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who has tried xanax xr and what are your stories?
i have been looking into getting on xanax xr i recently have a prescription for regular xanax but only take it every other day if i feel bad i just dont want to get addicted should i be taking more or just addicted?
  I don't know what your diagnosis is, or why you're taking the Xanax XR. I'll assume you have an anxiety disorder.

I've always heard that Xanax is habit-forming. I know that people who try to wean off of it have a terrible time sleeping. If you have an anxiety disorder and go off of it, you'll feel all of your symptoms again, and may want to go on something else.

On the other hand, my Mother had terrible Generalized Anxiety disorder, and her doctor placed her on Xanax permanently, addiction and all. This is because other medications for anxiety didn't help her. She was able to manage the anxiety better on the Xanax.

Xanax XR should be a lot like regular Xanax. You may not notice it hitting your system the way regular Xanax would, and you won't notice it wearing off as much. It won't last for two days, however.

To get the Xanax CR, you'll have to ask your doctor. I think he/she will tell you that you're not taking enough. But be sure to follow the doctor's instructions on when to take it. I think the CR version is very much like the regular, so I don't think your doctor will mind.

For what its worth, many psychiatric medicines require a tapering off period before you can go off it. You would need to be under your doctor's care should you ever go off the Xanax.

Best of luck to you!!
  hi, try not to abuse it, now I'm on Alprazolam (1.5mg)
Any experiences with Xanax XR?
I've been suffering with Panic Disorder for the last year. I've tried a myriad of natural remedies, but nothing seems to work.

I've taken Xanax and Valium on and off to curb an attack, but it no longer works in small doses. I'm not one to want to be on meds, but I'm considering Xanax XR, anyone have any experiences? positive or negative.
Kiki F.
Order In Chaos
Ok so my doctor has me prescribed to xanax XR?
He tells me to take the xanax as needed and When i take them they do not help . They are Xanax XR .5 , If i take two i feel fine. But he gives me 30 a month! I tell him over and over again i need 60 a month and he tells me not to exceed one a day! What the heck! I barely drive! Why does he not help my anxiety?? What can I say for him to give me a better dosage?
  If I were you I'd ask to be put on Klonopin. It's longer lasting and seems to work better with people that don't have good results with xanax.

What works well for some people doesn't work well with others.

I've taken both.
Tranxene like Xanax?
I was just prescribed Tranxene for anxiety. I asked the doc about Xanax and he wouldn't give it to me. I didn't know Tranxene was a benzo I called a pharmacy that doesn't have benzos and they claimed Tranxene was a form of Xanax or something. How similar are these two drugs?
t b
  Tranxene is an old medication and many pharmacies don't stock it anymore. The truth is that the pharmacy you called probably does not have it and won't order it for you if your prescription is for a small quantity. They don't want to order a bottle of 100 tablet for a prescription for 30 tablets and get stuck with the rest. Try some other pharmacies.
xanax .?
if you take 20 pills of can you die from it?

how long will it take to kill u?

is there 2 milligram xanax pill?

p.s. i am not trying to kill myself lol
Josh S
  yes you can die duh you will pass out and not wake up i have seen people that take them so much they build a tolerence and take that many but there drug addicts Y these questions?
What is the difference between ativan and xanax?
I had a miscarriage last week at 8wks. The only meds the hospital gave me were 800 mg ibuprofen. Yesterday my Dr. also added a script for Ativan 1mg 4 x a day. With the holidays it took a while for the hospital to get her the records. Should I ask for something different? What is the difference between ativan and xanax? I have xanax for "as needed" from a while ago but I don't know about taking it 4 times a day.
  Xanax and Ativan are in the same class (benzodiazepines), but Xanax is shorter acting (lasts less time). 4 mg a day is an okay dose but a little hefty for someone with no prior use. See how you feel with it. My sympathies on your loss.
How do I get off of xanax XR?
I am currently taking 1 mg of xanax xr for panic attacks, I started taking this in April. I dont want to be on meds for this, I want to learn how to deal with these attacks on my own. My doctor wants me to see a therapist to help me cope with the attacks and I see him next week. But, how do I cut back, I take it once a day since it is extended release. Is going to a therapist worth it? How can I really get off of xanax xr?
  Actually it is relatively simple to "cut back" taking xanax XR. Your physician can instruct you how to taper off. You haven't been taking it for very long so I doubt that you will have any difficulties. With regard to a therapist the answer is a resounding YES,. First of all, the Xanax is really a short term solution for anxiety. Your doctor should have considered putting you on one of the SSRI anti-depressants such as Prozac. These tend to alleviate anxiety and panic attacks but they take longer to work than the benzo's such as xanax. It can take several weeks for the therapeutic dosage to be reached but they are considered long term medications for this problem. Usually the patient is weaned off the xanax after several weeks. Please go to a therapist. Anxiety leads to depression. It is a monster that will eat you up and destroy your life but it can be relatively easy to control it. best wishes
George P
Swapping Xanax 0.5mg for Inderal LA 80mg (Nausea)?
For the past year I have been roughly taking a 0.5mg daily dose of Xanax for anxiety and panic attacks. Recently though I wanted to try something different because I see Xanax as a short term aid rather than a long term helpful drug. The doctor decided to give me Inderal LA 80mg (Beta blocker) and told me to taper off the Xanax. I have been taking this for 2 days now and I have been feeling very nauseous. It's a strange almost gagging nausea and for some reason it hasn't affected my appetite.

My question is this. Since I have no experience of Beta Blockers I was wondering if the nausea was more to do with the Inderal or more likely coming from the fact that I'm reducing the Xanax. I don't want to stop the Inderal in case it's just the Xanax leaving my system but I don't want to continue feeling sick if it's the Inderal.

Any ideas or experience of this ?

p.s When I have stopped Xanax before I have had a slight felling of nausea but nothing compared to this.

Thanks in advance
I have researched the drug. It is mainly a blood pressure drug but it's also used in the treatment of anxiety because it stops adrenaline flowing to the brain during an attack.
Blair H
  please research inderal on the computer as far as i know its a blood pressure medication:

What is propranolol(generic name)?

Propranolol is in a class of drugs called beta-blockers. Beta-blockers affect the heart and circulatory system (arteries and veins).

Propranolol is used to reduce hypertension (high blood pressure), to treat angina (chest pain), to treat irregular heartbeats, to treat migraines, to treat tremor, and to reduce the risk of a recurrent heart attack.
I've been taken my 3mg Xanax xr twice daily. Just like my doctor told me to but it's not working as well?
About 3 moths ago I started taking the 3mg Xanax xr twice daily and it worked perfectly but here lately my the Xanax xr is working as long as it used to. It used to last 7 hours raspy. But now it's more like 4-5 hours. What should I tell my doctor. I don't want to sound like an addict. Thank you very much for all answers are greatly apprieciated.
Lewis Beyer
  You have built up a tolerance to the drug. There are 2 choices. Either you go off the meds and find a better way or you increase the dosage. You should talk to your doc about the severity of increasing a prescription because benzos aren't a joke to come off of. Maybe there is another drug that would relieve the symptoms without the addiction? In any case, I would certainly talk to the doc about what you're experiencing and see if he can come up with a solution that fits your life.
It's at it
How to taper off Xanax XR?
I have been on Xanax XR 1mg for 2 months. I am prone to severe panic attacks lasting 1-3 hours that happen daily.

My doctor does not want me on the Xanax anymore and is unsure how to properly taper. (Thats a primary doctor for ya..)

I've had horrible experiences with physical withdrawal symptoms from Paxil, which is the cause of my unexplained panic currently.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a taper schedule?
Kiki F.
  Usually the best way to taper off Xanax, is to half one dose every week or so. Usually, if you are on a 3X a day dosing schedule, half the dose that you feel you need LEAST (for me that would be morning) first, and follow with the other two.

Another thing is that it is helpful to have a support mechanism in place. Someone you trust you can call if you're having panic attacks at 2 AM. Quitting Xanax is tough, but you can do it if you have help. If you can avoid being alone as much as possible that would help.

Also, if you're taking Xanax for sleep, you might consider switching to Trazadone (which is not addictive) to tide you through, or low dosages of phenobarbital (for a short time) or Ambien which are not as addictive and will help you step down.
How many miligrams of Xanax does it take to overdose and die?
I'm not crazy or suicidal, just need to know the lethal dose limit of Xanax. Someone I know may be abusing them.
  I'm a nurse. Any medication in excess can be lethal. I would recommend you talk with the person to get help. It's really hard to say the amount because if the person has the medication in their system, it wouldn't be too many. I would watch their intake if you can. Offer them the option to see their doctor. I hope this helps you, take care.
Advil cold and sinus and xanax?
I take xanax for panic disorder. I've got a cold going on-stuffy nose, cough, sinus pressure. I was wondering if xanax and advil cold and sinus is a bad combination? Thanks!
  That should be no problem, but it wouldn't hurt to call any pharmacist. Just look up "Pharmacies" in the Yellow Pages if you need a 24-hour pharmacy. :)
What are other names for Xanax?
I was feeling a panic attack come on and my friend gave me two bar shaped white pills..she said they were Xanax but when i looked them up it said they were Buspirone hydrochloride..... Are they the same thing? Or are they completely different medications? I'm scared to take them :( should I?
mrs. grimm
What is the difference between Xanax and Alprazolam?
Is Alprazolam the generic version of Xanax? What is the difference in effectiveness and cost of the generic version of Xanax? Please add reliable sources to your answer thank you?
  Xanax is a trade name for the generic drug alprazolam. There should be absolutely no difference in the drug and its effectiveness between generic and trade name versions. Generally the generic versions are cheaper. There is a period of time after a drug is developed where it is not allowed to be copied and during this period the drug company are able to recover the cost of developing the drug by having no competition and setting the price they feel is appropriate. Allowing production of generics allows competition in the market and brings the cost of drugs down.
In the UK the NHS prefers doctors to prescribe generic drugs as they are cheaper. However Xanax is not an expensive drug (about 15p per tablet) and so there is likely to be only a small saving on the generic drug.
How much stronger is Xanax than Temazepam?
My Doctor is taking me off Xanax and putting me on Temazepam aka Restoril.

I'm worried that it won't be as effective.
sam r
  Temazepam is a joke compared to xanax. 2mgs of xanax is equal to 80mgs of Restoril. The highest dose of restoril is 30mg. The ratio of Alprazolam to Temazepam is 1:40
I am planning on taking a xanny tonight and I want to get messed up and still remember the night. My friends plan on drinking with the xanaxs but I don't. I'm about 240 lbs. and never taken a xanax before what would be the best dosage to take and how long would I be messed up for? Is .25 mg the least potent.
  Xanax's do not come in the milligram as the one mentioned above. They come in .25, .50 & 1 mg. Yes, the point 25 is the lesser milligams of the three.
Don't let the low dosage fool you. The 1 mg. are very strong.
If you don't have a script for them, you shouldn't take them, but you probably already know that.
What is a safe alternative for xanax to use during pregnancy?
I have recently discovered I am unexpectedly pregnant and I currently take the prescription xanax for panic attacks and social anxiety. I know I need to quit taking it but I cannot leave my house without it. I can't breathe just thinking about it. Is there anything I can do without risking my baby's health?
Amber S
  Discuss it with your dr. I don't know of any alternative meds. The thing to decide is do the benefits to you outweigh the risks to the baby.
is it dangerous to mix librium and xanax?
someone i'm living with is mixing librium and xanax and i was wondering if there's any harm with that?
What is the recommended amount for Xanax prescribed?
I have anxiety and severe nervousness at times along with major teeth clenching. Usually I get this in social situations. I take Xanax 0.5 mg once or twice a week. Is that enough? Is that the normal prescribed dosage? Or will the doctor eventually up the dose?
  I take 0.5 as well, but i have to take it every day before bed. There have been times that i just can't get my mind to shut off and I get up and take another xanax. I would not recomend this. Sometimes 0.5 may not be doing the trick, but unless you have the luxury of sleeping in until noon, DON'T take two 0.5 xanax , they will knock you out like a grizzley bear!
Scott K
How would xanax work for a new student?
So, I'm moving to a new school next year. I have some anxiety problems with meeting and talking to new people. Would xanax help me get over that initial hump(planning on using for 1-2 weeks)? If so, what dose should I take? Also, will I look like I'm on something? I don't want people to label me a druggie or anything. I would be getting the stuff through prescription, of course.
Alan Singley
  Take the time to watch this video and learn what Xanax and all these drugs are about. Realize that no one is ever deficient in a drug.

Looking for drugs to solve mental issues is never a good answer. You need to take the time to learn techniques for managing your issue that work for you. When a person has trouble speaking in front of people for one reason or another, they join groups that teach you how to public speak. That is a life long solution. Drugs are a temporary fix that lead to deterioration of your body.

good luck to you
How long after taking temazepam can I take Xanax?
took 15 mg of temazepam 4 hrs ago and still can't sleep... Is it ok to take a little dose of Xanax?
  Yes after 4 hours it's safe enough to take a dose of Xanax.

You could also just take another dose of Temaz INSTEAD of the Xanax.
I do care!
Can I get Xanax prescription filled in one state and the refill in a different state?
I am going on vacation and will need to get my Xanax refilled in a different state.

I am in Washington State now and would like to fill my Xanax prescription here, and then in a month get the refill in Oregon when I am on vacation.

Is there a pharmacy that allows this? I went to one pharmacy and she said that it could only be refilled at the Seattle location.
Yahoo user
  It depends on whether or not you are going to a chain pharmacy like CVS or just a local pharmacy. It all depends on state laws, i would recommend check with a pharmacist at a chain pharmacy, but if they say no, it's probably a legality issue.
does anyone know if xanax can be taken in addition to rozerem?
Ive taken Rozerem with Klonopin and thats ok but i dont know how different xanax and klonopin are. And i cant contact my doctor for a couple weeks- theyre on vacation. I could ask the pharmacist but its 10 pm and im just looking for a quick fix for tonights insomnia/anxiety.
  Rozerem is probably the mildest prescription sleep-aid on the market. Xanax is a pretty heavy anti-anxiety drug, but because Rozerem doesn't contain any narcotic ingredients and mostly just mimics natural brain chemicals (opposed to the other prescription sleep aids), it really shouldn't be a problem. There are also no known interactions between the two.

I'd say you're fine to take it tonight. However, consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you plan on continuing this combo.

Sweet dreams. =]
my prozac stuff?
ive been taking prozac for about 6 weeks. the first 4 weeks it was 5 mg and now im on 10 to see how i react to it and all that stuff. next month will be 20 bc i wont see my dr untill the month after.

would it be bad to try the 20 and then drop down to 10 again if its not working the same or if it isnt for me? but keep the 20s and break them in half for future use if i cant stay on my meds?

i actually think its doing good bc i would weekly go into a ''mind F**K" where i would get all delusional and stuff. plus my OCD. im also on the Xanax .5 two times a day. i think my dr is weird about xanax bc of the abuse tendencies and the selling and all that stuff so im kinda afraid to ask her to up them. it hasnt helped with my face picking part of my ocd. i call it my self destruction actually. but with my obsession part its did some help. (the prozac and xanax combined)

i dont know what to say actually haha anything people...anything.,.
  First off you should only take the mg.that your DR.has prescribed to you.Once you feel comfortable with the dose that he recommends then stay at that dose. You cannot go up and down on the dose when you feel like it.
can you mix clonazepam xanax and oxybutynin together without it hurting you to badly?
my mom took a half of a xanax, a clonazepam. we are wondering if we give her the oxybutynin will it hurt her, even though she is percsribed to it?
kay kay
Can I take Mesalamine & Xanax together?
I am 22, i just was recently diagnosed with mild ulcerative colitis and right now I am currently taking Lialda, with Mesalamine, and probiotics to maintain it.

I leave to travel to europe in a week, a 10 hour flight, and I usually take Xanax when I fly long flights...
Will it be okay to take the Zanax on top of the Mesalamine??
Or will they react badly together?

Please let me know, Thank you so much!!!
Jennifer Hills
  I don't know, if you're looking to get high try it for science.

If you're just medicating, ask your doctor. We don't know or give a fuck.
Can Xanax help with Paxil CR withdrawal symptoms?
I take 37.5 mg Paxil CR--could taking Xanax help with the withdrawals of stopping Paxil?
  Taking Xanax might cause more problems as some people do abuse and I used to be one of them. Ask your doc for the best option. Not cool to fool around with meds.
How much Klonopin do I use to equal the effects of 2mg of Xanax?
These are both prescription drugs but if I run out of xanax I need to know how much Klonopin to use..I have 1 mg pills of Klonopin.
Debbie Ratliff
  I take 4 .5mg of klonopin.
Amber M

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