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Hey, any pharmacists out there?
I have strep throat and am taking penicillin (2-3x/day) But I also have a UTI. Can I take penicillin and Sulfatrim together?
actually both have been perscribed to me...Penicillin today and Sulfatrim a couple of weeks ago...have re-occuring UTI's and my doc said to use the Sulfatrim when needed. But when picking meds for my strp throat I forgot to ask the pharmacist.
  yes you can use both......there are alternative antibiotics that will likely resolve both
Apo-Sulfatrim with birth control?
Is it safe to take Apo-Sulfatrim or (urinary tract infection pills) WITH birth control.

please serious answers, thank you!
I have a bladder infection, I went to my doctor and he prescribed me with sulfatrim and told me not to have?
I have a bladder infection, I went to my doctor and he prescribed me with sulfatrim and told me not to have sex for 10 days. Instead like a fool, I did not listen and I noticed that after I had sex I had this light-light pinkish-brownish discharge. Could this be from my infection? Or could this be something else more serious?
all the answers were good. thanks to everyone and oceangrl03 you right lol i couldnt resist your answer made me laugh and stop me from worrying so much! thanks again everyone!
and to are you SERIOUS, yes im taking BC. I use the NuvaRing. I'm also allergic to latex and must use lambskin condoms but most of the time I use none at all which I know is not good! I'm working on stopping that now but I must say I'm in a monogamous relationship so I don't hae to worry about STD's or anything of that nature.
  Its probably from the infection. Your bladder and vagina are in VERY close proximity to one another, so if you were having sex, you were rubbing your bladder, and irritating things. Furthermore (I don't know much about this particular drug) it may have irritated your vagina and/or cervix and this too is causing your discharge. The doctor MUST have told you to abstain for a very good reason!

Finally, PLEASE tell me that if you're using hormonal BC (pill, shot, ring, etc) that you used backup birth control! The #1 way a lot of women get pregnant while using these methods is by taking antibiotics and NOT using backup BC.

EDIT: I never mentioned a word about STD's. I was MORE worried about the possibility of unplanned pregnancy....Please read my last paragraph more carefully!
Brutally Honest
what is sulfatrim and its side effects?
  Sulfatrim is a highly effective antibiotic that contains Sulfamethoxazole and trimethropin, both are antibiotics that treat different types of infection ,while fight bacteria in your body. It is usually administered to treat conditions such as urinary tract infection, bronchitis, ear infection ( otitis), traveler's diarrhea, etc.

The possible SIDE effects are:
-vomitting, nausea;
-increased sensitivity to the sun;

Hope that helps!
Wish you good health!
cannot ejaculate with apo sulfatrim?
i am 63 year old male and cant seem to ejaculate with this medication anyone else have this problem thanks
  No but it might effect the ability to ejaculate from the side effects.
Abbie Paisly
I accidentally overdosed on antibiotics. What are the possible effects of this?
I misread the dosage on the antibiotics I was prescribed (apo-sulfatrim-ds 800 - 160MG); taking 2 every 12 hours instead of 1 every 12 hours. I've done this for two days now. Whats the worst that could happen?
Can anyone recomend something you can get from the dermatologist?
My daughter needs something from the dermatologist for her back she has bad breakouts on her back, but she is allergic to sulfatrim she almost died one time when she took that medication for her back.
About prescriptions that say 'take at bedtime'?
I've been prescribed sulfatrim (antibiotic being used for acne treatment) and it says to take two at bedtime.

Well, my sleeping patterns are really erratic and I was wondering if the whole bedtime thing is usually more for dosage scheduling (ie. making sure you have it continually in your system by taking it at the same time each day) or if there are medications that would work better if taken just before sleeping.
What is the normal prescribed length of days for Apo-sulfatrim DS 800/160mg?
How many days are usually prescribed for this antibiotic medication? I was only prescribed 3 days, but the pharmacist mentioned that it might not be enough?
  usually 7-10 days for most infections, but it could be possible that 3 is enough pending on the intended use (such as to prevent an infection after a procedure or something). call your doctor if you are concerned
Antibiotics during pregnancy?
I was scripted and Rx for Sulfatrim DS antibiotic (FOR A UTI), the FDA lists this as a class C antibioic during pregnancy, meaning it's unknown if it causes birth defects. I'm very nervous about taking antibioics while pregnant. Would Kflex (cephalexin be a safter antibiotic?) Or maybe go with the cranberry juice instead of antibiotics?
  There are very few drugs that will not be listed as class C, because none of the drug companies want to be sued. And you can't exactly test pregnant ladies to find out, can you? The antibiotic choice is based on what the main cause of the infection is, and not all bacteria are susceptible to all of the antibiotics. While Keflex is a nice broad spectrum antibiotic, it doesn't kill everything, but it will also kill off a lot of the good gerbies in your intestines that are essential to good digestion. Although cranberry juice is helpful in staving off an infection that is building or threatening, it's not really any use when the infection has taken hold. For that, you really do need an antibiotic. You have to consider that in pregnancy, your kidneys are already on overtime, working for the two of you. An infection usually causes the kidneys not to be as efficient as usual, since a lot of energy has to be focused on fighting off the infection, and the infection is also interfering with your kidney's ability to function. The result is that currently your blood has a higher concentration of the toxins and waste that would ordinarily get filtered out. And that means your baby is also not being able to get the waste out as well. So it's far more important for the two of you to get rid of the infection as quickly and efficiently as possible. You have to have a certain amount of trust in your doctor here, and in the medicine. I took antibiotics while pregnant with two of my children, for exactly the same reason. I am allergic to sulfa, so the Sulfatrim wasn't an option for me- and I had to suffer along with Keflex that didn't work as efficiently. The upshot was that I had my infections much longer than I would have otherwise and was in pain for some days before the medication was able to get the upper hand. I was also drinking tons of cranberry juice at the same time. Both of those kids are just fine. I can empathize with your concern to protect your baby, but as long as you are past the first trimester, the risk is really low- if there is even a real risk. For certain the infection is a risk, clear and present. If that infection gets the upper hand, you and the baby will be very ill. And that would be riskier for baby than you. So take the antibiotics they prescribed, drink loads of water (like you need incentive to go more, right?) and relax. Your baby will be just fine.
The mom
Birth control while taking antibiotics?
Im taking tri-cyclen lo and I have just been prescribed apo-sulfatrim for my bladder infection. I was wondering if it inter fears with my birth control. If so would it still be ok to have unprotected sex the day before I take it and 4 days after I finish taking the antibiotics?
  antibiotics does interfere and not make it work. so used something for awhile i'd say. maybe even until you start a new pack,or you'll be prego!
How long should a Urinary Tract Infection last?
I have a UTI and went to the doctor last Wednesday. I was prescribed 10 days of antibiotics (Apo-Sulfatrim), so I am on day 5, where I take 2 pills twice a day. This weekend I felt like things were getting better, but today it felt like it did last week - horrible! I have been drinking tons of water and taking cranberry pills, but it's still driving me crazy. I'm just wondering how long is "normal" for a UTI? The doc told me I'd feel better in 36 hours, but he's a Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  I had a UTI once. I got it on a wednesday, got antibiotics on friday and i felt fine by sunday.

How long did you have it before going to the doctor?
I'd call tomorrow or wednesday if you're still not feeling better.
Could I have an Ovary Problem?
I have had this discomfort for quite sometime in my lower, right abdomin. I had also went to the Doctors November. 3, because I had this discomfort, then the Doc prescribed me Apo-Sulfatrim DS because she said there was old blood in my urine sample. It seemed to take awhile a bit of the discomfort.
But, I'm sooo confused as to what I have. I also have soo much anxiety, I just want whatever I have to go away and it will make me feel pretty much 100% again. I haven't been as motivated as I used to since I've gotten this.
I also have been taking Marvelon-28 Birth Control for about 10 months now as well.
I also had an abortion over 1 year ago, and I noticed some discomfort during the procedure, even though I was half knocked-out. I felt some discomfort during the procedure in my right, lower abdomin. Maybe that has to do with some part of what's wrong with me?
I mainly think it's the Birth Control. But, that's just my thought.
I'm praying it's something that can be treated easily. I also posted a question about 3-4 weeks ago as well about my concerns. I wasn't sure when it was I had gotten my period last.. so I came on to Yahoo Answers and checked the date. So it's sounds about right for my period to be right now. Right?? heh...
I'm a procrastinator, and I'm afraid of results... So I think it's about time I got off my butt and took care of myself!

If anyone has any ideas or opinions.. please let me know. =)
I also had just started bleeding a few mins ago.. (if i didn't mention that) Should be my period...
  I would go with the dx the doc gave you on 11/3 as you are all over the place on this issue. The only real symptom you have given is pain in the lower right quadrant which could be anything.
When did your doc say to follow up if the pain has not gone? If it is that time or past, give them a call and do the follow up.
Do I have a UTI?
On October.30 I got tested for pregnancy through blood and that was negative. Then I went back on Nov.3 and told the Doc I've been having some discomfort in my right lower abdomin.
So she got me to do a urine test. I found out there was old blood in my urine. She then prescribed me Apo-Sulfatrim DS. She said she was treating it as a bladder infection. I'm a bit confused... I have discomfort and dull pain in my right lower abdomin. Doesn't seem to burn when I urinate. I'm drinking alot of water as well.
The part I'm confused about is a bladder infection is when it burns when you urinate and you have to urinate more often.
I've been taking 1 pill 2x/day as prescribed. I have been taking them for about 4 1/2 days now. I'm quite concerned about what I have, b/c I've never had a discomfort like this before.
I've been also getting a green discharge about a day after taking my medication.
If someone could comfort my concern... that would be great!
  Sounds like you have some type of uturin infection. You need to go back to the doctor and let her know about your green discharge. There could be something more seriouse going on. Have your doctor take a culture of your discharge and test it to see what it is. Then you can get the proper medical attention you need to get it straightened out.
Debbie S
Green-Discharge means infection comming out?
I have been getting a green discharge about a day after I started taking Apo-Sulfatrim DS 800/160 (prescribed to me on Nov.3, 14 tablets).. the Doc said she's treating it as a "bladder infection".. I'm guessing a ITU b/c she said there was blood in my urine after they tested it.
I have also been taking birth control for about 8 months now..
So.. I started taking my medicine as directed (1 pill, 2x a day).. I started with my first pill on Nov.3, when I got them that day.. I took 1 b/c it was past afternoon. Then the next day I took 1 when I woke up and 1 before I go to sleep. So today is Nov.7. I started this discharge about Nov.5, and it was a faint, light-green color. Till today... was kinda a thick more noticable, light-green color and a bit thick when I wiped after urinating.
Could this be the medications way of taking the infection out?
I'm REALLY concerned.. I feel like it might be the medication taking the infection out.. I'm gunna continue taking my pills till they are finished.
  Continue taking your pills as directed but call the doctor. This could be some other type of infection that does not respond to the antibiotic you're taking, so the doctor needs to be aware.
Does it work?
Ok so today I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and I was prescribed Apo-Sulfatrim DS. I have taken one, plus two advils about 3-4 hours ago. I know it doesn't work instantly but I have felt absoluetly no relief. I actually feel worse. If I have the UTI feelings tomorrow, i will probably break down because I am so sick and tired of feeling like this. The bottle says I only have to take it for four days. Will it cure my problem in that amount of time? I am really worried that it wont work and I will have to sit at the emergency room in extreme discomfort for 4 hours, just to get a new prescription. Has anyone else been treated with this medicine? Did it work for you?

Please help, I am sooooo sick of these stupid UTI's!!!
Ok thanks. I usually take two cranberry pills a day to prevent these infections, and I try to drink a lot of water.
  I know your pain!!!! The treatment is going to take a few days. What you need NOW, is a Pain reliever that will affect the bladder. I recommend Uristat! It is over the counter! You can find it at almost any store and it works FAST to relieve the pain. It will turn your pee bright orange and may stain your undies, but whooooooooo-cares your in the worst pain ever! Also, on occasion it has made me a lil sick to my stomach, but it's quick to go away.
There are many other name brands of Urinary Pain relievers. I've tried them all! This one is the best! It's faster & long acting. You can take it 3 times a day if needed. Get you some of that & give the "sulfa" drug a few days to take care of the infection.
Also drink plenty of water.
Good Luck!!
Sick Againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
well as most of you know ive been sick for awhileeeee. I had the flu for about 2 months. And now i have sinusitis. The doctor gave me antibiotics named apo-sulfatrim DS 800mg/160mg. i have to take it for 14 days. Is it normal to be sick for 4 months? the doctor says after a virus u usually get a bacterial infection. i have alot of sore throatts and coughing and short breath. And when i get angryy i feel like i get a feverr thats really wierd. Am i normal? my friends in school keep sayin u might have cancer cause ur always sick, ive done tons of blood work and they were all normal. Does anyone have any ideas??
  Your friends don't know what they are talking about. Your doctor is probably right. Sinusitis is hard to get rid of sometime, especially if you happen to have nasal polyps (like I do). Do you typically have sinus problems? I take an antihistamine/decongestant at night to keep my sinuses cleared up. It may help you, too. Wait until you are done with your prescription, though, to take it. Oh, get a room humidifier if you don't already have one.
Green Alien

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