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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 021928/001.

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"CHANTIX" is the commercial name of a drug composed of VARENICLINE TARTRATE.

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Can i still smoke while on Chantix?
I have been taking chantix for about 3 weeks now and i haven't had a cigarette in almost 2 weeks but i am going through some stuff right now and cigarettes helped me when i was stressed, and now i don't know what to do. Can i have an occasional cigarette. Asked by Shera Gamon 6 months ago.

Chantix is designed to help a person to quit smoking. Having a cigarette EVEN ONE, can trigger the habit again, and also make you feel guilty, further adding to your stress. FACT: There is no "occassional cigarette" for a person that has been a smoker. You either smoke, or you don't. (Could it be that you are not quite ready to quit? At 6.00/pack, that is a real motivator!) Can try to find a new and productive stress reliever like walking, or intense exercise. Sitting down and smoking a cig is a quick fix and takes no concious thought at all, where substituting may not be such a quick fix, but rather may take some hard work to ascertain any relief. Can start in exploring new ways to deal with stress which will truly work for you. Walking works well for me.... There will be stressors throughout your lifetime. Maybe can spend some time thinking about how you truly wish to proceed. Ask yourself if going back to smoking now is something that you may regret doing someday. (Been there done that). Chantix is a very expensive medication. If you have insurance, will they be willing to pay for this again when you are ready?? Nicotine treatment is often only compensated once by the insurance companies. I wish to tell you that I personally grew up telling myself "I can quit anytime I want". Although that is true to some degree, I found that I never truly WANTED to quit. And continued for well over 30 years, putting off quitting one day at a time, and shudder when I think that 30 years have gone by so quickly. If only I had quit earlier!! I attempted wholeheartedly 4 times in one year to quit; each time lasting about 1 mo. I have quit unsuccessfully many times over the years, and often went back to smoking because it was a "good stress reliever" (quick fix). Do the right thing for yourself, and hope you will stick with it and not throw away these 2 weeks. Do keep in mind that starting up again will require quitting again because I suspect that is really what you want eventually. But you will have to go through the withdrawl all over again. I am so tired of putting myself through withdrawl time after time.... Don't mean to lecture, just know from experience, and suspect you have a few less years at it than myself. I know you can've made it 2 wks, and suspect you can make it another day. If you can make it another day, then maybe you can make it another. Just one day at a time, you can do it. If you are having urges, can use the patch along with the Chantix. I've had to do this while on the Chantix and it does work. FACT: The longest urge to smoke lasts 3 minutes, and knowing this gets me through the worst ones!! Good luck...... Answered by Cathy Perez 6 months ago.

Pot has no nicotine. Chantix blocks nicotine receptors in the brain. There is no connection between pot smoking and the action of Chantix. I never had a bad experience, and was able to quit smoking cigarettes without it affecting the pot. Answered by Renetta Arana 6 months ago.

No you can't. Why mess up a good thing. Each time you put that cancer stick in your mouth, you're just saying how much you hate yourself. When you know that the nicotine is bad for your body and you chose to continue to smoke, then you have a chemical dependence. In other words, you are an addict.. oops! There, I said it. Nicotine is a stimulant AND sedative to the CNS....(listen up). It takes about 2 days for your body to get rid of it. Guess what? You've already detoxed. Now you have to learn an alternative to smoking. I know you are a little edgy, moody, and a little emotional right now. We all have our ups and downs, but you are on the verge of conquering something really big! Go for a walk and do something GOOD for your body. Best wishes Answered by Tamala Vaquez 6 months ago.

smoke chantix Answered by Ayanna Kuester 6 months ago.

no, you cant smoke with it...I'm pretty sure it will make you feel sick. I think a good option is chewing gum or carrot sticks. Another way is to peel and eat an orange every time you feel that stressful overwhelming feeling. 2 weeks off cigs is AWESOME!!! Answered by Marna Ervine 6 months ago.

Yes you can still smoke while on chantix, but the best part of the medicine is the urge for smoking diminishes with chantix. hantix – Champix contains Varenicline as active participant. It is given as prescription medication along with counseling to help smokers to quit smoking. This medicine is classified as smoking cessation aids which are known for their anti smoking effect. It works by stopping the nicotine (from smoking) addiction effect on the brain. Chantix – Champix (Varenicline) medicine is available at Top Drug Mart at a reasonable price. Answered by Peter Otis 6 months ago.

Trying chantix?
has anyone tried it, if soo...did it work and what was the cost Asked by Devon Sundholm 6 months ago.

Chantix is working! I am a doctor with SEVERAL patients on chantix. I can't believe how well the initial results are. First and foremost, you need to want to quit smoking. It is not a miracle pill. You have to set a quit date and stick to it. Among my patients that have done just that, after 2-4 months every single one of them is still a quitter. As time passes, statistically some will pick up the habit again. Keep in mind that, after you quit, if any time during the first year of being a quitter, you take even 1 puff off of 1 cigarette, you have a greater than 80% chance of a full relapse! for the cost. First of all, if you have insurance, please call and see if they will cover the cost of the prescription if you are enrolled in their smoking cessation programs. If not, it is running my patients about $100-$130/month depending on where you get it. Keep in mind, this is cheaper than a pack-a-day - so well worth it. Now, most of my patients only need it for a month or two - and then they have completely quit and do not require it anymore! Best of luck to you - this is the best decision you can make for your body! Do it! Answered by Rose Jerauld 6 months ago.

I smoked 35 years . I started chantix and I've made little effort to quit I just kept smoking when I feel like it its been 15 days. I'm down to about 4 cigarettes a day with no effort whatsoever. If this trend keeps up I will be a non smoker with no effort other than the going to the doctor for the chantix. It was free my insurance paid it all. Answered by Lisandra Bouwkamp 6 months ago.

What are the side affects of Chantix? Answered by Shad Rattu 6 months ago.

Has anyone successfully quit smoking using Chantix?
I'm taking this medicine, and I feel sick, cold, I can't get a good night's sleep, and i'm 3 days in. Any good success stories that will make me feel better about taking this? I really want to quit, I've smoked for 19 years, but this is hell. Asked by Josie Periera 6 months ago.

I have been on chantix for three weeks now and quit smoking 8 days after I started it!! I had been smoking for 12 years. I have tried to quit twice before--once using wellbutrin, that lasted about 4 weeks--and once using nicorette--lasted about 3 days. Chantix has been a miracle. Only a couple of days after starting it, I began to smoke less without even trying. My cigs also started to taste bad and my robe--which I put on when I go outside to smoke--all of a sudden smelled so bad like cigs I threw it in the washer immediately. Since I quit, I have had a few cravings--but just mental/emotional cravings--I was mourning the loss of my best friend--the cigarette. But now, it has been 14 days and I feel great and find myself not even thinking of cigs. I actually am able to stand outside with my friend while she smokes and not even want one--instead I want to throw up b/c she smells so disgusting. It has to be the Chantix that is making smoke smell so gross. And I was a pack a day or more smoker--I had to smoke everytime I got in the car, picked up the phone, had a break between classes, woke up, went to bed, after every meal and snack, etc. Now I drink tons of water and feel SO CLEAN! It is truly unbelievable. I never thought it could be this easy. As for the side effects--I only had nausea once but never threw up. I also still have very vivid dreams--I would not call them nightmares--some have been negative dreams, but some just normal--what my doctor told me is that we all have dreams & nightmares all the time, we just don't usually remember them or realize we even had them. So that is what I mean by "vivid"--I remember them so completely--I was actually talking in my sleep to one of the people in my dream the other night and had to be woken up to stop. I have also experienced some insomnia--like it takes me an hour or so after laying down to actually fall asleep. But those small temporary things are so worth the trade off!!! I just remember it is only temporary, but if I had kept smoking, I would continue to do permanent damage. I also have asthma and it was really starting to act up--smoking began to really affect me in every way and I couldn't take it anymore. I am so happy I took Chantix and will try to stay on it for the 3 months they recommmend---even though I don't even feel like I need it anymore. It is so weird how it seemed to come in and rearrange my brain! I am very thankful for it. I suggest you continue to give it a shot--make sure you eat with it and drink the full glass of water every time too. I have, so maybe that is why I have not really felt ill. Remember too, that once you quit, your body will begin undergoing changes and those changes, although GREAT, may feel like a pain in the butt for a little while, so it is not always the drug that is causing problems but your bodily changes in general. Feel free to email me if you want to talk more about it, I would be happy to. Answered by Avery Oen 6 months ago.

I have try'd to quit smoking twice using patches, and wellbutrane and failed both times. I have been smoking for 24 years, 4 packs a day! Then my doctor told me about Chantix. I'm also a bad diabetic so it was imperative for me to quit smoking, not to mention I could have bought a house by now if I had never had that first smoke. I have been an ex- smoker for 7 months and 6 days today!!! Chantix works on the neurons in you re brain that crave the nicotine and it worked better than i ever thought it would!! I had scheduled my start time on the chantix and realized that my actual quit date would be on St. Patrics day! being the Irish girl I am I knew I would be having a green beer or two, but I stuck to that date!! I havent smoked since and everyone I've told about it has quit too!! It's probably you re only chance! Do it!!!! Answered by Norman Maendel 6 months ago.

I used both Chantix and the Allen Carr book, The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. All side effects to Chantix went away after a few days. Hang in there. It's worth it. Answered by Melvina Muegge 6 months ago.

I have a good friend that quit by using Chantix. She smoked for 25 years, and was practically a chain smoker. She has been smoke free since last June. With her money that she's saved from smoking, she's been buying cook books, because she says the food tastes so much better now! Answered by Davina Evering 6 months ago.

I quit smoking with "alan carr" the easyway to quit smoking. I smoked whilst reading this book and when I'd finished I was totally anti - smoking, it was the strangest feeling ever but I have never smoked since 5 years later!! Answered by Nakisha Arel 6 months ago.

Try to get more information regarding some ways to stop smoking at my profile. Answered by Antonette Talleut 6 months ago.

Has anybody used Chantix?
If so, has anybody had any side effects? What were they if you did and how bad? Asked by Yun Golphin 6 months ago.

I used Chantix for 6 weeks around a year ago-- it definitely worked for me in terms of quitting smoking, but made me a little crazy in the process. What's great about it is that it takes care of all of the withdrawl symptoms so that you can focus on breaking your smoking habits-- those take the longest to free yourself from. For awhile whenever I was in a position where I would normally have a cigarette (in the car, after dinner) I felt like I wanted a cigarette, but I'd try smoking and it wouldn't 'work' so to speak. After trying that enough times my brain let go of the habit. I did stop taking Chantix around half way through the recommended course because it was making me extremely depressed. I was constantly fighting with and upset with my boyfriend. I cried almost every day and blew things wildly out of proportion. I had really vivid dreams almost every night that were sometimes really terrible. Even given all that, I would go back on Chantix if I were to start smoking again. It did work for me, and I consider the effects of smoking much more detrimental to my health than the effects of Chantix. Answered by Roger Eriquez 6 months ago.

Yes I have tried it twice. The first time was a few years back. I took as prescribed and it seemed to be working pretty good. I live with alot of smokers so I wasn't able to quit completely. I was down to one or less cig a day during the second week. Unfortunately, after the second week I had a bad allergic reaction and broke out in hives all over my body. I tried it again last month. I didn't have the conviction of trying to quit this time however and kept on smoking after the first week. The chantix and smoking didn't mix well after the second week. Every time I smoked i would get very nauseous and go full scale vomiting. If you really want to quit smoking I have known quite a few people who succeeded while using chantix. The other thing that worries me about chantix is the possible depression and or suicidal thoughts. With me I just had to keep reminding myself that if I was feeling depressed or sad that it was just the chantix making me feel bad and not my life. If you do get the sad feelings just think positive that once the chantix is gone the depression will also leave as well. Hope it works out for you with no major side effects. Try it for a few weeks and at least see how well it works for you. But if things start getting weird like my hives then stop taking it right away. Answered by Shannon Brallier 6 months ago.

Has anyone quit smoking using chantix ?
i am wanting so badly to quit.... been smoking for over 40 years...but anymore they taste nasty and i find myself putting them out right after i light up. i guess my mind frame is finally ready to throw them out. Asked by Rashad Armson 6 months ago.

Chantix works well to take away the craving for the nicotine. You will find that if you smoke on Chantix you will not enjoy the cigarette at all and you won't want to smoke. After a couple of months you can stop taking Chantix and you won't crave nicotine. It works very well. Now for the negatives. It does not take away your emotional cravings, like wanting to smoke while driving or wanting to smoke when you feel stressed out. Also, and this is serious, Chantix can cause very severe depression and there have even been some suicides in people on Chantix. Of course there are also suicides in people who don't take Chantix but many people report that it makes them feel "down" and they show symptoms of depression. So, talk to your physician and set up recurrent appointments to follow up, but definitely give it a try. In my opinion this is the first really good drug we've seen to help people quit. Answered by Sean Hubel 6 months ago.

If your mind frame is ready to throw away the cigarettes then you don't need chantix to quit. Try this method that helped me quit. It's free. Best of all, you save money and you don't need to take medications that give you side effects. Answered by Moira Carns 6 months ago.

Yes, i have used chantix for stopping smoking. It proved very beneficial for me. I bought it from topdrugmart, it is a online phamracy dealing in generic medicines. Answered by Kasi Shandro 6 months ago.

Chantix to stop smoking?? anyone use this??
I started today on the starter pack. I know all the side effects doctor told me and I heard a few things. I wanna know from THOSE who actually took it how it worked and etc. Please answer these for me. .1. DId it work2. Side effects you had.3. How long after taking it did you not want to smoke.4. How long... Asked by Latoyia Pravata 6 months ago.

I started today on the starter pack. I know all the side effects doctor told me and I heard a few things. I wanna know from THOSE who actually took it how it worked and etc. Please answer these for me. . 1. DId it work 2. Side effects you had. 3. How long after taking it did you not want to smoke. 4. How long total did you take it. 5. Any regrets in taking it. Thanks in advance. !! Answered by Fernanda Rawling 6 months ago.

Chantix is a great tool for quitting smoking, but it's not a 'magic pill' - it doesn't just eliminate smoking from your life, although it does help with cravings. My biggest problem was the habit of doing something with my hands, especially in the car. However, as helpful as this may be you have to remember that it comes with serious risks. 1. Yes, it worked as a tool to HELP in not smoking, but I did a lot of the work myself to actually quit. 2. Side effects I had were panic attacks - see below 3. I only was able to take the pill for a week and a half before I had to quit taking it due to side effects, but I stopped smoking on the 6th day, with three slip ups of a cigarette within the first month of quitting 4. Again, I only took it for a week and a half 5. Yes, I regret not trying to quit on my own and the ability to avoid the side effects - I took the lazy person's way out and although it worked, I caused myself grief. I'm not trying to be negative, I began looking online after I myself had problems. I began taking Chantix the last week of February of this year. by the end of my first week, I began having panic attacks spaced out with several days in between. I never reached the recommended dosage as I was cutting pills in half and only taking 1/2 pill per day (1/4 of the recommended dose), and still the problems continued. I couldn't look at bright lights, look up, or look far away without getting dizzy & disoriented. This made me scared to go anywhere in public and nervous to drive. When in public, it seemed that the noise of people chattering began to overwhelm me for no reason at all. I began being uncomfortable in my own skin, even at home with just myself and spouse. I would leave the room for no reason just to get away and compose myself. It was terribly frightening and I wondered if these feelings would ever subside. They eventually did, but it took several months until the chemicals were out of my system and life returned to normal. Your doctor as well as info. on the web that is sponsored will support this pill b/c (and I quote) "the benefits outweigh the risks because smoking is proven to be harmful" and apparently because there haven't been conclusive studies to link Chantix to any of these side effects. PLEASE do research online re: Chantix and Panic Attacks/Anxiety Attacks and other side effects before putting your health at any further risk. I wish you the best! ♥ Answered by Lang Sawtelle 6 months ago.

I have smoked to 20 yrs 2 packs a day and have been on Chantix for 3 weeks now. After starting the first day I went down to about 4 smokes a day and now I dont even crave them. I do have vivid dreams but they are not bad enough to make me stop taking it and possibly start smoking again. I too fight depression and anxiety and I have not seen any change in that. All meds effect people differently and the best thing to do is give it a try. If the side effects are more than your willing to deal with then you can stop it. Good luck Answered by Armanda Dutko 6 months ago.

Natural Quit Smoking Magic Answered by Alison Baray 6 months ago.

1 Mostly, I was down to a a few nicotine tabs after I finished it then was able to stop entirely 2 mild nausea, vivid dreams 3 I had to extend from the normal 3 months to 6 per the instructions on their website -- it takes longer for some people 4 6 months 5 No, it was great but obviously some people can't tolerate it Answered by Benton Tederous 6 months ago.

Dr suggested it to my honey after his heart attack and had to have a a stint put in 1 yes it did, but you have to help it is not a majic bullet 2 none 3 you alwyas want to smoke but the cravings become less 4 the dr had him take it for 2 months $100 per month 5 he is thrill he has stopped smoking for 1 year now and now cannot stand the smell of cigarettes YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered by Stanford Taber 6 months ago.

I'm going to start on chantix tomorrow. ?
How does this system reduce my cigarette cravings? I read the possible side effects but my doctor said it seems to be one of the best methods. Will I just not crave them? Will I get sick if I smoke? etc Asked by Yolanda Yarrell 6 months ago.

Chantix works in much the same way as naltrexone works on opioid overdoses. The chemical, Varenicline, resembles the nicotine molecule. When you take the pill, the molecule binds to the nicotine receptors in your brain, thus reducing cravings, and simultaneously blocking the action of any nicotine you might ingest. As for how well it works, in my opinion, not well at all. I took a course of it twice, and neither time did it have ANY effect on me whatsoever, not even the nausea that many report. I was taking Effexor and Oxycontin at the time, though, so that may have had something to do with it. Both of those things made me crave cigarettes like a madman! My dad's wife took it, too, and all she reported was nausea, but no success reducing cravings. Everyone's body chemistry is different, though, and it may very well work for you. I hope it does! It is reported to have homicidal/suicidal ideation as a side effect, but there is no science to either deny or confirm this. Hell, smoking is just a slower form of suicide, but then we're all going to take the eternal dirt-nap one day, anyway... I read a story about some guy in Hollywood (actor?) who killed his neighbor after starting this medication. You might Google Chantix + murder if this bothers you. I don't know if you've ever heard of Zyban (Wellbutrin), but it is used as a smoking cessation aid as well. It is an atypical anti-depressant, and It definitely helped me quit smoking - reduced the cravings, shortened their duration, etc. Like Chantix, it doesn't work for everyone, but it may be worth a try if Chantix fails you. Good luck in your efforts to quit, it's not easy, but it IS worth it! You won't believe how much better you'll be able to breathe, and you'll feel better in general! Answered by Shila Holster 6 months ago.

Exactly - it reduces your cravings. You will still want to smoke sometimes but you'll find that you won't crave cigarettes as often. No you will not get sick if you smoke. You will very likely just get really nauseous from the pills themselves. I tried them but got so nauseous I couldn't handle the pills at all - I had to go to work after all. Good luck but don't be surprised if you don't have alot of success. I don't know anyone who has had longterm success using chantix. Don't want to discourage you but you may as well know the truth. Answered by Odell Thorpe 6 months ago.

I know of several people who have successfully stopped smoking using Chantix. You may well get cravings if you smell cigarette smoke or see someone smoking. You may miss it at times you habitually smoked...IE: with coffee, after a meal, etc. You will not get sick if you smoke. Google: mayo clinic>>drugs>>Chantix Best of luck to you Answered by Delana Otinger 6 months ago.

Has anyone tried Chantix?
If so what, if any, were your side effects and did it work? Asked by Jerilyn Petronzio 6 months ago.

I quit smoking this summer with Chantix (started it June 9th). I had tried all the other ways to quit (except the anti-depressant drugs like Zyban and Welbutrin since they mess up future life and disability insurance qualifications, just to let you know) and Chantix worked miracles for me! I have been smoking (consistently) since I was 15 (currently 31) at a pack a day or so. I followed the directions of taking the .5 mg tab the first week while still smoking regularly - no side effects at that time. I put down the cigarettes at the beginning of the 2nd week where you start the 1 mg dose and so on. I did have a cigarette here and there, but tasted terrible and didn't cause me to want one again later like it would by going cold turkey. The side effects I experienced was nausea but didn't ever actually throw up. The strange or vivid dreams did occur but on the low grade. I found if I took it to late in the evening that it was hard to fall asleep. I was moody, but it was a different kind of moody then when trying to quite cold turkey. There was also gas and bloating, but that's just an unfortunate physical effect of nicotine and the 5,000 other chemicals in cigarettes that your body is cleansing itself of. :-( I just tweaked how I took it to combat some of the side effects. I would bite the 1 mg tab in half and take the other half an hour later because a full dose made me sick instantly. I realized that taking it with one or two slices of toast kept me from getting nauseated. I didn't take it to late so I could get to sleep. The moodiness I just put up with because I knew that 2 months of emotional roller coasting was 100% worth not being on oxygen by the time I'm 50 years old! :-) I let myself have 1 cigarette on the last day of September so that by the end of the year I could say I was a non-smoker (which was my goal) consisting of at least 3 full months 100% smoke free. One other thing I did to supplement was have Commit lozenges handy, but that was more to keep me from eating rather than smoking! It will work if you do what you are supposed to do (I believe). So many people say it doesn't work, but if they simply quit BUYING cigarette, they may actually succeed. You will still get cravings, but they are minor and pretty easy to get past - especially considering the overwhelming cravings that I had when trying "cold turkey" and with nicotine replacements. Good luck, and remember the side effects are temporary where as permanent damage to the lungs are, well, permanent! Answered by Renate Lessenberry 6 months ago.

I haven't experienced any side effects, but the most common ones are nausea, constipation, gas, and vomiting, and changes in your sleep (dreaming, etc.) The most common side effect is the nausea and vomiting. Good luck! Answered by Joelle Mcdearmont 6 months ago.

i tried it and had some nausea with it. nope, it didn't work...i hope it works for you, good luck Answered by Rubye Milinazzo 6 months ago.

Advantages/disadvantages of Chantix?
My mom started Chantix the other day. Have any of you tried it and experienced..not good things? Good things? What happened when you stopped taking it? Does it really work? Sorry, I'm just curious! -msar27 Asked by Nicolle Winkelbauer 6 months ago.

I quit smoking on Chantix. Made me nauseated, and I only took it for two weeks after my quit date. I quit four years ago, and have no desire to smoke, even around people smoking etc. -- unlike previous quit attempts. Nothing happened when I stopped taking it. I had smoked for over 20 years and Chantix worked -- in combination with lifestyle changes etc. But it worked very, very well for me. The not so good things: I became really irritable -- possibly due to quitting, but I'd tried before and did not experience the same level of irritability. I did not gain any weight at all. That said: A colleague who was quitting when I did experienced depression and suicidal thoughts for two days; she recognized it for what it was, told her doctor (and did not act on it!). I don't recall what her doctor told her, but she's still alive and a nonsmoker. But, Chantix was reportedly not well researched in people with mental health treatment histories, and this is a documented side effect now with some people. The good and the bad: Though I didn't get those problems, what I had was sufficiently annoying that it actually contributed to not ever wanting to smoke again, because I'd have to go through Chantix again (for me, nothing else had worked for more than a few months -- but everyone is different). Essentially, if there's anything at all weird, talk to the doctor. Answered by Cierra Maslowski 6 months ago.

I have smoked to 20 yrs 2 packs a day and have been on Chantix for 3 weeks now. After starting the first day I went down to about 4 smokes a day and now I dont even crave them. I do have vivid dreams but they are not bad enough to make me stop taking it and possibly start smoking again. I too fight depression and anxiety and I have not seen any change in that. All meds effect people differently and the best thing to do is give it a try. If the side effects are more than your willing to deal with then you can stop it. Good luck Answered by Devorah Brizuela 6 months ago.

Quitting smoking with Chantix?
Has anyone used this to quit smoking? I recently have ben prescribed to it, but haven't started because I have heard strange things about the side effects and also mixing it with alcohol. I heard it has led to suicide and hallucinations. I have also heard it makes you sick to your stomach and you have vivid... Asked by Carson Shackleford 6 months ago.

Has anyone used this to quit smoking? I recently have ben prescribed to it, but haven't started because I have heard strange things about the side effects and also mixing it with alcohol. I heard it has led to suicide and hallucinations. I have also heard it makes you sick to your stomach and you have vivid dreams. Has anyone experienced anything like this?? Also how effective was it and how long did it take until you got rid of the urge/want to smoke? What is your overall opinion of the drug?? Answered by Gennie Poetzsch 6 months ago.

ive been taking chantix now for 5 weeks,slowed down smoking after 2 weeks then a week later i quit,the urge is gone ,hopefully for good.the only side effects were the vivid dreams,not bad and not enough to wake me and also an upset stomach if i dont eat first,easily dealth with.i will continue with chantix as long as i have too,its a great feeling not smoking.i smoked for 25 yrs and up to a pack a day! good luck,its worth a try! Answered by Remedios Vanek 6 months ago.

I took it and quit. HOWEVER, yes it gives you vivid dreams which is OK, it's kinda cool to remember all your dreams. when you take the medication on the 2nd week (as you increase the dose then) make SURE you take it with FOOD AND DOES make you quite sick to your stomach if you don't. It also makes you have a lot of gas. I would say it was worth it. I took 2 months, I do not recommend stopping the medication after the first month, you need another 4 weeks of it. I think anyone quitting smoking is more prone to depression etc. it's a pretty evil drug and as you know is quite addictive. You get rid of the urge to smoke at the end of the 1st week, as you are supposed to continue to smoke the first week so your brain and the medication can work together and you will develop a hatred for smoking and smelling it. Gor for it! Good luck Answered by Dion Twiford 6 months ago.

Champix contains Varenicline as active participant. It is given as prescription medication along with counseling to help smokers to quit smoking. This medicine is classified as smoking cessation aids which are known for their anti smoking effect. It works by stopping the nicotine (from smoking) addiction effect on the brain. Chantix – Champix (Varenicline) medicine is available at Top Drug Mart at a reasonable price. Answered by Jennine Pinegar 6 months ago.

I have a friend that used it. She's quite a bit older though so don't know if age has anything to do with the effects or not. She had weird dreams with it, but it worked - she didn't want to smoke while on it. And it worked within a couple of days of starting it. Answered by Janean Cerva 6 months ago.

Homeopathic Remedies to Help Quit Smoking :- To reduce the craving; while discontinuing its use Tabacum 30, 4 hourly Though addicted to tobacco; but cannot bear the odor of it Lobelia In Q(Mother Tincture) 4 hourly, 5 -10 drops Great desire to smoke; tobacco heart; oppression of breathing as in asthma Caladium S 30, 4 hourly To produce disgust for tobacco for habitual tobacco chewers Plantago Major 30, 4 hourly Take the remedy which is similar to your symptoms. No side effects or complications if taken as directed, please do not exceed the given dosage and under any circumstances do not try to mix any remedies and avoid Chocolates, Mints, Coffee, Red Meat, Alcoholic and Carbonated drinks, Spicy Rich Food while taking any Homeopathic remedies, and keep the medicines away from direct sunlight, heat strong smells and perfumes and do not store them in the fridge. Curing without any side effects or Complications That's the Beauty of Homeopathic Medicine Take Care and God Bless You ! Answered by Martha Whiley 6 months ago.

All medications have ridiculous side effects. Some of them probably have only happened to 2 people in this world, and they just put it on there just because it happened while taking the medication. If you're really that concerned, talk to your doctor. That's what they're for. Answered by Todd Holgerson 6 months ago.

I know 2 people who have used this. One is a co-worker and has had great success with it and has not picked up another Smoke and the side effects re minimal to done for her. My Sister in law has been taking them and she has had great success and the only side effect she has notice is when she taker her pill she has to eat something with it or she will get sick and if she try to smoke one she gags. Answered by Bethany Maybin 6 months ago.


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