it contagious. Answered by Minnie Soper 2 years ago.

When you go in the woods, try not to itch any part of your body that might come in contact with any leaves. When you are done hiking, go straight to the shower and wash yourself. That way all the itchy stuff (whatever makes you itch from poison ivy) will get off of you! Hope that this helps! Have Fun!!!! Answered by Agustin Umphrey 2 years ago.

wear clothing that gives you lots of coverage, long sleeve shirts and long pants, close toed shoes (with crew cut socks)....this prevents skin contact with the poision ivy. Also be aware of your surroundings and stay out of bushes and areas you can't thouroughly check for poision ivy. Answered by Cori Fogo 2 years ago.

You probably shouldn't go. I don't think you can stop it once it gets on you. I guess the only way to stop it is not get in it. Answered by Timmy Doyne 2 years ago.


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