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Difference between ADVAIR DISKUS and ADVAIR HFA?
I have asthma and was put on advair 115/21 HFA just wondering what the difference was between the 250/50 advair diskus and the advair HFA inhaler. How long does the advair take to start to work thank you for answering
John Boy
  The idiot who wrote to you to get off the advair is almost certainly not a doctor and telling you to get off any prescription unless your a doctor is criminal negligence should something happen to you from following that dunskies advice, It has been shown to increase the risk of asthma related death, specifically, when you have an asthma attack, your lungs will slam shut suddenly, this only happens in a very small percentage of people however, DO NOT STOP any medication without first talking to your doctor about a replacement.
anybody use Advair Diskus?
I have asthma real bad and my doctor gave the prescription for 500/50 (the red advair diskus) and i was just wondering what anybody's experiences were with it. Before i just used my quickrelieff inhaler when needed, but i'm out of breathe every morning when i wake up.. anyways anything else about advair i need to know? did it work for you? and is 500/50 the lowest dosage? thanks so much... :) P.S. im 20 years old if that helps..
I need a Advair Diskus?
I have no medical insurance and living on unemployment. How can I get a free Advair Diskus. (100/50) or (250/50)
joann j
  go to the glaxo website. They are the makers of advair. They have programs for people who do not have pharm or health insurance. You just need to apply.

Another option is samples. I am not sure if you can get advair samples anymore but there are newer similiar drugs that I sure docs have samples for.
For Everyone On ADVAIR DISKUS?
Everyone On ADVAIR DISKUS 250/50?
Do u guys like being on it???
Why or Why not???
How do u know if u have goten the dose or not in u???
Please send me an email at:
[email protected]
From your email address
I'm trying to find some friends to write emails to about asthma & questions that I have.
Amberq S

The recommended dosage of Advair Diskus is one inhalation twice daily. Take the inhalations morning and evening, 12 hours apart.

The product comes in three strengths. Your doctor will select the best strength for you based on your current therapy. If this selection fails to improve your symptoms after 2 weeks, the doctor may prescribe a higher strength.
Vik V
Question about my Asthma?
So my primary doctor gave me the Advair Diskus Inhaler. She gave me the 100/50 (purple). It wasn't working at all for me. So i quit using it. (After like 4 months)... Then I wanted to go to a monologist because I couldn't breathe well, so she gave me a prescription for Advair Diskus 500/50 (red).. is that weird that i'm gonna randomly start taking the highest dosage..??? usually they don't do that. I don't know..
  Well if the lower dose didnt help you then why would you be put back on it again? The treatment of asthma is like going up a ladder, each time either increasing doses or adding another medication until the patient can live a full and active life.
Mr. Usher takes the following regimen for his asthma?
Advair 250/50 1 puff bid. what should Mr. Usher do after taking his dose of Advair? how much fluticasone and salmeterol would Mr. Usher receive in 1 month? which 2 brand name drugs does Advair Diskus replace?
Alexa S
  After taking his dose of Advair, he should be sure to rinse his mouth out, as Advair can cause thrush (a superficial infection of the skin and mucous membranes in the mouth). It is a yeast infection. It can cause inflammation and discomfort.

How much medication he receives in one month depends on the number of days that month: 56 inhalations in February (58 if it is a leap year), 30 inhalations in months with 30 days, and 62 inhalations during the 31 day months.

The two brand name medications the Advair Diskus replaces are Flovent and Serevent.

I hope this answer was helpful!
I was wondering what the difference is between advair diskus and advair HFA?
Carla M
  the ingredients. go to they will tell you what you want to know.they are an internet drug index. I hope it helps you find info you need.
tracy c
Is there a generic for Advair 500/50 diskus yet? If so, how much?
  No generic for Advair as yet.
Allergy Asthma? Advair Diskus 500/50, Fluticasone Propionate nasal spray. What is the difference?
I'm a female, 33, never had asthma in my life, but recently i been having shortness of breaths which causes me to cough and i cant get any relief. the cold weather and cold drinks seems to trigger it. the nurse prescribed me the nasal spray, i havent got it yet. My boyfriend has advair, whats the difference?
  The Nasal spray will clear your sinuses so they don't drip down the back of your throat. The Advair has a steroid that helps strengthens your lungs defenses against Asthma flair ups, so don't take the Advair without consulting your doctor first. You could also try asking your doctor if he could prescribe Zyrtec for indoor and outdoor allergies.
Everyone On ADVAIR DISKUS 250/50?
Do u guys like being on it???
Why or Why not???
How do u know if u have goten the dose or not in u???
Please send me an email at:
[email protected]
I'm trying to find some friends to write emails to about asthma & questions that I have.
Amberq S
  I use it. I think it helps. My attacks are less frequent (unless I am in frequent contact with some of my major triggers). Sometimes you can taste the powder going in you, but not all the time.
Advair Diskus 250/50?
Has anyone or their child had any bad side effects while using this medication? If so please feel free to tell. My 11 year old son has been taking this medication, then he stopped for awhile because he was feeling uncomfortable. He restarted taking this medication and now is experiencing bad headaches and eye pain. I decided to reread the pamphlet and this could be one of the side effects. I've learned more about the medication, since I was giving a pamphlet with more side effects. I'm thinking about taking him off but his asthma is so bad and he uses his inhaler more than usual without the Advair Diskus. Now I don't want his asthma to get any worser but he can't deal with the pain and he is in a critical grade. Has anyone felt stuck with to take or not to take this medicine, or found a better medicine? I know all medication has side effects but this is a child not an adult and shouldn't have to deal with pain that makes him so uncomfortable to the point of moaning and keeping cover over your eyes to keep any light from getting into your eyes. He doesn't need glasses and he has been taking to eye specialist and I know of all food/medication allergies and he has not had a change with the foods he eats.
Forgot to mention I took him to the doctor August 28, 2008. His pediatrician said he was fine and he seems to be suffering from allergies and prescribed Pantanol eye drops and Tylenol. I have taken him back to his pediatrician and he said he didn't see any type of infection that would cause him to prescribe antibiotics and that he needs to see an eye specialists. This medicine has been taken for the course prescribed and now I've decided to take him to another doctor for a second opinion. I asked my son to stop taking the Advair Diskus to see if this is the problem and he last took it September 4,2008 before bedtime . So hopefully I will know whats causing the head/eye pain.
I do have a nebulizer at home for him, and knows when hes having trouble breathing and he knows too due to the fact hes taking courses in asthma and I am also an astmatic and have been for 30 plus years.
  The events most often associated in the literature with fatal or near-fatal episodes of asthma are profound emotional upsets, air pollution, THERAPEUTIC MISADVENTURES, and insufficient assessment of the seriousness of the final episode...

Talk to your physician ... there are other alternatives for treatment. DO NOT TAKE HIM OFF his meds without consulting your physician ... if your son were to have a severe asthma attack and required intervention for breathing ... you would be scrutinized by the medical staff and possibly CPS (most likely not, but you cannot control overzealous hospital staff) .... this disease can be devastating .... you need to go back to your physician ... and if you feel like they arent listening ... find a new one ... I wish you and your son the best ...
Very Bad allergies and I have Asthma?
Okay so I'm currently taking:
-Advair diskus 500/50 (for 2 weeks, then dropping to the 250/50) unless I do great on the 500/50my peak flow was 130 yesterday, my high peak flow is 590.
- Singulair
- Allergy eye drops
- Chlorpheniramine (Antihistamine)
- Benedryl only use PRN at night time (25mg-50mg)
oh and my rescue inhaler when I need it.

Anyone else on this much medications?

Well i just got on Advair (yesterday) I was taking Flovent 110mcg of fluticasone propionate. Was helping until this week, now like I said I'm on Advair, I noticed a difference about 40 mins after taking the first inhaltion of it.

I'm allergic to everything I swear, peanuts, soybeans, every tree, every kind of grass, mold, and cats! (not allergic to dogs! who hoo! ) they did that basic allergy test on me and I'm allergic to 19 of the 40 things they tested me for. I was told by my MD to get allergy shots, but I don't like needles...
  Take a look at this link. There may be some info you can use.
Does anyone else gag when they rinse their mouth after taking a dose of Symbicort?
The aftertaste is putrid but I take Symbicort because Advair Diskus would give me sore throats after a few days and Symbicort doesn't. I'm just wondering if it's just me or anyone else has the joy of experiencing this twice a day.
asthma :|
  My daughter takes Symbicort, and she doesn't mind it. So that would be a no. =D

Good Luck!

~Kate, mommy of 7, and 21 weeks with Shane and Lily!
Is here a difference between singulair and advair?

My boyfriend has been taking advair for several months. Recently reports have come out about suicidal tendencies and depression linked to singulair. Do you know if this could stem from Advair as well condsidering they are used to treat the same thing? Just curious if anyone knows if there is something in singulair that may be causing this that advair doesnt have in it?
U can call him Max. Born 6/13/08
  There may be a link to how both affect the leukotriines in your cells that cause the allergic reaction.
What kind of allergies does he have? If they are pollen,dust, mold-related, instead of drugs (prescr. or OTC), check on the web for "NETI POT".
The Neti pot washes your sinuses of all dust, pollen, and mold allergens, and also hydrates the sinus tissues that may be dried-up. I used to use the OTC stuff, and was drowsy all the time. When I started using the Neti pot about a yr. ago, I don't need ANY prescr. or OTC drug @ all!!
Check on your BF food allergies :
wheat, milk, egg, sugar, yeast, artificial sweeteners (saccharine, Aspartame, MSG), food colors/dyes, pesticides/insecticides (on the fruit and or veggies), household sprays (OUST, WINDEX), and/or scented or plain candles (these too have chemicals).
There are food-allergy tests that your BF could take to check for these, and other allergies. Check out your local health food store and ask for organic foods,fruits, veggies- they'll be glad to help out!
1 more thing: check out (this is the spam-free website for Dr. Howard Hagglund, a naturapath in Tulsa that specializes in allergies of all kinds).
Hope everything works out for you and your BF. All the best to you and your BF.
(p.s.- there is a possibility he may be allergic to you! There are people who are really allergic to themselves or others! No joke!)
Has anyone used Diskus advair 500/50 and what do you think of this medication for breathing problem?
I have been sick for about a month maybe longer. I've been on antibiotics, steroid shots and now has put me on this medication and antibiotics again. Hes saying I am having asthma attacks, I would have to say something else is at play here because I have had attacks before but not ones that last for a months.
  I see your concern. I have asthma, too. There are actually a surprising number of "triggers" of asthma and some CAN last months. Some are: you could have bronchitis, or your allergies are acting up, or you could have a sinus infection, or you could have GERD. You really should make another appointment and ask, "What are the antibiotics for? Why did you choose Advair? What else could be going on?"

Advair Diskus is a wonderful asthma PREVENTER. It does not treat attacks. However, this medication is very effective because the size of the particles in the powder are really small. This means that when your bronchial tubes are restricted (such as during an attack), this medication can still get further into your lungs, unlike other medications. It has worked wonders for me.

Now, go back to your doctor or get another one who explains to you what is going on and why he gives you a certain med over another. If you think there is something else going on, tell the doctor that. Do not be timid. And, get an allergist that can test and treat you for allergies.
Roca W
How long does asthma stay with someone?
My son has had asthma since he was three years old. The doctors keep telling us that he will grow out of it, he is now twelve. He is on Singulair, Loratadine, and Advair diskus 500/50. He gets pneumonia at least 2 times a year and is hospitalized each time. He seems to get worse in the fall and winter and is all together fine in the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do that will help him in the winter?
  i have had it ever since i was born.. I had the stay in the hospital a little longer because of it. My parents said. Its depends on how you take care of your body. if you drink or smoke it will make it worse and it wont go away. If you dont do anything eat healthy then he should grow out of it while he is growing.
Adult Asthma People?
Has anyone tooken these tablets for Asthma???
Or is anyone???
Do they work really well???
Why or Why not???
Bricanyl (terbutaline) Tablets
Vospire ER(Vospire) Tablets
Albuterol Tablets

I'm thinking about asking my doctor to prescribe me one of these tablets because I dont like inhlaeing stuff for asthma & I'm so scared & worried about taking ADVAIR DISKUS.
What does everyone think???
And why???
  You ultimately have the final choice in your asthma treatments, as you are the one who has to take the medication at least once or maybe four times a day. If you don't want to inhale medication, then pills are pretty well your only option.

Generally, medication from pills goes throughout your body. When you inhale medication, it goes directly to your lungs. The benefit of inhaling asthma medication is that fewer and less severe side effects occur. When you take a pill for asthma, your lungs do get medicine. So does your heart, your brain, your fingers, and your toes.

I know that Albuterol pills are on the Wal-Mart $4 prescription list. In my experience, I have not seen breathing medication given as a pill. With the exception of prednisone, asthma is treated by inhaling drugs. If you were to take Albuterol pills, there is a greater likelihood of shaking, increased heart rate, nervousness, and increased blood pressure, as compared to inhaling the same drug. You would need to take a pill two to four times a day also. My mom is an RN and she has given lots of Albuterol pills to old people in nursing homes, so it must be pretty safe.

Since your doctor wanted you on Advair, they figure that you need a bronchodilator and a steroid. To give you a steroid pill would result in very profound side effects. Your face and torso would become very fat, with a big hump on the back of your neck. The muscles in your limbs would be mined for their protein and turned into fat on your torso and head. It is not pretty. If you can manage without having to take steroid pills you will be a much happier person.

In my opinion, treating your asthma exclusively with pills would work. However, you are likely to experience more side effects than you would with the same idea of medication via inhalation. Compared to the risks of taking Advair (the black label warning that it should never be used during an asthma attack or death can result), taking a steroid pill is by far much worse. If your doctor can avoid putting you on steroid pills, I think you would be much happier with your treatment, although you may not have as much asthma control.

I understand where you are coming from about Advair. Being a Respiratory Therapist, I know that it is safe to use and I am very proficient with how to administer it. When it comes to treating my own asthma, I am going to try another combination inhaled steroid/long-acting bronchodilator because of the absolutely horrific nightmares I have been getting every night since starting Advair. Also, my stomach has been more troublesome than normal. My issues are more of a personal problem and not one that most people would experience. Prescription medications do cause odd side effects sometimes and some people just are not able to take certain medications because of that. Mind you, I'm not going to switch everything to pills, but I'm going to be asking my doctor about changing Advair to Symbicort (which does not carry the black label warning about death during asthma attacks). What works for you is just as much about personal preference as it is about what the drug will do for you.
James S
What is Advair and how does it differ from my current inhaler?
Hey. I've heard the name Advair as an asthma treatment and to be honest I don't know what it is. What's the difference between Advair and my current inhaler which is a "Bricanyl Turboinhaler"? Thanks.

Chris F
  Advair has fluticasone propionate and salmeterol xinafoate in it. It has both a preventative (fluticasone - steroid)) and a reliever (salmeterol - broncodilator) in it, therefore is good for long term control of asthma symptoms.

Bricanyl only has terbutaline, a bronchodilator in it. It is ideally only used when you have an asthma attack.

Please see source links below for more information.
Kate from
what do you think about?
what do you think about advair hfa
Using ADVAIR HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol
  What is advair hfa?
Los Ojos
Will my asthma medication affect my birth control?
WIll my asthma medication affect my birth control? The birth control i take is Yaz. My long term inhailer used twice daily for asthma is the Advair diskus 250/50. I also take a 10m singular pill once a day. and my rescue inhailer xopenex used when needed. will any of those medications affect my birthcontrol? This in EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP!!!
Travelling to Japan / question about meds & customs?
I'm taking a trip to Japan in April and will be there for 11 days. I've never been before so I have some questions regarding my medications (mainly psychiatric). I'm prescribed the following meds:

Psychiatric drugs
* Lexapro
* Adderall (amphetamine) - the one I worry about the most
* Xanax
* Trazodone
* Restoril

Non-psych. drugs
* Zyrtec-D (has pseudoephedrine)
* Rhinocort nasal spray
* Advair diskus
* MaxAir inhaler
* Bentyl

aghem, yes, that's quite a list.

I just want to know what I need to do to prepare for being able to bring all my meds with me, and not get detained or anything when I go through customs.

If more details are needed (quantity / doses) to answer, let me know.
Dottie Hinkle
  Bring them in your prescription bottles. A note from your doctor on his/her stationary might not be a bad idea, either. Customs is used to ppl bringing medication thru. They are looking for suspicious large quantities. It's highly unlikely you'll have any problems. If you do, it's much more apt to simply be that you are the random one to get looked over more closely than others. Last, Japanese take psych and medical prescriptions, too. :)
Anybody have Asthma?? i need help with mine?
ive had asthma since ive been 16 years old (im 20 now). my primary doctor gave me albuteral. then advair diskus 100/50. (didn't help). so then he gave me 200/50. (didn't help.) then 500/50 (didn't help). so in 2010 ive been to the hospital twice cause i couldn't breathe. Last night i had to go cause i was gasping for air all night. They put me on a breathing machine and gave me medication. anyways i have trouble running and walking up hills. the doctor at the hospital told me i need to do something about it. should i see a polmonologist?? go back to my primary doctor??? what??? anybody have asthma? if so what worked for you??? i really need to find something that works.... thanks
What interactions come with these medications? And what ingredients are in them?
Rythmol SR, Coumadin, Protonix, Celexa, Lipitor, Skelaxin, Levothyroxine, Torprol XL, Clonazepam, Torsemide, Pot Choloride, tylenol extra strength (rapid release gels), spiriva, combivent, and advair diskus. Reason I'm asking doctors can't find out why my mothers feet and legs are swelling, why she gets dizzy sometimes, can't sleep at night. Also gets out of breath, always tired, and always sick at her stomache. She also has a raw mouth and toungue. But yet the dr's say she can take everything she is taking and with each other. I'm trying to find out and have been for year, how to make my mother feel better. She had a heart attack due to allergic reation to morphine in 2001. SInce then the dr says she has a-fib but yet says she has a great heart. Never have understood dr's. Help someone!
  Yeah, you got a lot of stuff in the last that are not only simular to each other, but could definatly be contraindicting each other. I am not a doc, just have a lot of knowledge from the last 3 years of cancer treatment.

From what I undertand, atrial fibrillation is an electrical issue, not a heart disease issue (as in not cholestoral or bp, ect ect.. they are giving most of these meds in a prophalactic since, from what I understand)

Protonix is an antacid and is used to treat or prevent acid reflux and heart burn. I am on this with no problems.

Potassium choloride is an electrolyte, and the dosage should be regulated with regular checks on her potassium levels. Most ppl only need rx potassium bc there is an issue with the kidneys. So becareful, too much can cause the same issues too little can. But this is a needed electrolyte to help the electrical activity of the heart.

Clonazepam is a benzodiazapine. Which is typically an anti anxeity med but can also be used for a host of other issues. It can be used in treating nausea and heaches ect. This will naturally cause drowsiness and fatigue. This can also drop bp making her dizzy.

Torsemide is a diarhetic. This helps prevent fluid build up. This also can lower bp and cause dizziness, as well as deplete potassium levels, causing electrolyte issues. The fluid she is retainging is causing the swelling of the legs and feet. If feet are propped up it helps. Also drinking as much water as possible helps

Tylonal is fairly benign compared to everything else.

Spiriva is an inhaler typically used with copd. If she is copd that right there can explain the dizziness and perhaps all the other problems. If she is copd, she os not getting enough oxygen to her brain and the rest of the body. Is she on o2 or anything?

Combivent is also an inhaler used in treating copd, and I believe advair is as well, but is also used with asthma.

Rythmol SR is used to try to prevent irregular heart rythm that is common with her illness. This med can cause nausea.

Coumadin is a blood thinneranticoagulant. Probably being given as a prophalactic? So that the blood doesnt clot in the veins. This can cause low bp, dizziness and head ache

Celexa is an anti depressant, which I am sure she needs with the medical issues these meds are telling me she has. It can cause hyperactivity and insomnia. If she is taking this in the evening, move to morning and see if it helps

Lipitor is used to treat high bp and prevent heart disease. This by nature of what it is supposed to do lowers the bp.

Skelaxin is a muscle relaxant, so thats can cause fatigue and dizziness as well.

Levothyroxine is used in hyperthyroidism. I am unclear on its effects

Torprol XL is used to treat high bp, so again by nature of what it is supposed to do will lower bp.

I didnt see anything that present huge interractions, but most of them were listed by generic names, and I am not a chemist by any means.

But, as you can see, a lot of these meds cause lower bp, fatigue. The combo of all the sleepy side effects can actually cause one to not be able to sleep. I have that problem sometimes.

As I said, a-fib is an electrocal issue, not a disease issue. I would say the mi she had as an allergic reaction did damage to the elctrical condictiity of the heart. The fact that she is now at high risk is the reason for some of the meds.

Some of the meds are also suggesting copd. IF this is the case, certainly explains why she cant breathe and is always tired.

As far as nausea. Take a look at all her meds. Which ones suggest she eat with them? The ones that suggest she eat, she should atleast try a few crackers or a glass of milk. This will help. The protonix will help to, make sure she takes this regularly.

The raw mouth and toung could be from the side effect of dry mouth that a lot of these meds cause as well. Lots of water and things like sucking on hard candy and chewing gum will help.

Have all rxs filled at the same pharmacy. I believe they all run interreaction checks with the meds you already have on file.

Also, try playing with the times these meds are taken. Take sleepy meds close to bedtime, waking meds (like the anti depressant) in the morning. Take the protonix in the morning. Spread the drugs that lower bp out, rather than all at the same time.
Is Symbicort a safe medication to take for Asthma?
I was taking Advair and I was informed that with prolonged use that Advair actually causes emphysema. I've been using my rescue inhaler way too much and the Dr gave me Symbicort to try. Does anyone know if this product will have the same effect on my lungs?
  Symbicort, a medicated inhaler and is commonly used in the treatment of asthma. There are quite a few side effects to it, as there are with other inhalers so you need to weigh up the pros and cons to suite your lifestyle
Spirometry results??
In the last month I've been on the following medications for asthma symptoms... prednisone (5 day 30 mg dose); proventil HFA (2x/4-6 hrs.); advair diskus (100/50 2x/day), and zyrtec (once a day). The doctors haven't actually diagnosed me with asthma as of yet, but every time I stop taking the medications the symptoms come back. My question is this... By me taking all of these meds to keep the symptoms in control will it affect the outcome of the spirometry test? I did one and the only number that was slightly low (80) was my FEV 25-75. I did a bronchodilator and all of my numbers slightly improved, but my FEV 25-75 went up to 86. The person administering the test said that my breathing was pretty loud while testing and that slightly concerned him, but other than that the numbers were good. Just not sure if the spirometry test would have been more accurate if done before starting any meds. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!! Thx in advance for your time!!!
  You are right, all the meds will effect your spirometry, however, it would not be wise to stop taking your medications to prove what already is known: that your breathing is worse when you are not controlling your obstructive lung disease. Perhaps it would be good to make certain that all your medications are documented for the record when the spirometry is done. Be sure to comb your life for allergens: foods, pets, environmental ( rugs, smoke, hairspray, perfume) etc...and eliminate all that you can so that you can hopefully cut down on the medications. Learn to use a peak flow meter to manage your inhaler use. Keep a diary.
serevent or advair generic eqvilalents?
Is there a generice that I can buy for SEREVENT, Iknow it is SALMETROL, but is there a cheaper generic. Same for ADVAIR.
  Unfortunately there are not generic forms of these medications. The discus medications are so new that they are not able to be reproduced to make generic forms.
Its unfortunate that they are so expensive because they are both excellent controlled medications for many with asthma and copd.
Can prescription medicine be returned?
I was dealing with a cough and my doctor prescribed both Advair and ProAir HFA (albuterol) for it. I've been using the Advair and it seems to be working the more I use it (which is 2 inhales every day, morning and night). The Albuterol he said only to use it if it was needed, which it hasn't yet. The albuterol cost me around 30 bucks and I was wondering if it can be returned considering I don't think I'll need it. I got it at CVS Pharmacy and it has not been used.

  I'm not sure if the other user works at a CVS, but at my store you can return the rx if it has not been tampered with in any way (i.e. used) and if you're returning it within two weeks of purhase. At least this is what my pharmacy allows, not sure if it's through all the stores. I think it depends on the pharmacy.

Can prescription medicine be returned?
I was dealing with a cough and my doctor prescribed both Advair and ProAir HFA (albuterol) for it. I've been using the Advair and it seems to be working the more I use it (which is 2 inhales every day, morning and night). The Albuterol he said only to use it if it was needed, which it hasn't yet. The albuterol cost me around 30 bucks and I was wondering if it can be returned considering I don't think I'll need it. I got it at CVS Pharmacy and it has not been used.
  I'm not sure if the other user works at a CVS, but at my store you can return the rx if it has not been tampered with in any way (i.e. used) and if you're returning it within two weeks of purhase. At least this is what my pharmacy allows, not sure if it's through all the stores. I think it depends on the pharmacy.
is there any persciption drugs that can give a false possitve for cocan use?
will any of thesew dugs give that uf 1/2 cc ins,
ic chlorthalidone,ic omeprazole, singulair, ic potassium cl, ic glyburide, albuterol, ic metformin hcl, serevent diskus, flovent hfa, spiriva
  Only cocaine or a cocaine derivative such as codeine(prescription painkillers) will give a positive result. If required to take a drug test and not using illegal drugs they ask you to list all prescription, over the counter drugs you are using including Vitamin/Mineral Supplements and Herbs for they want to be as accurate as possible and do not wish for anyone to have a positive reading unless so deserved. If you're in doubt can always go have own drug test done -usually around $50.00.

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harriet75: #Asthma ed tip of the Day,use your controller med like advair and flovent even when you feel well, as that is what keeping you undercontrol.
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harriet75: #asthma tip today, Don't stop your controller meds just because you feel fine, you feel fine because of then, I.E, advair, flovent,