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Butrans patch question?
I am using the butrans patch (pain patch) and I have a question. I took a shower today and while I covered the patch it still got wet. Will it still work? It's only supposed to be changed once a week. The dr on call said he was not familiar with the medicine.
Does any one else use Butrans Patches??
I am 20 and I have ddd and secondry scoliosis, I have tried many pain killers that just don't work. The Butrans Patch is the only thing that helps with the pain. I have been told by my consultant that once the pain gets to bad to have disc replacment of the two lower discs in my spine. The only thing is the patches make me feel awful. This is my 5th week on 10 and things have got better but I feel like poo all the time and its really getting me down. Does any one else feel like this or can you tell me if it gets better? If it doesn't I don't think I can use it anymore :-(
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  this is personal advice, not medical advice

if you suspect that buprenorphine is making you ill, you may consider talking to your doctor about that, if you haven't already. some people do have adverse reactions to it, and you may well be one of them. all opiates have risk of adverse effects. i myself will experience intense itching, even with synthetic opiates.

however, with your condition, intense pain is (most unhappily) expected, and buprenorphine may be the best pain reliever. you write that the adverse effects are decreasing. perhaps you have increased your tolerance, and it may get better

i would talk to your doctor about this, and see if there are other options that will relieve your pain without the contraindications you are experiencing. you may have other options

i will add that i am sorry that you have to go through this. i only wish i could offer more comfort
Drug Addict Question: Should I apologize? (please read full description below to understand)?
This story is not to brag in anyway but more or less to show you were I started and ended with my battle with drug addiction and problems. 1 year ago (January), I was 20 years old, had a great job for my age at a high end /high paying liquor store that I only got because my dad was a high profile client, and good friends with the owner. I had a girlfriend, a great family,a great future, great friends, a good reputation, and was a very well known athletic star in my town.

After some serious troubles struck my life I began to spin downward out of control through a series of mistakes. First I turned to drugs I obtained on the streets. Then through a series of lies and an acting performance that would make Charlie Sheen jealous, I obtained prescription drugs from my doctors in whatever amounts I wanted honestly (Oxycotin, Oxycodone, Morphine, Fentanyl, Vicodin, Butrans, Subutex, Suboxone, Ultram, Ryzolt, Tramadol, Percocet, no joke Ive been on everything, every dosage and serious doses too ( 400 mg total for 1 day at a point in time, I should be dead, honestly)

First, I lost my girlfriend, I told her I was addicted and she left me thinking it would make me shape up (get off drugs) and try to win her back, which did the opposite. I had hoped she said she would help me get clean but instead she left me and after 1 month apart I told her literally everything I hated about her and her family ( her family was pretty terrible people, and thats coming from my sober mouth and the entire town I live in).

Then a few months later, after getting high several times on Oxy, I tried to steal alcohol from the place I worked. I got away with it a few times but got caught the 3rd time by the manager I was friends with. He had no choice but to fire me on the spot but thankfully he did not file any charges against me, I believe because I was not a terrible employee and my family connections to the store.

Then my family slowly began to disown me. I was kicked out several times only to have them miss me and want me home. I met a priest who helped me get into a good college but I could never get off the medication, withdrawl scared me from the several times I had done it, I ruled it out as a treatment option.

I re-began school in Sep 2010 as a deans list student from past 2 semesters at MSU. By Thanksgiving I was dropping out with all F's. Luckily the school let me "withdrawl" with just a W on my transcript.

Over Christmas break 2010-2011 I lost 90% of my friends due to arguments, disagreements, and laziness. Some were worth losing others were not.

I decided to become sober, I am a few weeks in so far and am now contemplating apologizing to those who I hurt that matter to my life and that of my families. ( my ex employer, and friends)

Sorry for the long story but I hope it shows some people what drugs can do to ones life. Now for the main question. I have apologized to my friends that matter and most have accepted, some are playing the we will see how things go over time card which is fine. So here it is, should I apologize to my previous employer. I am unsure how things are on his views toward me currently and I wouldn't want to stir more problems up however I feel enough guilt it bothers me a lot. I am clean now so I view it differently than when I was high 24/7. Should I go say something to him in person. Do I write him a letter, what should I do and or say to him in either case.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

By the Way to any druggies out there still, best way to get off any prescription pain pills (opiates) is a new patch in the United States called Butrans, I promise it works and coming from someone thats been highly addicted I wouldn't lie, It a patch that takes 24 hours to kick in but lasts 7 days once on. You can get your life back. Its amazing!!!!!!! It helps overcome oral fixation which many druggies suffer from but may not know. It makes you feel (high) but the minute you stop taking the stuff after a few weeks you don't have cravings, withdrawls, or anything! Its a gift from God. Only downside is it can be a little expensive. You can have your doctor file an appeal to your insurance to have it covered. If you think subutex or suboxone is good, think again! Well thanks for the time, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

- MK

  apologizing one of the steps for sobriety
apologize by writing to them
Mopar Muscle Gal
emergency room/pain management advice needed.?
Im currently in pain management, i have a serious problem with lower abdomen pain due to mulitple cysts on my ovary, ive had 5 surgeries all due to this problem and my left ovary removed, my dr prescribed me percocet and butrans patch which i was told was like morphine and my gynecologist (he preformed all my surgeries) he says im immune to morphine which i told my pain doctor but he doesnt listen.( and my obgyn isnt able to help me further cause he doesnt know what to do with me since my case is very odd being that im 22) So im in a lot of pain and the percocets arent working my dr knows that but says he doesnt have any available apts soon so he said go to emergency room, in the past i was prescribed norco which my mom found an old prescription with a few left and i took them to see if that would help but im worried that if i go to the emergency room and they run tests that if they see that can i get kicked out of pain management?
Where to place pain medication patch?
My doctor gave me a patch called butrans for pain. It is similar to fentanyl except it lasts 7 days instead of 3. I can basically put it anywhere on my body I want, I workout a lot so I want to put it somewhere where it wont get easily agitated. Any suggestions? Can't put it on my chest cause thats where the last 2 were and you cant repeat the same spot until the 4th cycle. Also how can I keep it on better when I sweat working out? If it comes off and I reapply it does the medication still work? Thanks!
I have been on literally every medication known to pain management, how I am alive, simply. a miracle. Heres just a list of some of what ive been on, vicodin (hydrocodone) percocet (oxycodone/acetaminophen), oxycodone HCL, Ultram (tramadol), morphine sulfate, morphine sulfate Extended Release, morphine sulfate Controlled release, Fentanyl ( in all forms, patch, lolly pop, candy, etc) subutex, suboxone, Ryzolt, darvol....and more. I was a hugggggge druggy. It started with a real injury and pain and lead to an acting performance/lies that makes charlie sheen look like a wanna-be me. Glad to be off most things now but just starting this Butrans stuff and having trouble keeping it on. Its new to the US market, in Europe its had great success. It is supposidly opiates with the addictive compound removed. So supposidly when they take you off it you dont have withdrawls, cravings, or any side effects. The only problem I heard is it takes time to get use to feeling "normal" again. It does ma
CHerry CHip, hydrocodone is mixed with tylenol. That is why it says 10mg/another #. The second number is the important one, you can take as many pills without overdosing so long as that number stay under 4500mg in one day. Example if you take hydrocodone 10/500mg pills, you can take 9 in one 24hr period. I consider 24hrs as in when you wake up and go to bed. So really sometimes it can be less or more in 24hrs. You dont really overdose until you hit 6000mg but dont test it out. Another thing, make sure if you take any other pills there is no actemetaphen in any of it. <----thats the same as tylenol. Be careful but enjoy! also nyquil has tylenol in it, little do people know that!
Side not CHerry Chip, if you have never taken hydrocone then play it by ear, dont take 9 all at once, take 2-3 and see how it goes from there, I am not a doctor its just my personal experience, 2-3 should know a 116lb person on there ass ( euphoria)

  I would put it on the lower abdominal area. Just be sure to put it somewhere that your clothes won't interfere The buttocks are supposed to also be a good place. It is best to ask the doctor or the pharmacy to be absolutely sure. I have heard that the chest area is not recommended, but that could have been a different medication.
Back Pain and Relief Options?
My question involves back pain and relief options. I have endured back pain for nearly five years now, and, despite numerous trips to my MD and Chiropractor, no improvement has been realized. The pain is located on the right side, at the belt line. Pain radiates from this area and extends down the right leg, to the foot. It is much worse upon waking in the morning, or after prolonged sitting. Previous diagnosis includes arthritis and scoliosis. Movement, hot showers, and stretch exercises help some. My MD has prescribed hydrocodone and tramadol which I use with little success, am considering Butrans pain patch. Seeking advice and opinions, thank you.
help with my severe Diabetic Neuropathy?
im 18 years old, and have been type 1 diabetic for 4 years. for the first 3 years, my blood control was diabolical, i had a lot of trouble mentally dealing with it i guess and i was a rebel and didnt really care. anyway now ive since turned my life around and am now healthy. unfortunately just after i started to get healthy last christmas i started to develop agonising neuropathy in my feet. its quite rare for someone of my age to be experiencing this, although i am confident i brought it on myself because of those dodgy few years of life threateningly high blood sugar. any diabetic with neuropathy will know what it feels like and how awful it is.
so, basically ive tried everything- gapapentin, pregabalin, nortryptaline, butrans patches, tens machines, magnetic bracelets....
basically now for the last 9 months ive been taking high doses of Tramadol which does help the pain but ive been told its a dangerous drug to be on as its related to morphine and heroine and i know im addicted to it. it is an awful drug and it was terrible taking my A levels when i was doped up on it. im not the same girl i used to be.. please help. can anyone tell me anything theyve tried or what they reccomend? and anyone thats taking tramadol??
  First of all Tramadol is not a dangeropus drug. It is non addictive unless you take tremendous amounts. I take 3 Tramadol at 5 pm . my feet hurt most at bedtime.
The best anti depressant for neuropathy is a TRICYCLIC.Probably (amitripyline hydrocloride 10 mg. ) Plus a B 12 Called Mecobalamin 500mcg. twice a day. Gapapentin is basicly useless.

Also ask your doctor about NIACIN for the pain.
Plus something I ran accross today .
Because coconut water improves blood circulation, it is of benefit to diabetics. One of the characteristics of diabetes is poor circulation and a tendency to develop atherosclerosis. Many of the complications associated with diabetes, such as numbness in the feet, loss of vision, and kidney failure are a consequence of poor circulation. Coconut water helps dilate bloods vessels, improves blood flow, and reduces plaque formation, thus helping to relieve these symptoms. Coconut water also contains certain forms of dietary fiber and amino acids that help moderate sugar absorption and improve insulin sensitivity.
It couldn't hurt to try. I will because I live in Thailand. Coconut water is from Green Coconuts. Also availably in the U.S. I think pepsi has it, and a few other companies. Just make sure it has no additives.

This is the best I have to offer, good luck.

Tin S

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ajsouthern: @LuWho4u I'm doing butrans. I'm not sure the dose is right. I'm so hurting. Did u use those?
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