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Benzonatate is a non-narcotic antitussive medication. It works by numbing the respiratory tract lining, reducing the activity of the cough reflex. Benzonatate should be avoid in childrens under 10 years of age or if you are breast feeding a baby. Some symptoms you may experience while taking benzonatate are headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, mild itching or skin rash and get emergency medial help if you have serious side effects such as choking feeling, chest pain, confusion, or hallucinations.
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Can i take Benzonatate and Adderall safely together?
I have a prescription to Adderall 25MG XR capsules and I have a nasty cough I would like to take care of. I have left over Benzonatate Pearls from when I had pneumonia in December I would like to take to get rid of this cough. I would just like to know if I can safely take these two prescriptions without a problem. Oh and on a side note could i take some advil cold and sinus too cause im miserable or will the Benzonatate be good enough? Thank you!
  I'm not a doctor or anything, and I don't know what benzonatate is, but I would be careful to take Adderall with anything. Adderall's some pretty strong medication, and I don't know if it'd be a good idea to take it with any other drug. But that's just me, if you really want to, I'd check with your doctor first.
have a severe breathing problem with a racking cough. Have been taking Benzonatate along with having a steriod shot, a strong antibotic and an inhaler.will this drug stop my cough?
tezas n
  Benzonanate is generic name for TESSALON. Supposed to be antitussive; yet good hydration, humidifier help equally in stopping it.
Can you take benzonatate and ibuprofen together?
I was prescribed benzonatate for a cough, and I currently have a headache. Should I take my prescription along with ibuprofen? Are there any bad interactions between the two?

  Sure, you can take them together. No interaction between the 2
will benzonatate get me high like cough syrup?
i have these tessalon pearl and they are called benzonatate. ive researched as much as i could find about them but i cant find nothing to answer my question. ive been wondering if the will get me high like codine or other "syrups".
  Benzonatate is non-narcotic. So, it won't cause euphoria.
Occam's Razor
Benzonatate & an Albuterol Sulfate Inhaler. Is it okay to use both at once?
Dosage is 100 MG for Benzonatate, The inhalor is ProAir HFA (albuterol sulfate) Inhalation Aerosol.
  I searched this site and check my nursing drug handbook and both said there was no reaction but you should ask a pharmacist or a doctor to be 100% sure.
Should I take Benzonatate (aka. Tessalon Perles) for cough brought on by acid reflux/GERD?
I have been having this dry cough for several years now, there is no phlegm accompanying the cough, and the coughs almost always start at the end of a meal. Would it help to take Benzonatate (aka. Tessalon Perles) for this cough? What are the side effects, if any?
  A diet too high in animal protein, processed sugar, caffeine, processed foods will disrupt the precious alkaline balance in your system and eventually produce degeneration and disease.

i'm sorry i have no knowledge of the Benzonatate ........... my rule of thumb when i'm putting something into my mouth is that if i can't pronounce it or don't know what it is i don't eat it or drink it.

your acid reflux is a symptom of bad digestion and I suggest it would be preferable to include more alkaline foods in your daily routine such as leafy and green vegies like broccolli, kale, chard, celery, buk choy, lemons, garlic etc.etc......... with the lemons, even though they are quite tart and acidic to taste they leave behind an ash residue that is very alkaline .......... you would need to rinse your mouth out thoroughly to protect the enamel on your teeth after eating the fruit or drinking the diluted lemon juice........... all these foods will increase the production of hydrochloric acid in your tummy thus aiding in the digestive process and helping to smooth elimination.

check out this link, it may be of use to you ~

cut back on milk and dairy products too for a few days and see if that alleviates the problem ....... many people are intolerant to the lactose or casein found in milk and dairy products and therefore don't efficiently digest them.

leafy and green vegies are very rich in calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, fibre and are far easier for your body to assimilate.

peace baby
Can teens get high from benzonatate 100mg?
I have a teenage son who i think is taking my medication. I got benzonatate 100mg prescribed to me for my cough. I think is taking them. Is there a way to get high from them
  nope. the liquid part can numb your mouth though
Does anyone know if the medication benzonatate causes nausea and if so how long will the symptoms last?
  Benzonatate may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:
upset stomach
stuffed nose
burning in the eyes

Some side effects can be serious. The following symptoms are uncommon, but if you experience any of them, call your doctor immediately:
rash or hives
difficulty breathing or swallowing
seeing things that do not exist (hallucinating)

If your symptoms are extremely bothersome, discontinue use and consult your doctor for a replacement medication.
I have a bad cough and my sister offered me some benzonatate tessalon would this be ok to use once?
dunno yet
  I searched for you and will copy /paste the most importsant part:Sky.

DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Benzonatate is a medication taken orally to suppress coughs. It has an anesthetic (numbing) action similar to that of benzocaine and "numbs" the stretch sensors in the lungs. It is the stretching of these sensors with breathing that causes the cough. Benzonatate begins to work within 15 to 20 minutes, and its effects last for approximately 3 hours. Benzonatate is unrelated to narcotics such as codeine which are frequently used to suppress coughs. (Another frequently used cough suppressant, dextromethorphan, which is found in many over-the-counter cough and cold preparations, is a derivative of the narcotics.) Benzonatate was approved by the FDA in 1958.

Enough info now????
Should I take Benzonatate (aka. Tessalon Perles) for a chronic cough brought on by acid reflux/GERD?
  no no no,go to your doctor and as for a subscription of 'Prevacid'. ever since i started i've felt so much better.Been on it for a year and a half.
- Aimee ( ♥ )
Aimee Said
Does Benzonatate (tessalon) make you drowsy?
I have some but havent had it in a long time, Was wondering if it makes your real drowsy? Thanks

i use this site when trying to find any info on meds

u can read it and it does say yes to drowsiness on side effects list
yes my son has a sinus infection and drainage and the doctor put my son on benzonatate 100mg capsules for?
caughing and amixicillian. he has been caughing non stop even with the medications and i was wandering if there was something else that i could try for the caughing? he also has mild asthma. thanks much.
  benzonatate is simply a cough suppressant and will not act if it is allergic cough. moreover if there is infection in the respiratory tract, suppressing cough may be dangerous.

may be taking Cetrizine /chlorpheniramine along with sputum liquifiers like N-acetyl cysteine or ambroxol will help.
amoxycillin is a good antibiotic.
also try gargling with warm saline (water with a dash of salt)
interactive guy30
is it OK to take aspirin and benzonatate cough pearls together?
i have a cough, stuffy nose, a high fever and headache, i took 1 bezonatate (100 mg. capsules) but its only helping the cough a little. its not helping with the stuffy nose, fever and headache. is it ok if i take aspirin? will it have a bad reaction?
also what are some good home remedies that use kitchen herbs for colds?
plz answer ASAP (being sick sucks!)
Thomas B
  i would call rite aid or something and ask its better to get a pro oppion than use the internet better be safe than sorry.

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