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What is the difference between Humalog and Humalog 75/25?
I know that Humalog 75/25 is a mix. time delay or something, but what is the difference with just Humalog? can it be taken in the same way as the Mix? Does it need to be mixed with something in order to take?
  Humalog 75/25 means that 75% of the mixture is long-acting insulin (same insulin except it has protamine added to make it act over an extended period of time), and 25% is short-acting.
Mixtures like this help keep tighter control of blood sugars because it sort of covers all bases - the quick coverage for your next meal (if you take it right before you eat) and the longer, steadier coverage to last all day.
Novolog/Apidra help? Preferably people who have switched from humalog to novolog?
Im having trouble with post meal highs (due to the lag in humalog) I dont like going up to 240 so my dr told me to try novolog or apidra (my doc says those act faster). I have samples for both.

I wanted to know, is novolog superior to humalog in terms of peak time? Ive read studies, but I want first-hand opinions?

Did you like novolg or humalog better? Is apidra better than either?
been on humalog since '99, just switched off of lantus due to feeling unhealthy and on levemir now, but just wanted to tweak those post meals, since I can feel my highs better on levemir.

Current a1c is 6.7
been type 1 since '93...started off on lente/ultralente/regular, then switched out the regular for humalog in '99 and then went on lantus after lente and ultra was discontinued by lilly. Currently on levemir and humalog, but like i said, I was looking for a better fast acting :)
  I've been on Novolog since day 1 but my aunt happens to be on Humalog. We did a fun little experiment one day and my Novolog worked about an hour to an hour and a half faster than Humalog.

Honestly, I haven't seen much about Apridra, but I know that Novolog has kept my A1C in a very normal range and I'm doing very well.
Humalog mix 75/25?
I have been on Humulin R & NPH for many years. My doctor recently switched me to Lantus. I'm having to take 3 to 4 shots daily of Humulin R to bring my sugar down. I'm going to ask my doctor about the Humalog mix. How is the mix working for you?
Thank you both for your advice.I'm really not thrilled about the idea of going on the pump. I honestly don't know if it would be financially possible. I'm very interested in going on Humalog 75/25 or Humalog 50/50 if my doctor will agree. The Lantus is doing nothing at all for me without 3 to 4 shots of Humulin Regular each day. My BS level was 82 this morning. I had a peanut butter sandwich and it jumped to 339 within a few hours. This is with Lantus in my system and without taking any R this morning. I'd rather try the Humalog Mix and take, hopefully, two shots a day. I took 30 units of Lantus last night.
Diana J
  the premixed insulin regimens (like humalog mix) have the advantage of being used only twice daily. They contain a rapid acting insulin (like humalog, and a intermediate acting one, like NPH). the problem is that this regimen is less flexible. It can cause hypoglicemias because the 2 types of insulin add their maximum effect 3 hours after the administration. The dose adjustment is hard too,let's say you have hyperglicemia before dinner.the logic thing to do would be to increase the morning dose, but then a hypoglicemia can occur before noon.
From my experience in diabetes care (5 years only), I can tell that the premixed insulins don't work so good in type 1 diabetes, they should be used for limited time, but many people choose this option because there are only 2 injections, not 4 or 5.

Your doctor (or yourself) have to adjust the dose of Lantus, in order to decrease the need for rapid insulin during the day.
Another option would be replacing humulin R with Humalog. (not humalog mix) This insulin acts faster, you can inject it right before the meal or even right after. Or Apidra .
What's the difference in Humulin R and Humalog?
I just started on Lantus two days ago..My doctor mentioned Humalog to me but for now I'm still taking Regular a couple of times a day. My sugars are way too high. The doctor just increased my Lantus again today. Thanks..
Thank you. Does Humalog work better for most people?
Thank you all.
Diana J
  I have not used Regular insulin since Humalog became available years ago (Lantus is great but this is a basal or long acting insulin). Regular is variable in onset and duration and typically too slow in onset for proper prandial (post meal) gluocse control. Humalog and Novalog are the 1st truly rapid acting insulins - both of which are available in pen systems that are much preferred by all - and the use of Regular is no longer appropriate.
john e russo md facm faafp
Humilag and Humulin N: are they similar?
My fiance has Type 1 Diabetes and has just run out of Humalog. My father is also Diabetic and had a brand new bottle of Humulin N and offered to give it to my fiance (since my father has health care and my fiance does not). My question is can he use Humulin N eventhough he usually uses Humalog? Why or why not? And if you can provide any websites, that would be great.
Also, his usual dose of Humalog is 6 to 7 units. How much more or less of Humulin would he have to take?
  OK, Your type 1 diabetic fiance should know this unless he is just recently diagnosed. Humalog is a rapid acting insulin and Humulin N is NPH is a long/intermediate acting insulin. NPH lasts 18+ hours and has a peak, Humalog starts to work in 15 min. and lasts only 4-6 hours. To get advice on weather or not he should sub the one for the other I say NO! Ask a Dr. about samples and you can call Eli Lilly to get on a patient assist program.
Are you a type 1 Diabetic using Humalog penfill? How do you find it?
I am currently taking Toronto regular insulin for the last 20yrs.My Dr. reccommended Humalog for better control and change.
  I always just got mine at the pharmacy.
How exactly does Humalog work?
I have been on Humilin 70/30 but my uncle passed away recently and my aunt gave me his insulin pens which are Humalog. What's the difference? I'm thinking it works right away, is this correct?
  Do you use a Humulin or a Humilin?
Let me suppose you use humulin. Humulin 70/30 is made by eli-lilly, it is a mixed insulin with Humulin N 70%+Humulin R 30%.

The major different is an action.
Humalog is also made by eli-lilly but it is a rapid acting insulin. It has onset <02.5~0.5 hour, peak 0.5~2.5hour, effective duaraion 2~4hour.
R is a short acting insullin. It has onset <0.5~1h(hour), peak 2~3h, effective duration 3~6h.
N is a intermediate acting insulin. It has oneset 2~4h, peak 4~10h, effective duration 4~16h.

If you want to use humalog, you have to use it with humulin N or for an additional shot when you are hyperglycemia only.

If you need more help or if you want to change your prescription, ask your doctor.
Humalog 50/50 pen?
Can anyone tell me why you are suppose to refrigerate the Humalog 50/50 pen before use, but after the first use you are suppose to store it at room temperature? This doesn't make any sense to me. I've always had to keep all of my other insulin's refrigerated at all times.
  The Humalog 50/50 pen is good for up to 30 days unrefrigerated. You should keep it refrigerated until you are ready to use the new pen to keep from going over that 30 day mark prior to your first use. Even multi-use vials of insulin can be kept unrefrigerated if you anticipate using the entire contents within 30 days. I hope this helps.
**single humalog pen?
which online CANADIAN pharmacy sells single humalog pens? the best i could find is a pack of 3 pens but i do not need all three. please help
  Insulin Therapy is an on-going therapy. Why would you NOT need all three?

In the United States, it is illegal to break open a box to sell ONE pen. In this respect, Canadian laws are often similar.
Gary B
batches of humalog can have different effects on blood sugar?
I get a new 3 month Humalog prescription and my blood sugar levels run high.
how much does the humalog unrefrigerated pen cost in the united states?
I just learned that there is an unrefrigerated insulin pen, Humalog. I was wondering if anybody has used this and what is the price, in the United States, at Walmart, if possible.
Hannah's Mom
Where can I get cheaper Humalog insulin?
I have been a diabetic for over 12 years now and recently my doctor started me on Humalog insulin which has worked pretty good so far BUT, it is very expensive. I have insurance but even with my insurance I pay about $150.00 every three weeks for two viles. It adds up and I need this to live so I am wondering if anyone knows of any coupons or has any advice as to where I can get this insulin for a less expensive price. Thanks!
Thelma H
  They might have it here, though I am not sure

Its were i get my test strips.
Exactly what is a 3ml Pen for Humalog 75/25? How would I find out how many units is in each Pen?
I am looking for a way to find out how many uses is in 1 Humalog 75/25 Pen 3ml.
  100 units per every 1ml -millileter same as CC -cubic centimeter

so you have 300 units there of an insulin mix

Talk to your doctor about how many units per use and how many for correction of high blood sugar. Don't worry, it should get easier with time...
Chris the discerner
Diabetes: Humalog Pen?
I use the humalog pen for when i eat and obiously when my sugar is a bit high. of late I've gotten some blood inside the pen. i called my pharmacy and they told me to discard the pen. i dont have money to be purchasing more pens just because i get some blood in it. i mean, sometimes they are brand new. it irritates me and makes me want to go back to using syringes. but i love the easyness of carrying the pen around with me.
what should i do? any personal experiance? should i really be throwing out the pens with a bit of my own blood away? it just seems like im throwing away my money.
=( ive been using the pen for about a year and a half and have gotten blood in at least 12 of them.
Mars S
  Can't you just click in another unit or two and squirt the blood out? As long as you do it immediately and then change out your needle cap, I can't imagine there would be a problem...especially since it's your own blood...but if you are sensitive to infections this would probably not be a good plan.

Before I was on a pump I used to reuse my syringes lots of times...between a dozen and 20x, usually. I would occasionally get a tad of blood in there and that's how I handled it, just pushed hard on the plunger until all the blood was out. And with the pump it happens occasionally too where the cannula (tubing) gets inserted and I see blood. I just give myself a dose and I watch the blood go back through the tubing and back into me! Never had a problem...
Do you take insulin or pills?
If you are on insulin what type and how many times a day do you have to take it??
I am on Humalog(4 times a day) and Novolin N(twice a day)
What type of oral pills?
I was on oral medicine till I got pregnant
I'm not asking these questions to be preached at or whatever I have been diabetic for 10 years I know my routine and follow it to a tee every day I was just wondering what others do.

Am not asking these questions to get stupid or idiotic answers just trying to get some other peoples angles on what they do. So please if you can't answer seriously move on
this is the way they had it set up when I was pregnant and my body is responding well with doing it this way, so they don't want to change anything I go in a couple of months for my annual check-up and then the doctor and I will talk about other avenues. I am on a sliding scale for the humalog it depends on my number
I mix the Humalog and Novolin in the morning and at bedtime and then at lunchtime and dinnertime it is a sliding scale according to whatever my numbers are
  I'm type one so I have no choice but to take insulin. I am on Humalog fast acting, take 1 unit for every 15 carbs. Also on Lantus, which I love which makes life soooo much easier! I test about three times a day, at random times.
Why has my humalog insulin stopped working?
I went on vacation and brought an additional Humalog pen with me. When I started using it about a week later it was working okay at first. But last night I had to throw the insulin out because it was working at all. The temp last week didn't go above 80 deg and I kept the additional pen inside near dark. I thought the max temp was 85? I'm just not sure why it worked for the first couple of days this week, but then all of a sudden it was not affective?
By not working I mean my blood glucose would not come down (until I opened a new pen).
  I use humalog insulin. When i buy the insulin, I always leave it out of refrigerator. I hate injecting cold insulin. I live here in the south and the temperature is in the 90s and heat has little effect on the insulin. Perhaps there was another reason like stress or infection or etc. You mentioned a vacation. Hhhhhmmm When I came back from my vacation, I had double the work and double the stress. Sometimes I have no idea why my blood sugar is so off but it happens
Can I switch my Humalog insulin to Novalog?
I am out of my humalog insulin and I only have Novalog. If I take the novalog, is it safe?
  My son switched from one to the other with no problems. Double check with your endocrinologist before you do it though.
how much humalog insulin is in a Prefilled Pen (5 x 3 mL)?
  In each pre-filled pen, my friend, there are 3 mls. This equates to 300 units of U100 insulin. I believe that nearly every country in the world is using U100 insulin for treatment of humans.

Do be aware, however, that you will expel a little of this each time you attach a new needle AND prior to each injection if you're one of the people that use a needle repeatedly. (This is to eject any air that may be present.)

The total of 5 x 3 ml pre-filled pens would be 15 mls or 1500 units. (There's 100 units in each ml of insulin if we're talking U100 insulin.)

If you're trying to calculate how long these pre-filled pens will last you for, do allow for the wastage.

Insulin for treatment of animals is usually of a lower strength (U20, U40 or U80) though I'm not aware of Humalog being used for animal treatments. This doesn't, of course, mean that it's not. I'm just not a vet so don't have a ready source of information for that.
What is the difference between Humulin and Humalog?
Are these two types of insulin very different?
James C
  Both of the above are incorrect. Here is a more comprehensive chart of insulin types:

RAPID ACTING: (3 times/day)

Regular Insulin
Humulin R
Novolin R

MEDIUM ACTING: (2 times/day)
NPH Insulin
Humulin N or L
Novolin N or L

LONG ACTING: (once a day)

Along with these there are a variety of premixed insulin types available. These premixes include a rapid/short acting insulin along with a medium/long acting one.

NPH & Regular:
Novolin 70/30
Humuiln 70/30
Humulin 50/50

Lispro-Lispro Protamine:
Humalog Mix 75/25

Aspart-Aspart Protamine:
Novolog Mix 70/30


Therefore, the differences between Humalog and Humulin are many. Humalog is a rapid acting insulin. Humulin can be either rapid or medium depending upon whether it is R or N. Humalog is dosed three times a day with meals. Humulin N is usually dosed twice a day or maybe once a day if newly diagnosed.

Overall, insulin dosing is very complex and can become quite complicated. It is important to follow the schedule that was set by the doctor.
I'm on low-dosage humalog. Why do I have to dispose of pen after 28 days - does the insulin go bad?
  You dispose of it only if you opened it and kept it at room temperature. but if u used it and again refrigerated it, it will be good for a few weeks. if it's still sealed it can be stored in refrigerator temperature for a few years.
How many seconds PER UNIT of insulin do you count for a Humalog pen injection?
  on average about 5 to 6 sec per 10 units at least that is what i have found to work the best. otherwise the best thing to do is just trial and error!
Has anyone found a good alternative to Ultralente?
Ultralente has been discontinued. Has anybody found a viable alternative to this ultra long-lasting insulin that can be mixed with Humalog?
Levemer, Detemer, and Lantis CANNOT be mixed with Humalog. Ia m asking for long lasting insulin that mixes with Humalog. I get the feeling I may be SOL. Thanks a frikkin' lot, Elly Lilly & Co, for discontinuing a product that keeps me alive. Frikkin' jerks.
I've tried Lantus. It makes me sick, plus it requires me to double the amount of times I have to inject because I can't mix. The Ultralente was perfect. I am really worried that I won't be able to find a good combination. It took a lot of experimenting through combinations of Humalog, Regular, NPH, and Lente before I found Ultralente. I hear lots of animals depending on insulin will die because Ultralente worked well for them and required less injections by their owners. Owners will feel less inclined to let these animals live if they have to inject them twice as much.
Mixing is important because I already inject 4x a day. Two w/H&U and 2 just H.
With the inability to mix, that ups me to 6 injections a day. I don't know about you, but I would prefer a viable Ultralente substitute than to up my injections and take insulin that makes me sick.

A pump is crap because I can't rely on batteries. I enter remote places at extreme temperatures for extended time periods. It might work for the average joe-shmoe, but not for me.
It's not an issue about hurting. It's the frikkin' hassle of an additional 2 shots daily and feeling sick on a different insulin. It really bites that just my well-doing insulin was discontinued. I was doing well on my regimen. Levemer I guess is my only last option. Hopefully it won't make me sick like the others. As I stated already, pumps bite for extreme conditions, just like bg meters. I miss the old color coded test strips that worked in any conditions and did not require batteries because they required no meter.
  Unfortunately, the insulins you could mix, you don't want to use and the rest can't be mixed. I'm not sure why you can't use a pump. You say the pump won't work for you, which would be the best alternative for I think you might be right, you're sol. Levemir is supposed to be a lot better than might work for control, but of course that won't help you with taking less injections. Sorry, sucks.
Humalog Pen Pharmacy Script (By lilly)?
Hello, i left 3 insulin pens out for about 2 and a half days. I would like to know if its still any good. Thank you.
  Yes it is still good unless there has been prolonged EXTREME temperature (like frozen or over 100 degrees for a long time). I have a friend who have taken insulin with them to Israel during the summer and not refrigerated it. He cleared this with his endocrinologist first. My advice is to call the Doctor and ask (don't take my or another poster's word for it--ask your health care provider). He/She will tell you and knows based upon the experience of other patients. The pharmacy is a good idea, but I don't think people tell them as often as their doctor about their experience with the medication.
The Bear
how is apidra different from other rapid acting insulins?
Other RA insulins: humalog and novolog
  My information shows that Apidra, Novolog, and Humulog are all equivalent, chemically.

There MAY be differences is dosages due to the concentration of insulin in the mixture, so there is NO REASON to believe that 1ml of Apidra is the same as 1ml of Humulog or 1ml of Novolog, though.

The three medications canNOT be directly interchanged without adjustment of dosages!

If YOU prefer one brand over another, ask you doctor to prescribe the brand YOU like. Your doctor can make the appropriate dosage adjustments.
Gary B
What is the fastest acting insulin?
I know about Humalog, Novolog, and Apidra. Are there any others? I've heard a few people say Apidra has a quicker onset. Is that true? Thanks for the help!!
  Apidra.This is Sanofi-Aventis's fast acting insulin. It is the newest of the fast acting insulins. It is a bit faster than either Humalog or Novolog and many people (self included) find it can be injected at the time of eating or even after eating and work very well.

Good luck

Tin S
What happens to humalog insulin when it goes past its expiration date?
I assume it would just stop working, or are there other effects? Like instead of working right away it works on a delay?
  Your right it just loses its effectiveness. Never use it because it can be harmful. I have had juvenile diabetes since i was 4 and once i accidentally gave expired insulin, i ended up in the hospital.
Just throw it away before it comes too close to expiration date and don't leave it in the sun either.
Difference between Novolog and Humalog insulin?
I know that they are both "fast acting" in oppose to regular and NPH insulin. But is there any differences between the two and how they break down carbs, effective ness etc?
  Like Regular, Humalog and Novolog are used to cover meals and snacks. Most meals raise the blood sugar for only 2 to 3 hours afterwards. Once injected, Regular insulin takes 30 minutes to begin working, peaks between 2 and 4 hours and hangs on for 6 to 8 hours, long after the meal stopped raising the blood sugar. Humalog and Novolog, on the other hand, begin working in about 10 minutes, peaks at one to one and a half hours and are gone in about three and a half to four hours.

Many people who've tried these faster insulins report that their control is improved and that they feel better. The great advantage of fast insulins are that they match the "action time" for most meals. You can take them as you begin eating, rather than the 30 to 45 minutes prior to eating required of Regular. No longer do you need to accurately anticipate when you (or your young child with diabetes) will begin eating. In addition, Humalog and Novolog leave your body faster so you don't have residual insulin causing low blood sugars in the late afternoon or, even worse, in the middle of the night.

For most meals, fast insulins will be lowering the blood sugar at the same time the food is raising it. The rise in the blood sugar seen in the couple of hours after eating is much lower, especially with Novolog, and by the end of three hours the blood sugar is often back to its starting point.

With Humalog or Novolog, you're better equipped to prevent spiking blood sugar between meals, while avoiding the lows that result from the combined buildup of Regular and long-acting insulins. The new Lantus insulin is an excellent choice when using these fast insulins to cover meals. The clearly defined action times for the fast insulins makes it easier to correctly adjust meal doses.

Humalog and Novolog are also excellent insulins to use to lower high blood sugars. Their faster action means that less time is spent at high blood sugar levels, and there will be less residual insulin triggering low blood sugars later.

Humalog is produced by Lilly and was first released in the U.S. in 1996, while Novolog is made by Novo Nordisk and was released in 2001. Both insulins offer quicker action time than the original "short-acting" Regular insulin, which first became available in 1921. However, users also report significant differences in activity between each of the three insulins. Let's first look at these differences.

couple of major differences are being reported by users between Novolog and Humalog. Especially among pumpers who switch from Humalog to Novolog, reports have surfaced that Novolog appears to be both stronger and quicker than Humalog, and doses have to be cut in order to prevent hypoglycemia. Dose reductions are often in the 10% range, and it may be wise to reduce doses right away to prevent unwanted lows. If, instead, blood sugars rise, doses can always be raised again.

Novolog also starts working faster than Humalog. Although no direct comparison of Novolog and Humalog has been reported, one research study found that in normal individuals, Novolog reaches peak activity at 52 minutes, compared to 145 minutes (2 hours and 25 minutes) for Regular insulin. Humalog peaks at about 75 minutes (Eur J Clin Pharmacol 1999 May;55(3):199-203). Both pumpers and injectors may note lower post-meal readings due to the faster onset of action.

The clearly defined action times of the fast insulin makes it easier to troubleshoot problems. For information on how to determine the number of carbs covered by each unit, see the 500 Rule in the Pocket Pancreas. Humalog and Novolog are also excellent for lowering high blood sugars with less time spent at high blood sugar levels, and less residual insulin left to trigger low blood sugars later. For information on how to safely lower highs, see the 1800 Rule, also in the Pocket Pancreas.
Help on Diabetes
Would an epipen only exacerbate the effects of an insulin overdose?
If a person accidently overdosed the amount of Humalog, would an epipen worsen the effect of the drug?
  Yes, the epipen will make the insulin overdose symptoms worse.

Insulin decreases your blood glucose. When your blood glucose falls too low due to an insulin overdose, your body goes into "alarm mode" so you get rapid heartbeat, shaking, sweating, palpitations, cold clammy skin etc.

This is due to the body making epinephrine/norepinephrine to counter the falling blood glucose in an attempt to get as much blood and glucose to the brain as possible (your brain needs a constant supply of glucose). If you use the epipen you're just adding more epinephrine, and that will feed the cycle and make the symptoms worse.
Diabetics on insulin?
Is anyone on here taking the insulin Humalog Mix 75/25? If so, how many units do you take and is it working for you? I've been on it for about 6 months and my blood sugars are still to high. My HA1C was 8.5 yesterday. I am just wondering if anyone here has had success with this insulin.
  When I was first starting to go on insulin, my doctor was going to give me the Humalog Mix, but she changed her mind and give me just Humalog, because she said that it didn't work for everyone. Also, I do take Lantus at bedtime. My A1C was 7.9- not great, but better than it was before.

The trick with most insulin, is to make it work for you. I have a baseline which I start from - 17units at breakfast and lunch which for me is for about 30 grams of carbohydrates at those meals, and 25 units for 45 grams of carbohydrates at dinner. And then I go up from there, if I am having more carbohydrates.(about 5 units for every 10 grams of carbs). This was specifically designed for me by a Diabetes educator. If you haven't seen one, then perhaps you can ask your doctor about a referral. They will be able to work out a plan that works for you.

Also, talk to your doctor about the possibility of changing your insulin. Most of the time it is trial and error, poking until they get it right.

Good Luck to you, I hope this helps.
My Question is about Diabetes?
I am 34 yrs old and i am 5'10 to 5'11 i am caucasin and I have Diabetes since i was Younger. I am like 342 or so lbs I resently just been told i have Diabetic Neuropathy. which cause i didnt take care of My Blood sugars off and on. and Plus Diabetic and Non Diabetic People can get Neuropathy. Well My Question is if i am very serious about losing weight since it's my weight that i am a Diabetic. and I eat Healthier which i am now. and I am walking My Malls 2 30min walks around the whole Mall. and I test My Blood Sugar Now. and they are so Normal. and I take My insulin which i am on Humalog 75/25 Mix I take 46 units at morning and 46 units at night I take Metformin which i take a thousand in the morning and a thousand at night and i take Glipizide 10mg and I take Lisinopril and I take a generic formfor the same family as Tricor. and I take Simvastatin and I take Nerrontin 600mg for the Neuropathy. and I take Fish Oil Vitamins on top of that and i take Welbutrin i think it it's Xl or sr. i take 2 150mg in morning and 2 150mg at night. now if i study walk and do exercise like i am suppose to and eat right eat fresh vegetables and drink water. and My Meds like i had listed there. will i still have complications of Diabetes if i am losing weight and doing what i am suppose to be doing.
  Doctors learn a lot about drugs. They don't learn about how to help the body heal itself. Did your doctor tell you that metformin can cause neuropathy? I thought not. I used to have peripheral neuropathy. I got rid of the pain with vitamin D and regenerated the damaged nerves with a particular type of vitamin B12 called methylcobalamin.

"Researchers found that 40% of type 2 diabetes patients using metformin had vitamin B12 deficiency or were in the low-normal range for the essential vitamin. And 77% of metformin users with vitamin B12 deficiency also had peripheral neuropathy, a common form of nerve damage associated with type 2 diabetes."

"Peripheral neuropathy is a type of nerve damage most often characterized by pain, tingling, and numbness in the hands and feet."

"Because peripheral neuropathy is such a major complication of diabetes, researchers say the results suggest that people using metformin be screened for vitamin B12 deficiency or supplemented with vitamin B12. Also, anyone already diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy who uses metformin should be screened for vitamin B12 deficiency."

Drugs do not guarantee no complications. The best thing you can do is educate yourself. There are several doctors whose programs have cured diabetics. That is the best way to avoid complications. Check out the source links.

The vitamin D I used to get rid of the pain was 50,000 IU D3 per day for three days, then 10,000 IU. The pain was gone within a week. Regenerating the damaged nerves took a couple of months. I took 30mg (30,000 mcg) per day for ten days, then 10mg (10mcg) per day. The B12 you get in the stores is cyanocobalamin and it doesn't work.

The number one cause of elevated cholesterol and triglycerides is fructose. You have to absolutely avoid table sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The only way to do that is to avoid all packaged food and fast food.

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