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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 008578/001.

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"DARAPRIM" is the commercial name of a drug composed of PYRIMETHAMINE.


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Answered questions

Is there a treatment for toxoplasmis other than daraprim?
Asked by Sharee Goldblatt 2 years ago.

I think so yea Answered by Cassondra Souto 2 years ago.

In 1971 daraprim compound tab.(quinine dihydrochloride tab) was available in india.what's alternative?
this tablet manufactured by burrouswellcome theri is no alternate medicine for this.can anyone help me. Asked by Janie Smedick 2 years ago.

paracetamol is pretty good stuff. Answered by Melida Angerman 2 years ago.

Getting rid of toxoplasmosis?
Getting rid of toxoplasmosis?After reading about the possible personality changes from toxoplasma gondii, e.g. from Wikipedia, or other news sources, I'd like to know more.How can a person get rid of a chronic infection, and undo the changes? The CDC website says no treatment is generally needed. Is... Asked by Blanca Endresen 2 years ago.

Getting rid of toxoplasmosis? After reading about the possible personality changes from toxoplasma gondii, e.g. from Wikipedia, or other news sources, I'd like to know more. How can a person get rid of a chronic infection, and undo the changes? The CDC website says no treatment is generally needed. Is there a way to get rid of a chronic toxoplasma gondii infection? This older news article says that the infection is for life, but the newer one linked above says that rats in the experiment were given drugs to get rid of it? Is that possible in humans? Answered by Kristine Lozey 2 years ago.

Pyrimethamine (Daraprim). See the link below for the Mayo Clinic's information Good luck! Answered by Hubert Weneck 2 years ago.

How do you CURE parasitic brain infection toxoplasmosis?
FK!!! I'll have to do a ton of advocating about this thing. Of course it isn't the cats fault but there still needs to be a huge warning about the dangers of having a cat. And YESH I DON"T WANT TO BE LIKE THAT GUY WHO JUMPED IN THE TIGER CAGE!!!! GOOD POINT THERE!!! Asked by Peter Hyams 2 years ago.

I've seen many sites that have said there are ways to TREAT toxoplasmosis but none to actually CURE it. Treatment just means treating symptoms, not actually KILLING the parasite. How do you cure/kill it? How do you get a doctor to do that? All the docs don't seem to be concerned. That's stupid. They don't even want to run tests. I don't want a brain parasite in my fking brain! I will seriously go crazy if docs won't do anything about it. It will be proof of a government conspiracy to infect people with parasites. And I for one won't go down without a final fight! So they better do something about this. The fact that it's in my brain, the fact that it can control/effect your behavior and emotions, the fact that you have an increased chance of getting into a car accident are more than enough reasons for me to want this out. Answered by Lucienne Dobine 2 years ago.

As far as I know there is no cure for it. It's an infection that doesn't usually do any real damage however, and huge numbers of people have it most of their lives and never know. Pregnant women should be careful about it. It's not the cats' fault, they're just pawns in a larger game. The guy who jumped into the tiger cage probably had it Answered by Carina Hanses 2 years ago.

Toxoplasmosis Cure Answered by Signe Valorie 2 years ago.

DO NOT put peroxide or alcohol in a dogs ears! It doesn't fully evaporate and the by product is water!! Water is the last thing you want in a dogs ear! It could be ear mites. Take a cotton ball and swab the dogs ear GENTLY, get a dark piece of paper and swipe it on that, look really closely and you might see them moving around. It doesn't always work but you should still go to the vet, sounds like infection. Once this stuff is cleared up you can use something called Oti-cleans for ears. It keeps the wax and hair and junk cleaned out. If it is infection she is going to need meds to clear it up otherwise a much more serious problem can develop. Good luck! =0) Answered by Keeley Pinnock 2 years ago.

To be honest I do not know but I have checked and in the Official Medicine there is no cure just treatment BUT in the Natural Medicine, they say there is do this: 1.- You will need ANTIBIOTICS, thank god there are NATURAL antibiotics, do your search on the internet here some, COPAIBA OIL, PROPOLIS, (put 4 drops on a glass with warm water and drink it, every 3 or 4 hours) 2.- You need to increase your immune system to help fight the toxoplasmosis, so better detoxified your body, take (3) Lemon juice as soon as you wake up, it is very sour so if you have a cavity in any tooth then use a straw to drink it, this will ALKALINIZE your whole body, it will help clean your liver and make it stronger. If you feel like the lemons are not upsetting you in any case then add more lemons little by little like this (day1 and day2 = 3 lemons, day3, day4 and day5 = 4 lemons, day6, day7, day8 and day9 = 5 UNTIL you reach 10 lemons then back up the lemons down again to 3 lemons. 3.- Drink water, 2 liters, make sure you drink ALKALINE water 4.- Drink OMEGA3, OMEGA6 and OMEGA9 (theses are oils), the first and the second are important, you will give your brain the right nutrients. 5,- Another Vitamin you need to have in your body is vitamin D (to be more exact it is D3), there is an easy way to do it, If it is a sunny day then go to the park, the top of your house put on light clothes and take a sun bath, you can do the same at the beach BUT do not expose to the sun rays too much, if you are white then 20min is enough, this has to be done twice a day as long as it is sunny, do it between 9am to 11am and between 1pm and 3pm. You will sweet BUT do not take a shower yet wait about 30min then shower but do not use soap too much the vitamin is there on that sweet and you skin needs about 30min to one hour to absorb it and do not use SUN SCREEN or any other CREAM on your skin. 6.- You need to sweet, that helps to detoxify your body, so go to a SAUNA a couple of days per week. 7.- Do not eat MEATs, specially RED MEATS, do this for at least 6 months, if you can not live without MEAT then make sure you get CHICKEN BUT from an organic FARM (no pesticides) Better yet try to eat ORGANIC FISH. 8.- Continuing with the ALKALINIZATION, eat vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds more often. 9.- If you feel like you are under stress, anxiety or depressed then take MAGNESIUM, 4 grams in the night before bed, if it allows you to sleep like a baby then add the same amount during the mornings and afternoons (by the way, this MAGNESIUM tastes bad so do not feel like you should not eat it, as it is one of those minerals we all lack of). 10.- I almost forgot, you have to help yourself, DO NOT eat JUNK FOOD or FAST FOODS (SODAS, SUGAR, sweets, MILK, FATs, BUTTER, FLOUR, PIZZAS, tortillas, cheetos, ice creams) SPECIALLY SUGAR, sugar will only decrease your immune system, and worms and bacteria and virus and fungus of any kind love SUGAR, so the ball is on your side now. Good luck doctor.shaman Answered by Cher Lollie 2 years ago.

Pray to God for help! drink tonic water it has quinine eat jalenpino peppers propolis is good Vitamin D3 Magnesium do a candida cleanse as the cysts have plant like qualities it helps improve my eyesight get tested for Hemochromatosis an iron storage disease {serum ferritin transferrin TIBC}request these tests or do online testing thru request a test it is associated with TOXO T. gondii needs iron and maybe your body has to much get copper and zinc tested{ sweetworm wood} can break thru the brainbarrier and perhaps cysts of tT. gondii Answered by Mimi Ruhling 2 years ago.


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