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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 006459/001.

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"HETRAZAN" is the commercial name of a drug composed of DIETHYLCARBAMAZINE CITRATE.


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Answered questions

What is hetrazan 100?
diethylcarbanazine citrate tab i.p. what is the use of this medicine. please give details. is it safe for long time use,3 times a day. Asked by Lorita Pyne 2 years ago.

Hetrazan, an anthelmintic agent does not resemble other antiparasitic compounds. It is a synthetic organic compound which is highly specific for several common parasites. Hetrazan causes rapid disappearance of microfilaria of w. Bancrofti, w. Malayi, and loa loa from the blood of infected man, and of microfilaria of o. Volvulus from skin. Microfilariae from nodules containing adult female worms, and from hydrocele are not eliminated. It kills adult worms of loa loa and also presumably of w. Bancrofti and w. Malayi but not of o. Volvulus. The mechanism of filaricidal action is unknown. The action on microfilariae is two fold: firstly to decrease muscular activity and thus immobilize the microfilaria due to hyperpolarization, the secondly to render microfilaria more susceptible to destruction by host defense mechanisms. Heterazan causes rapid resolution of symptoms in tropical eosinophilia Indications Filariasis 2 mg/kg body weight three times a day following meals (100 mg tds for an adult of 50 kg) for 3 to 4 weeks. The course may be repeated once in six months Tropical eosinophilia 13 mg/kg body weight once daily or in divided doses (2 tablets of 100 mg tds for a 50 kg adult) for 4 to 7 days Mass chemotherapy 2 mg/kg for 3 days each month for 12 months is adequate to interrupt filaria transmission in public health programmes Contraindications Hetrazan is contraindicated in patients with proven hypersensitivity to the drug Warnings Administration of hetrazan should be made with care to avoid or control allergic or other untoward reactions. In severe infections and in o. Volvulus and/or loa loa infections, therapy may be better initiated with low doses, or with pretreatment with corticosteroids. Answered by Zella Kingore 2 years ago.

It's not a widely used anti-helminthic (anti-parasitic) agent. It's been touted to work with Filiriasis and other parasitic infections. Answered by Clemente Mcbrady 2 years ago.

Why hetrazan 100mg is prescribed for eosinophilia?
i have undergone a blood test and the eosinophilia count is found to be 9%. ENT doctor prescribed me hetrazan 100mg tablets..later i came to know that hetrazan is diethyl carbamazine citrate and is i have a confusion that why hetrazan is prescribed for eosinophilia condition? Asked by Terrilyn Laska 2 years ago.

Hetrazan first came as anti-helmintic. Later, it was found to be useful in filariasis. Then it was found that it cures tropical eosinophilia. So, it has multiple uses. There is no confusion here. Answered by Abbie Porter 2 years ago.

My eosinophils count in the blood last 2 months reduced from 13 to 10. Dr has prescribed Hetrazan 100 thrice daily for another month. But I find skin allergy is increasing in the neck and hand joints. I have another medicine Floracot 200,R Rotacap to be used by Revolizer. It looks that skin allergy is due to use of Hetrazan 100. What should I do? Answered by Pearline Kerin 2 years ago.

Is there any side affect of this medicine Answered by Rona Muddiman 2 years ago.

Where can I buy the drug named HETRAZAN (Diethylcarbamazine)?
Asked by Alana Uimari 2 years ago.

You need a prescription. Answered by Callie Bieler 2 years ago.

you need 2 see the doctor 4 a perscripton Answered by Belle Wurzbacher 2 years ago.

In the pharmacy with prescription . Answered by Jonna Va 2 years ago.

My physician has prescribed me Tab Hetrazan for ear ailement, it is good for the treatment or not to take it.?
Asked by Zenaida Peron 2 years ago.

It is a drug used to treat filariasis (see elephantitis) which is a parasite infection. I would take it. Answered by Curtis Bosko 2 years ago.

Why pay to go to a doctor and than not accept there professional opinion? Answered by Gwenn Perillo 2 years ago.

I wish to know the possible drugs that can cure fileria. Are these drugs I can get over the counter?
Sorry for that lopsided language, I was trying to say, Can I get this drug over the counter Asked by Roderick Donner 2 years ago.

Hetrazan / banocide forte , ivermectin , albendazole in various combinations are effective , and the symptoms you describe are not that of filariasis , consult a doctor , Answered by Randall Julio 2 years ago.

What should be the dose of banocide forte tablet and for how long one has to take for the filarial infestation?
Asked by Shaquana Shaull 2 years ago.

pps, Diethylcarbamazine (DEC) – the trade names for this drug are Hetrazan. Carbilazine. Caricide. Cypip. Ethodryl. Notézine. Spatonin. Filaribits. Banocide Forte - is an anthelmintic drug that does not resemble other antiparasitic compounds. It is a synthetic organic compound which is highly specific for several parasites and does not contain any toxic metallic elements. Filariasis – Adult dose is initially, 1 mg/kg daily, increased gradually to 6 mg/kg daily over 3 days then maintained for 3 wk. A corticosteroid may be given concurrently for the treatment of filarial infections. Prophylaxis of loiasis (The disease caused by the eye worm known as loa loa, a parasite that lives in humans and other primates). Adult dose is 300 mg weekly. ALL ANSWERS SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED, IN ANY FORUM AND ESPECIALLY IN THIS ONE. - MANY ANSWERS ARE FLAWED. It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms. The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. Hope this helps matador 89 Answered by Carolyn Centore 2 years ago.

This Site Might Help You. RE: what should be the dose of banocide forte tablet and for how long one has to take for the filarial infestation? Answered by Tamekia Esenwein 2 years ago.

It never completely goes away it removes itself unpredictably almost fades away but always always returns whether a rainy or a cloudy or a sunny day then thoughts return yes the same ones immediately how to RID that infestation once and for all before you turn too gray. Answered by Roseline Griner 2 years ago.

Re...My White Blood Cell Count was goes to 75000. What does mean?
I am a Sri Lankan. Before 5 years ago I was admitted in Gampaha General Hospital for sick by my self. No special appearance in outside. Seems as a normal person. But my WBC counts was 75000 in that moment. Doctors was exited. Thay said 81000 mean dead. They gave Hectazan Course for last. Before they did Ultrasound... Asked by Mona Waiters 2 years ago.

I am a Sri Lankan. Before 5 years ago I was admitted in Gampaha General Hospital for sick by my self. No special appearance in outside. Seems as a normal person. But my WBC counts was 75000 in that moment. Doctors was exited. Thay said 81000 mean dead. They gave Hectazan Course for last. Before they did Ultrasound scan, Bone Marrow test, many blood tests and etc. But that situation was possible or what? Blood report in 2002-05-27 W.B.C=75000 Neutrophils=06% Lymphocytes=11% Esinophils=81% Monocytes=02% Basophils=00% Haemoglobin=16.50 g/dl P.C.V=46.60% R.B.C=5.57 M/Cu mm M.C.V=84.00 Cu Micrones M.C.H=29.60 ffg M.C.H.C=35.40 g/dl Platelet Count=142,000 Filarial Antibody Test in 2002-06-01 Weakly Positive Blood report in 2002-06-22 W.B.C=8200 Neutrophils=61% Lymphocytes=30% Esinophils=08% Monocytes=01% Basophils=00% Haemoglobin=13.70 g/dl P.C.V=42.4% R.B.C=5.02 M/Cu mm M.C.V=84.50 Cu Micrones M.C.H=27.30 ffg M.C.H.C=32.2 g/dl The Red Cells=Normocytic & Normochromic Platelet Count=335 Answered by Hermina Simmering 2 years ago.

Ferri: Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2008, 1st ed.: COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT (CBC) White blood cells 3200-9800 mm3 (3.2-9.8 × 109/L [CF: 0.001; SMI: 0.1 × 109/L]) Red blood cells Male: 4.3-5.9 × 106/mm3 (4.3-5.9 × 1012/L [CF: 0.001; SMI: 0.1 × 1012/L]) Female: 3.5-5 × 106/mm3 (3.5-5 × 1012/L [CF: 0.001; SMI: 0.1 × 1012/L]) Hemoglobin Male: 13.6-17.7 g/dl (136-172 g/L [CF: 10; SMI: 1 g/L]) Female: 12-15 g/dl (120-150 g/L [CF: 10; SMI: 1 g/L]) Hematocrit Male: 39% to 49% (0.39-0.49 [CF: 0.01; SMI: 0.01]) Female: 33% to 43% (0.33-0.43 [CF: 0.01; SMI: 0.01]) Mean corpuscular volume (MCV): 76-100 μm3 (76-100 fL [CF: 1; SMI: 1 fL]) Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH): 27-33 pg (27-33 pg [CF: 1; SMI: 1 pg]) Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC): 33-37 g/dl (330-370 g/L [CF: 10; SMI: 10 g/L]) Red blood cell distribution width index (RDW): 11.5% to 14.5% Platelet count: 130-400 × 103/mm3 (130-400 × 109/L [CF: 1; SMI: 5 × 109/L]) Differential: 2-6 stabs (bands, early mature neutrophils) 60-70 segs (mature neutrophils) 1-4 eosinophils 0-1 basophils 2-8 monocytes 25-40 lymphocytes EOSINOPHIL COUNT Normal range: 1%-4% eosinophils (0-440/mm3) Elevated in: HELMINTHIC PARASITES Ascaris lumbricoides (invasive larval stage) Hookworms (invasive larval stage) Strongyloides stercoralis (initial infection and autoinfection) Trichinosis Filariasis Echinococcus granulosus and E. multilocularis Toxocara species Animal hookworms Angiostrongylus cantonensis and A. costaricensis Schistosomiasis Liver flukes Fasciolopsis buski Anisakiasis Capillaria philippinensis Paragonimus westermani “Tropical eosinophilia” (unidentified microfilariae) If Elevated From your Normal, Perhaps Demargination (Neutrophils) From Some Infection. Perhaps a Parasite (as Above, the Elevated Eosinophils) that you got Over (Because it Dropped). I Not Absolutely Certain. Additionally: Diethylcarbamazine citrate, DEC Hetrazan® Print Classification: Antiinfective Agents Anthelmintics Comments: Description: Diethylcarbamazine, DEC is an investigational drug used as an antihelmintic; it is unrelated to other antiparasitic drugs and is a synthesized organic compound. DEC is very specific for several parasites and is indicated for the treatment of selected filarial diseases, the drug is a mainstay of treatment for lymphatic filariasis and loiasis. DEC is available only through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) under an investigational protocol. Contact Information: CDC Drug Service, National Center for Infectious Disease (404) 639—3670, 8 AM to 4:30 PM EST Monday through Friday; for after hour or holiday emergencies, call (404) 639—2888. Contraindications/Precautions: Permission must be obtained from the CDC for use in pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers because safety has not been determined in these patients. Drug Interactions: DEC has been used in multi-drug regimens for erradication of parasitic disease in endemic areas. Activated charcoal: accelerates body clearance of DEC. Adverse Reactions: Severe adverse reactions are rare. Single doses usually well tolerated. Vomiting, dizziness, headache and fever may occur in roughly 2%. Hand swelling or swelling in the legs usually occurs in < 0.6%. Severe Mazzoti-type (anaphylactoid) reactions have been associated with diethylcarbamazine use. Dosage: For the treatment of Bancroft's filariasis† (lymphatic filariasis†) caused by Wuchereria bancrofti†, Brugia malayi† or Brugia timori†; for the treatment of tropical pulmonary eosinophilia; or for the treatment of loiasis: Oral dosage (tablets): Adults and Children > 15 kg: 6 mg/kg PO as a single dose; dosage may be repeated for disease control on an annual basis in endemic areas. Contact the CDC for current dosage and availability information. Answered by Heike Anwar 2 years ago.

It means that you have wayyy too many white blood cells in your blood and this is alarming. I don't have enough data about your clinical history; it seems clear that your doctor is well-aware of the significance of this and is treating you reasonably for this. In terms of what it means, I'd need more information, e.g. your previous CBCs, when they were obtained, what your other comorbidities are, which medications you take and so forth. It's simply too broad of a matter to discuss with insufficient data. A White Count of 75,000 is grossly abnormal and should be regarded as hematologic malignancy until proven otherwise. Answered by Valda Henle 2 years ago.

You have Hypereosinophilic syndrome. Parasitic infections like filariasis is a possibility. Answered by Dian Helander 2 years ago.

oh dear do you want us all to die? Answered by Diane Charpentier 2 years ago.

Cough - What cud be the cause ?
PS : the cough is not affecting my sleep and I get a normal sleep . But the cough is very high towards evening ...There is hardly mucus but i feel some congestion in chest ... I am taking Hetrazan right now for 21 days and I use a cough syrup . Asked by Khalilah Selbe 2 years ago.

I have this cough thats lasting for some 2 months ... I did consult doc 2 times and this is what he prescribed me .. on 3/10/2006 BECOZYME C FORTE 1-0-0 ALERNEX 120 0-0-1 LEVOFLOX 500 1-0-0 7 DAYS CALPOL SOS COSCOPIN BR 1-1-1 on 10-10-2006 DESLOR 5 0-1 X 5 BROZCDEX 1 MUCOLEL 1-1-1 7 DAYS BEZE After taking that for a week , I stopped taking anything for couple of days .But the cough didnt subside . I started taking -Hetrazan for 21 weeks after being prescribed by a DOC .. I stopped that after a week (cough was very low during that time - maybe 20 coughs a day) . Suddenly it surfaced again and I can feel its not a dry cough as such but I feel something in my chest as well . Its coming from inside ... and sometimes the cough pressure is really huge . I somke cigarette maybe twice a week , and I am not sure if the cig is aggravating the condition ... What do you think I shud do ? Answered by Rebekah Blankenberg 2 years ago.

If you are from India then your problem is easily solved. Go and buy DEKOFCYN manufactured by ALARSIN an Ayurvedic medicine. The pack comes in 50 tablets , 100 tablets. Buy 100 tablets and take 2 tablets 3 times a day ( a small write up is also available inside the bottle) for 15 days. Your cough will stop withing 3 days of usage and this has no side effects what so ever. It is a very safe remedy and can be combined with any allopathic medicines also. Even very small children can be given this tablet. I have prescribed this medicine to more than 500 people so far and everybody has come out of their cough problem without any side effects . All the best. ( The medicine is available in all allopathy shops also in India and you will get it very easily here.) Answered by Gracie Wollan 2 years ago.

Alright be truthful I would bet that you smoke more than a few cigarettes a week. This happened to my mother and she was hospitalized and found out that she had the beginning stages of Emphysema. You should go to the emergency room to have it checked out again. You could have them do a chest x-ray and see if they can pin down the source of the problem. The reason that I say go to the emergency room is because they can find out faster what could be wrong because most of the times it takes the doctors longer because they usually schedule appointments for the tests and the ER doesn't they just take care of the problem. And now for the cigarette that you claim that you smoke maybe twice a week. Yes it can aggravate the situation even more than it was before. Please do yourself a favor and go to the er especially if the cough is hard. I don't know where you live but a couple of weeks ago they found like four people that had tuberculosis which can be fatal. So go get yourself checked out. I wish you well. Answered by Alex Saurey 2 years ago.

Make sure he does an x-ray. I don't want to scare you but this happened to a very close friend and he ended up with lung cancer. He has a cough for a year before they found it, the doc's kept saying it was pneumonia but it wasn't. I miss him so. Answered by Maurita Muncher 2 years ago.

Have your doctor check your sinuses you may have allergies that are upsetting your mucous membranes and causing post-nasal drip that will always cause a chronic cough. Answered by Delbert Adorno 2 years ago.

surely allergy bro, due to dust maybe. respiratery allergy. otherwise get urself cheked for T.B. dont be afraid, it shouldnt be tht. take care thanx Answered by Nathalie Haymaker 2 years ago.

talk with a doc, its the best Answered by Emanuel Gharing 2 years ago.

sounds like AIDS to me Answered by Lee Martiez 2 years ago.


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