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Cervidil Induction?
Has anyone ever had the cervidil inserted and sent home for the night then returned the next day for the pitocin? This is what my doctor has planned for me, just looking for advice and opinions. Asked by Charise Broadus 1 year ago.

Cervidil usually comes attached to a string like a tampon these days. So, if you start to have any problems, pull it out and go to the hospital. Having the cervidil the night before and the pitocin the next day is common. The idea is that the cervidil will get your cervix ready and then the pitocin will start the contractions. The pitocin is so much worse in my opinion because the contractions are really painful and your body doesn't get the mellow feeling like it gets with your natural hormones. My one recommendation - don't let them break your water. At least not until you are far along, like 8 cm. The reason for this is that inductions are really iffy. They OFTEN don't work because your body isn't ready. If they don't break your water, you can go home and try again another day. If they do break your water, then you are headed for a C-section if it doesn't work and often the baby has A LOT more problems after the water has been broken and your body wasn't ready for it. MAKE THEM WAIT. Answered by Carolin Gellespie 1 year ago.

i wasn't sent home but was left for the night with that and the patocin drip. when is started working i was in allot of pain so removed the cervidil and all was well. I had a healthy baby girl. Answered by Roxane Farabee 1 year ago.

I had a bad reaction to the stuff that put on your cervix to soften it so you can go into labor. I woke up in the middle of the night with 6 nurses around me and one with her hand in me trying to wipe off the gel stuff then they had to do something else to get it out. I don't know if it was cause I had very low water and he was on the cord or if the baby had a reaction to the gel stuff. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!! Answered by Wendi Wettach 1 year ago.

Any one know about cervidil?
How well does cervidil work? my daughter is 40 weeks and hasnt done nothing and they are putting her in sunday night at 10:00 this is her first child.They first told her they believed the baby was to big for her to have and she wants to try have it and by the 4D ultra sound the baby weighs 7lbs 11ozs and my... Asked by Clarence Fenderson 1 year ago.

How well does cervidil work? my daughter is 40 weeks and hasnt done nothing and they are putting her in sunday night at 10:00 this is her first child.They first told her they believed the baby was to big for her to have and she wants to try have it and by the 4D ultra sound the baby weighs 7lbs 11ozs and my daughter is small framed. Answered by Winston Novik 1 year ago.

Cervidil is a little piece of mesh fabric about the size of a half-stick of gum. It's attached to a string like a tampon. The mesh fabric is embedded with medications which ripen the cervix. It is placed into the vagina, way up inside, along the posterior (back) side of the cervix, so the placement can be similar to an uncomfortable cervical check. It stays in for 12 hours, unless she goes into labor during this time or for any reason which makes it seem that she or baby is not tolerating the medication, in which case it would be removed. Although it is technically a cervical ripening med and not a formal labor induction agent, we often see women go into labor within 4-6 hours of insertion. Not always, but often. If, after 12 hours, labor hasn't started, it will be removed, the cervix will be checked and hopefully it will be ripened enough to start induction with pitocin or artificial rupture of membranes. If the cervix remains unripe, another dose of cervidil for another 12 hours might be necessary. Inductions can be lengthy processes if the cervix is not ripe. Good luck! And thanks for the thumbs down! LOL I gave the most accurate answer - there is no way to predict how well it will work. Anyone who says differently is a liar or is only going off of personal experience, not science. Answered by Soo Aina 1 year ago.

i was given cervidil before my induction at 40 weeks. all it does is thin the cervix. if that's the only thing holding her back from labor, then it will be just fine! i don't think i was anywhere near labor though because even after 2 doses and i was completely thinned, still nothing. the baby hadn't dropped, so i had to push him all the way down myself. that was no fun. get the cervidil, and tell her to just go with the flow. the doctor wouldn't recommend anything that would hurt her or the baby. if she wants to try to do it vaginally, more power to her! a big baby can be's done all the time! my mom was very tiny each of her pregnancies...and my sister was born at almost 9 lbs...breech, and with no epidural! it was hurt, but it can be done. i pushed for 3 hours straight and had given up. we were preparing for a c-section (according to the ultrasound the day before, my baby was near 10 lbs) when i had another contraction and he came out. so remind your daughter that when she thinks she has nothing more to give, there's always just a little more. BTW...he was only 7lbs 10.5 oz. Answered by Vada Gaster 1 year ago.

it depends on the women, I was 39 weeks and went in to be induced with cervidil on a sunday at 5:00 it didnt do anything throught the night but bother me, I had to lay there on my side for 2hours and have a heart monitor for the baby.... took it out in the morn and started pitocin.still did nothing was straped to bed with iv pitocin and hearth monitor alllllllllll day, and was not allowed to eat while on the pitocon, so than it was monday night cervidil and pitocon didnt work they said after I eat they would try again with a new cervidil for the night, about 9pm monday night more cervidil and bed ridden... about 11ppm the worst pain ever it was not labor or contractions just pure pain I couldnt sit or do anything I just walked around and cryed until 12pm and than told the nurse the cervdil had to come out, we took it out and with in 15minutes I started having contractions, 1am contractions dam they hurt got into the hot tub (TRY IT IT HELPED SOOOOOOO MUCH) and at that point they were about a minute apart, I had about 5 BAd ouchy contractions in the tub with the last 2 I told them she was down there and ready that I needed to get into the bed......... I got out of tub and into bed They wouldnt let me push my midwife was not there but I could had her 3contractions sooner.......once in bed by the 3rd 1minute apart contraction mid wife was there..... I did three pushes with in one contraction and it was done..........didnt even have time for medicine..and only had 8 of the BAD Ouchy contractions had her at 2:30am,,,,,,,,, So it was a long tough start for the 2.5days but the labor went quick in the end Daughter 18days old! Son 7.5 years old :) P.s ultra sounds are usually and can be off 1.5lbs either way buy my daughter was told to be 8max and was 8.32.... Oh ya I was completly thinned and soft when I went in to start the cervidil just had no dialation, but suppose to work better on a second child birth..... Answered by Abbie Ricenberg 1 year ago.

It's great! I take it myself. Answered by Adelia Sheff 1 year ago.

Question about cervidil ?
- getting induced because of preeclampsia i am 37 weeks Asked by Emmie Greder 1 year ago.

This wednesday i am going in around 8pm to get induced. Well the plan is to start cervidil on wednesday night and then pitocin in the morning. I don't really know what to expect from cervidil i know it is inserted in the cervix thats really all i know and my midwife said it can give me feelings of menstrual cramps. Right now i am about 1cm dilated and pretty thinned out so i'm just wondering what will happen after they put the cervidil in? or did anybody have an iduction like this? Answered by Monet Hufnagel 1 year ago.

Cervidil is not meant for induction, it is a cervical ripening agent. It is meant to soften and thin the cervix, not necessarily cause dilation. It isn't placed inside the cervix, but up along the back side of it, inserted through a vaginal exam, like a longer, deeper cervical check, so it might be a bit more uncomfortable. It's just a little string like a tampon, and at the end is a thin piece of mesh fabric about the size of a half-stick of gum. It is embedded with the medication. You will be monitored to make sure your baby tolerates it and you don't start having hyperstimulation of the uterus (too many contractions). Sometimes labor does start because of cervidil, but as I said that is not the primary intention. They will leave it in for 12 hours unless you start contracting and go into labor. Once it is removed in the morning pitocin is started. Pitocin is what is used for the induction process, to actually cause the contractions. Good luck. Answered by Major Dezell 1 year ago.

Well I am being brought on Thursday at 6:00 am. I may also accept Cervidil after which Pitocin. I am getting the Epidural, additionally. The purpose I am being brought on is for scientific motives too: High Blood Pressure. My obgyn mentioned that I have got to ask for soreness cure after they begin the Pitocin if I am in any soreness, for the reason that while you're in soreness, your bloodpressure rises (simply in case you're getting brought on for equal motives). The epidural makes your bloodpressure cross down. My obgyn mentioned that if my hard work hasn't stepped forward sufficient on it is possess, she's going to holiday my water round 6:00 pm Thursday night. She mentioned my child will probably be born Thursday night time or early Friday morning. So just about, she gave me a 24-hour period of time, however I am no longer dialated and my cervix remains to be closed, even though it is tender. So confidently your hard work progresses quick and also you meet your child quickly! Good success and congrats! Answered by Zetta Dahms 1 year ago.

What does it do... Softens your cervix i know....but Why would my doctor do this though? Does it help dilate you? Asked by Stormy Cheung 1 year ago.

Well there are things that need to happen before your baby can be born. One of those is a ripened cervix (which Cervidil helps with) and the other is dilation. Cervidil just softens the cervix and helps it flatten out. Basically its shaped like a bullet about 1 1/2 inches long - the Cervidil softens it and it flattens out until its thin. Then the dilation happens which is to allow the opening for baby to come out. My doctor used this with my first delivery because there was nothing going on - no dilation, no cervical ripening, no signs whatsoever of a bbay any time soon. For many, Cervidil also means using Pitocin. For me, it just got me ready, my water broke on its own, and 4 hours later a baby. Answered by Jettie Gimbel 1 year ago.

Cervidil sometimes doesn't thin the cervix just as sometimes Pitocin doesn't cause dilation. Unless a woman's body is READY for labor to begin, nothing can make it happen. That is why being induced increases a woman's chance of a C-section by 50%. Answered by Kathlyn Dearinger 1 year ago.

Your cervix won't dilate and can't be induced with pitosin until it is thinned out, which is what the cervidil does, softens and thins, and usually starts contractions pretty good, although not always regular or sufficient enough to put you in active labor, it sometime can get everything on a roll. Answered by Carlotta Chaim 1 year ago.

It softens your cervix so that (i'm assuming their inducing) when they start the pitocin the contractions you have will help you progress more quickly, if your cervix isn't softened then the baby isn't gonna move on through even with the contractions. Good Luck! Answered by Tresa Chamlee 1 year ago.

Has anyone had labor Induced using cervidil?
Sunday the doctor plans to induce using cervidil. I have been induced before but they used pitocin I was just wondering what other peoples experiences where being induced with cervidil? Asked by Jayne Neundorfer 1 year ago.

Cervidil is used to help dilate the cervix and pitocin is used to start contractions. They are often used in conjunction with each other. Cervidil first then pitocin. However some women only need the cervidil, as thats enough to start labor. If it isn't your first bub then your doc may feel that the cervidil alone will help start labor. It is the least amount of intervention used to induce. Answered by Mina Gidwani 1 year ago.

Yes, I was induced with cervidil. It was inserted at about 7pm on a Sunday and my son was born around 12:45pm on Monday. I can't say it was the most pleasant experience...a bit painful when it was put in, but it got the job done :) Also, I felt like it made me have to pee even more than I already had to; I was up every half hour until they put the catheter in when I got my epidural. However, I had a very short labor; not sure if it had anything to do with the cervidil, but if so, it was worth it!! Best of luck! Answered by Emogene Appleyard 1 year ago.

my mom had it. she said it hurt... =/ Answered by Deedee Nico 1 year ago.

Does anybody have any stories of inductions that used cervidil? I am getting induced tomorrow at 1 am because my lil girl is too big, I read on the papers they gave me that they will be using Cervidil and I wanted to see if anybody here has any experience with it. Smiles, :) Myra Asked by Zenia Verhague 1 year ago.

I was induced with cervidil with my first child. The nurses told me it takes 4 hours to start working and I could not get up and walk around or it would move the cervidil. I also had to lay still in bed. The cervidil worked very fast on me like 45 minutes but once I had my epidural my labor lasted a long time. I got cervidil at 6 pm and did not give birth until 12:42 pm the next day 18 hrs 42 min of labor. Answered by Lowell Varley 1 year ago.

induction increases risk of c section greatly. how do you know your baby is to big? there are women that routinely have babys that are "to big" with out being induced early(which risks a whole nother set of complications). you do not have to induce because the doc thinks the baby is to big. ultrasounds are routinely wrong on sizing a baby. cervidil helps to ripen a cervix that is not ready(usually not ready because hte baby isn't in a good position for birth). its made from seaweed and often misopristal follows the use of cervidil(misopristal is more likely to cause a uterin rupture in any woman than a mom having a VBAC is to experience a UR). good luck Answered by Stacee Haugaard 1 year ago.

It's a gel they put on your cervix to help you dialate and efface. It's the most mild form of induction. If it doesn't work, you're looking at a pitocin IV followed by a c-section when your baby goes into fetal distress. BTW, It's doubtful you little girl is too big. My wife gave birth naturally to a 9lb 11oz baby boy with NO anaesthesia. Women's bodies typically do not grow babies too large to birth (despite what OB/GYNs will have you believe). Answered by Roseanna Sullen 1 year ago.

they put it on your cervix to help you thin out so they can break your water easy after that you will be put on the drip if your water doesn't break on its own good luck the cervidil does not hurt its just uncomfortable Answered by Pablo Zwick 1 year ago.

Being induced with cervidil?
Im being induced with cervidil on monday night. I was induced with pitocin with my first daughter and i know this is way different. If anyone has been induced this way, i would like to hear your stories. Thanks. Asked by Janella Antis 1 year ago.

Well to be honest the only difference is you will go in the night before and they will insert the cervidile. It is a thin paper like thing with a type of gel on it to make your cervix soften. That next morning they will remove it, and check you. Then they will start your pitocin after they remove the cervidile. The cervidile is only to make your cervix soften to get it ready for labor. I was not dilating at all so they had to do this to me. Good Luck! Answered by Zena Shreiner 1 year ago.

With my son they started me on cervidil for about 12 hours. I got very sick. I was throwing up about every 15 mins. It didn't start any kind of contractions either. After the cervidil they gave me pitocin and I did have contractions but I wasn't dialating and they couldn't break my water because the baby moved up. So the next day I had to have a c-section because I had high blood pressure. Good luck! Answered by Roxy Laurita 1 year ago.

I have never had Cervadil, but indice women with it frequently. I have never seen complications from it and wouldn't worry too much. It is like a small tampon placed on the cervix to soften it so that when they give you pitocin it makes things go faster and more smoothly. Congrats! Answered by Tena Scipioni 1 year ago.

Cervidil & pitocin?
I'm being induced on the 7th via pitocin due to my gestational diabetes. (This is three days before my 40 week mark.) At my last doctor's visit, my cervix was still closed and the nurse said I might have to be given cervidil the night before. I'm not sure if I'll be checked in to the hospital or... Asked by Roderick Coryell 1 year ago.

I'm being induced on the 7th via pitocin due to my gestational diabetes. (This is three days before my 40 week mark.) At my last doctor's visit, my cervix was still closed and the nurse said I might have to be given cervidil the night before. I'm not sure if I'll be checked in to the hospital or will be sent home with the cervidil; I'll be asking at my next visit. Could you share your cervidil / pitocin experiences? If you were admitted to the hospital the night before for cervidil, was your husband / significant other allowed to stay with you? How closely were you monitored? Was it painful at all? Thanks ahead of time! Answered by Bethany Barbin 1 year ago.

If they are giving cervidil overnight, you should be kept in the hospital to be monitored while the med is in place. It is like a tampon string with a flat little piece of mesh fabric on the end that is embedded with the medication, and it is placed way up in the vagina behind the cervix and stays in place for 12 hours. Although it is not a labor med - it is a cervical ripening med - we still see many women who actually go into labor with it. Other women might need more than one dose if their cervix is very unfavorable for induction. They should keep you on continuous monitoring for at the least a few hours, but my hospital keeps you on continuously while the med is in. It's important to keep the monitor on because the medication can cause your uterus to be hyperstimulated with too many contractions, and the baby could potentially become stressed. You can see that kind of thing very early on the monitor and then they can take the cervidil out to stop that from happening. Hubby is always welcome to spend the night with you. They should have some kind of pull-out couch or chair or cot of some sort for him to bunk in. Just ask. Answered by Hedy Urtz 1 year ago.

I was induced with cervidil....that didnt hurt or anything. It just started mild contractions that lasted about 14 hours...but didnt cause any dilation....just softened the cervix a bit. You wont be able to leave once the cervidil is inserted...and you will have to stay in bed a couple hours as it starts to work. As for pitocin..thats a different ball of wax. Thats an IV which causes you to contract stronger..they start slow and they build up harder and longer. It makes contractions stronger...which causes more discomfort. If I had my way, I wouldnt have been induced. My body wasnt ready to be in labor, so I ended up in a C Section because of problems. Hopefully you will be ready to go and no problems will occur. Good luck Answered by Yessenia Ramlakhan 1 year ago.

I was induced, but had neither cervidel nor pitocin. I had cytotec (misopristol) and it gave me unending, horribly painful contractions one on top of the other with multiple peaks. Put my little daughter into fetal distress. Make sure that you know what they are giving you. I was under the impression it was cervidel. Not so. I would definitely go with the cervidel first. It usually is quite effective, and if your contractions become too strong, they take it right out with the little string that is attached to it. Cytotec on the other hand, lasts quite a while. Pitocin is a bit worse than cervidel, as it can produce stronger, more frequent contractions and has a higher rate of fetal distress. But it is much preferred to cytotec (which is used off-label anyways for labor induction) because if the contractions become too strong they stop the drip right away and it wears off in 10 minutes. Despite what people say that induction prolongs labor I went from 1cm to 10 in four hours. Pushed max 5 minutes. It wasn't fun at all though. I had to beg for a second dose of nubain. Answered by Rosie Kneefe 1 year ago.

Well, I went into labor on my own, but I was still given pitocin (without my knowledge) I guess because I wasnt progressing fast enough. The contractions were ok up until I got the pitocin. After that, they went in to high gear and became unbearable. Whats more is that they didnt have my epidural in and I was in excrutiating pain for about an hour because the anestesiologist (sp?) was tied up. Not so fun! Anyways, after I got the epidural I was fine. Answered by Rena Kleinert 1 year ago.

I was given pitocin, it was not painful. But I did have a seizure at 4 in the morning, I believe it was a side effect of the pitocin, that they started giving around 9 pm the night before. I have never had a seizure before or after that, so just be aware of that as a possible side effect. Answered by Tatum Kirchen 1 year ago.

nicely i'm being brought on Thursday at 6:00 am. i will additionally obtain Cervidil and then Pitocin. i'm getting the Epidural, additionally. the reason i'm being brought on is for scientific motives too: severe blood rigidity. My obgyn suggested that i'd desire to ask for soreness medicine whilst they start the Pitocin if i'm in any soreness, through fact once you're in soreness, your bloodpressure rises (in simple terms while you're transforming into brought on for same motives). The epidural makes your bloodpressure pass down. My obgyn suggested that if my hard artwork hasn't progressed sufficient on it fairly is very own, she would manage to interrupt my water around 6:00 pm Thursday nighttime. She suggested my infant would be born Thursday nighttime or early Friday morning. So actual, she gave me a 24-hour timeframe, yet i'm no longer dialated and my cervix continues to be closed, despite if it fairly is comfortable. So optimistically your hard artwork progresses rapid and you meet your infant quickly! good success and congrats! Answered by Conchita Fagen 1 year ago.

Cervidil induction?
Has anyone had a cervidil induction?? I am getting one on the 3rd and my doctor said sometimes it works and sometimes not. Just curious if anyone has had one before and if so, did it work for you?? Serious answers ONLY. Thanks in advance all. Asked by Malcolm Spratley 1 year ago.

I had cervidil with 2 of my 3 children and it worked both times but my middle child came all by her self and the labor was ALOT easier. I think it made my contractions alot harder and with the cervidil in my Dr wouldn't let me walk around. If he is just doing it so you dont deliver on his on call day id tell him i wanted to wait but if its a matter of being past your due date id say go on with it. Answered by Jayne Metter 1 year ago.

Cervidil didnt work for me.. I went in at night and got it placed and then got up the next morning and no change so I went on to Pitocin. I gave birth 4 hours later to a baby girl. Good Luck! Answered by Nadine Rolon 1 year ago.


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