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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 017989/001.

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"HEMABATE" is the commercial name of a drug composed of CARBOPROST TROMETHAMINE.


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Answered questions

Carboprost (hemabate) what does it do ?
and why does it work faster for women who had given birth to many infants, instead of a first timer pregnant? Asked by Rozella Polinski 2 years ago.

Hemabate is a prostaglandin that is used to make the uterus contract. It's used for induced second trimester abortions and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage (which is the only experience I have with it) It is third-line treatment for PP hemorrhage, after Pitocin and methergine have failed. Multips, or those who have multiple gestations or huge babies may have a "floppy" uterus, and need an extra push to have it contract and stop the bleeding. I have no idea if or why it might work faster in multiparous women. Answered by Lili Stimler 2 years ago.

Can you give someone a pill to make them miscarry?
Asked by Dorthea Dowdle 2 years ago.

Three drugs that can be used to induce a miscarriage, or an abortion: - Carboprost tromethamine (Hemabate): this drug is a prostaglandin. Prostaglandins naturally increase the contractility of the uterus. When the drug is taken it causes uterine contractions that lead to the expulsion of the developing fetus. - Dinoprostone (Cervidil): this drug is also a prostaglandin. It can be used to terminate pregnancy from weeks 12 to 20. - Mifepristone (Mifeprex) aka RU-486: This drug can be used up to day 49 of pregnancy. Mifeprisotone is sometimes incorrectly labeled the "morning after pill". This refers to the drug levonorgestrol (Plan B) which doesn't actually cause abortion/miscarriage but instead keeps the egg from implanting in the uterine lining. These drugs have other common uses, so one should not assume that every women taking them is using them for a medical abortion. Answered by Suellen Miguez 2 years ago.

Actually there use to be a pill that you could buy in the drug store that would cause you start your period. They stopped selling it about 10 years ago. The real purpose of the pill was for women who were trying to regulate their periods, but one of the side effects was if you were in the early stages of pregnancy it could cause you to miscarry. Answered by Bernadette Laducer 2 years ago.

Yes RU-486. Also known as the morning after pill or emergency contraception. Answered by Herta Langlois 2 years ago.

No, besides that would be very dangerous. You can take the morning after pill within 12 hours of unprotected sex, but if it is past that there is nothing you can do. Answered by Lili Beshears 2 years ago.

Read up on the effects of Castor Oil on pregnant women Answered by Frank Teters 2 years ago.

You're not asking about miscarriage, you're asking about abortion. Out of repect to all of those women who have lost their little babies, please don't refer to this as a miscarriage. I Answered by Kandace Dummer 2 years ago.

14 as the long for nite always low prices. Answered by Darleen Cones 2 years ago.

Do you realize that you are asking how commit murder? Answered by Miss Steber 2 years ago.

Why would you want to know?? Answered by Eloy Jadlowiec 2 years ago.

How can you make fake blood?
Asked by Echo Swartley 2 years ago.

Was this what you were asking, how to make movie fake blood or were you asking how to make medical grade artificail blood??? Hemabate and other "synthetic" blood substitutes are derived in actually from real blood. As donated blood gets old some of it is sent for proccessing. It is disrupted so the hemaglobin comes out of the cells. Its then washed to get rid of antibodies cells and cell fragments and the resultant hemaglobin is purified and made into a polymer for use as artificial blood. Answered by Genie Burt 2 years ago.

1. Corn syrup … you can find this clear syrup at the grocery store in the syrup section. Look for the Karo brand. 2. Food coloring … Use mainly red, and you might want to add a little blue or purple to make the blood look darker. 3. Milk … A little milk will make the blood look more opaque (you can’t see through it). When mixing your blood together, go for a dark color Answered by Johnson Delaguila 2 years ago.

I heard to make fake blood you need cornstarch water and red food dye - hope for the best -Kc Answered by Yang Meabon 2 years ago.

Mix red food coloring and Karo syrup (corn syrup). You'll get about the same consistency as real blood. Answered by Lynne Cislo 2 years ago.

tools:red food coloring,a glass of water you have to put red food coloring into a glass of water and you will see the fake blood. Answered by Daphine Lacz 2 years ago.

Please see the webpage for more details on Blood substitutes (Artificial blood). Answered by Lynetta Winkey 2 years ago.

ketchup lol Answered by Gayle Cozzens 2 years ago.

What are the normal drugs that they give you during standard labor?
I'm pretty much up for whatever they do when I go into labor, mostly because this is my first time. I have done alot of research and reading. I assume they give you some sort of saline IV drip, a localized pain shot to insert the epidural and then the epidural, but do they generally give something for... Asked by Leisa Werries 2 years ago.

I'm pretty much up for whatever they do when I go into labor, mostly because this is my first time. I have done alot of research and reading. I assume they give you some sort of saline IV drip, a localized pain shot to insert the epidural and then the epidural, but do they generally give something for anxiety? What other drugs do they routinely administer while and after labor? Answered by Herma Christie 2 years ago.

This is not medical advice but being a labor and delivery nurse, this is the drugs we give and what they are for: For anxiety and sleeplessness: Ativan or Haldol Pain: morphine, demerol, fentanyl, spinal epidural Epimorph (lidocaine for injection site numbing), NO2 (the gas!) Nausea: Gravol, Maxeran, Ondansetron Induction of labor and/or post partum hemmorage:Oxytocin (syntocinon), hemabate Some hospitals offer an epidural to EVERY laboring patient if they meet the criteria for it. Some don't have the staff to monitor a patient with an epidural as it requries one on one nursing. You shouldn't have that much anxiety during your labor. The anxiety is now before the labor because you are thinking about the pain and the whole birth experience. Trust me, we face a lot more women and give drugs for pain than for anxiety. After you have your baby, you'll need NOTHING for anxiety because you'll be so focused on your new baby. For pain you'll probably get Tylenol #3, Ibuprofen, or just plain tylenol. You will do just fine. Answered by Gilberte Huish 2 years ago.

hi i know that they offer gas because its the only thing i had with both my labors. i was also asked if i wanted petadine not sure how to spell that and i said no as it can slow babys heart down there are alot of diffrent things to try tens machine water which was wounderful and then the epidural but with anxiety i am not sure as i never really had any once it all started good luck and hope u have a good labour Answered by Alycia Roper 2 years ago.

I had epidurals wh both labours and loved it because it relieved pain and i could enjoy giving birth. You can also get gas and air which i good in the early stages when contractions arent to bad. It makes you laugh. You can also get pethidine and maybe morphine but not too sure. Also to relieve pain in early stages they midwife may suggest you have a bath, have some paracetamol or use a tens machine. Hope this helps. Answered by Fatimah Demonbreun 2 years ago.

Just want to warn you. I was not aware this could happen until it happened to me. When I received my epidural I was in pain but it wasn't "bad". Until the HOT SPOT. It was a spot on my Stomach near my pelvis. The pain had accumulated in that area and hurt like Hell!! They wound up doing a C section and when they took my son out I felt the hot spot again! They had to put ALOT more meds in me to keep the pain away. I dont remember anything for about 30 mins after that but thank god its all on tape of my son being showed to me and My husband spending time with him. It was so Sweet. God Bless those Anesthesiologists. I just wanted Everyone to know about that. I wish you luck!!! Answered by Betsey Darwish 2 years ago.

I just read your question and It really seems like you havent really done "alot of research and reading". If you had you would first know that how you have your baby is your choice..not "whatever they do". You get what you ask or are open to having. In your readings you should have also come across the pros and cons of interventions during labor. There are no drugs that you and your baby should routinely have in labor. I think you should read more than Cosmo to prepare for the most important event of you and your baby's life A good place to start is The Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth and then move on to watching Ricki Lakes film....The Business of Being Born. After those then you can say that you have done research and reading so that you can make good choices about how you want your baby to experience being born BTW..most of those drugs you are asking about just make you and your baby high and the pain is still there Answered by Han Shah 2 years ago.

I did not have an epidural with any of my kids, but I did have pain medicine. I think it was staydall; I don't know how to spell it. But it actually made me very tired; in the early stages of contractions I did fall asleep a few times. Good luck!! It is very exciting! Answered by Neville Angello 2 years ago.

While all this depends on your doctor, but in the hospital, you are right, you get an iv, and if you choose to have an epidural, you get the epidural, after your baby is born they can give you 800mg ibuprofen, and hydocodone, usually 5.5's, but this depends on your doctor. You can't have too many drugs during pregnancy, you do not want to harm the baby. Answered by Venessa Murrey 2 years ago.

Check the site or call Tricare. Should be on the back of your card. There are different plans. My sister's DIL was covered for everything except homebirth midwife (her last birth was off base because homebirth wasn't allowed on base). A civilian working for the military on Tricare may not have the same coverage. Answered by Jeri Wieseman 2 years ago.

You usually have to ask for meds unless the hospital policy is different.I got an iv & an epidural.Before the epi I had some problems with my heart rate & blood pressure.Blood pressure kept trying to bottom out & heart rate skyrocketed so I had to have antibiotics.After I had my son I got ibuprofen & hydrocodone to help with the pain ( I has stitches).I would like to tell you please don't stress to much about what could happen & things like that.Just take it as it comes.Good luck & Congratulations..This will be something you will never forget :) Answered by Bonny Disspain 2 years ago.

there is nothing routine about delivery because every delivery is different. It also depends on the hosp and doc. once you have an epidural your anxiety will go away because you won't have the pain anymore. They can give you stadol, nubain, benedryl, demerol, and i'm not sure what else was offered, I refused it because I didn't want to feel "drunk". good luck Answered by Magda Mishaw 2 years ago.

I have had hiccups for 3 days straight~~~ 10 points for help?
i had the flu....when i got a steroid shot i came home and had the hiccups....they come and go but they have kept me up in the middle of the night even continuing for 3 hours one time.....i drink lots of water but it doesn't really work and i have tried most alllllll of the hiccup remedies....please give me an... Asked by Letty Hipol 2 years ago.

i had the flu....when i got a steroid shot i came home and had the hiccups....they come and go but they have kept me up in the middle of the night even continuing for 3 hours one time.....i drink lots of water but it doesn't really work and i have tried most alllllll of the hiccup remedies....please give me an explanation and some HELPPPP! thanks! 10 points to best answer!!!! Answered by Pa Zazula 2 years ago.

the only element that ever works for me is a spoonful of peanut butter. It ameliorations your respiration types purely precise simply by fact of its stickiness. uncertain if this is interior the abode therapy e book, in spite of the undeniable fact that this is fool-evidence at my abode. Answered by Annie Fullmore 2 years ago.

How to cure hiccups with water?
Asked by Kymberly Tesmer 2 years ago.

A hiccup is a spasm of the diaphragm. Though many people claim that drinking water may shorten the duration, there is no scientific proof that any of these remedies actually help, However, there are several medicines that do help out in this case. This include, but are not limited to, lprax, Alprazolam, Amifostine, Apo-Chlordiazepoxide, Apo-Clorazepate, c;pdd Aprepitant, Ativan, Blanex, Bretylate, BretyliumTosylate, Bretylol, CarboprostTromethamine, Centrax, Chlordiazepoxide, Chlorofon-F, ChlorphenesinCarbamate, Clorazepate, ClorazepateDipotassium, Corax, Diastat, Diazemuls, Diazepam, DiazepamIntensol, Dopar, Dormicum, Emend, Ethosuximide, Ethyol, Felbamate, Felbatol, Flexaphen, Gen-Xene, Hemabate, Hypnovel, Kalma, Kinson, Levodopa, Libritabs, Librium, Lobac, LorazepamIntensol, Madopar, Maolate, Medilium, Metaxalone, Mexiletine, Mexitil, Midazolam, MidazolamHydrochloride, Miflex, Mitran, Mus-Lac, Nicorette, NicoretteDS, NicorettePlus, Nicotine, Nicotine chewing gum, Nicotinell-TTS, Nicotrol, Novo-Clopate, Novo-Poxide, Ondansetron, Paraflex, ParafonForteDSC, PargenFortified, Paxipam, Polyflex, ProStep, Ralozam, Reposans-10, Serax, Skelaxin, Skelex, Solium, Tranxene, TranxeneT-Tab, Tranxene-SD, Valium, Valrelease, Versed, Xanax, Zarontin, Zofran. Answered by Michelina Rukavina 2 years ago.

This is an Alternative Medicine forum not Allopathic !!! What's with all the drugs??? Bend your neck forward and sip water that way. Try adding honey to warm H2O... Hold your breath for twenty seconds and think of something fun you did when you were a child. If you can make your mind drift away you can trick (hypnotize) your self to curing the hiccup faster as there is no real cure for hiccups (unless you have a chronic disorder then you need other treatments) but TIME . Answered by Velvet Krein 2 years ago.

people might say get scared or hold your breath but I understand the best situation is to get a water bottle and take 9 gulps in a row it actually works! I do it all the time well it works for me I don t know for others Answered by Nieves Jodon 2 years ago.

By drinking a glass of water. Answered by Jone Swango 2 years ago.

well theres 2 ways drink water up side down and breathin and drink a glass of water Answered by Hortense Witry 2 years ago.

Drink 8oz glass slow. This should keep your mind on the reaction in your gut. Answered by Cordell Mean 2 years ago.

.drink a lot of water and try to burp as much as u can.. Answered by Chang Cecil 2 years ago.


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