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Why are the dosing instructions different on Excedrin and Excedrin Migraine?
Although the dosage instructions on Excedrin say take two tablets every 4 hours not to exceed 8 tablets in a 24 hour period, the instructions on Excedrin Migraine say take 2 every 24 hours. There is actually more acetaminophen in Excedrin than in Excedrin Migraine. This doesn't make sense.
  In order for the manufacturers of Excedrin to market their product for Migraine, both the product and the labeling had to be approved by the FDA. During that approval process, it was determined that the product would be relabeled as Excedrin Migraine and that the labeling would be different because the treatment of Migraine attacks is different from treating a "regular" headache for which people might take Extra Strength Excedrin.
Frances T
Bad headache - won't go away with Excedrin Migraine?
I feel like the back of my head is in a vice and there is a knife stabbing my left eye. This morning I took a Sulindac - it did nothing - then a few hours later I took 2 Excedrin migraine. I feel really nauseous. I thought it was a migraine because of the vision disturbances.
Your Mom
  If the stabbing pain continues, go to the doctor or E.R. if the doctor is closed. I don't know about you, but there are too many people out there that wait too long to go to the doctor and then something bad happens. I would go into a cool, dark room and place a cold, damp wash cloth over your eye's and rest for awhile. If it does not improve, seek medical assistance. Feel better.
Deep Thinker
Is it safe to take Excedrin Migraine while taking regular doses of Citalopram/Celexa?
I have been on Celexa for about 2 months now, and I was curious if it is safe to take Excedrin Migraine. I usually take a double dose of Excedrin and was also wondering if this would be okay? Please, only respond if you have a good idea of what you're talking about. I have searched the Internet but haven't been able to find much. Thanks!
  Don't ask that question online. Call any Pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist. They will all answer your question over the phone. Pharmacist spend around 40% of their time correcting doctors errors in prescriptions that could be deadly. It probably is ok but check with someone trained in answering that kind of questions. We voted and don't want you to die yet. hehe. 8~)
Can you take Excedrin Migraine if you have the flu?
I am pretty sure I have the flu, I have all of the symptoms. I have had a migraine for the past three days now, and on the Excedrin poll bottle it says do not take if you are a teenager recovering from flu like symptoms. I have been taking tylenol, but it is doing nothing for my migraine. Does anyone know why the bottle says not to take it if you have the flu?
  Yes. EM has aspirin in it. For children with certain conditions (like Chicken pox and other illnesses) it can cause Reyes syndrome - see link below if they take aspirin. It's a potentially fatal condition, causing swelling of the liver and brain.

If you have a severe headache and you have severe neck pain, see a doctor ASAP as that can be signs of meningitis.

Otherwise, drink lots of water, get lots of rest and consider ibuprofen instead of aspirin.
Can I take ibeprophen and excedrin migraine?
I drank a lot of alchohol last night and today I had a really bad headache.
I took 600 mg of ibprophen and an hour later my head still hurt so I took 2 excedrin migraine.
The excedrine migrane says you shouldn't take an nsaid while on it, but doesn't explaine why.
Now I don't feel well, have a heacche still and now I'm tired and dizzy. Is this because I took them together?
  Taking those together should not matter in your case. The only contraindication for aspirin and ibuprofen is if you're taking it for anticoagulant reasons.

Unless you took more than 1 or 2 excedrin, there is no reason that you would be tired and dizzy; usually you become more alert due to the caffeine content.
Can she take Meloxicam and two excedrin migraine in the same day?
My girlfriend injured her leg awhile back and the doctor prescribed meloxicam. She has been getting severe headaches as of late, and she needs to know if she can take the excedrin migraine in the same day. She took her Meloxicam this morning at 11:30am. It's now almost 8:00pm.
  Before you give her any medicine you should be talking to the pharmacist and see if there is any side effect combining the two drugs together .E
Where to find Excedrin migraine tablets in Ontario, Canada?
I have searched Shoppers and WalMart pharmacy, and no signs of them. At Shoppers I found Excedrin Extra Strength and Tension Headache, but not the migraine one? Any idea where possibly I can find them?
  As far as I know Excedrin Migrane is not available in Canada. My aunt used to stock up on it when we went on shopping trips to the US.
is there any other means to helping a migraine other then Excedrin over the counter and relpax prescribed ?
i have a friend who has really bad migraines he has a limited supply of prescribed medication and is taking Excedrin migraine over the counter meds but has to stop that because it is leading to kidney failure what is your advice?
Tovah W
  The first thing to do is try to eliminate the cause or causes - not easy, believe me!

There are so many things that can trigger migraines, it's a good idea to keep a journal to try to figure out what does and doesn't put one over the edge. I have what I call "primary triggers" - only takes the one thing to get that nasty ol' migraine started, but I also have other things that need two or three things together to make a migraine happen. And to make it harder to figure out, triggers aren't always immediate. Neat, huh?

And worse, some you can avoid, some you can't (my worst ones have to do with the weather - lucky me!)

Here's a list of some of the triggers that a lot of folks find may or may not set them off:

Aged cheese
Citrus fruits
Wheat products
Nitrites (hot dogs, bacon, lunch meat, etc.)
Fermented or pickled foods
Yeast, protein extracts, freshly baked yeast products
Nuts, peanut butter
Dairy products, yogurt, sour cream
Bright lights/loud noises
Perfumes and strong scents
Skipping or delaying meals
Missing sleep
Hormonal Changes (period/menopause)
Oral contraceptives/hormone replacement therapy
Weather conditions, barometric changes, cold and/or dry weather
High altitude
Time or time zone changes/jet lag

Stress is not a trigger exactly, but in the same way that stress won't =cause= a cold, if you're stressed, it can often be a contributing factor.

There are a lot of things that can be done in addition to meds. Exercise (the kind that suits your friend - not going out and going nuts - and NEVER during a migraine...UGH!), stress management and relaxation, getting plenty of sleep (forming good sleeping habits), not missing meals, keeping well hydrated (lots of water!), and (this is a big one!) not smoking (if he or she does) - will all help. Basically all those thing people talk about as healthy measures...

I use self-hypnosis and biofeedback. I take a lot of baths (there's that relaxation thing again!). Some folks find that cold cloths or ice on the forehead or neck help. I can't deal with the cold, but do well with heat.

If your friend wants to try vitamin supplements, they may well help as preventatives. Many migraineurs (folks who get migraines) take:

Magnesium Oxide
Vitamin B2
Coenzyme Q10
Calcium + Vitamin D
(when taking supplemental magnesium, it's necessary to take extra calcium to keep them balanced)

I sure do hope this helps!
How much Excedrin Migraine does it take to severely damage your stomach?
I've heard lots of stories about Excedrin Migraine killing your stomach and giving you ulcers. Does anyone know how much it takes to actually do any of these things?
I just want to know how much i would have to take and how often to damage my stomach
Alex E
  That would be a difficult question to answer. Everybody's body is different. Some people can take many pills with no effect, while others take one, and have trouble.

Taking meds like excedrin usually takes years before it can damage your body. But it is still not recommended.

If the recommended dosage is not working for you, you should see a neurologist that specializes in migraines. There are many medications out there now for migraines.

Check out this website: It is very informative and maybe you can find an alternative.

I wish you well.
Can excedrin migraine treat muscle pain?
I think I pulled a muscle in my back deadlifting a few days ago and all I have is excedrin migraine. It says it has acetaminophen 250mg and aspirin 250mg. Would it help the pain or no?
What would happen if you took too much Excedrin Migraine medicine?
I once took 7 or 8 (cant remember) pills to make my Migraine go away and that is what it took. When I get really bad Migraines I have to take more than the recommended dosage (like the time I took 7 or 8)....usually it is about 4 at a time to make it go away. What will happen if this continues. I get Migraines frequently and have to take lots of Excedrin to make them stop. What could be causing these Migraines? I am not stressed either.
  you will start to cause liver and kidney damage. also it might cause bleeding ulcers. as for the migrains have not a clue
Why isn't the Maxalt-MLT and Naproxen I take working to relieve my migraine?
I've had the same migraine for a week. I take the medications exactly how the doctor prescribed, but nothing is helping. I'm a student and mid-terms are this week. It's hard for me to concentrate and I can't live like this forever. Please help me.
I have tried Advil, Tylenol, and Excedrin. Nothing is working.
  Have you identified any of the triggers? that is paramount. Usually certain types of food, smells etc.

Identifying the trigger is the most important intervention that can be done. Assuming that doesn't work, I wouldn't take the naproxen. Look for an OTC product called Excedrin migraine (contains caffeine, aspirin and tylenol I think), the caffeine works wonders. There are some other medications that can help, but they all have side-effects:

Neurontin - very sedating
Certain anticonvulsants (seizure medications) have been shown to help, but they are last-ditch
Beta-blockers help but for young people they feel weird to be on because they lower your heart rate.
Pharmacy Student
Do you suffer from migraine headaches?If so,what prescription(s) do you use?
I am 30 years old.I have suffered from migraines since i was 18 years old.I use three different prescriptions,but none of them work any longer.(I use Relpax,Imitrex & Axert.)When those stopped working i started to buy Excedrin Migraine.I guess my body became immune to it all because nothing works anymore.Can anyone tell what to ask my doc to prescribe me now? What works for you? ALL suggestions are greatly Appreciated!
  You might consider getting off the scripts and try something natural and find out what your trigger points are. Get rid of the trigger points gets rid of the migraines.
Natural Health Consultant
Why could I be feeling this way?
This has never happened to me before. I woke up this morning with an intense migraine. It is so intense, it hurts to blink. After taking an Excedrin migraine and an Advil Allergy Sinus, the fingers of my left hand started to feel tingly and the they went numb. After trying to work the numbness out of them, my jaw and lower lip started to feel tingly as well. The migraine is still there but the tingly feeling is gone. I'm on the Levora .15/30 28 birth control pill and I was wondering if that could have anything to do with what I'm feeling. If you know why I'm feeling this way, Please tell me. Thanks for your time and help.
This all happened in a 5 minute period. My sister felt my forehead and said it was burning and I just started to get the feeling like I'm about to throw up. Please if someone knows whats wrong with me, please let me know. Thanks for your time and help.
krystal b
  It could be the combination of Excedrin Migraine and the Advil Allergy Sinus. I would suggest to see your doctor ASAP.
Can I take naproxen sodium and excedrin?
I am wondering if it's safe to take naproxen sodium (Aleve) and Excedrin (acetaminophen) together. Excedrin also has caffiene in it, I believe.
  I do believe that Excedrin also has aspirin in it as well as acetaminophen and caffeine. Since aspirin is an NSAID (Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug) as is naproxen I would suggest asking your doctor or your pharmacist about taking both at the same time as it is usually recommended you avoid combining NSAID's.
Migraine: What is the cure? How do I get rid of it? Any specific medication or remedy?
I have been suffering from migraine since I was 13 years old. Back then, the migraine had been constant but did not last long and it was easy to cure with plain paracetamol.

Over the years, the migraine lessened but seem to last longer than it had been before and I have also grown immune to paracetamol thus, changed my medication to ponstan.

When ponstan stopped having effects on my migraine, a local pharmacist prescribed me with a different medication which later on lead me to the hospital because I was allergic to it.

Now, the migraine attacks are less frequent but very excrutiating everytime it strikes. My family doctor prescribed me with cafergot initially and it worked well until it too had stopped having effect on the migraine.

I have had enough with prescriptions and medications and was wondering if there is a way to get rid of it. For your info, my migraine is associated with symptoms like bleeding mucus, seeing stars and nasal pain.
For your information, whenever I take caffeine, the migraine worsen. Any other suggestions? I'm not quite keen with another medication since I'm worried there might not be any more effect on me after 2-3 months later.
Capricious Nymph
  I also had bad headaches...HAVE YOU HAD AN MRI? ARNOLD-CHIARI MALFORMATION ONLY SHOWS UP ON MRI- NOT CT. I was finally diagnosed when I was 25..had surgery, and never get the headaches like that the way, my son-8- also has this.
I've had a horrible migraine headache for about 12 hrs now, what should I do?
I've taken a ton of pain relievers (motrin 800s, Excedrine Migraine) and tried to sleep it off, but my migraine is still there! I can hardly function. Any advice on how to get rid of this? I hate migraines!
migraine headaches?
I get really bad migraine headaches every 3-4 months. I am 16 years old i have got them ever since I was young. I HATE them i would rather get almost anything before a migraine headache. I get a dizzy feeling. and i just wanna lay down in the dark and complete silence. As good as that is I still cant find a cure. Does anyone know a prevention to migraine headaches, this weekend my family is comming over I can feel one about to start an I really don't want one over this weekend. Any suggestions would be wonderful. thanks.
Blake J
  Keep records of when and how often you get migraines and the triggers that cause them. Talk to your doctor about ways to prevent them or stop them once they get started. There are medications for prevention and stopping migraines.

Once you talk to your doctor here are 6 techniques which can help you prevent, even control, your migraines.
1. Identify and avoid the triggers which cause your migraines. Some of the food triggers may be:
***aged cheese
***depending on your age--alcoholic beverages, especially
red wine
***artificial sweeteners
***food additives such as nitrates found in hotdogs, bologna
and salami
***fermented, pickled or marinated foods
***cultured dairy products
***seasoned salt
***certain vegetables such as avacados, pea pods, beans
and onions
***nuts an peanut butter
***monosodium glutamate (MSG) that is used in most
processed foods as a preservative
***citrus fruits
***doughnuts and breads made with yeast
-----Missing meals or fasting can also trigger migraines-----
2. Get regular exercise warming up slowly--sudden intense
exercise can cause headaches
3. Lower your stress level through meditation, biofeedback
therapy or joining a support group
4. If you smoke--QUIT
5. Reduce the effects of estrogen if you are a woman--Talk to
your doctor about reducing or avoiding the amount of
medications your take containing estrogen; ex. birth
control pills or hormone replacement therapy.
6. Maintain a daily routine--Have regular well-balanced meals
about the same time each day and go to bed about the
same time each night, getting 7-8 hours of sleep.

Good luck. I know how debilitating migraines can be as I have had them for years along with the auras and all the symptoms that go along with them. Now they are mostly controlled with medication and knowing what can trigger them.
Country Hick
Is it safe to mix Advil cold with Excedrin?
I took some advil cold and it helped the sinus pressure and runny nose but I still have a killer headache. The active ingredients in Advil are ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine and in excedrin acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine. I can't find any helpful articles on google. Thanks.
Hillbilly Lily is 17 months!
  It is usually not the best option to mix and match medicines like that. I would wait to take the Excedrin until the cold medicine has worn off, just to be safe. There's just too many different ingredients here to make a safe cocktail.

If you really need relief, you could call up a pharmacist and try asking them what else you could try, or how long to wait.
Migraine Headache?
I have had a horrible migraine for the past 2 weeks. It came on so suddenly and so strong that i went to the emergency room. I have been to 3 different doctors since then and none of them will help me. I have searched the web for answers. The only thing i can find is answers about migraine prevention. The same thing the doctors keep talking about. I am not concerned about migraine prevention until i get rid of the one i already have. I don't understand how i can have the same headache for 14 days now. It's ruining my life! Can anyone help me?
Rebecca K
  I can't believe they would not prescribe some medication for you. I take Imitrex for my migraine headaches. It is in pill form, but my MD said if it doesn't work, she can prescribe me a shot to take that is fast acting. No one should have a headache for 14 days. That's ridiculous!! Go back to the emergency room, or see your doctor and demand treatment of some sort to get rid of the headache. I'm sorry no one has treated your pain you poor thing!
How long after taking excedrin should you wait before having a drink?
How long should you wait to drink alcohol after taking 2 Extra Strength Excedrin (a product that contain caffeine in combination with acetaminophen and aspirin )
  4-6 hours minimum.
has anyone had any relief with migraines on ortho tri-cyclen over time?
ok this is my second month on regular ortho. i recently switched from jolessa to ortho because of really bad breakthrough bleeding. the ortho is a really good pill other than more frequent migraines. i have no breakthrough bleeding and the migraines arent really that bad just a little more common. i have had migraines all my life since i was young, so its not the bc that is causing them just provoking them i guess. i have taken more than one kind of pill i have tried the jolessa and the alesse and had breakthrough for weeks at a time on both along with migraines. i have tried triphasil 28 and had the migraines. low dose or generic just don't work for me at all. but with the higher ones i don't get the weeks of bleeding. so it seems i am screwed either way. i was on depo for like 5 years but i had headaches with that also. by the way i have the migraines with auras. a lot of the time lately i just get the auras with little or no headache. as soon as i see the aura i take some aspirin or Excedrin migraine and it goes away rather quickly if i can catch it. they are more frequent and i am worried about the high stroke risk. i have noticed an increase in them when i eat chocolate or a hot dogs and i am going to try a test to see if they are triggering them even more now. but what do you do when nothing works. or is there any kind of migraine medicine you can take with ortho tri-cyclen. if anyone has any similar experiences or advice on this please help.
  Did the doctor who prescribed you the Ortho Tri-Cyclen know that you have migraines? It's pretty common to have headaches on triphasic birth control pills (like OTC) so usually woman who are prone to headaches are prescribed a monophasic birth control that has a steady level of hormones throughout the whole month without the up and down levels of the triphasics which can cause headaches.
Sara V
Is this script combination bad for me?
Ok, so here is what I have been taking the last 2 days:

morning - 20mg adderall

noonish - 1 Phentremine and 1 dose (2 pills) Excedrin Migraine (take these because I need a little boost by that time in the day and if I take another adderall I would never get to sleep)

night - Darvocet-N 160, Pfizer PGN 75, and 25mg Amitriptyline Hydrochloride (couldn't find script name, the imprint is "GG 44")
I know the best person to ask is a physician but I don't have these legally and won't be able to see one till Saturday
I love how this combo works, I am just trying to see if the night combo of pain killer, muscle relaxer, and sleeping pills would cause any immediate (short term) damage.
Taylor H
  Only a pharmacist could tell you for sure and I wouldn't trust anyone on here claiming to be a pharmacist!
Migraine, HELP PLEASE?
ok, i have been getting migraine headaches since i was 8, so for 6 years now... i have had one for the past 4 days, i have tries emerge and migranal, and neither have worked... i might go to the ER tomorrow but i would like to see if there is anything else i could try that doesn't involve needles or meds... please :-)
  You have tight muscles in your neck causing the headaches/migraines. Your neck muscles go to the top of your head for its movements. When the muscles get tight up there they pull on other muscles to surround your brain with pain, your headache. Migraines are more muscles involved, including back muscles and tighter. If you have pains on your eyes it's because the nerves for the eyes go to the back of the head, right past the neck muscles. When the neck muscles are tight they can press onto the nerves and that results in pain on the back of your eyes. More pressure causes the pupils to dilate to make one sensitive to light. To get rid of your migraine you have to free up the muscles in your neck as well as in your back as there are shared muscles with the neck there. Here's how to free them up:
Put your hands alongside your head so your thumbs are on the front of the muscle under your ear and your fingers are on the back of the muscle behind your neck. Squeeze your thumb and fingers together and hold. Relax your body. When your fingers and thumb touch, about two minutes, slowly lower your head as far as you can, release the pressure but hold your neck lowered for another 30 seconds. If any pain remains repeat this step.
(do from a sitting position)
Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side. For both- for best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.
Douglas B
How long does it take Treximet and Nadolol together to alleviate a migraine?
My doctor gave me Treximet and Nadolol (a beta-blocker) to help alleviate my migraine attacks (usually triggered by physical exertion). It's been two days and I'm seeing a lesser frequency of migraine attacks but I'm still disabled from my life activities, how long will it take to eliminate them altogether?
  The Nadolol should work within two weeks if it is going to. The Treximet is just taken as needed when you get a migraine.

You might ask your physician about Topamax. It is FDA approved for migraine prevention and is the best medicine for migraines I've ever seen.

Best Wellness Wishes!
Is on and off migraine headache (severe) a side-effect of progesterone drugs or early pregnancy?
I've a history of migraine.. but since the last month or so, have had severe attacks quite frequently.. (right now also having one!).. have been on duphaston (dydrogesterone - a form of progesterone) medicine .. is this a side effect??

have been having abnormal periods for the last two months.. had a very very faint positive HPT recently.. can the headaches be a sign of early pregnancy? can the HPT be wrong?

Is there something else wrong with me, which is disconnected to any of the above???
the migraine that I've been having lately is accompanied by vision changes, lots of pain and bad nausea.. in addition to insensitivity to lights and sounds (these two I had earlier as well with migraine)
please help me out.. I am worried.. appt with doc on Monday but can't find peace of mind with the symptoms going on..

  It can be a sign of many things including the ones you mentioned.
Sumatriptan Succinate for migraines, jaw pain?
I just took Sumatriptan for my second time to help my migraine go away. The first time I took it, I took it when I started getting the blind spots in my vision. I didn't get a migraine so it worked nicely to prevent it. I did have sharp pains in my jaw, though, everytime I would chew something. I didn't know if it was caused by the Sumatriptan or if it was from something else. So I got a really bad migraine today and decided to take the Sumatriptan again to see if it would help get rid of my migraine. I still have it and my jaw/ear area is veryy sore now. Its causing me a lot of discomfort. I dont know if its the Sumatriptan causing this or something else since I have been sick the past 2 weeks. My question is has any else experienced this? Is this a possible side effect of the medication or probably something else? I read that this medication could cause neck pain but nothing about jaw pain. Sorry this was hard to explain, I hope you can understand it alright.
Heather M
  OK, first of all, if you have jaw pain, you do not have a migraine- you have a cervicogenic headache. A cervicogenic headache is a headache caused by a misalignment of your head and neck. It can mimic a migraine right down to the nausea and pain behind the eye. However, jaw pain is usually caused by a misalignment of the base of the skull ( called the occiput) and the neck. This can produce pain in the jaw, headaches and grinding of the teeth at night.

I would recommend that you see a chiropractor. They specialize in correcting this type of condition. I will tell you I have corrected 6 people with symptoms like you are describing. However, the recovery time from the headaches depends on where the headache is. If the headache seems to start at the back of the head, the headaches can be stopped pretty quickly. If they are located in the temple region of the head, it will take longer while the jaw realigns itself once the head and neck are put back into alignment.

If you would like further information, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] I would love to be able ot provide you with more information.

I wish you the best
Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and Anticonvulsants?
I take 450mg of Trileptal daily.
I was reading up on anticonvulsants and acetaminophen and how they can cause liver problems. Can a serious dose of Excedrin (250mg acetaminophen, 250mg aspirin, 65mg caffeine), more specifically 8 Excedrin taken at one time, interact with my Trileptal? Aside from the expected side effects, nausea, hyper-activity, and possibly racing heart, will I have any liver problems? Any long term liver problems? Or should I get my ass to the nearest hospital?
  Drugs usually have two names, the generic and the brand

This information is from the drug interaction site of which
I placed the link below:
Interact of OXCARBAZEPINE (in Trileptal, Trileptal Suspension) may interact with ACETAMINOPHEN (in Excedrin Extra Strength)
Oxcarbazepine may increase the rate at which acetaminophen is broken down by the liver. This may result in less effective pain relief due to the diminished amount of acetaminophen. In addition, the increased amount of metabolite (break-down product) may increase the risk of liver damage. Ask your healthcare provider about these drugs and this potential interaction "as soon as possible".

All medications, whether over the counter..herbs.. herbal teas..or medications prescribed by other doctors should
be checked out first with the doctor you are seeing for
this condition and prescribed this drug for you.

Here is the site I got this information from, so you can
check in the future about whether a drug may interact
with any other medications you have:,4109,,00.html

The liver is a very quiet organ when it comes to a problem
with it. It may show no signs or symptoms that there is
anything wrong with it until the cells die and it cannot
perform the functions it once did to keep the body healthy
and alive. Many people are walking around not knowing
they have damage to their livers until a doctor may
discover it when they are trying to find answers for other
medical problems. I definitely would arrange for a
doctor appointment and tell the doctor about it. It is better
to have a few blood labs drawn than to risk facing having
to have a transplant.
How serious this may be depends on your own body
chemistry, the action of the drugs in your body, and how
often and how much you took of these drugs.

There are two types of blood tests the doctor can do:
one will show if there is damage to the liver, known as
the liver enzymes and the other will show if the liver is
functioning well, known as the liver function tests.
He may even feel to see if your liver has enlarged any and
may do an ultrasound to see if it has developed inflammation.
The inflammation has to be controlled by drugs so the
liver will heal, if can lead to permanent damage and
death of the cells.

Overdosing on just tylenol is very easy to do as many
combination drugs have tylenol in them. Doctors don't
always have the time to explain to patients what drugs
may interact, that is why pharmacies give a paper to
read with your medication when you get it. If you are
not sure about a drug interaction, you can always call
your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about it.
Don't be afraid to do this...they have all the information
right there with the drugs they need to tell you this from.

You have definitely taken too much of this medication
at one need to decide whether you should
get in contact with the doctor office now or later...I
cannot make this decision for you.

I hope this information is of some help to you.
Does anyone else experience very painful jaw muscle pains after taking Treximet?(the migraine pill)?
I take 85 mg treximet pills to treat my migraine headaches and when i take them they sometimes take the headache away but leave a pain in my jaw that doesn't really allow me to chew or speak without feeling a intense sensation run down my jaw to neck.
Master W
  This is a common side effect with migraine medication. You can ask your doctor to give you a different med to see if works for you without the side effect.
Robert G
Headache that Won't Go Away?
Today is Day 20 of the "headache that never goes away". I've been to 2 doctors, both with no success. the newest doctor can't get me in until mid-May, which wouldn't be such a problem if the pain wasn't increasing. Within the past 3 days the headache has been excrutiating. I haven't eaten since yesterday at 1:00 P.M. because I've been in so much pain.
Right now, for pain, the last doctor I saw put me on Astepro, Veramyst, Allegra D, Excedrin Migraine, and Motrin, but he also told me he saw nothing wrong, and I should see a different doctor.
I'm only 15 years old. Both my parents suffer from sinuses, my dad's are severe, but I've been to 2 sinus doctors, both telling me they don't see anything wrong.
My parents also don't understand how bad the pain is.
What can I do to stop this headache?
I'm also a soccer player. Therefore, I'm in pretty good shape. I eat healthy and I drink tons of water. And I've already been to 2 allergy/sinus doctors, both telling me there's nothing wrong with my sinuses.
  Tight neck muscles are causing the pains, Freeing them back up will get rid of the pains for you.
Douglas B

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LOANME5DOLLAS: I need some Excedrin Migraine! (>_<)
PJPB125: I would do anything for some Excedrin Migraine right about now...
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