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What is a little green pill with a V on it?
Asked by Marty Vant 2 years ago.

Well, there are a couple of answers for this one - not just valium so be careful! One green capsule with a V on one side is LITHIUM. Another oblong tablet (not capsule) imprinted with a V is dextromethoraphan-guiafenesin which is a drug used to help break up phlegm (secretions) when you have a bad cold. A round green pill with a V on the bottom is levothyroxine which is thyroid replacement. Q-bid is another green pill with a V on it - also a cough medicine. A perfect circle green pill with a large V on it could be Vospire - a drug used for asthma problems. These are all according to pill identifier. I was NOT able to find valium in GREEN. Valium tablets are usually white in color. Do not take any medicine you cannot positively identify! Answered by Fabian Meeuwsen 2 years ago.

Little Green Pill Answered by Toccara Drisko 2 years ago.

Im looking through my pill book and Valium has a V on it, but it isn't spelled, it is hollow with a shape of a V. And other generic valium pills doesn't have a V on it. None that I seen. Besides that, the valium pill is blue, in this book or yellow. I looked through the pill book and didn't see any green pills with a "V" on it. This pill maybe over the counter or a vitamin of some sort. I am sorry I am unable to help. Answered by Leola Hoven 2 years ago.

This Site Might Help You. RE: What is a little green pill with a V on it? Answered by Antonia Dikkers 2 years ago.

It's Valium; it comes in different colors depending on the strength. Answered by Elwanda Grob 2 years ago.

Most likely it is Valium, but I would take it into a pharmacy to make sure. Answered by Georgene Hebeisen 2 years ago.

valum i think, take it and find out....j/k i am not shure really Answered by Reynaldo Hambley 2 years ago.

I refuse to take any medicine for my cold!? He explains my point perfectly. Asked by Aiko Allenbaugh 2 years ago.

I will only take medicine if I have a fever of over 101. I don't take any Over the Counter Medications for Colds, for 2 reasons: 1. The risk of addiction and dependance 2. I WANT TO BUILD UP MY IMMUNE SYSTEM! Listen, I NEVER get headaches. Yet, I still see people taking Advil and Tylenol for their symptoms. I tell them "Hey, if you want to really get rid of your coughs and headaches then stop taking medicine!" They look at me like some goofball, and I just laugh inside. I have had a cold for 10 days. I know for a fact that most colds last 14 days. My mother and father are telling me to take addictive Robitussin (DXM), and everyone is telling me to get treated as well. I have to let my immune system fight it out! It has to be trained. I only get sick once every 3 years, and that's because I don't take medications. All they do is act as a band-aid, so when those people get colds, they are dependent on them. I'm not. I let my system build itself up and become strong to kill it, so I'll never get it again. Fight it out. Is my philosophy good? Answered by Lenny Cosgrove 2 years ago.

You're in the money! Your philosophy is right. You build your self confidence just as your body's strength. The old Greek philosophers used to say "healthy mind in a healthy body." These two go together. LRH explains this in his book Dianetics and I agree. I rarely get sick now days. I've gotten one cold in the last 3 years and it lasted less than a week and I did not take any medicines. I increased the intake of vitamin C, chew some raw garlic (you don't have to--you can take capsules) and stayed home for one day. I rested, slept and sweated a lot--I put extra covers. I felt when the cold broke and I knew that now it was all downhill. The next day I was 100% better and went to work feeling almost normal. It all lasted 4-5 days total. I recommend taking vitamins and minerals almost daily (I forget sometimes) and most of my food is organic. I'm very active and I'm always creating something new almost every day, whether it is a personal piece of art or a design or layout for my work and also I help others with dependencies in my volunteer work for Narconon. This keeps me healthy so I don't need medicines or drugs. I have not taken an aspirin, painkiller or medicine in over 15 years. I've only had some antibiotics about 10 years ago for an infection. When I was younger and used drugs for many years and used to get sick very often. Also, my attitude towards life was not very positive. So, in my view point these things go together. Healthy attitude and healthy body go together. By the way the germ theory is not fully correct. If it was true that germs are the only cause of illness then everybody in the world would be sick all the time since germs are everywhere. Also, you can see that people that has a positive look on life are rarely sick and people that is negative or not very positive is always or often sick. Answered by Bob Salam 2 years ago.

I never take over the counter meds either, and I rarely get sick. When I do, I prefer to treat it naturally (homemade chicken soups, tea, garlic, oil of oregano) and the cold only lasts about 3 days. If you're sick, you should treat it, just use natural stuff that isn't addictive or harmful to your system Answered by Berta Bodenheimer 2 years ago.

Why do people still drink soft drinks...?
I didnt ask this just for the weight loss..I dont care if apple juice causes more weight gain than a coke.....its what they do to your body that I am talking about...drink apple juice for a week then withdrawal....if you have a withdrawal from something,then it makes you sick when you start... Asked by Delena Kellow 2 years ago.

I didnt ask this just for the weight loss..I dont care if apple juice causes more weight gain than a coke.....its what they do to your body that I am talking about...drink apple juice for a week then withdrawal....if you have a withdrawal from something,then it makes you sick when you start back..something is wrong Answered by Margy Mazurk 2 years ago.

I kicked the dr pepper habit cold turkey 3 years ago..took about 2 weeks to be clear of them....I felt great...then I backslid and had one at a Sonic..tasted soooo good...made me so stomach hurt,my head hurt...Ive never had another..and I have read the diet drinks are worse then the regular ones....good question!!! Answered by Meggan Munroe 2 years ago.

Because they taste good, and are marketed well. I personally rarely ever have soft drinks, only occasionally, but for most people, health is only one factor in deciding to consume something or not. Sometimes health risk is of a higher degree for some things than others. Surely, no one in their right mind would drink anti-freeze because it would destroy them internally, but something like a soft drink where the health risks are things like shortness of breath, or weight gain, does not pose a serious immediate threat to health, therefore, people will consume them. Answered by Hyo Tuite 2 years ago.

it only shows if you quit..going through the withdrawal and then trying to drink another makes you so sick...I think thats when people realize how bad they are for you...they really are a took me about 10 days to throw them off...I like V8 and Propel..I have been drinking Spring Water but I may try distilled...I agree that if people would cold turkey for 1 week and then try one,they would then see Answered by Gwendolyn Eliason 2 years ago.

I agree...I use Propel Water too,,and I love V8...and I drink distilled water all day took me a week or so to kick cokes and pepsi's...god I had a headache...I used green tea too for the headache after about the 3rd day..someone told me about it.....they are a dreadful addiction but you dont realize it until you get off them and try to go back...THATS when you hurt so bad you realize they are prob killing you Answered by Janie Baltzell 2 years ago.

Ask anyone how many sodas they drink in a week....the do the math for them....3 cans a week......Just over 600 cans a year....OMG...anyone who suddenly views it that way....may be shocked into drinking something else. That's way to much sugar and thousands of wasted calories that can't even be used for energy...The caffeine does that. Charlie C. Answered by Farah Piccolo 2 years ago.

Cause it's a part of the lifestyle people have adjusted to and by the way, gatorade and stuff aern't so great and juices actually cause you to gain more weight than 'diet' soft drinks. Answered by Chrissy Edinger 2 years ago.

why do people smoke cigarate? why do people take drugs? why do people eat junk food? the list if endless and no answer to this. Answered by Niesha Grosky 2 years ago.

It's possibly because they don't know what you know. Answered by Mia Kalina 2 years ago.

How does the story of Laika affect you?
I just found out about it recently. It truly breaks my heart. Oddly enough I found out about it from some electronic music video you do watch it please keep in mind that her actual capsule was in fact like this... Asked by Lucienne Pasaya 2 years ago.

So it's not just me who finds what they did cruel? Why didn't they just send people up there? I mean, it's people who want to go there, and I'm sure there would have been somebody willing to go, no matter what the risk. Poor Laika. Answered by Regena Encino 2 years ago.

Later study has shown that Laika died 4-7 hours after getting shot in to space, from overheating and panic. Her "coffin" then went in orbit 2 570 times around the earth before it burnt up in the atmosphere April the fourth 1958 Answered by Kayce Tsukiyama 2 years ago.

Apparently Laika never even left earth atmosphere alive, it died from overheat. I think it makes me the think the soviet did anything to do better than us. Answered by Carola Greco 2 years ago.

There was a breed named after the dog they found to put up in space. Even though this was extremely cruel, as is most of the things humans do to animals, at the very least she got her name in history. Thanks for reminding me of this, however, I might do a Language report on her. =] Answered by Allie Waguespack 2 years ago.

what do you mean? Answered by Virgilio Blackmon 2 years ago.


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