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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 202960/001.

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"ATOVAQUONE" is the commercial name of a drug composed of ATOVAQUONE.
It belongs to the class Antiprotozoals and is used in Amoebic and parasitic infestations (Infections and Infestations)

Answered questions

Has anyone used Mepron (atovaquone) antibiotic for chronic Lyme Disease?
Asked by Rachel Tipler 6 months ago.

About 10% of people infected with lyme disease (borellia burgdorferi) are also infected with babesia (babesia microti). Atovaquone plus cholestyramine were shown to be effective in people with lyme plus babesia. However, this was an open-labelled trial so it might have been biased. No double-blind placebo controlled trial (type of trial required by FDA) has been conducted so far on atovaquone use in lyme disease so it may or may not work. Discuss with your GP, or preferably with an infectious disease specialist. Answered by Tama Kues 6 months ago.

Some good and some poor advice here. Long term antibiotics are the best way for a person with Chronic Late stage Lyme to get well. Don't trust anyone who calls it Lymes! It is Lyme disease, named after Lyme, CT where earliest cases were diagnosed. Melton is an antimalarial used to fight babisiosis, a co infection that too often accompanies Lyme. I hope you are well now, but if you aren't, keep fighting with all you have! I am in my 30th year with Late stage Lyme, Babesiosis, and bartonellosis. When I finally get well, I may feel like a kid least that was the last time I was well. Answered by Catherina Stefanowicz 6 months ago.

I completely agree with Gopher - there are no trials indicating that atovaquone can be used in chronic Lyme's Disease. If you do have a diagnosis of chronic Lyme's - you should never be on _any_ long-term, chronic antibiotics unless under the supervision of an infectious disease specialist. This is a difficult condition to treat - and can often be overmedicated if the treatments are not appropriately initiated. Good luck! Answered by Kaitlin Menapace 6 months ago.

You can look up the guidelines for treatment of Lyme disease and co-infections like babesiosis on the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) website. Mepron is one of the drugs used for Babesia, a malaria-like parasite. Answered by Emerson Withington 6 months ago.

Mepron Antibiotic Answered by Andrea Ratana 6 months ago.

Why does Atovaquone affect bacterial ctyochrome bc1 and not human?
Does anyone know why Atovaquone targets bacterial cytochrome bc1 complexes and not human complexes upon administration? I know that Atovaquone is coupled with Proguanil, does this have anything to do with the specific targetting? Many thanks =) Asked by Francina Remley 6 months ago.

Hello, that's a pretty tough question you got there :D...and the only thing I found was that mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 slightly differs from bacterial cytochrome bc1. "The cytochrome bc1 complexes of mitochondria differ from those of bacteria, in that the former contain six to eight supernumerary polypeptides, in addition to the three redox proteins common to bacteria and mitochondria. These extra polypeptides are encoded in the nucleus and do not contain redox prosthetic groups. The functions of the supernumerary polypeptides of the mitochondrial bc1 complexes are generally not known and are being actively explored by genetically manipulating these proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae." (American Society for Microbiology) Maybe this structural difference allows Atovaquone to access more easily the bacterial complex than the eukaryote complex..(and consequently it blocks the active center more efficiently in the bacterial complex).!? Atovaquone is an ubiquinone-analogue and therefore the only place it should interfer with pathways should be the electron transport chain in cellular respiration... Hope this was helpful... Answered by Delmy Casivant 6 months ago.

What is the composition of malarone? Does it has any nicotine in its components?
Asked by Jonnie Murley 6 months ago.

Atovaquone (250mg) combined with Proguanil (100mg). It does not contain Nicotine. Answered by Harmony Engelhardt 6 months ago.

Am allergy to Chloroquine and quinine tablets in general so what other malaria pills is good for me?
Details Asked by Aleisha Jarratt 6 months ago.

You have two possible choices -atovaquone/proguanil sold in the US as Malarone or doxycycline. Malarone is pretty well tolerated by most folks, even kids. You take one a day starting two days before you expect exposure, and for a week after returning from a malarial area. As long as you don't have renal problems,it's a good one without a lot of side effects. Doxycycline works, but is not 100% effective and comes with a list of other things you have to consider while taking it. Your best bet if you want to vacation in an area at risk for malaria is to discuss all the options with your doctor well before it's time to go. A trial of them before you go is sensible to be sure you don't have allergy problems with them as well. Plus you need to know if there are side effects and if you can tolerate them- nice to know before you are on vacation. Answered by Roberto Lietz 6 months ago.

Definitely avoid Mefloquine (Lariam). Many people have nasty side effects, often long-term, and fortunately now Malarone is available and well tolerated when travelling to an area with cerebral malaria. Answered by Scotty Ortga 6 months ago.

I'm no doctor, so this is just a start for further research . You could try one of the following drugs Mefloquine, Atovaquone/ Proguanil . Read the links and ask your GP Drug regimes differ from country to country (second link) Answered by Tiny Carnalla 6 months ago.

What is the best Malaria prevention drug?
I'm moving to Mozambique Africa for a year and malaria is really high high in that region. I know that Malarone and Lariam (Mefloquine) are the best two Malaria preventive drugs... Malarone is SO expensive but Lariam has so many side effects.. Which one do you think works better or which do you recommend? Also,... Asked by Derick Coak 6 months ago.

I'm moving to Mozambique Africa for a year and malaria is really high high in that region. I know that Malarone and Lariam (Mefloquine) are the best two Malaria preventive drugs... Malarone is SO expensive but Lariam has so many side effects.. Which one do you think works better or which do you recommend? Also, I know a lot of people who take doxycycline alone as a preventive. Do you think doxycycline would work just as well as the two main drugs? I know you sun burn easily with doxycycline, but is it as good as preventing Malaria as Malarone or Lariam? I'm thinking about buying both Lariam and doxycycline (they are both cheap) for a year and taking Lariam. If I have weird side effects on Lariam switching to doxycycline. Would you advise from this? Answered by Maria Kniefel 6 months ago.

atovaquone-proguanil-oral, Malarone chloroquine-oral, Aralen halofantrine-oral, Halfan hydroxychloroquine, Plaquenil mefloquine-oral, Lariam primaquine phosphate-oral, Primaquine proguanil-oral pyrimethamine-oral, Daraprim quinine (antimalarial)-oral, Quinerva, Quinite, QM-260 sulfadoxine with pyrimethamine-oral, Fansidar Answered by Suk Doering 6 months ago.

WARNING - One drug does not fit all! Just as there are several variants of malaria - so you need to know what the best drug is for the area you are going to. Local knowledge is prime when it comes to making that choice! Answered by Jarrod Kinds 6 months ago.

All alcohol and medicines (apart from people who advance of course and are not converted into yet another sort) are undesirable for you, faith and society as an entire. Alcohol is the real gateway drug and could be banned on the same time as marijuana would desire to be legalized. Doing so could decrease inebriated driving statistics, kinfolk abuse, stupidly, gang problems/wars/shootings. human beings on weed communicate faith and politics. human beings on alcohol and different drugs talk incoherent jibberish. Answered by Lavern Scheffert 6 months ago.

LAPIAM Doxcycline Quinine Answered by Kaila Chirasello 6 months ago.

lariam is once a week. It can make you crazy especailly if youre already neurotic. doxycycline is daily; you cant drink much alcohol or go in the sun. bad rash from sun. I'd rather take Lariam. dont drink on the day you take it. Better to avoid mozzies. OK to switch between the two every now and then. Answered by Lamar Morro 6 months ago.

we used to prescribe Doxy and Mefloquine to the troops in Haiti, but Cipro works just as well, take a 500mg dose of Cipro. get it from your doctor. its a one time dose. it should do the trick but it will only last for about 28 days in your system. Answered by Chaya Hradecky 6 months ago.

Quinine water still helps too, plus it mixes well with gin! Answered by Edwardo Dubard 6 months ago.

What can kill latent toxoplasma cysts?
ive heard atavoquone can kill the latent cysts. are there any herbal treatments that can do it too? wat about colloidal silver? Asked by Lupe Pokswinski 6 months ago.

Atovaquone has been used to kill Toxoplasma cysts inside AIDS patients. Colloidal silver is used in immuno response in brain of T.Gondi, some claim it is effective in treatment of brain complications. Not, much documentations for treatment of toxoplasma cysts. Hope it helps, G/Luck Answered by Romana Cowie 6 months ago.

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Is there any treatment for chronic toxoplasma infection?
is there a treatment, such as atovaquone that will eliminte chronic toxoplama for good, especially the cysts it forms in the brain affecting behavior? Asked by Bella Patil 6 months ago.

Brain lesions from toxoplasmosis are most commonly seen in immunosuppressed patients. for example patients who are HIV positive. It can be treated readily by appropriate drugs. The initial drug regimen of choice is the combination of : Pyrimethamine + Sulfadiazine + Leucovorin There are also several second line therapy for patients who can't tolerate the drugs above. for example Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (cotrimoxazole) is a good choice. the duration of therapy should be at least 6 weaks. Answered by Ray Cadorette 6 months ago.

How does malarone works?
mechanism of action of malarone Asked by Iliana Sparano 6 months ago.

Malarone is a fixed-dose combination of the antimalarial agents atovaquone and proguanil hydrochloride. It works by interfering with the 2 pathways involved in the bio synthesis of pyrimidines required for nucleic acid replication. The atovaquone works to inhibit the parasites mitochondrial electron transport. The Proguanil hydrochloride, on the other hand, primarily exerts its effect by means of the metabolite cycloguanil, which is a dihydrofolate inhibitor. Dyhydrofolate reductase inhibition disrupts the deoxythymidylate synthesis of the malaria parasite. Basically it prevents the parasite from invading red blood cells by inhibiting its ability to latch onto the cell. It also acts to disable the parasites ability to replicate once inside. (Malaria info for dummies) - Once a blood cell has been penetrated the parasite multiplies inside the cell. The cell then bursts spreading more and more of the parasite. It's a deadly domino effect. (Useless info) - DDT put out the malaria fire in the U.S. as late as the 1950's but because of its cancer causing effects it was deemed to dangerous and has since been banned from use in almost every country on the planet. Despite its dangers some would like to bring it back for use in areas hardest hit by malaria by means of localized concentrated sprayings. Does the end justify the means? Answered by Carrol Chernay 6 months ago.

Malarone is one of the newer drugs around for the treatment of Malaria. Malarone is a fixed-dose combination of two antimalarial agents, atovaquone and proguanil hydrochloride. These interfere with different pathways in the biosynthesis of pyrimidines that are the building blocks of nucleic acids involved in DNA structure. Thus, the agents block malaria replication both inside and outside the red blood cell. Answered by Joanie Peros 6 months ago.

Doxycycline used for acne treatment and malaria prevention?
Im travelling to Kenya soon for aid work, and im currently on acne medication, i was told by somebody that doxycycline could be used as anti malarial medication as well as for acne prevention, is this true? Asked by Dwayne Casario 6 months ago.

Doxycycline can be used for both. Answered by Sherri Brodell 6 months ago.

It is an antibiotic used for respiratory,genito-urinary, ENT infections,acne, dental, eye and gynecological infections. Avoid use in children below 8 years. Answered by Yolando Grandel 6 months ago.


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020259/001 MEPRON ATOVAQUONE TABLET/ORAL 250MG **Federal Register determination that product was not discontinued or withdrawn for safety or efficacy reasons**


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