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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 204009/001.

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"DESVENLAFAXINE" is the commercial name of a drug composed of DESVENLAFAXINE.

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What is the likely effect of taking expired Desvenlafaxine?
Say you took 1300mg of Desvenlafaxine that you acquired roughly 2 years ago. I assume it would have expired by now but can't be certain. What do you think the effect would be? Would the effect be enhanced if combined with 600mg Effexor/Venlafaxine? Asked by Laticia Kerl 6 months ago.

well that's a pretty whopping dose, which is more concerning than the expiration date Answered by Willodean Chisam 6 months ago.

the subject with expired medicare is chemical molecular shape breaks down on the pill, and the filler to %. the chemical shape in starts off to decompose. The effect of taking expired medicine from a medical attitude is ought to case interactions if a guy or woman takes different drugs. achieveable effects is subthpeutic effect, unfavorable reactions. In all, as quickly as the medicine expired call a pharmacist to how you are able to take away the medicine secure practices. additionally, if prescription is expired, and your nonetheless taking the prescription touch surgeon place of work, or different expert to get a clean prescription. "do not use expired medicine"??? Answered by Cythia Bramante 6 months ago.

Utterly useless. Answered by Adriene Wimberly 6 months ago.

Please answer! Is it safe to discontinue desvenlafaxine after taking it for one week.?
is it safe to dicontinue desvenlafaxine after taking it for one week that is used for depression Asked by Irena Macchione 6 months ago.

aka Effexor, yes you can discontinue safely after one week. But why would you? It does take at least four weeks before you notice relief from this antidepressant. So if you are taking it for depression, as long as it isn't causing terrible side effects, you need to be patient and continue to take it. Answered by Marisha Viator 6 months ago.

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The safest thing to do is to ask the doctor who prescribed it to you. Answered by Keneth Dosh 6 months ago.

Can i take LSD if i take desvenlafaxine daily?
LOL, and i don't do these drugs all the time i jsut needed to know what to stay away from, ive done lsd 3 times mushrroms one and cocaine once, dont worry guys JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO STAY AWAY FROM Asked by Alayna Astol 6 months ago.

I am currently taking 50 mg of desvenlafaxine a day, would there be any serious side effects if i took LSD? What about MDMA, Cocaine, or Psilocybin mushrooms? (Please don't answer if you are going to say the drugs will cause serious side effects anyways even if I wasn't taking a SRNI, you know what I'm asking) Answered by Khadijah Orrala 6 months ago.

Wow you are into the heavy drugs. I would really advise against experimenting with those drugs while you are on an SSRI. Your serotonin levels can get really messed up, not to mention a bad alteration of chemicals in your brain. Marijuana would be a good "drug" to use in your situation though. My friend has bipolar disorder and he is on an SSRI and he smokes daily to calm himself down from the medication. Best of luck, and stay safe. Answered by Serina Niedzielski 6 months ago.

1 hit does not cause grand hallucinations. It would probably take multiple hits in order to experience those. I personally wouldnt know. I've only done 1 hit at a time and less than 10 times in my life as far as that goes, and none in the last 20 years. My experiences on 1 hit was mostly time distortion, minor hallucinations and basically being able to drink like a fish. 25 at a time is just crazy. I think everyone should do 1 hit once and only once, or at the most very few times afterwards. In excess it can and will fry your brain but the first experience seems to actually be beneficial in that it will teach your brain to think in ways it has never been exercised to do before. Answered by Corrina Soro 6 months ago.

You don't have e-mail so I know I might get in trouble for chatting. You sound like you need to get some help. There is no good way to take any drugs & end up better off. There are treatment centers & you have to find your way out. You are burning up your brain & body. Look up Naranon or AA on line & find a place that has a meeting & if you don't have transportation someone might be able to help you. Just see people supporting you in recovery. You could get so hurt. No one deserves to be hurt like you are doing to yourself. Maybe you have some hurt but most people do & you just need some healing to take place but you have to have faith, that means believing in what you can't see but if you are willing to have faith you will see things work at even when they don't appear to be succeeding. You might even be able to find a meeting on line. Just try it. Answered by Reinaldo Spycher 6 months ago.

I would say no to acid and mushrooms.... Exstacy... mmmmmm. That would be fine as long as you pace yourself. :D Answered by Hai Hepworth 6 months ago.

Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) feed back please?
Hey GuysI am a 28 year old female (using my hubbys email) I have been taking this medication now for 3 weeks, I went to the doctor as I couldn't sleep, I couldn't sleep as my hubby works away, I find it hard to switch off at night, due to unable to sleep I became very emotional, I was due my period at... Asked by Elvira Harder 6 months ago.

Hey Guys I am a 28 year old female (using my hubbys email) I have been taking this medication now for 3 weeks, I went to the doctor as I couldn't sleep, I couldn't sleep as my hubby works away, I find it hard to switch off at night, due to unable to sleep I became very emotional, I was due my period at the same time (I get really bad PMT) I also had a UTI So I was really unwell, I now feel aint depressants really wasn't the road to go down BUT cause I was so bad at the time I agreed to take them, any thing to be able to sleep! The side effects from day dot were pretty bad, the worse being it effected my sex life MAJOR I couldn't ***, I stayed on the tablets as I thought it would pass, but didn't ... My hubby has gone back to work now (for the next month) I have now got thrush, even thou the doctor said it isn't due to the tablets I feel as thou it is, cause I was so dry when having sex it may of caused some friction, I did use some lube, never really had to before, I talked to my doctor today (had to have pap smear) I said I was going to go cold turkey, he suggested taking something else, I dead against taking anything else, while I was in hes room I was sweating, I said look at me, he said are you anxious, I wasn't ... Im on the med's so shouldn't that stop that? I don't enjoy my food any more, sex has gone down hill, im prone to infection, my eyes feel heavy, I felt when my husband was back that we wasn't as close (think tablets made me parra) & I have headaches, that's just a few of the side effects I am exepericing, I rather be a bit emotional, have a few sleepless nights than have a **** sex life, not enjoy my food and wine & have headaches .. Well, today is my first day without taking a pill, I feel OK .. Bit of a head ache still & could sleep BUT I won't, feel like I am now batteling the anit depressants rather than the depression, any feed back I would be grate full .. Kendra x Answered by Lavenia Knellinger 6 months ago.

Ok short and sweet. I took 7 different antidepressants..none did anything and most made things WORSE. I have adhd so I don't know if that was a cause of it. Also pristiq is just a molecule off the older drug effexor. If you end up going on one why not effexor? its the same thing as pristiq. But for many antidepressants do help and I DO believe that! If you decide to try an antidepressant I'd say steer clear of "pristiq" or effexor. They have a HORRIBLE withdrawal when coming off. Like they were worse than opiate withdrawals! I took celexa and found that helped me a good bit actually. It had the LEAST side effects and was the best at helping my depression and anxiety. Answered by Raeann Winzenried 6 months ago.

Is Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) an appropriate drug for GAD?
I suffer from general anxiety disorder and my doctor just prescribed Pristiq. No where in the info can I find where it helps control this condition. Asked by Nicky Mordue 6 months ago.

Pristiq would absolutely be an appropriate drug for GAD. Basically, Pristiq is just a stripped down version of Effexor (by stripped down I mean they isolated and synthesized just the active metabolite in venlafaxine) so it has many of the same effects as Effexor. Effexor is approved for GAD and Pristiq will be is just so new right now. Basically, norepenephrine is a neurotransmitter that is often associated with stress and anxiety, so that coupled with the SSRI should, in theory make it very effective for GAD. That said, if you can avoid taking SSRI's of any kind, you will thank yourself in the long run. They (SSRI's) can be a handful to get off of (take a look into SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome). I have been on SSRI's for the past 9 years for Panic Disorder and I recently switched from Paxil to Cymbalta, which was almost enough alone...but not quite. So now I take a mix of Cymbalta and Pristiq. I have been on this combo since September and feel great physically, but often get upset because I am on so many drugs I feel like I will never get off them. No matter what you end up trying, I would suggesting starting on the lowest possible dose. Sometimes doctors have a habit of starting somewhere a bit higher than minimum. It is a shame you can't just get away with the occasional xanax or something. Just remember with SSRI SNRI type medications they can take a pretty good amount of time to start working properly and sometimes the "start-up" side effects can be a little intimadating. Just hang in there and try to be as patient as possible. Best of luck to you! Hope you have a great, anxiety free, 2009! Answered by Sherika Blisset 6 months ago.

I would be anybody's friend, I don't presume to judge people by what they do and what they don't put into their systems. Would I encourage others? Depends on who they were and what drug we're talking about. For example, although it's not for everybody, you only live once and not to have experienced mind alteration with something like mescaline or peyote is too bad, because something like that can show you there is more to existence than the nuts-and-bolts of reproducing, raising kids, and going to work every day. Just one example. Do I do drugs? Not right now, no. Have I ever done drugs? Hahahahahahahahahaha Answered by Hannah Meiste 6 months ago.

pristiq desvenlafaxine drug gad Answered by Joseph Jaegers 6 months ago.

Desvenlafaxine (Pristiq) onset of action?
Does it take up to 2 weeks to reach it's full effect like prozac or? Also for Abilify (aripiprazole), how long does that take to reach full effect? Asked by Coralee Samo 6 months ago.

Yeah, for Pristiq, it generally takes two to four weeks before you begin to feel the symptoms begin to abate. With adjunctive Abilify added to the regimen it becomes a lot more difficult to predict when to expect additional reliief as it's awfully variable from one patient to the next. Answered by Awilda Himber 6 months ago.

Abilify Onset Of Action Answered by Isobel Rubarts 6 months ago.

What is the marketed name for Desvenlafaxine Succinate?
Asked by Bradly Hathorn 6 months ago.

It is not approved or marketed yet. Answered by Tenisha Geres 6 months ago.

It's an investigational drug labeled DVS-233 so I don't believe it has an "actual brand name" yet Answered by Suk Bolinsky 6 months ago.

Have you taken Pristiq ?( desvenlafaxine) to treat clinical depression?
what if any side effects ? does it help ? do you recommend it ? what age and sex are you ? Thank you Asked by Desire Miko 6 months ago.

i'm 21 and male. i took pristiq and it made me very suicidal, depressed and more anxious. All the problems it was prescribed for it made worse. I gave it 5 months to work for me but it made me ALOT worse so off of it I went. I have since started b-12, fish oil, magnesium and exercise and the results have beeen amazing Answered by Shirleen Dolven 6 months ago.

Can anyone help with the facts on pristiq? (desvenlafaxine).?
Can this drug be taken recreationally ? How many mg would it take to get you high ? Should I snort or take them orally ? How fast do they kick in? Thanks for awnsers everyone ! :) Asked by Valda Schabbing 6 months ago.

Your kidding right? Pristiq is an antidepressant. You could seriously mess your self up by taking too much. And no, it won't get you high. I have taken it myself. You don't "feel" anything when you take it. The effects are cumulative over a matter of weeks. If you take too much this will happen: Headache Nausea and vomiting Agitation Dizziness Constipation or diarrhea Dry mouth Unusual sensations, such as burning or tingling A rapid heart rate (tachycardia) Death I really hope this was a joke. Answered by Ela Berling 6 months ago.

Has anyone with borderline personality disorder tried pristiq(desvenlafaxine)?
i closed this question too soon and was still interested if anyone else has had any experience with this Asked by Lawrence Brissey 6 months ago.

Pristiq is a very good antidepressant but, some antidepressants may work for others but not for you. It takes an antidepressant about 4 weeks to begin working. When taking an antidepressant if after 4 weeks you don't notice a difference in your depression it is time to try another one. No matter what your age is you have to be in charge of what will work for you and tell your psychiatrist if one isn't working. If one isn't working it may just take a higher dosage. Teens and anyone under the age of 24 have to be extremely careful and your parents need to keep an eye on you and how you are feeling. Sometimes antidepressants for this age group can cause suicidal feelings and have to be immediately reported to your psychiatrist. Unfortunately as you can see if someone tells you it works well for them it may not for you. And don't ever let or listen to anyone who tries to tell you that there are natural cures as there aren't. I am glad that you are working on feeling better and hope you will continue. Answered by Kimberli Nebel 6 months ago.


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