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This drug has been submitted to the FDA under the reference 021658/002.

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"ALVESCO" is the commercial name of a drug composed of CICLESONIDE.
It belongs to the class Corticosteroids and is used in Asthma, COPD (Respiratory System)

Answered questions

What's the difference between prednisone and Alvesco (allergy concerns)?
I blew up like a balloon. I was young when it happened, so I remember the incident, but not really the actual consequences. I recall my back swelling up, like maybe my kidneys (?) were affected. Asked by Elidia Millich 6 months ago.

My doc put me on a new inhaled steroid called Alvesco for asthma. I was reading through the info packet and noticed it is a corticosteroid. I was concerned because I was put on prednisone as a child and had a very adverse allergic reaction. I called my doctor back and asked about the cortisone and my concern about it. He said that this was different in that it was inactive until it was inhaled which means the effects will be isolated to my lungs. I trust him (he has been my doctor for 25+ years) but I am still going to take this hesitantly at first. Does anyone have any information about this or know of a way to compare and contrast prednisone to this new inhaler (it's pharm name is ciclesonide; not a whole lot on the web I can find other than uses, side effects, etc) Answered by Cyril Ariza 6 months ago.

My question to you would be what kind of reaction did you have to Prednisone. Usually people will vomit if they don't take it with food, I've never seen an allergic reaction to it. Alvesco is different as it is inhaled and works directly on the smooth muscles of the bronchi, it won't pass into your system. You'll be fine. Answered by Tamara Whaler 6 months ago.

OK, prednisolone is usually given in tablet form, thus the steroid content of the drug can affect all of your body, causing allergic reactions and many, many side effects. However a steroid based inhaler sends the drug straight to your lungs, the place it's needed the most, because of this it does not have the same effects or side effects as the tablet. Plus there are many forms of steroid available today, having an allergy to one form does not mean you'll automatically be allergic to other forms. I have been taking perdnisolone for over 40 years, plus steroid inhalers. I have suffered many of the side effects from prednislone but none from any of the inhalers I've taken. You doctor sounds like he knows what he's taking about, so if you trust him, take his advice. Answered by Yong Murgia 6 months ago.

Side effects for Alvesco asthma medication?
I have used menthol cough drops to stop the cough when I get it. Asked by Shawana Gladys 6 months ago.

I have been taking Alvesco (ciclesonide) for a few months, one puff twice a day. I haven't had any problems until now. It has helped a lot, but the past few days when I take it before bed, my throat gets itchy and I have a dry cough for a few to several minutes. It only happens when I take the night time dose. Is this anything serious? Also, I just noticed that on the box in fine print it says to rinse mouth thoroughly after each use, which I have not been doing, because I was not instructed to do so by my doctor or pharmacist. How important is that? Answered by Mai Revelez 6 months ago.

I was told at the pharmacy and by the doc to rinse out my mouth after each use. The pharmacy said it acctually encourages bacterial infections in the mouth and throat. I rinsed with mouthwash to be sure, maybe see your doc and perhaps into finding a new doctor all together. Answered by Sari Willison 6 months ago.

I feel your pain. I've had asthma for 14 years now and have seen several doctors. The truth is, there is no known cure for asthma at the moment. But the symptoms can be prevented. It really depends on what causes your brother's asthma. Mine is usually dust and hot weather. But I think the universal method is using the control inhaler. I cured my Asthma the natural way? Answered by Ophelia Cecilia 6 months ago.

Alvesco inhaler. does anyone know if the side effects are dizziness or vertigo?
I have asthma and have been prescribed a inhaler called "Alvesco", Im wondering has anyone heard of it, been put on it, or knows of the side effects of it? Asked by Mei Vas 6 months ago.

Yes its an inhaled steroid. It shouldn't cause the symptoms you describe. Answered by Gricelda Renfrow 6 months ago.

Alvesco Inhaler Side Effects Answered by Cristin Redfield 6 months ago.

i havent done it!!! Asked by Avery Ruggieri 6 months ago.

Blue inhaler: Salbutamol or Albuterol - same thing. Short acting bronchodilator. If you take more than you are supposed to, you will likely have shaky hands, your heart rate will go up, and you will probably get anxious. Brown inhaler: some kind of inhaled steroid. White cap with light to dark brown base (a different colour of brown for each strength) is Pulmicort. Light brown inhaler body with red cap is Alvesco 100 mcg. Beige-brown inhaler body with gray cap is Qvar 50 mcg. All are inhaled steroids. If you take an extra inhalation or two, you might feel a bit more tired than usual in a few hours. That said, I have found with my asthma that sometimes it's a good idea to use a little more than prescribed if I'm having a really bad episode of asthma. If I'm having an asthma attack that just won't go away, I will take two puffs of my blue inhaler once an hour or even twice an hour until I can breathe again. If you find yourself needing to do that, call 911 and go to the ER. That's how asthma gets broken through if it's being stubborn. With my Flovent, my orange inhaler, I have increased the dose of that when I was still having problems in spite of high dose Salbutamol. I am a Respiratory Therapist and do things to myself that probably shouldn't be done by anyone. However, I know that if I go to the ER, they will do almost exactly what I can already do for myself at home. In short, if you take an extra inhalation from one of your inhalers, it isn't a big deal unless you start to experience noticeable side effects. There are lots of people who take too much inhaled medication routinely of various kinds and they are still walking around. Please follow the directions for taking your medications and don't stray from them. If you are having an asthma attack that doesn't respond to two puffs of Salbutamol/Albuterol, then two more puffs might be a good idea, and that can be followed by two more puffs if needed before the Ambulance comes to take you to the hospital. Answered by Essie Pehler 6 months ago.

Brown inhaler? Blue inhaler??? I know that there are orange/yellow inhalers, green inhalers ...I even know of a white inhaler....and even a purple inhaler.... But brown or blue??? Sorry, can't help you since you did not lable what was in those inhalers. Each of the above colored inhalers have different medications in them.... You may be taking steroids or antagonist medications but I would not have a clue as to what would happen because I don't know the meds.... Assuming you are refering to an Albuterol compound/combination, it would depend upon the severity of your current need...If you took it while you were normal/not having an asthma attack, you could experience tremors, rapid heart beats, maybe arrthymias [depending upon how much you took]... In all honesty, take the medication as prescribed. If you get an extra puff by accident into your spacer, or if you took another dose due to need, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Answered by Stewart Greenler 6 months ago.

They gave it to you due to the fact they feel you could have asthma. I just went by means of the certain identical thing. I also have an albuterol inhaler...And a qvar one. I had to have pulmonary operate assessments performed which confirmed what my doctor had said...I have asthma and it's rather dangerous. The experiment they are going to do screen your respiration potential. They do not hurt. And you will know definitely when they're finished when you've got asthma or now not. Answered by Kathlene Gerweck 6 months ago.

It may make you feel jittery and your heart may be beating faster than usual. These symptoms will probably go away after a short period of time. Try not to do this again and follow the dosing recommendations for each of your inhalers. Answered by Ashlea Atwell 6 months ago.

i have extremely bad asthma and there are times when i really need it and i take 1 or 2 puffs extra. but it really doesn't make a difference to me. but it might to you, depending on how bad your condition is... Answered by Edward Tuggles 6 months ago.

Bronchitis/asthma problems?
I have really bad asthma that i am on a medication inhaler called alvesco for, and an occasional breathing treatment at home. I also have bad allergies that i get allergy shots for every week. My question is every time i get the LITTLEST bug i get really sick because it turns into really bad bronchitis i get into... Asked by Leisha Cavez 6 months ago.

I have really bad asthma that i am on a medication inhaler called alvesco for, and an occasional breathing treatment at home. I also have bad allergies that i get allergy shots for every week. My question is every time i get the LITTLEST bug i get really sick because it turns into really bad bronchitis i get into the doctor once i start to feel bad and get put on medicine but it always happens. I have bronchitis 5 times in the past couple of months, including right now. I see my asthma doctor monday for a check up and was wondering if there is any sort of preventative medicine or ANYTHING that can help with this bronchitis situation always popping up. Answered by Manuela Buterbaugh 6 months ago.

when you have an allergic reaction it compromises your immune system I had 5 series of shots & they actually made my allergies worse.The last time they tried to skin test me for my 6th series...I went into an anaphylaxic shock Only a Pulmonary Allergist should be treating your allergies, since asthma drs don't really know much about allergies also if you are allergic to any form of sulphur/sulfur you can react to is used in many of the inhalers..check with your pharmacists to find out if there are any things in your medicines that you could be reacting to Many asthma drs don't like to admit the inhalers could be making you worse They or the clinic they work for,gets a kick back from drug companies for every RX they write..sad to say $$ does talk I had a dr for 20 years...he knew what my allergies were,yet gave me rx after rx for meds that had suphlur bases to them. when iI confronted him about it..he said he " had to go down the list the clinic provided , besides he did tell me to take 200 mg a day until the day I died." I was so wiped out on Benadryl,I missed a dose & ended up in the ER.The ER dr flipped out when she read what I was being given,made me stop put me on an IV,then 21 days of Predisone once I stopped the meds I felt 100% better always ask your pharmacist they know what is in the rx .Drs don't have a clue,they go by what the drug companies tell them Answered by Cecille Besanson 6 months ago.

My brother is an asthmatic and after ten years his asthma has shown no sign of improving. He has been to several doctors but they didn't help much. If you want a proven, all-natural way to cure your asthma, without having to pay for useless medications with harmful side-effects, then this is the most important page you'll ever read. Answered by Ruby Loggens 6 months ago.

now and back a stressful adventure can look to reason yet another , whether it somewhat is coincindental. you will have allergies and that desires suitable medical care, albuterol is a rescue inhaler and if employing greater advantageous than 4x on an customary basis, might desire to be certain ordinary document or pulmonologist/allergist. choose spirometry completed and can choose steroid inhalers to regulate allergies. maximum truthfully everyone with allergies stops employing the meds while they sense greater ideal, then they get a flare often the middle of the evening and could bypass to the ED, I had to get used to employing the inhalers, as I threw them away while they first gave them to me, yet ended up in the ED 3x in a million wk! Please get a cxr and see a doctor. i've got confidence the allergies or resp sx are become autonomous from the motor vehicle twist of destiny. it would have handed off besides. Answered by Ruth Spraggs 6 months ago.


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