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Is there any difference between taking prescription Zantac 300 and 2 OTC Zantac 150?
I've been taking Zantac 300 for a hiatal hernia and acid reflux for years. We recently changed health insurance and the new insurance doesn't cover Zantac, so I started taking OTC Zantac. For the past week now, I've been having a lot of trouble (pain) with my hiatal hernia, so is there something different about the OTC Zantac and the prescription Zantac that would cause this?
  No, the medicinal ingredients are exactly the same, so taking 2 of the OTC Zantac is the same as 1 300mg prescription Zantac.
As you know, Zantac is prescribed for acid reflux, so it won't help with the hernia. What happens is that the hernia puts pressure on your stomach which can make the reflux worse. If your hernia is bothering you, you should see the doctor to make sure that the hernia isn't protruding too far.

Hope you feel better soon and Good Luck.
Zantac 75 & Alcohol?
I am currently taking zantac 75 for my ulcer that I have, it helps when I eat spicier foods and what not. But my birthday is coming up in a week and I want to go out and have a few drinks( not alot) if I take Zantac for the heartburn that comes with drinking will the alcohol react with the Zantac 75??
M-A- Double T
  drinking with a ulcer is not advised
Mopar Muscle Gal
Does Axid work better than Zantac?
Our 5 month old has terrible Acid Reflux. We started on Zantac and they have just recently upped her dose. Just yesterday her Specialist put her on Axid and off of the Zantac. Last night and all this morning she has done nothing but spit up over and over again. (We only give her 4 ounces of formula every 2 to 3 hours and she still pits up like crazy. She weighs close to 20 lbs.) It was not this bad while she was taking her Zantac, but it was still bad enough to look at other options. Of course the doctors office is closed today since it is saturday so I do not know what to do. Switch back to the zantac or continue with this Axid. Her Axid dose is 2.5 ML twice a day and her Zantac dose was 1 ML three times a day. Please help!!!
  Call your pharmacist! They are so smart and helpful. Your pharmacist will guide you. You'll see.:)
Does Target's version of Zantac 150 help for globus hystericus?
I have globus hystericus and I was looking for Zantac 150 at Target, when I saw this medicine from Target's up&up brand that said 'Compare to active ingredient in Zantac 150'. I figured that it might work; and besides, the price was lower than the Zantac 150. So does Target's knock-off of Zantac help to cure globus hystericus.
  If your doctor feels your condition may be related to acid reflux, Target's brand of ranitidine (Zantac) will be just as effective as the trade name brand.
I am dying of the worst heartburn ever...everyday!!!

I am pregnant and it gets worse everyday. I have been taking zantac 150..a miracle drug if you ask me. The dosage is no more than 2 a day. However.....2 a day no longer cuts it for me. Zantac is pretty safe right???? Is it really that bad to take 3 a day. Anyone have any experience with this drug?
PS my doctor prescribed Zantac. I was not taking it without a doctors knowledge.
  When I was pregnant I took about 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinager mixed in applesauce when I got heartburn. Usually the reason you get heartburn is because of the lack of acid in your stomach. You can also try drinking a small glass of grapefruit juice. In my third trimester, I started baking soda water. You might like to read the book" Cures They Don't Want You To Know About."
Rosey55 D
Is Zantac 150 really that much better than Zantac 75??
Is Zantac 150 worth the extra money?
  Yes 75% better
Can someone take Zantac and Phenergen together?
I take Zantac for my stomach, and Phenergen for nausea.

Both have been perscribed to me but never have I needed both together is it safe to take them together?

(Zantac is for gallbladder issues even after its removal, Phenegen is from nausea I get often)

  I find no contraindications or interactions for taking these drugs together.

what is the % of people who take ranitidine (zantac) 150 mg tablets, who have an allergic reaction to it? Cath
I know allergic reactions are rare with zantac but glaxo smith kline the makers of zantac wouldn't tell me. They said my Dr. could call and find out but i know my Dr. is too busy to call them and he just tells me it is rare and I should take the med.
  Ranitidine is perhaps the safest antacid.I myself have prescribed and keep on prescribing it to n no of patients.None have reported with any side-effects yet.
But be careful if u r planning to conceive or prgnant.
otherwise feel absolutely relaxed about it's safety.
sameer p
How long does it take for Zantac to calm my stomach down?
my stomach started hurting today and i just came back from the doctor. she prescribed me zantac and Tylenol. how long does it take for zantac to take the pain away? i know it takes a couple of days to get the infection away but how long for the pain?
Hawraa J
  usually it kicks in within a half hour of taking it - over the next few days you may see your symptoms improve more. If by a week you don't notice any improvement you can try switching over to one of the proton pump inhibitors such as prilosec (omperazole)
Is it okay to break a zantac in half and just take half? (300 --> 150)?
i have zantac 300 prescription. I broke it in half and took half, because 300 feels like too much when i take it. Was it a mistake to break the pill? Is it meant to be taken whole for some reason?
Thank you for the info. My ENT prescribed the high dose because I (sometimes) suffer from laryngospasms at night, due to chronic gastritis. I take nexium 40 mg, twice daily, and zantac at night.
  If you are supposed to take one pill a day you would normally take it once a day but taking half a pill twice a day should be OK.

Some prescriptions actually direct you to swallow the pill whole which presumably means that you must not chew it before swallowing. Breaking a pill in half is not the same as chewing before swallowing but presumably you must swallow the half pill whole without chewing.
Susan Yarrawonga
Can i take Zantac 150 and tums at the same time?
Well i took zantac 6 hours ago and just ate. I just got diagnosed with acid reflex so im new to this stuff.
  Zantac alone should help your problem. But if you must take a Tums, wait 2 hours after you take a Zantac( at least).
Give the ntac time to work though---you may not need the Tums!
Zantac and prevacid, do they need to spaced out?
My 5 week old baby was put on zantac and now prevacid for severe reflux... iv heard people say that they should not be giving together and that they should be spaced out at least 4 hours... is this true? I have to give the prevacid 2 times a day and zantac 3... do they really need to be spaced 4 hours?
MandiGurl M
  not sure about a baby i would call Doctor or hospital and ask them about it. better safe than sorry poor baby. It has to be miserable. I know i am with acid reflux.
anyone ever overdosed on zantac 75?
i took 7(75mg) tablets of zantac 75.What will happen? Do i need to go to the ER?
  Yes, you need to get to the doctor. You have over 500 MG of the stuff in your system, and the longer you wait, the more gets absorbed.
zantac 300 with klonopin: is this an okay combination?
i have been waking up choking completely or with difficulty breathing due to severe acid reflux, so i was prescribed klonopin for the panic. Another doc told me to take zantac 300 at night. Can the two be taken together?
  All research that I have done seems to show no interaction problems with these two medications.

But may I say, HELL.......the Klonopin (clonazepam) seems to be a very extreme measure to deal with acid reflux. After all, the Klonopin is used to control panic disorders, seizures and the like. Unfortunately you're always going to be panicking when you feel like you can't breathe due to the acid reflux.

Listen to the other doctor and just try the Zantac (Ranitidine) for the time being. They're fantastic for dealing with acid reflux. I have Crohns Disease get acid reflux and I recommend them very highly.

If necessary, take your Zantac morning, noon & night and then get yourself referred to a Gastroenterologist who is more professionally equipped to investigate your reflux problems than an every day general practitioner. I tell you this because long term acid reflux can lead to even bigger health issues.

Good luck!
How long should i take zantac for acid reflux?
I suffer from acid reflux and to treat it i take maximum strength zantac 150 mg. I want to know how long i should be taking zantac and if it will eventually cure me of my acid reflux? Also because of the acid reflux my voice sounds very muffled and it makes it hard for people to understand me when i speak will my voice ever go back to normal or is the damage from the acid already done? I have been suffering from acid reflux since i was 18 and now i'm 27.
Ryan A

I can't answer your question like a pro because I'm not a physician, but I do know that many reports say that that you shouldn't take acid reflux medication for longer than one or two months. But I had the same problem and took bottles and bottles of medication and although they helped some, I still had acid reflux at times. I'd be up at night trying to get relief. Right after a meal, I was suffering. I was miserable. Although this lasted for like 10 years, the last three was the worst and that's when I started prescription medications. Then I read about how most are only supposed to be prescribed for 2 weeks and thought, uh oh.

Because I hate taking medicine and because I thought the meds can't be that good for my system, plus, they barely helped, I started to look for a natural way to treat/cure my acid reflux. I tried one and it really worked. I haven't taken prescription meds for acid reflux in like 12 months! Plus, I only did the natural treatment for like 7 days and then as needed after that. In the last 8 months, I've used it maybe twice! It really worked for me. I'm 36 years old now. I know there are a lot of scammy stuff out there, but this one really and truly worked for me.

I don't know if your interested in approaching your acid reflux naturally, but if you are, I added a link to the website that tells about it. Plus, I added the link about zantac too.

Hope this helps and good luck man.

Is it safe to take zantac and mylanta at the same time?
I am taking zantac but it is not doing anything so I want to take some mylanta. Is this ok to do?

Also, does anyone have an opinion as to whether pepto bismol or mylanta works better?
  I have acid reflux and my doctor told me to take them at seperate times in order to make each of the medications effective. I have found that for me the mylanta is best. Pepto just does not seem as strong and effective as the mylanta.
Is it bad if I took a Zantac 150 after taking Prevacid 30mg in the morning?
I usually just take one 30mg tablet every morning, but i stopped for a while bc my prescription ran out and took other acid reducers meanwhile. Today I started it again, but it takes more than a day to fully work so about 10-12 hours later i took a Zantac 150 because my heartburn was bad. Should I be okay?
  No problem taking both.
Dashing Geek
If I take a Zantac with my Vicodin, will it stop me getting an upset stomach?
I had oral surgery and given Vicodin, when whenever I try to take it I feel very ill (even on a full stomach).

Will taking a Zantac with it help?
  I dont know about Zantac, because Vicodin is meant to give you an upset stomach to deter abuse of it.
However, I was taking Prilosec when I had my tooth removed, and I had no nausea to speak of :)
So I can vouch for prilosec, also pepermint tea works too <3
~I ❤ Music Boxes Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
Does Zantac 75 come in chewable tablets?
My daughter who is 8 cannot swallow the tiny tablet that Zantac 75 comes in. I have tried disolving it in a little water and she still spits it out. SHe doesn't mind taking it as she has lots of medication with her Asthma- but this one is a stinker and gags her every time. Maybe a chewable would be better for her if they make one. Are they available like this or just the tiny pill???
  I feel for you! I have a three year old daughter who has to take a lot of meds due to lung issues, and some days it can be next to impossible to get all of it in her!

I could be wrong, but I don't think Zantac comes in chewables. It does come in liquid form (tastes pretty bad), and I think it also comes in granules that can be dissolved in water. We actually switched my daughter to Prevacid Solutabs at about 12 months, and these work great, probably even better than than the Zantac only without all the drama. At only 3, she can't swallow pills yet, so we dissolve them in a drink of her choice. They must not be too bad because when it is getting close to time to take it, she often reminds me, "Mommy, belly hurts, need my meds please."

Good luck!
chILD Mom
Can I take Zantac and Protonix at the same time?
I was taking 150mg of Zantac twice a day, but I went to the ER the other day and they gave me a prescription of Protonix 40mg (taken once a day). I'm not sure if I can take both at the same time. So, can I?
  I've never heard of both Zantac and Protonix being taken at the same time. Usually it is one or the other because they treat similar symptoms. I would call your regular physician and ask to be sure.
Can I take Balacet after taking Zantac?
I took 300mg of Zantac about 1.5 hours ago. I have to take 25mg of Phenergan before I can take the Balacet because Balacet upsets my stomach. Do you think or know if it is okay to take these 3 meds around the same time? The Balacet is 100mg Propoxyphene Napsylate and 325mg Acetaminophen. Thanks!
Balacet is really the same as Darvocet.
I cant seem to get anyone on the phone at my pharmacy. My head is killing me. Maybe they will answer soon.
  Just call your local pharmacy. Ask for the pharmacist and they will let you know. Easy.

keep trying or call a different pharmacy. It doesn't matter which one. They will all have the same info. Just tell the pharmacist (at whatever pharmacy it doesnt have to be the one closest to you) the medications you are on and when you can take them safely.
can i take prilosec and zantac 150 together?
well, obviously not together at the same time. but i take prevacid in the mornings but i was wondering if i can take zantac at maybe nighttime because i have bad gerd in the nighttime (esp. because i am only on my 2nd day with prilosec). college is about to start soon.. and i really want to heal or get better at the least b4 i start. obviously the whole moving away and anxiety/stress is playing part of my gerd and i'd like to get better..
thanks everyone~
nobodybut me
  Zantac is a good idea and perfectly safe to take at night before bedtime. I was told this by my Doctor and like you, I take Prevacid in the AM and the Zantac in the PM. I sleep better and straight thru the night. I didn't sleep good at all before I added the Zantac to my routine. Gerd is a bad thing to have at night untreated and the Zantac will neutralize any excess acid forming while you sleep.....Good Luck with school...........
Can you crush Zantac 150 pills?
I have to start taking Zantac 150 pills. I can not swallow pills though (don't know how). Does the coating around them make the pills unable to be crushed (will it not work the same if they are crushed I mean) or can I crush them? And do you know of a way for me to take the pills without tasting them?
  Zantac-150 has no special drug delivery mechanism,so you can crush it and consume it.crush it just before consuming since it is a hygroscopic salt,it will absorb moisture from air specially during rainy season if crushed and kept for some time.The purpose of sugar coating is to mask the unpleasant taste.So mix a little glucose powder to make it palatable.In case of enteric coated or slow release or sustain release or extended release tab.,crushing will spoil the release mechanism rendering the tab.either useless or less effective or make the tab. not reach the proper sight like some tabs.are suppose to release the drug in the stomach,some in the intestines and some in the colon.
rk s
Is Zantac good for stomach pain and feeling like throwing up?
I was wondering is Zantac good for a heavy stomach, feeling like throwing up, feeling like something is stuck in my throat and burping?

Or is Pepto Bismol better?
  Hi There,

oldtimekid2 is right about the 2 drugs you have in your mind. As you have put this question in the Alternative Medicine category, I can suggest you some herbal medications for your problem. should solve your gastric problems very gently, safely and permanently (works throughout the day) should take care of your digestive system related problems (if any), especially if you have your problem coming up just after the meals.

For more on gas, you may also read this article for tips that can be incorporated in your day to day life

Hope this helps

Good Luck
Can I take Zantac 150 an hour before lunch and then again an hour before dinner?
Will Zantac 150 work if I took it about 3 hours before my first meal or does it have to be 1 hour before? Would 1 pill a day llast me through lunch and dinner?
  one pill should last 24 hours
Is it safe to use Zantac when drinking alcohol?
I experience the asian blush when drinking. Through lots of advice and experimenting, I've been able to virtually eliminate blushing when taking a single dose of Zantac(main ingredient ranitidine) at least 30 minutes prior to drinking. I no longer get ridiculously red and embarrassed. Although, I'm happy with the results, I am somewhat concerned with the combination. Nowhere on the safety label does it say to not consume with alcoholic beverages like it does on certain other drug safety labels. Does that mean it's okay to combine the two?
  The side effect of taking that with alcohol is impaired vision and unstable co-ordination until the effects wear off (but those are effects of alcohol right?) It basically strenghtens the effect of alcohol.
Dr Hrvacic
Non prescribed Ranitidine (ex: Zantac 75) help!!!?
hi, if there are any nurses or physicians in here, i'd be lucky =X
I just want to know if non prescribed ranitine ( acid reducers), such as zantac 75 is just as effective as the prescribed acid reducers prescribed by the doctor...Can you really just as effectively reduce the amount of acid in your stomach by taking non prescribed acid reducers?
And any good recommendations on over the counter acid reducers?

  They are the same meds that were available only by prescription not long ago. Same strength, same everything. They work, but different things work for different people. A few, like nexium are still only available by prescription. Its has more to do with the newness of the drug than its effectiveness. So try them and see what works best for you. Non-prescription generics are the cheapest way to go so only get a prescription if none of those work for you.

Prilosec (omeprozole) worked for me, zantac (ranatidine) worked for my husband. Pepcid is another good one. If you want a prescription one, try protonix. Its super cheap and works very well.
Im 25 and hypertensive and I havent eaten in 5 days, just water. What can I eat?
I had a panic attack last week and since then, i haven't been able to put food in my mouth to even chew. The doctor has me on Zoloft, Inderol, Zantac,Klonopin, and Ativan, if necessary. Im hungry, but I don't know what to eat. When I want to eat, i become nauseated again. Im willing to force myself to eat just to have something in my stomach, but its really hard. I cant have soup bc of the sodium, so what can i do? Oh and btw, im on the 14mg Nicotine patch, 5'6 and 150lbs.
Yes, the psychiatrist had prescribed the Zoloft and Klonopin, My primary care physician prescribed the Inderol and the Ativan(Ativan just in case). The ER physician prescribed rx Zantac bc i had lower abdonimal pain.
  Holy crap!! Please see a different doctor! All that stuff you're on is so dangerous. Zoloft can actually cause panic attacks and suicidal tendencies. If you have the chance, watch "Generation Rx" to educate yourself on what you're taking.

As far as eating for hypertention, there are hundreds of things you can eat! I don't understand why you haven't eaten just because you can't have canned soup. You can eat broiled fish with herbs, steamed vegetables with a pinch of Celtic sea salt (NOT table salt, which will aggravate hypertension), fresh fruits, cooked grains, organic meats. Almost anything you make yourself will be fine, since you'll control how much sodium and sugar go into it. Stop relying on prepared foods and get into your kitchen.
what is the different b/w ZANTAC ( Ranitidine ) & Tagamet (cimetidine ) ?
.. .
  Cimetidine (Tagamet) and ranitidine (Zantac) belong to the same class of acid suppressing agents called histamine receptor antagonists and if given in equal doses work equivalently. On the other hand, omeperazole (Prilosec) and lansoprazole (Prevacid) are proton pump inhibitors and are very potent inhibitors of acid secretion. Most physicians will initially try cimetidine or ranitidine prior to considering the more costly proton pump inhibitors. Patients whose symptoms do not respond to histamine receptor antagonists will often obtain relief with proton pump inhibitors. In clinical trials where patients with erosive esophagitis and peptic ulcer disease are studied, patients report better symptom relief with proton pump inhibitors. Furthermore, faster healing rates are also seen with proton pump inhibitors. I hope you find this information helpful.
i wanna know can i take two different acid reducers because on the back of the box it say dont but i already did

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