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Has anyone ever heard of putting bactroban in your nose?
Someone suggested I put bactroban inside of my nose to help prevent a staff infection, has enyone ever heard of this, and if so, how many times a day and for how many days?
  Yes, you can put bactroban up in your nose. You probably can put it 2-3 times a day. How many days? You would probably have to put it every time you go out in public. If you want to prevent then put it all the time. Why are you worried you get staff in your nose?
I need to know about bactroban ointment?
Can you use bactroban ointment on athletes foot?
  No, it is an antibiotic. You need an antifungal like you get over the counter at the drug store.
Sassy OLD Broad
Doc prescribed bactroban cream for bacterial vaginosis?
I am on my second round of having bv in a little over a month.. my doc has now prescribed bactroban cream, she said to put it up inside me and on the outside.. well I cant find anywhere on the internet where you are suppose to use this cream like that.. so I called my pharmacist and he said he HAS NEVER heard of that. Has anybody else used this cream for bacterial vaginosis?
  Bactroban is for external use only and like your pharmacist I have never heard of a Dr ever saying to use it like that. I think it might be an idea to talk to another Dr in the practise, tell new Dr what the original one told you to do but state that you don't believe it to be right and hope for better treatment. If not pop into a sexual health clinic...they will definitely know how to treat you.
Bacterial Vaginosis is usually treated with Metronidazole, if this is what you had then ask for another course but to be combined with Metronidazole Vaginal Gel to attack it from 2 positions.
Carrie Doway
will evoclin foam and bactroban cream heal my razor burn?
im prone to getting staph infections and the last few times i got an ingrown hair it has turned into MRSA, so im wondering if i can just use the evoclin foam and bactroban as ointment to heal my razor burn (its extremely painful, and has lots of red bumps that look like ingrown hairs)
  i dont think evoclin is made for razor bumps.. i have the same foam but mine is to prevent breaking out.. you can always go to and look up the medication and what it can be used for, though. thatd be great if you could use it on razor bumps! hope this helped =]
Will Bactroban Cream treat a fungul infection?
Will Bactroban Cream treat a fungul infection?
Gianna G
  Gianna G,
Bactroban Cream or Mupirocin, is an antibiotic used to treat impetigo as well as other skin infections caused by bacteria. It is not effective against fungal or viral infections.

This medication is sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.
norton g
Can bactroban cream be used to treat yeast infections?
And if so, could you explain why?
  Bactroban contain mupirocin and effective for only bacterial infections but not yeast infections.
Does Bactroban nasal ointment 2% cream work for preventing recurrent boils?
  It will, but its proper use is to eliminate bacteria in the nose, not elsewhere on the skin.

If you've been colonized by S. aureus that's causing recurrent skin infections, it's hiding out in your nose. If you kill it all there, then it won't get spread from your nose to elsewhere on your body to cause a boil.

After you've used the Bactroban in your nose and taken any oral antibiotics you might have been prescribed, the recurrent boil problem should clear up.

If you're worried, you might try using Hibiclens or another chlorhexidine product. You can wash your entire body in it (except your face and ears) and it will kill most of what's on you. It's a good secondary step in treating recurrent skin infections like that.
Will bactroban help my infected septum piercing?
Luckily I have the "sweet-spot" pierced. It is the thin layer of skin before the cartilage. So has notthing to do with cartilage.
  Bactroban is a very potent topical antibiotic; so if it does not work then your friend will need pills. The problem with infected cartilage (which is the septum) is that there is not much blood flow and infections can get very severe very fast since white cells can not get there. I would give the bactroban 2-3 days and if not showing improvement go to the doctor's for systemic (oral or other) antibiotics.
Diane A
can you use bactroban ointment up the nose?
Got this precribes from my doctor for an infection up my nose but ready the directions and says not to use up nose. Is it okay to use?
Lynda Johnston
  Your doctor would not have prescribed it to you for use in your nose if it was not safe. Bactroban is only an antibiotic ointment
how much does Bactroban nasal gel cost?
have a prescription but not sure how much it is or if I can afford it. am already on oral antibiotics and have antibacterial gauze packing. i was told it "could" possibly help keep me from getting reinfected (but for how long? and at what monetary cost?) I have no insurance
I have been prescribed the medicine because of a staph infection. I believe it is supposed to keep them from reoccurring.

Can mupirocin (bactroban) be used for perioral dermatitis?
I got this rash around my mouth which looks like perioral dermatitis. Does anybody know if I can use Mupirocin ointment 2% on my face and how long should I use it.
Thank you.

Be careful while applying of creams to cure perioral dermatitis rash. You have to get advice from doctor prior to it. For more information about perioral dermatitis treatment, I suugest you visit this website.


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