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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 019216/001.

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"FML FORTE" is the commercial name of a drug composed of FLUOROMETHOLONE.


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Help my eyes hurt I need help now?
Ok I already saw the nurses and doctor. They see nothing wrong with my eyes. So what's wrong with my eyes? Every time I use my eyes they start to hurt. And every time I read long they hurt. Is it my eye muscle? I need your help. I need to know what's wrong with them. Help. Asked by Tonisha Adamczyk 2 years ago.

Are you taking any of these drugs? * Adrenaline eye drops * AK-Dex * AK-Pred * Alphagan * Alphagan P * Alpidine * Alpraclonidine Hydrochloride * Alrex * Antabuse * Antispas * Apoven * ApraClonidine tablets * Atapryl * Atrobel Forte * Atropine Sulphate * Atrovent * Azopt * Bemote * Bentyl * Brimonidine * Byclomine * Caramiphen and Phenylpropanolamine * Carbex * Celexa * Combivent * Contac Cold Capsules * Cosopt * Dalmane * Decadron * Di-Spaz * Dibent * Dicyclomine * Dicyclomine Hydrochloride * Disulfiriam * Donnalix Infant Drops * Econopred * Econopred Plus * Eldepryl * Enidin * Estazolam * Etabonate * Flarex * Flecainide * Flecatab * Flomax * Flumadine * Fluor-Op * Fluorometholone * Flurazepam * FML * FML Forte * FML-S * Framycetin * Gefitinib * HMS * Iopidine * Ipratrin * Ipratropium - inhalation * Ipratropium Bromide * Ipravent * Iressa * L-Deprenyl * Levocabastine * Lexapro * Livostin * Lotemax * Luvox * Maxidex * Merbentyl * Minims * Neoquess * Ocuflox - Temporary eye pain * Ofloxacin - Temporary eye pain * Optivar * Or-Tyl * Ordrine AT Extended Release Capsule * Otodex * Paxil * Paxil CR * Pred Forte * Pred Mild * Prednisolone * ProSom * Prozac * Prozac Weekly * Rescaps-D S.R. Capsule * Rimantidine * Rimexolone * Sarafem * Selegiline * Sertraline * Sofra-Tulle * Sonata * Spasmoject * Tambocor * Tamsulosin * Tobispray * Topamax * Topamax Sprinkle * Topiramate * Tuss-Allergine Modified T.D. Capsule * Tuss-Genade Modified Capsule * Tuss-Ornade Liquid * Tuss-Ornade Spansule * Tussogest Extended Release Capsule * Vexol * Zaleplon * Zoloft Answered by Mamie Alequin 2 years ago.

Sleeping in touch lenses lowers the volume of oxygen getting via on your eyes, as a result placing you at a bigger danger for eye infections. The simplest approach to inform whether it is an illness or if you happen to quite simply indignant your eyes is to visit an eye fixed surgeon. If it's an illness it's fundamental to have it checked out instantly; a few forms of infections can get very extreme and purpose scarring and blindness. There are distinct manufacturers of contacts that may be accurately slept in (made from more moderen, extra breathable elements) however you have to speak together with your surgeon to look if you are a well candidate. Answered by Elaine Schenkel 2 years ago.

It's getting unbearable, how do I tell him he smells?
I work at the grocery store (I'm 21 dun judge me!!), and there's this fellow who works close by me. I'll just call him, "Bob." Anyway, Bob has a mixed reputation around work. They guy has never done anything personal to me but I have heard he can be quite the jerk. Whenever I have to work with... Asked by Jestine Cirilli 2 years ago.

I work at the grocery store (I'm 21 dun judge me!!), and there's this fellow who works close by me. I'll just call him, "Bob." Anyway, Bob has a mixed reputation around work. They guy has never done anything personal to me but I have heard he can be quite the jerk. Whenever I have to work with him there's this oder that seriously wants to make my sinuses melt out of my face. He reeks of rotten cold cuts, poo, and urine. Here's the REAL problem, he covers it up with Axe. I used to like Axe, my boyfriend wears Axe. Now every time I smell it I want to throw up in my mouth. I've seen Bob wander in to the cologne aisle and lather himself with Axe. He KNOWS he smells but I'm guessing hes too lazy to do anything about it.(?) I've seen his work station and its always awry with crap everywhere. His clothes are stained with yesterday's lunch and his pants have unknown stains and blotches of some nature on the back near his back side. I'm astonished that he still has a job to come into. If you smell, retail shouldn't be your forte. I heard that he was approached by management a few times and only temporarily cleans up. (month tops) I want to say something because I have to work with the guy, Im the one that HAS to deal with him. I'm the one that MUST be around him for the day to get goals completed for the day. I dont want to be a rat, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, I've just had enough. I'm ready to quit my job. Yes, I've asked to be moved else where and work with someone else but no one else wants to switch or take my place BECAUSE of him. FML. Help. Answered by Glenna Verhines 2 years ago.

If/when you become a parent, you'll need to tell this to your kids, and it's not easy then either. Especially since you know others have had issues with him and drama has ensued, I would say only approach with caution (I like the gift basket idea above). Unfortunately, most people like this I've encountered do not want to hear it. You absolutely need to bring it up with your supervisor (and Bobs supervisor, if not the same person). Whoever is allowing Bob to continue to work there is also responsible to make sure he's not creating an unsuitable work environment for the rest of you. It sounds to me like it's now impacting your job, which could impact on your performance review, and that will mean you could miss out on a raise or promotion. So you need to let your supervisor know there is a problem, and hope they do something about it. I would guess that your employee handbook has a section in there about Hygiene, and Bob is probably violating it. Answered by Elvin Wisor 2 years ago.

Tell him, it's that simple. If he smells, and he KNOWS it, call him out on it, put an end to it. Or maybe start like a petition so you have a list of signatures to convince him? Or tell management the working conditions are not up to par and they need to do something by law or you'll take action. Answered by Mechelle Hint 2 years ago.

ok heres the sitch... Your mom is probably clinically depressed. She has given up on herself and doesnt supply a crap what others think of because of the fact of it. beautiful baskets of cleansing soap and physique spray arent going to help because of the fact .. she wont use them. As an obese guy or woman that's no longer uncommon. status for whilst long because it takes to bathe may well be painful for her. Bathing is a bad selection too because of the fact as quickly as she is interior the tub there isnt room for plenty water. Im being thoroughly severe right here. in case you like mom to freshen up her act I advise looking a greater tub. I dont be attentive to what youre going to spend on perfumes, soaps, creams and a sparkling nightgown yet for decrease than $one hundred fifty a night you are able to hire her a lodge room with a 2 guy or woman jaccuzi. those are marvelous for a much bigger guy or woman to relax in and likely bathe in. yet another plus...YOU dont would desire to scrub it after she makes use of it. -winks- Now of direction this isnt something you're able to do each week inspite of the shown fact that it appears like at this factor even once or twice a month could be an progression. Its lots extra pampering than a basket of candies and a stable initiate. Im uncertain of the money concern yet while there's slightly extra persist with it up with a pass to to a hair salon or take her to have her nails completed. each so often all it takes is a glimpse of ways lots extra useful it makes you sense to be enormously to leap initiate the desire to take extra useful care of oneself. Even doing each others nails or a pedicure at abode can help. additionally evaluate getting a seat of a few form to place into the bathe and a handheld bathe massager somewhat of the time-honored form. this could make it much less annoying and supply her a place to take a seat while she needs to and the skill to realize those frustrating to realize places. I trust the others who suggested she would desire to work out somebody approximately her melancholy. that's no longer continually undemanding to get somebody to do nonetheless. attempt to freshen up her act slightly first then perhaps paintings on getting her a stable surgeon and a few meds. i'm hoping this allows. Answered by Julissa Delgadilo 2 years ago.

Did you know there's a condition where enzymes cant break down stuff in certain food products in the bowels and stuff and it can make you smell ... its very rare but people can get it, maybe be a little more sensitive and stuff or just forget that and tell him he stinks, tread carefully though :O Answered by Gabriele Nathan 2 years ago.

last time i worked with someone like that me and some others put together a gift basket full of soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. left it with a polite card "please use daily" Answered by Calista Moncher 2 years ago.


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