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Does anyone take Vyvanse?
Does anyone take Vyvanse- and if so- were you on something else before and switched? What's the difference? I currently take Dextrostat, but just found out last week when I got my prescription filled that it would be the last one I get because it's I'm guessing I'll switch to Vyvanse...and I'm just curious to know what I'm looking forward to. THanks!
ᘓ ABear˚s Mom ᘒ
What should I do if i want to stop taking vyvanse without making an appointment with my doctor?
Something has came up that is extremely important so I cannot go to my doctors appointment for a refill for my 30mg vyvanse. I run out of pills in four days and the doctor that i go to see does not have any other available appointments. What should I do so i can stop taking vyvanse without any serious side effects?
  see if your doctor will write a prescription and leave it with the receptionist for you to pick up. Some doctors will do this.
Do Vyvanse, Asacol, Prednisone, and Dexilant have any negative interactions?
If I took Vyvanse, Asacol, Prednisone, and Dexilant at the same time would I have any problems? I know Asacol, Prednisone, and Dexilant are fine together but I was prescribed Vyvanse by a different doctor and need to know if I can start taking it again.
  Well, obviously, you should have discussed this with the second doctor before you stated taking the fourth drug.

Now, since you didn't, you should go back and discuss it with her, and also go back and discuss it with the first doctor.

Drugs aren't like clothes, you can' just mix and match them, and blow off the combos you don't like.

Drugs are serious stuff. You need to be honest and specific with your doctors so that you don't put yourself in a coma or something.
Bad Brain Punk
im on 30 mg vyvanse and it doesnt seem to help very much ive been on it for about 2 weeks what do i doo!!!!
Tom Humpster
  Tell your doctor you're not noticing any improvement for whatever the indication is, he could switch it to another medication of the same indication or increase the dose.
What is the difference between adderall and vyvanse?
I know adderall is stronger than vyvanse, can someone tell me how stronger per 10 mg? Like for example, 50 mg vyvanse being equal to 20 mg adderall. Please and thank you.
If this should be in different category please tell me which please and thank you
  It’s important to note, that Adderall is not necessarily stronger than Vyvanse, Adderall simply has a quicker onset of action, which means, Adderall expresses its effects fastest than Vyvanse. Adderall IR last in most people 4-6hrs Adderall XR 6-8hrs and Vyvanse is designed to last up to 14-16 hours. 70MG of Vyvanse is equal to about 35MG of Adderall IR. 60MG Vyvanse, 30MG of Adderall IR...

It’s important to note that Vyvanse has more D-amphetamine than any other stimulant. Vyvanse simply has a protein attached to it, so that the D-amphetamine is broken down more slowly. In order for the D-amphetamine to pass the blood brain barrier, the protein attached to the medication much first be removed. And Adderall enters the brain directly without delay.
vyvanse 2nd trial/error add meds?
wow, i have been experiencing those stomach issues as well, then i went to the doc and they said i had a prostate infection, now i did have a urine infection weeks before starting vyvanse, could have never fully cleared up. But stimulants make prostates infections worse i was told.

so i stopped the vyvanse and took cipro 500mg, after a few days the burning to pee and the bladder and stomach issues went away. Withdrawal from vyvanse sucked took klonopin to help, started on focalin xr and it worked well made me constipated overall still taking klonopin.

well i am back to vyvanse and its been 3 days and yes it has started to hurt to urinate again What the hell, my penis actually feels like it hurts inside. Its the vyvanse that causes this i no that because when i stop all the symptoms go away.

maybe my body has to get use to it, i dont know what to do. I see alot of people are having problems with there stomach bladder hurting to pee whatever. And its concerning me deeply, my psychiatrist had no idea about any of this when i was in horrible pain and taking vyvanse. i stopped it myself.
saw a urologist they had no idea really either because my urine was clean.
so the vyvanse is what sems to cause my issues, now the prostate infection yes i had that, dont know if when i take vyvanse it acts up or i still have it or what.

by the way i took concerta on day and it was the worst expirence ever it made my bladder stomach and the the painful urination and all that ten times worse never would take that again.

now i canot get to the bottom of this, urnie infection weeks before i went on vyvanse seemed to clear up, maybe it didnt then got prostate infection, vyvanse as a stimulant made it worse im guessing. stopped vyvanse for a week took my cipro 500mg for a while and klonopin felt alot better then back to vyvanse and symtoms are starting to return.

"i am worried when reading peoples threads about A peptic ulcer results when the body can't adjust the pH from the stomach."

someone posted that, i dont know i was having really bad abdominal pain before i went to the doc, i lost like 7 pounds i realized i was not eating or drinking anything really, i am this time on vyvanse but it still hurts to pee and my bladder will feel full.

i just dont know i am getting upset no one can figure it out, i see this all over online, is the vyvanse doing something to me internally and making things worse, do i have a reaction to it, should i give it more time and take it.

what should i do.

when i go to the doctor what test should i have ran to make sure the vyvanse it not causing anything?
i heard about testotrome and stuff i dont know i am worried.

also i my testicles get like a numb feeling as well as penis, testicles hurt sometimes and enlarge i dont know

i am a 21 male and very healthy work out and in good shape
  ... Next time make it shorter, than you might have people answer it
The Guy
How long does the terrible taste in my mouth continue after starting Vyvanse?
I have been taking Vyvanse for about 3 weeks and the taste in my mouth is horrible!

How ling will it last?
Yamster Berry's Buddy
  my son takes it, he has never mentioned a taste...did you read the insert from the pharmacy bag? call your pharmacist, they can tell you best

I thought it was only approved for children 12 and under..are u 12 or under? just curious, I take adderall, and if it is approved for adults I may consider switching
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What is the difference between Adderall and Vyvanse?
I am curious about the difference between the drugs Adderall and Vyvanse. What is the difference in potency or general effectiveness. If you need to be focused for an extended period of time, what drug is most preferred. Thanks!
  well in short they are the same medication's but VERY different.. if that makes sense. Adderall is a mix of amphetamine salts 75% D-amphetamine and 25% L-amphetamine essentially vyvanse is the exact same with 1 small difference, vyvanse is a Pro-drug it is Amphetamine but it is attached to a protein molecule which for abuse purposes can only be removed in the liver thus making it impossible to crush and snort/inject because the amphetamine will not become active until it reaches the liver which the only way to get there is to take orally. So same drug both work as amphetamine but vyvanse has FAR LESS abuse potential.

Hope i helped =D
How to increase appetite while on vyvanse?
I take 70mg of vyvanse every morning, and it absolutely KILLS my appetite! I've been drinking instant breakfast mixes, but I really need to get some substance and energy into my diet. Does anybody have any suggestions to increase my appetite? I really need to start eating more.
  Call your pharmacist. They are so smart, kind, and helpful. H/She will guide you. Good luck to you. :)
Can the Vyvanse medication make you have feelings of paranoia or anxiety?
Can those feelings gradually increase over time even though the dosage hasn't changed? Because when I first started taking vyvanse, I had none of these feelings, but recently I've been feeling anxious, paranoid, irritable. I've been taking it for about a year or so.
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  Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) is a stimulant used to treat ADHD. It has a strong potential to become habit forming. It can cause a side effect of anxiety but paranoia is not mentioned as a side effect. Paranoia is not simple fear but abnormal fear with out a cause which also often fits anxiety
Mad Mac
What experiences have other parents had with their children and Vyvanse?
My 11 year old daughter has been prescribed Vyvanse for some ADD symptoms. I haven't started her on it yet (I want to start her on the weekend so I can monitor her). She has trouble with focus and impulse control sometimes. I am just curious as to how this medication has worked for other children and what if any side effects others have had.
Wow, really, like a robot. That makes me sad for you. I don't want that for my daughter.
  i use vyvanse. they affect me personality wise, they make me feel like a robot, no personality. but that's okay because they really do help get school work done and i actually want to do my homework and go to school. they will affect her appitite, she wont be hungry but just make sure she eats three meals a day with them. i reccomend vyvanse.
Does Vitamin c or citric acid shorter the duration of vyvanse?
My doctor told me not to drink citric acid with vyvanse... does the same thing apply for vitamin c?
Phillip D. Royalty
  Dude what doctor do you go to because citric acid is not the same thing as vitamin c. The scientific term for vitamin c is ascorbic acid. On the other hand citric acid is a product maid from corn thats is used in foods and drinks to bring a tartness to candies and drinks. But its not just maid from corn but the thing is most of it is. SO I would say vitamin c is safe just make sure to not drink citric acid which you can find on the ingredients list on products if your not sure.
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Can you use vyvanse and intuniv together for a child?
My sons mental doctor added the new medicine called intuniv recently..He has been on vyvanse 50mg one dose in the morning..Now she added 1mg of intuniv also in the morning..Can these 2 medicines be used together for a child of 8 years old ?
  You should raise this question with your doctor.
Gary Y
How long will a Vyvanse 40 mg Stay in your system for?
How long will a Vyvanse 40 mg Stay in your system for if you only take one? I know it shows up on a drug test as a Amphetamine but how long will one of them stay in for?
What is a water soluble substance?
Daniel G
Migraine Medication that is safe to take with ADHD drug?
I am a 33 yr old female adult diagnosed with Adhd about 5 yrs ago, and currently Take Vyvanse for ADHD symptoms.
I have had migraines since I was 8, more frequently the past 5 years, I would say I get them 2-3 times a week. Sometimes more in a week, sometimes less. I was told not to take my Amerge Prescription years ago, when I started my ADHD meds, but I am getting TIRED of suffering through these headaches without any relief, but I can not go odd my ADHD medication, as it is more important. I dont have insurance or a Doctor to ask, and Vyvanse is new so pharmacists seem to be unsure. If I knew of a drug that you would not be a bad interaction, I would go to a dr. but dont want to waste $ if there is not one.
Write at Midnight
I'm diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and have been for 3 years now. I feel like a lab rat considering all of the medications i've been put on (lamictal, abilify, seroquel, welbutrin, zoloft and nothing ever works for me! There's always SOMETHING and SOME kind of side effect that I can't handle. So I went to another doctor to get a second opinion so they put me on anxiety medicine. It was just like the bipolar meds. Well my best friend is on Vyvanse (the new adderall) for ADHD obviously, and he gave me a few last night because I just stopped taking medicine all together because I was feeling like I was going insane and I started it today and to say the VERY least.. i'm on a roll!! I had 5 hours of sleep last night and was DEAD tired until I took it this morning. I feel like I got a full nights sleep, food doesn't even cross my mind AT ALL whatsoever (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE food) and i've done 4 loads of laundry and cleaned all of the bathrooms in my house and vacuumed and swiffered the whole house too! Weird I know.. but I'm just so full of energy! The 'egde' that i'm on daily is not there at all and well anyways.. I go to my doctor tomorrow, unfortunately she is only a nurse practioner who doesn't have the credentials to prescribe me any controlled substances. Is Vyvanse controlled? What can I do if it is? Is there something similar to it that isn't controlled that I can mention to her? Thanks a lot!!
  you sound like you are in a manic phase, and from my experiences as a psychiatric nurse (uk), you are enjoying the 'high'.
most people would love to have oodles of energy, as you describe, but you know that your diagnosis means you are probably ill.
you need to talk with your practitioner who will alert your prescribing doctor and consider alternative medication if appropriate.
better to be sensible now and avoid your best friends meds, as he is clearly not qualified to help you in this matter.
i hope you can return to a balanced mental level and get on with your life - it is certainly a difficult illness to manage for the sufferer.
best wishes
ADHD medication side effects PLZ?
I am switching to Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) next week.

I am coming off of methylphenidate (Concerta) because it is no longer doing as well for me.

I did try dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) a couple of weeks when I was in high school and it made me aggressive.

is that a concern with Vyvanse?

even if I am switching to another stimulant I am afraid of the withdrawal. Is there withdrawal after switching stimulants?

I also take escitalopram (Lexapro)

and clonidine hydrochloride (Catapres)
thumbs down because doesn't it seem obvious that i did some research already? i know the chemical names for them. But i cant find info about their interactions and the possibility of aggression.
spect therapy has been debunked. and there is no "natural" or "alternative" cure. Those are marketing ploys. Stimulants are the only thing that have been shown to work. so... im not going to listen to that answer about SPECT crap


a simple search turned up hundreds of sites about the drugs in question, this is just one, suggest you use your computer and do your own research.
my girl is taking vyvanse, oxcarbazepine, and abilify while pregnant, is there anything she should worry about?
should she get of the medicine? how would it effect her if she went cold turkey?
Do Benzodiazepines like Clonzepam have an effect on blood pressure - need immediate response?
I take clonzepam and strattera daily. My doctor also prescribed me Vyvanse, lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (correct spelling),as needed. It's basically Adderall that has to process through the liver before turning into Dexamphetamine.
I completely forgot I took my high dose of Strattera.Two 80mg's (doesn't work unless I take two 80's, and even then barely, but vyvanse is expensive), 160mg, this morning. This afternoon I took my dose of 140mg of Vyvanse (feels like 25mg IR, consistent for longer hours than Adderall XR). Now that I realize that I took my Strattera, the high dose at that, I'm worrying - I remember reading that the two can make your blood pressure spike, and my doctor is crap, so it's not suprising he didn't tell me. He tried to prescribe me 40mg adderall 2x a day, and 2mg Xanax 2x a day (Benzo addiction hell, much?), for god's sake.
***continued in notes below, PLEASE READ
I'm having dizzy moments every twenty minutes or so, just sitting in my chair. I can't afford to go to the hospital for this. I made a silly mistake, knowing to not take the two medicines the same day. It was just a matter of forgetfulness.
Does anyone know if my Clonzepam(Klonopin) will lower my blood pressure any? I've not taken it since this morning as my anxiety has not been that bad and I lost a whole bunch a few days ago (some shitty friends) so I have to conserve them. If you think I should take one (.5mg), or another remedy for drug-induced high blood pressure, please respond.I'm panicy right now, also, and I would normally take it now, but I don't know if it will help or hurt, and though I assume it'll help. I am asking advice.
-Freaked Out
**THANKS for the helpful, insightful, detailed, and amazingly thoughtful you all gave me./sarcasm***
I will take my Klonopin and see how it goes.... ugh.
Cavin G
  settle down you are freaking yourself out check your pulse and try to slow it down you are not that bad off you had time in between. the time you took them .Try to control your breathing and slow everything down. You are not in the middle of a stroke or anything. Unless you cause one by panicking
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What is the strongest form of ADHD medications?
(adderall, vyvanse, focalin, dexedrene, dextrostat, ..etc)

Need the public opinion on which medicine is the strongest grade and most effective.


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