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I am currently taking Prilosec and Tagamet. Is it okay to drink alcohol?
I have read that Tagamet and alcohol should not mix but I haven't seen an explanation why. If anyone has taken Tagamet and drank alcohol, and survived (lol) please give me your experience.
Christine P
  Zantac works better than Tagamet. Tagamet has many drug interactions

Are you taking these meds for GERD? If you have an active gastic ulcer, you should not be drinking.

You should "survive" if you are taking these meds for GERD and drink alcohol.

If you have medication questions, ask your local pharmacist. They are going to be the definitive person to answer your questions.
Debra B
Will Tagamet potentiate Soma?
Tagamet (cimetidine) is a known inhibitor of many isozymes of the CP450 system.

One of these specifically, CYP2C19, is found in Soma which would lead one to believe it cimetidine would potentiate it, but I know a majority of carisoprodol metabolizes to meprobamate which I'm not sure if the CP450 enzyme family plays any positive role in

Basically will taking tagamet an hour or so before ingesting Soma make it better or worse?

These pills are subscribed to me and I would like to know if i can sut down on use by using this method
Can you take tagamet and tums together at the same time?
Can you take tagamet and tums together at the same time? I did, and I feel fine, but my Husband said I wasnt supposed to...
I did take them on a full stomach.... what now?
Katie C
  you can, your husband is an idiot. they function completly different and independently.tums function by converting the acid already in stomch into water and tagemet functions by causing your stomch to produce less acid, just dont take them on a full stomcach or you can get food poisening.
john m
Can I take Cimetidine (Tagamet) and Vicodin together?
Is it safe to take Cimetidine (generic for Tagamet) with Vicodin? Are there any side effects of taking them together?
Reply has good info
If allergic to tagamet is it safe to take pepcid ac?
well i am allergic to tagamet and it is an acid reducer that contains cimetidine...and i was wondering if it was safe to take pepcid ac which contains famotidine which is another acid yea if u could let me know soon that would be great :)
  the only way to know for sure is to try it. You might also consider Nexium which a bit further away from cimetidine than famotidine is.
What is the interaction with Tagamet and lexapro?
sean h

This is what I found
what is the different b/w ZANTAC ( Ranitidine ) & Tagamet (cimetidine ) ?
.. .
  Cimetidine (Tagamet) and ranitidine (Zantac) belong to the same class of acid suppressing agents called histamine receptor antagonists and if given in equal doses work equivalently. On the other hand, omeperazole (Prilosec) and lansoprazole (Prevacid) are proton pump inhibitors and are very potent inhibitors of acid secretion. Most physicians will initially try cimetidine or ranitidine prior to considering the more costly proton pump inhibitors. Patients whose symptoms do not respond to histamine receptor antagonists will often obtain relief with proton pump inhibitors. In clinical trials where patients with erosive esophagitis and peptic ulcer disease are studied, patients report better symptom relief with proton pump inhibitors. Furthermore, faster healing rates are also seen with proton pump inhibitors. I hope you find this information helpful.
Can I take Benadryl and Tagamet together?
I can call the pharmacist I know, but my phone has been saying "network is busy" all day.
  Benedryl and Tagamet are both antihistimine type drugs (although that's not what Tagamet is for, of course); I wouldn't take them together.

BTW - I work for T-Mobile, and if it's your cell phone that's been saying "network busy" all day long, you need to call your cell phone company and find out what's up. Call them on a land-line if you can't get through by dialing 611.
Big Ol' Gal Named Hildy
What happens if i take this all in one day?
what happens if i take this all in one day?

pepto bismol,
tagamet hb,
and valium
  you'll probably puke....take out the Vivarin....that just makes you cracked out...and you don't need Xanax AND Valium....they do the same thing
Has anyone ever taken cimetidine (Tagamet) for acne?
I'm thinking it might help with my hormonal acne based on its anti-androgenic effects. I have researched the side effect profile so I know all the risks. I just want to know if it has worked for anybody.
  I have not ever heard of it working for acne.
Has anyone ever been on Cimetidine (aka Tagamet) to help get rid of flat warts? How did it work for you?
My podiatrist just put me on this medicine, and I was wondering if it really works all that well or if I should tell her to stuff it because of the long list of potential drug reactions and side effects. Today is my first day of the medicine; she's got me on 400mg 3x a day. Thanks for your input!
Cat Loves Her Sabres
  I've prescribed it before for other folks as an adjunct (not the only) medicine for wart therapy. I found it didn't work so well on its own...

As far as the side effects go, any medicine you take has a laundry list of potential side effects. If you feel fine on the medicine, it won't hurt to continue on it. Tagamet is a safe medicine in most people. My suggestion would be to simply buy some Compund W and use it along with the Tagamet.
Paul T
What is the difference between Tagamet (Cimetidine) and Pepcid (Famotidine)?
I'm asking because my cat has been taking Prednisolone long-term, and I need to give something to prevent gastric ulcers. I've been giving Famotidine, but recently read that Cimetidine may be better. Opinions?
  Both drugs are H2-receptor antagonists, thus, both inhibit acid production in the stomach.

They are usually prescribed for GERD, but neither drug treats the cause of GERD.

Both drugs are dangerous. They cause malabsorption of some vitamins (e.g. Vitamin B12) and many minerals (e.g. calcium, zinc, iron, etc.).

These drugs also cause bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, which is not a good thing! In fact, when researchers want to study bacterial overgrowth, they induce it with these types of drugs!

In conclusion: avoid these drugs. Find a doctor that will work with you to 'find and fix' the cause of your problem.
Doctor J
Gallstones possibly?
I have had some stomach pain on and off since November and have also been a member of Weight Watchers for 3 years. I've found that since this pain, which I assumed to be an ulcer I developed as a child, I have not been able to lose weight at all. Both my mother and sister have had gallstones and I'm wondering if maybe that could be what might be causing this pain...I don't always have it after eating and there are times when my stomach is very sensetive and I can't stand to lie on my stomach when I'm having the pain. I have been to a doctor and they just tell me to continue to take the antacids, Tagamet HB or Prilosec OTC, for it since I also have some heartburn and acid reflux. Does this sound to anyone like it might be gallstones? I've been researching gallstones since my sister was diagnosed with them and some of the symptoms just seem very similar to what I'm dealing with.
Mike's Girl
  stop guessing tell the doctor you want to be tested for gallstones , if that is your problem you want to get it taken care of as quickley as you can. i had mine done about 9 months ago. i have no regrets getting it done. was scared at first making the descission to get it done . the longer you wait to get it done the more things can go wrong. so dont delay. good luck dont stop looking the doctors dont know everthing, but they know alot
frank w


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