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Moviprep for Colonoscopy?
Has anyone had any experience with taking Moviprep before a colonoscopy? My colonoscopy is scheduled in a week and a half and I am already dreading the prep as I am terrible at drinking things for tests. I was hoping I could do the miralax prep, but they said this is their preferred prep. Believe it or not, it was hard for me to drink the CT contrast and I couldn't even get all of it down! I have a horrible gag reflex and get nauseated very easily. I would have to assume that it tastes awful like the other ones do. Can it be mixed with anything to make it more palatable? I just hope I can get through the prep so the test can be done. Any serious advice or tips on how to get through the prep would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!
  Try eating lots of ice cubes before you drink the moviprep...that's what i do,i also eat popsicles to get through have had 7 scopes in the pst 10 years,so ive had lots of practice. Im in Canada and the prep solution is called pico salax, but im sure its the same as yours just another name,it is better than the old stuff we used to have to was so vile. Just drink it fast with your nose plugged,i find that helps and dont think about it too much...i know that's hard not to do though...i wish i could help you more.I also find mixing it with other liquids just makes it worse and prolongs the i take it straight...and invent new swear words after
How do I know if I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
I definitely have an irritable bowel, and it interferes with my everyday activities and comfort level, however, what makes an irritable bowel, irritable bowel syndrome?

How does a doctor determine you have irritable bowel syndrome? What does it mean if you do? What treatment is there?
Member Jane
  That's one of the mysteries of life. Docs don't know what causes IBS but they know stress contributes to it. They will be able to tell by hearing your symptoms usually. If they are not sure they will send you to a Gastroenterologist and he will listen to your symptoms and if he is not sure he may give you medication to see if it helps, if not he may have to do a scope. They have meds for IBS. They give you antispasmodics which calm the colon and help the IBS. I had it for many years, the meds helped me a lot.
Medicine Woman
Colonoscopy colyte prep question?!?
I started taking 2 dulcolax at 12pm today and then the other 2 dulcolax at 2pm, and by 5( when I had to start drinking the prep) it was already working.
Basically, by the 1st liter and half, my bm's we're running clear. It's just clear liquid with nothing at all solid in it, but it has a yellow tint.

Does that mean I need to drink more of the prep or is tinted liquid ok?

sorry for the description but my appt is in the morning and need to know what to do so I won't risk having to go on home and do this again,
Another thing- I have a lot of food allergies and don't eat a lot, and I don't eat junk foods, so I feel like it just cleaned me out faster than others.
Is the preparation for a colonoscopy really horrible?
He has been told to take 2 dulcolax and a prescription liquid prep called "MoviPrep"
I'm taking my husband in for one on Friday and he is dreading the day before prep. He's worried that it's going to make him sick and cause a lot of stomach pain. He's hardly worried at all about the procedure itself!

Can anyone with experience let me know what the "day before" is really like? Any advice to share? Thanks.
  No, been through both, endoscopy and colonscopy. As you know you have to clean the bowel out, hence the dulcolax and moviprep. Then they take you in, knock you out and when you comes around, well have the urge to wanna go to the loo and so you go.
The day before, you are just taking the prescribed drugs and that is it, wait for the bowel to empty.
bad colonoscopy prep?
Anyone else have a bad experience using a colonoscopy prep, like Osmoprep, the pills?
Tami N
  I haven't tried the pills or the gallons of PEG. I was using the Fleet Phospha Soda. Now, that option has been removed because Fleet has removed the product from the market. Not sure what I'll do because as for GoLytle and the other PEGs "Hommie don't play dat"
Póg Mo Thóin
Can Pepcid (h2 blocker) cause a bowel obstruction or partial bowel obstruction?
Is it possible for an H2 blocker like pepcid to cause a bowel obstruction or even a partial bowel obstruction?

Even if it was only taken a few times?
Thanks for the info Anasthasia, however it doesn't answer my question, lol
  hii Lex,
Famotidine (Pepcid AC) is the most potent H2 blocker. The most common side effect of famotidine is headache, which occurs in 4.7% of people who take it. Famotidine is virtually free of drug interactions but the FDA has just issued a warning on its use in patients with kidney problems

Famotidine is excreted primarily by the kidney. This can pose a danger to people with kidney problems. Physicians are now being advised by the US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada to reduce the dose and increase the time between doses in patients with kidney failure. Use of the drug in those with impaired kidney function can affect the central nervous system and may result in anxiety, depression, insomnia or drowsiness, and mental disturbances.

OK. I hope you will be glad with my answer.
Takecare there.
Anasthasia Pride
[email protected]
Anasthasia P
colyte prep before a laproscopy?
Hi All,I have a laproscopy for endometriosis scheduled day after and my doc has asked me to do the colyte prep tomorrow. I am terribly worried on having to do it. I also have severe ulcers in my stomach and I am wondering what would happen if I feel severe gastritis at the night (I wont be eating anything and I cant eat anything till the next day morning as well). Any ideas??? Please please please advice...
  Plan on making lots of visits to the bathroom!
Oreo Schmoreo
How can I get rid from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) & what is the way to make motions regular?
I’ve been suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for last 5 years now I’m being treated from a Gastroenterologist (D.M.) & he has prescribed me three medicines for that
1.Fibotab (Calcium Polycarbophil)
2.Librex (clardiaze poxide & clidinium bromide)
3.Serta-50 (Sertaline)
4.Rave-3 (Multivitamin tablets)

Do you people have any other suggestion to follow by which I could Improve my the strength of my bowel?
  You can not get rid of Irritabel bowel syndrome.
Reducing stress in your life will help though.

Try cutting out some things in your diet and see if this helps.

To make yourself regular take fibre supplements.

Exercising regularly will help too :)
Emily M
Do pre-biotics and probiotics help with inflammatory bowel disease?
I have a condition in my rectum called acute colitis with cryptitis or inflammatory bowel disease. Will prebiotics and probiotics be helpful for this condition? Also, will aloe vera juice help? What alternative treatments are there for inflammatory bowel disease instead of taking prescription drugs?
  hi cherri, I have inflammatory bowel disease, crohn's disease for 28 yrs. It is my understanding that aloe vera juice will aggravate the intestines b/c it acts as a laxative. If we are flaring, it worsens the lining of our gut & can cause dehydration. I tried it myself for 90 days and found no benefit, only abdominal pain.

The pre and probiotics are helpful but to get IBD into remission we need to be on maintenance medications such as Llialda for UC, remicade as well and for crohnies, entocort, 6MP, humira, or Imuran.

If you check out the crohn's and colitis foundation's site, they have alot of info on what you are looking for. There is also a live chat, a hotline, and an open forum where you can post questions to others like yourself.

There is no cure for crohns and for UC, a total colectomy(removal of large intestines) and permanent ileostomy is a cure b/c then the pt. would be drug and pain free. I've had my ileostomy for 23 yrs. because my CD attacked my entire colon and treatments failed.

Definitely look into ccfa's site. they publish a lot of research reports as well as the latest meds to be approved by the FDA.

good luck to you.
common sense
Is there any colonoscopy prep one can take without taking Bisacodyl tablets?
Looking for a colonoscopy prep without having to take Bisycodyl Tablets. Also without the polyethylene glycole, sodium bicaronate,
sodium chloride, polyethylene glycol 3350, and potassium chloride, as I can't tolerate them. :-(
Thanks for the prompt responses...I'm seeing my gastro doc next week and will inquire about these alternatives!
  Fleet Phosho Soda (or generic) the active ingredients are Monobasic Sodium Phosphate Monohydrate, 7.2 g and Dibasic Sodium Phosphate Heptahydrate, 2.7 g

It is a 1.5 oz bottle and you take 2 doses 4 to 5 hours apart. The instructions call for it to be mixed in an 8 oz clear beverage. It is real salty so I have tried it with margarita mix and chugged it. I usually immediately follow it with Gatorade ot PowerAde so as to not deplete my electrolytes. I have also chugged the bottle straight (like a shot) and then chased it with a clear flavored liquid.

There is a warning if you already have heart disease or kidney failure. DO NOT cheat on the clear diet or beverages because it works by drawing water to your intestines. Remember to drink lots of clear liquid, eat Jell-O and stay close to the commode. If you consume the clear diet you will be fine.

Everyone I know says this is the least disgusting of the preps.
Póg Mo Thóin
Colonoscopy prep, does it matter what time?
I was prescribed Osmoprep for bowel preparation. I'm on a liquid diet all day. The preparation instruction my doctor gave me says to start the first regimen at 4pm and the last at 9pm. I'm anxious to start earlier. My sister told me her doctor's instruction was to start at 12.

My exam is tomorrow morning, and I'm to stop all intake at midnight. I'm hoping it really doesn't matter what time I start.

Has anyone completed the Osmoprep earlier in the day?

Errrrrrr....all the right answers.
  Follow the instructions given to you by your doctor.

Do not drink anything other than wht the DR. told you too.

You do not want any false readings on this test.

Trust me.....
How can you tell if you have ibs?
I haven't had a normal bowel movement in about a month, and when I do have bowel movements, they're very loose and painful to pass. I get crampy and it's just very painful. Is this ibs, or a side effect of something else?
  I get disability for IBS...those are my symptoms but it may be too early to diagnose. It could be stress. You still need to go to a gastroenterologist because it could be something more serious. You never know.
If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, what is safe to eat?
Hi, I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which I only just learned about recently. After years of suffering and testing at my GI's office, we have to come to attribute my condition to IBS. I am trying to eat safer foods, but have put on some weight with all the breads that I chose (breads are safer).

I would love to eat some healthier foods, but those are the gasiest for me (fruits, vegetables, salads). Does anybody who is also suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome have any ideas for foods that I can eat?
  I would like to give you examples of what a doctor would tell you to eat.but as a nurse I have had patients tell me all different kinds of foods work for different people---one lady told me black coffee--hey it worked for her but I wouldn't reccomend it---stay away form rich fatty food-spicy foods--ice cream ect...The best Doc I ever knew used to tell his patients-----everything in moderation and to always take ''beano'' with every meal..........
Colonoscopy prep question...?
I had a colonscopy scheduled for tomorrow. This is my second attempt. The first time I couldn't stand the taste of the liquid you had to drink, so I had to cancel. Now tomorrow I have one and the prep was the visicol tablets. I couldn't swallow the pills (have trouble with them) and I have anxiety so it makes trying even harder. I attempted to crush them up, but I'm back to square one with the taste. Please, does anyone know if there are ANY other routes. I mean, I know there probably isn't, but any advice. I'm only 20, but my mother died of colon cancer at 43 and they want to check me soon. Any advice please!
Also, I managed to get down about 12 pills through crushed form, but I just can't take any more. I am too sick. I have 28 in total that I am supposed to take.
It's a secret...
  I found that when I added the salty nasty liquid to stuff that was supposed to be salty such as chicken broth I could drink it better also lemon lime soda the carbonation made it easier to hide the flavor I was also very very sick from the prep.
How common is Irritable Bowel Syndrome among student?
I have terrible irritable bowel syndrome and I eat healthy. Stress. Pent up emotions. ANy cure?
  have u been to a dr. ????
Colonoscopy question?
Colonoscopy prep question...?
I had a colonscopy scheduled for tomorrow. This is my second attempt. The first time I couldn't stand the taste of the liquid you had to drink, so I had to cancel. Now tomorrow I have one and the prep was the visicol tablets. I couldn't swallow the pills (have trouble with them) and I have anxiety so it makes trying even harder. I attempted to crush them up, but I'm back to square one with the taste. Please, does anyone know if there are ANY other routes. I mean, I know there probably isn't, but any advice. I'm only 20, but my mother died of colon cancer at 43 and they want to check me soon.Also, I managed to get down about 12 pills through crushed form, but I just can't take any more. I am too sick. I have 28 in total that I am supposed to take. Any advice please!
It's a secret...
  I am very sorry for your loss. My own father died from colon cancer so you have my deepest sympathy. It is difficult to lose a parent to such a hideous disease. As you know, there are genetic risks of getting colon cancer. You probably have a lot of anxiety about the test and what you will do if it is positive for polyps or other abnormal tissue. It is something that you will have to face. The colonoscopy itself will not hurt. You will be sedated. If your colon is not clean enough, though, the gastroenterologist will have to take longer flushing the colon with water and the test may not be as thorough. The colon must be completely empty.

The liquid can be flavored with different flavor packets. You may ask your pharmacist for the flavor you prefer. A laxative such as Phospho soda will not sufficiently flush fecal matter from the intestines. When you finish the prep, you should be expelling an almost clear water.

Some people find that Coke or Pepsi somewhat temporarily numbs the taste buds. You should be able to consume liquids on the day of your bowel prep. Check with your physician to see if it would be permissible to sip Coke or Pepsi.

You may just have to grin and bear the yukky taste.

Virtual colonoscopy
is available in a handful of boutique screening centers around the country and in a number of hospitals where patients who don’t want or can’t tolerate conventional colonoscopy have the option of paying out of pocket for the noninvasive version. Most people receiving the screening, however, are high-risk patients in clinical trials designed to test whether CT colonography is ready for prime time. But the bad news is that you still have to do the bowel prep...

Screening for colorectal cancer has proven to be effective in reducing mortality from the disease that will kill nearly 57,000 Americans this year. Yet less than half of those who should be screened have ever had any type of screening.
What can i do to stop irritable bowel syndrome??
I been diagnose with irritable bowel syndrome for 4 years now and take medication daily called DICETEL. I don't take dairy products.I drink soy breuvages instead.I would like to eat more vegetables but a lot of them give me diarhea.Some fruts gives me stomach cramps.What can i do ?? How do you live with this disease.

It is important to talk to your doctor and perhaps a nutritionist as well. It is REALLY important to get a balanced diet even with food restrictions---the consequences down the road can be disastrous from a poor or unbalanced diet--anything from vitamin or nutrient deficiencies to electrolyte imbalances (which can affect your heart and nervous system--brain).

I know that I have heard you can take immodium (loperamide) regularly in the small dose---like one caplet daily--but not sure how many times daily---specifically FOR helping with IBS. The medicine in immodium isnt like pepto---instead it only works on slowing DOWN the speed of the contractions through the intestions. Before doing this, I would make sure to talk to your doctor or a pharmacist though---to double check. Also, I am wondering if there may be another doctor your own doc could refer you to---a gastro-enterologist or someone who deals with IBS regularly?

Good luck to you---my sister has IBS, and I know she has had a tough time with it.
miss medic
What exactly is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
I know its irritable bowel syndrome-but can someone please explain it to me? I think I may have it and I am going to ask my dr about it, but I want to know what happens-what it is like to have it-what symptoms do you suffer from?
Does it have to with eating? When does it happen and so on.
  unfortunately i come from a family of experts when it comes to IBS. (we call it ibs as a joke, but its a common word for us haha) But.. funny you should ask, i got one of those pamphlet things on it the other day out of curiosity from the pharmacy and heres what it says:

IBS is apattern of symptoms that tend to occur together in the intestines. normally, muscles that form the outer layer of the intestines work to push digested food through the intestines. in a person with IBS, the muscles may tighten too hard or not enough, which can cause the digested food to move either too quickly or too slowly through the intestiness. It occurs more often in women, and about half of people with the condition will be diagnosed by 35.

*abdominal pain, bloating, or discomfort
*diarrhea, constipation, or both
*feeling a strong urge to have a bowel movement
*mucus in the stool
*feeling like you still need to have a bowel movement after you have already had one
*change in the frequency or consistency of stools
*abdominal ain and cramping that may go away after a BM

*depression and anxiety
*celiac disease (inability to digest gluten from wheat, barley, or rye
*eating large meals
*chocolate, airy products, or alcohol
*caffeine from coffee, tea, or soda

*increasing fiber may help decrease constipation and spasms
*avoiding foods such as beans, cabbage, and raw broccoli may help decrease bloating
*drinking 6-8 glasses of H2O daily, stay away from carbonated bev's
*eating smaller meals more often
*avoiding chewing gum and eating too quickly

meds are available to decrease symptoms such as spasms, constipation, or diarrhea.

yeah thats pretty much it... anyway... i notice whenever i eat anything greasy i get it. i dont have a BM for a long time, and then will get so sick out of nowhere. it was bad when i was pregnant!! LOL.. but stay away from really greasy foods. i always dab my pizza before i eat it, which helps tremendously! good luck - oh and use immodium multi symptoms chewables. they are awesome!
dylans going2b a big brother! :)
Is there a color ribbon for Inflammatory bowel disease?
My daughter has inflammatory bowel disease and I want to know if there is a ribbon like the pink one for breast cancer and other ribbons. I
Tanya W
  No, not that I am aware of.
what are the best ways to control irritable bowel syndrome?
i have been struggling with irritable bowel syndrome for a week now. I was prescribed Levsin to help relax my bowels, Although I take the medication every four hours like i'm supposed to I still have trouble eating, I went for 4 days and did not eat. I finally ate and the first few times i didn't have an attack, but i starting to have stomach pain after the last meal. Is there certain foods that are better for me to eat, or am I just going to have to deal with this the rest of my life! Please help me!
  IBS is, more or less, a chronic illness but as you age, the symptoms get better and for some people, they completely disappear. So don't lose hope.
As for your diet, i'd recommend taking small meals throughout the day instead of the fixed 3 meals. Drink plenty of water (trust me, it helps). Add more fiber to your diet by eating more vegetables, salads and fruits. You can also try the fiber you get at the stores which you're supposed to mix in water and drink.

Don't take too much tension.
Also, if you feel nauseous after eating or feel bloated, try slowly walking around for a bit after the meals.
Avoid pop, spicy food and other such things.
desperate for help
What is a proper diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
What foods should someone avoid who has Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Are there foods that are good for it? Any other tips? Thank you.
  it'll take you the same amount of time to do a search on the web as typing this question but don't worry i got it for you. here's the link...
I have Irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis , what OTC meds can i use for a headache?
I have IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and Gastritis and I've been getting headaches a lot , is there any pain medications that will get rid of my headache but not harm my stomach so much?
  @ Sandra and ladeedah -

Your problems (all of them) are caused by not drinking enough water - dehydration. You're either not drinking enough water or you're drinking a lot of soft drinks or coffee or energy drinks or some other water alternative.

Doctors advise to "drink plenty of fluids", so when people hear "fluids" they immediately run out for a soft drink or something else besides water. Water has a bland taste, so people opt for something with "personality" - after all, the doctor DID say "fluids".

These doctors are idiots. They used to advise to drink 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water per day. Obviously, they never knew what for. The alternative drinks above all act like a diuretic and pull water out of your body at a rate of 50% more than they put in. The body functions on water, and it won't accept anything else.

Nearly every health problem that is not inherited or injury-related is caused by not drinking enough water. This encompasses those that you mentioned. Click on the link below to learn how to correct the problem(s) properly before they cause more problems for you.
Can menstrual cramping be caused by irritable bowel syndrome?
I discovered a few days ago that I mostly likely have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I started this new medicine, and I noticed today that I have menstrual cramps. They feel different, though, like they aren't being caused by my uterus contracting, but maybe by the muscles that are superficial to the uterus, because they also seem to reach farther up. I'm not quite sure what they are. Any ideas? Thanks!
  Are you menstruating? It depends on what your symptoms are that the new medicine is trying to target. If you have ad frequent bouts of diarrhea you may have started a med to slow the bowel down, alternatively if you have had constipation you may need a medicine to speed the bowel up a little. Either way, this new medicine is likely given you a few side effects-which is the cramping that you feel. This problem should pass as your body adjusts to the medication. Did your Dr. discuss with you trying the "Elimination diet"? This is generally used for food allergies, which often wreak havoc with the bowels. There is no sense in taking medicine for the symptom (IBS) IF there is an underlying cause that can be treated and eliminate the problem. Not all IBS suffers have food allergy, but MANY do!! Look online for guidance on the diet. Once you have carefully cleaned up your food intake (always reading labels!) you can get a sense if your symptoms subside or improve. The most common irritants that lead to bowel problems are wheat, yeast, sugar and dairy. Talk to your Dr. and let him/her know you would like to try this and see if you get the benefit. Thankfully there are many alternatives to wheat and dairy so you can eat a delicious and varied diet without feeling deprived, but more importantly without the discomfort of IBS>
Mami Chulo
The dreaded colonoscopy?
I have to do a cleanse prep...does anyone know how much the prescription for Nulytely costs?
Sara S
  $0. Free from your medical centre. Least ways it is in Australia. Not sure if your are in some other less fortunate country.
Is the prep Nulytely for colonoscopy procedure really taste that bad?
I keep reading how terrible it tastes and now I am already dreading it.
  It tastes bad and has the consistency of mucus or slime. Feel better? Tell your doctor to give your something else to clean the bowels.
Póg Mo Thóin
i have allergy to iodine ( lugols/surg prep.) Gastrografin needed for ct scan. is it safe for me to take?
I have to drink the golytely product for a colonoscopy prep.?
Can anyone tell me any ideas for it to taste better or get down all that liquid so fast without vomiting? Thank you!
  I can't do that stuff. I drink and drink then throw it up. There are other things the Dr. can give you that work almost as well......just drink lots of water to make up the difference and follow the diet exactly.
Can Irritable bowel syndrome cause loss of appetite and nausea?
Can Irritable bowel syndrome or spastic colon cause loss of appetite and nausea? I have both and my colon is very sensitive any physiological trauma can trigger any symptoms...
What can i do bout this? Please anyone??
  absolutely,loss of appetite and nausea are one of many symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome check out this health magazine for more answers
Konstantin Beilin
What is the best thing to feed a dog diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease?
What is optimal to feed a dog with inflammatory bowel disease?
Predisone is given twice a day
Refuses standard solid dog food
Refuses turkey
Refuses rice
Just started eating today after two weeks
Current diet: Chicken

I feel that chicken may not be the best option to feed a dog with this disease. If there are any other options that you believe that my dog will consume, then let me know. Thank you.
  hi wine, my basset was dx w/colitis a few yrs ago. funny thing is, I have Crohn's disease, a type of IBD like UC.

I would give him some chicken broth, steamed rice, freeze some gatoraid in cubes and give it to him if he was throwing up. a few cubes at a time until you are sure he can keep it down. They now have G2 which has less sugar. Boiled turkey, boiled ground beef or boiled chicken can be given in small amts. The vet can give you some anti nausea medication for him too.

Baby food in the form of meat or chicken flavor is ok too. I would ask the vet for booklets on it or an instruction sheet on how to treat flares and what to feed your dog. My vet gave me tons of info to read along with pain medication and a muscle relaxer if he had spasms.

Yes, it is hard to watch your 4 legged child w/fur suffer. I can totally relate to what he is going through. Just be sure to call the vet if anything unusual happens. That is what you pay them for.

Your dog will be in my prayers.
common sense
How long should it take to drink colonoscopy prep?
I started drinking around 6:30pm and I was finished by 8:50pm. Is this okay? Its a gallon of the Colyte. Right now the poo is clear/yellow liquid...will it get clearer or is this okay?
  It sounds like you may have taken a bit longer than is usually recommended, but a clear, yellow liquid is what the normal end result should be.

Edit: I think 8 oz. every 10 minutes until finished is recommended, so that would take about the 2 hours, 20 minutes you took to finish a 4 liter dose.

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Tapi_m: @Sabreena_xo Strokes damage brain that controls bladder & bowel movements result in urinary incontinence & difficulty with bowel control. :)
RelUnrelated: Start with some ice chips soon, in prep for Melphalan, which can cause mouth sores if not careful. Hooray! lol!
chelseaprophets: @BeccaHale_EP I know it's actually quite irritating. Like irritable bowel syndrome. xxx
kevinwilt: @mschoendorff It is a documentary about COMPETITIVE irritable bowel syndrome.
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