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Accidentally took 2 12 hour original Sudafed capsules - do I need to do anything?
This morning I took a 12 hour extended release Sudafed, then got ready for work. On my way out the door I forgot that I had taken it already and took another. Other than staying away from caffeine today, is there anything I need to do?
  drink lots of water do not drive stayaway from caffine and relax
Two 24 hour sudafed?
Im pretty paranoid when it comes to this stuff, but Ive taken two 24 hour sudafed tablets and it says not to exceed one in 24 hours?
oh geez
  first, why did you take 2, but, you'll be fine, 1 is the recommended dosage, but you won't freak out, may not be able to sleep though. seriously, why did you take 2?
juju bee
Which would be more effective? 24 hour sudafed or taking it 4-6 hours?
I have fluid built up in my middle ear or behind my ear drum.

Anyway, everyone has been telling me to take sudafed every 4-6 hours for a week. I bought 24 hour sudafed today...will that be just as effective as taking it every 4-6 hours....

Or would taking it every couple of hours help it faster? I need someone to answer who me please?
¯°¯¯°¯ §ωōōz£έ ¯°¯¯°¯
Can I mix sudafed with normal painkillers?
I took some 12 hour sudafed about six hours ago, am I safe to take a few paracetamol before going to bed?
andy m
  Sudafed is a decongestant and paracetamol is a pain medicine. Yes, you can take both at the same time.
what pain relievers can I take while on sudafed?
I took a dose (60mg) of real Sudafed (24-hour, not the PE kind), but I still have a headache - what else can I safely take?
i had a tampon in for an hour yesterday. i had taken a sudafed on an empty stomach before that?
about an hour after the former and a half hour after the latter, i threw up. once, single time. i had some very bad cramps for maybe ten-fifteen minutes before i threw up, which continued for a few hours (most likely because i had my period, i'm guessing?) anyway, it only occurred to me just now that vomiting is a warning sign of tss. now, i have felt nothing out of the ordinary since then and that occurred just over 24 hours ago. should i be worried? could i just attribute it to the sudafed on the empty stomach or the bad cramps or should i be concerned and contact a doctor asap?
note: i took the sudafed around 3:30 and had lunch around 11:30... if that counts as an 'empty stomach' - although (and i apologize for being graphic) when i threw up, i recognized remnants of my lunch, meaning my stomach couldn't really have been empty.
i have also felt tired lately, but that also could be because i have a cold and usually am fatigued the first day of my period. but i thought i should share that in case it was important, as well.
thank you for your input -- this is very important to me.
what's your question?
  If you took a sudafed, I am assuming that you are feelling like you are catching a cold or flu or something. Your throwing up was probably because your food did not digest and the sudafed did not help the digestion process. You probably don't have TSS. Although one of the signs is sudden vomiting, it is accompanied by a high fever and headache.

If you are really concerned, talk with your OB Gyne.
Can sudafed cause anxiety attacks?
I've only taken sudafed 3 times in my life
the first time I threw up and that's it
the last two I ended up having really bad anxiety attacks
and the last time I ended up really high.
I took sudafed sinus 24 hour, are the two linked?
Is it safe to take omeprazole and sudafed?
I take omprezole a half an hour before eating to reduce/stop stomach acid and I have been taking sudafed today for I am sick. I last took sodafed six hours ago. Is it safe?
  yeah :)
i do.
omprezole just makes your stomach less acidic,
you can take anything with it.
εїз Ally εїз
can i take tylenol cold and sudafed 24 hour together?
i am taking the sudafed for my sinuses but i feel like i have a fever, sore throat and a cough coming on so i wanted to know if it was alright to take them together the tylenol cold also has medicine for nasal decongestion is it bad to mix those?
  No, both of these contain the same active ingredient for nasal congestion, pseudoephidrine. Taking them both together could cause your heart to race and your blood pressure to spike.

Take some plain tylenol for the fever and pain. If the cough is really bad, take a separate cough med.
Is it ok do consume alcohol after taking Sudafed?
I want to drink tonight and was wondering if it is ok to drink alcohol (beer) after taking a pill of "12 hour Sudafed nasal and sinus congestion" or if there are any bad things that could happen
GNR Slash
  You'll be fine. You may get sleepy faster. Have a nice nap.
Mass Marauder
Is it ok to consume alcohol after taking Sudafed?
I want to drink tonight and was wondering if it is ok to drink alcohol (beer) after taking a pill of "12 hour Sudafed nasal and sinus congestion" or if there are any bad things that could happen
GNR Slash
  no!!...thats a have to wait til it gets into your sytem
Is taking 1 sudafed 12 hour everyday bad?
Liz D
  as long as its in the reccomended dosage i dont think so.
is a generic sudafed 12 hour ok to take while pregnant.?
im 30 weeks and have gotten a bad cold. this is all i have in my house is it ok to take?
Tiffanie D
  I would not take ANY medicine while pregnant without first asking a doctor.

The black box warnings on the container says that you should ask a doctor before taking this when pregnant or breast feeding, but you knew that already I bet.

Call your doctor. They'll prescribe anything that might help with the cold.

allegra-d is not working for my nose i took it this morning and it is a 24 hour medicine, can I take a sudafed
Jason L.
  NO! Allegra-D and Sudafed contain the same nasal decongestant. You should instead mix your medications so that they contain different active ingredients.

I use a mix of Benadryl or Chlorotabs and Allegra-D on the really bad days. This provide two different types of anti-histamines and one type of decongestant. You may also want to consider Naso-Chrom, containing the active ingredient chromalyn. Chromalyn stops the release of histamine, rather relying on meds to block histamine receptors.

Remember, if you can, it is always better to take antihistamines approximately 30-45 minutes prior to your anticipated exposure. This gives the meds time to block all the receptors before hystamine is released.
Please help, I need to go to bed! Can you take 10 mg Lexapro, 24 hr Sudafed, and Lortab 5/500 together? ?
I kinda wish I didn't start the Lexapro again >.<

I've been in pain for being beyond tense, so much I can't sleep well (atleast it hurts when i try to sleep in my comfy position) so I need the Lortab (Vicodin) because tylenol sinus is crapping out after a couple of hours and then I wake up.

I need the sudafed (24 hour, the kind with 240mg of psuedophedrine) to help my nose congestion >.< My nose is evil.

I normally have no side-effects from all of these individually, but I don't know about it all together. I've been trying to look it up but I don't see much. I can't find anything about any of this stuff interacting together, but it's a lot of medicine XP
  The sudafed (24 hour - psuedoephedrine) is non drowsy and may actually make it more difficult for you to sleep. It's a stimulant.

Other than that, there are no drug-drug interactions.

Try using diphenhydramine (Benadryl) for your nose and it may even help you sleep.
Accidentally took too much 12 hour sudafed?
Didn't have the packaging and accidently took one every 6 hours for a day instead of every 12. I feel ok (except for the cold). What should I do? Am I ok?
  Don't worry about it. If it were going to cause a problem, it would already have done so. The main danger is a rise in blood pressure, and unless you're a person with blood pressure problems already, you should simply take it easy for 12 hours and let it wear off. It might make you feel a bit jumpy or shaky until the level drops to normal.
Funky Bird
Can I break a 12 hour Sudafed pill in half?
It's hard and coated not the capsule type.
  With tablets like this you need to be careful. You can cut it in half - but the doesn't mean you can take it more regularly. You will get half the dose so it should be fine and therefore meaning it'll only last 6 hours not 12. But keep an eye on what your taking and when you are as otherwise you could over do it. Ultimately it should be fine or you can get 6 hour ones from your local Boots or any other pharmacist - all it is is that they contain a lower does. If its the size of the tablets your struggling with go to your doctor or back to the pharmacist and they should be able to get you something smaller but of the same dose.
Hope this helps! :D
Sorry if it sounds blunt - i work for a pharmacist.
Mucinex D is a stimulant, but why am I feeling tired after taking it?
It contains pseudoephedrine, which used to be in over the counter Sudafed. Is it the way my body is responding? I got drowsy about an hour after I took a dose.
iPhone Mike
  Different people react differently to some medications. That, coupled with the fact that pseudophedrine isn't a concentrated stimulant, may explain why you're tired. Plus, I'm guessing that if you're taking Mucinex D, your sick. Illness increases fatigue. If you're taking Mucinex D BECAUSE it's a stimulant, put down the drugs and pick up a cup of coffee. It'll work better.
Danielle D
How long does Sudafed generally take to begin working?
I'm very, very congested -both sides. Took pharmacy strength Sudafed 12 hr two hours ago and still congested.
  It should work in 30 minutes or sooner. Call any pharmacist (just look up "Pharmacies" in the Yellow Pages) and tell them the Sudafed hasn't worked, and ask them what they recommend. Pharmacists are so smart and helpful. They know more about medications than most doctors! (Shh..)
Good luck, Christy. :)
How long does Sudafed generally take to begin working?
I'm very, very congested -both sides. Took pharmacy strength Sudafed 12 hr two hours ago and still congested.

  It should work in 30 minutes or sooner. Call any pharmacist (just look up "Pharmacies" in the Yellow Pages) and tell them the Sudafed hasn't worked, and ask them what they recommend. Pharmacists are so smart and helpful. They know more about medications than most doctors! (Shh..)
Good luck, Christy. :)
pseudoephedrine hydrochloride?
I failed a drug test for meth-amphetamine. I don't do drugs, so I was wondering if pseudoephedrine hydrochloride contained some type of ingredient to cause this. I took Sudafed 12 hour sinus relief.
  yes it could of caused a positive result-- this is one of the chemicals used to make meth. it should be out of your system in 3 to 5 days-- ask for another test
Ok to take Sudafed while taking Allegra within 24 hours?
A little early, but I think I'm reacting to the ragweed season. I've had allergies all my life, and had allergy shots for about 7 years. Even so, every early August, my nose gets horrible! I went to the doctor and he gave me Allegra (generic) and Sudafed. Both are take one tablet every 24 hours. I took an Allegra this morning at about Noon. My right nostral (and only my right, and always my right) is completely stuffed and running constantly with no relief. Is it ok to take a Sudafed non-drowsy tonight (10-12 hours after taking the Allegra) or should I wait until tomorrow morning?

Please only respond if you know what you're talking about. Thanks!
  Allegra is an anti-histamine and, unless you are on Allegra-D, there is not any other ingredients in the Allegra.
Sudafed is a decongestant. Allegra-D is a combination of fexofenadine (the antihistamine) and pseudoephedrine (Sudafed).
There isn't any reason you shouldn't be able to take them even at the same time, just as long as your Allegra doesn't already have the Sudafed in it.
Just about every medication I've ever taken has kept me up all night. What's happening?
Tavist-D was the worst (before it was OTC), but ibuprofin, amoxcycillin, eurythromyacin, hydrocodine ... after the first dose, I'm lucky to get more than two hours of sleep a day until I'm finished. The only exceptions are penicillin (which makes me dizzy) and sudafed, which makes me groggy. Am I just an anomaly, or what?

P.S. Sorry if there are some misplellings in the above. I'm on Sudafed. :)
  Recent activity in the pharmaceutical industry has changed the makeup of many of these drugs. Most of them used to contain pseudoephedrine which is used in the manufacture of methamphetamine or as an energy supplement. No wonder it keeps you up.

Most of these drugs have had the pseudoephedrine removed in an attempt to stem the creation of dangerous recreational drugs. That's good news for you, who seem to be exceptionally sensitive to it.

If ibuprofen is keeping you up at night it is possibly because sometimes ibuprofen tablets contain caffeine. As far as I know, advil does not contain this additive, so it might be a good choice for you.

Also, NyQuil no longer contains pseudoephedrine and will probably put you right to sleep. It might leave you groggy the next day, though. It also contains alcohol.

You might try taking any of these medications with a side of valerian root tea. It honestly smells like dirty socks, but I've had luck with it.

You're probably just sensitive to one or more ingredients, so stick to the stuff that isn't multi-symptom and only contains one drug. Or turn to NyQuil, but again, not the multi-symptom version, as that still contains pseudoephedrine.

Good luck. See, I'm not such a bad guy.
Sudafed + Beconase + anti-histamine?
I suffer from Rhinnitis, and currently take Beconase and anti histamines (citrizen hydrochloride or something similiar). Im wondering is it safe to take sudafed aswell?
I suffer from Rhinnitis, and currently take Beconase and anti histamines (citrizen hydrochloride or something similiar). Im wondering is it safe to take sudafed aswell occassionally (i know repeated use by itself is unsafe)?
Yes I use beconase everyday as perscribed.
It's not overkill as such, because its needed to help deal with problem. ANti histamines block the histamines so helps body deal with problem, beconase alters the allergic growths molecules etc, and sudafed would open airways to releave pressure etc
  The safest solution is to speak to your Doctor, presumably the one who prescribed any initial treatments.
General Banter
I accidentally took 2 Sudafed 24 hour pills in 12 hours.?
i took yesterday morning and, forgetting that i already took one, took one again last night. i went to bed feeling kind of funny (my breathing was odd and my throat was very dry), but this morning i feel really jumpy and nauseous. am i ok? should i go see a doctor?

also, i was wondering if i should eat because maybe it will slow the absorption? or am i making that up.... will eating just make me more nauseous? will it make me throw up?

Please, if anyone could help please do so!
  Yes, eat something, drink water and maybe some milk. Unless you're sensitive/allergic to this medication, you'll be just fine.

Being worried like this, can make you feel jumpy and nauseous by itself... so have some food and drink and lay down. And if you do feel like throwing up, go ahead - sometimes it does help us feel better. :)

If you do keep feeling bad and have high or irregular heartbeat, or can't breathe/swallow, contact a doctor or call 911.

Most likely you'll be just fine, so relax and feel better soon. :)
What medicine besides clarinex, has pseudoephedrine ?
The active ingredient pseudoephedrine was taking out of every sudafed product that I saw in Rite Aid.

Why was it taken out, did something bad happen ?

Also, what other medicine besides the clarinex, that I had to get a prescription for, has pseudoephedrine ?

The reason I want to know is, incase I get another bad allergy attack. I don't want to run up a big hospital bill again, I'd rather treat myself with a over-the-counter allergy tablet.

Maybe it's my imagination, but this DESLORATADINE; PSEUDOEPHEDRINE Clarinex-D® 24 Hour pill, is really helping me feel better.

Unlike those nasal sprays, that I'm never using again !
  One of the ingredients in the illegal drug methamphetamine is pseudoephedrine and the makers of this illegal drug used to go to drug stores and buy huge amounts of sudafed to make this drug. So, laws were passed making drug stores put any OTC meds that contain pseudoephedrine behind the counter and people would have to ask for it, show ID and sign for it. The new Sudafed PE does not work. My daughter has allergies and has very good luck with Alavert-D and Claritin-D, but you have to go to the drug counter and ask for it. The D is for decongestant and that is pseudoephedrine.
I vomited bright yellow. Is that a problem?
I havent been settled all day, its starting to worry me. i have to go to college tonight so i cant do much about this at the moment.

This morning i had a Strawberry up & go two sudafed tablets (for sinuses) and a adult dose of Demazin cough medicine.

That was at about 7 30 this morning

I vomited bright yellow at about 9, im not too sure what made that up.

I felt okay for about half an hour, and nauseous ever since. Ive had about 500ml of soda water

Two cans of flattened lemonade and a lamb sandwich

Any ideas how to settle or what could be wrong?
Scott your an idiot.

And no its not appendicitis hehe....already had that.
  Sounds like the bile from your stomach.
You need to make sure you're eating enough.
Dave P
Can I take more then one tablet of Claritin D within 24 hour?
I start taking claritin D. and it just works about 10 hour. but the direction say not more then 1 tablet in 24 hour. can I take more then one tablet with in 24 hour.
  Um, not really. The directions say 1 tablet, so it is one tablet. Just because a medication is sold over the counter, doesn't mean that it doesn't have dangers, especially if the dosing instructions are not followed.

If the Claritin D isn't working for you, try another medication of that type. Tell the pharmacist what you are taking and that it's not working and ask for a recommendation for another product. Most will happily oblige.

I tried the Claritin D myself and it didn't do much either.
Allegra-D vs. Claritin-D? Generic Allegra-D?

I've got all kinds of allergies (all pollen and animal hair, basically), and the congestion due to the allergies lead to frequent sinus infections. Because of this, my doctor has been prescribing Allegra-D (12 hour tablet) for years.

Soon, a new year of my health insurance will begin, and that also means I have to pay a high deductible, so I'd like to figure out if it would be cheaper to switch to Claritin-D.

Does someone have experience switching from Allegra-D to Claritin-D?

Is Claritin-D 12 hour or 24 hour better?

About how much do you pay for a month's worth of Claritin-D (i.e. 60 tablets for 12 hour tablets, 30 tablets for 24 hour tablets), if you don't mind my asking?

Are there any other products that combine a non-drowsy antihistamine and a decongestant that you can recommend?

Thank you in advance for your help.
  I am allergic to nature, and have tried every antihistamine on the market.

First, antihistamines are formulated primarily to take care of indoor, or outdoor allergens, or a somewhat random combination of both. It helps to know what your allergies are, and you seem to know, so you're good there.

Allegra-D is OUTSTANDING at taking care of most of my indoor AND outdoor allergies, although is formulated more towards outdoor allergens. No drowsiness.

Claritin-D is OK at taking care of some of my outdoor and some of my indoor allergies - and is primarily formulated to take care of indoor allergens. Mild drowsiness with some people. Claritin comes in both 12 and 24 hour dosing, but the 12 works approximately 8-12 hours, whereas the 24 works approximately 12 hours :-(.

Zyrtec - recently OTC (over the counter) - is GOOD at taking care of outdoor allergens, and is primarily formulated to take care of outdoor - with some indoor allergen benefits, however Zyrtec's formulation causes moderate - extreme drowsiness for many - which is no fun.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with the approximate cost however, as I haven't had insurance for years, and because I'm in Texas - I just take a 2 hour drive over the border, avoid the doctors fee for an office call, and I get it all without a prescription - and significantly cheaper.

My allergist suggested Advil (TM) Cold & Sinus for supplementing antihistamines, and for doing a little decongestant work - and I've had to use it faithfully for about 20 yrs now.

For my respiratory system and allergy problems, I'd rather pay through the nose for Allegra-D because I know it works, works well, and doesn't make me drowsy. In my opinion, a small cost savings would NOT make me switch. I like to breathe :-).

What you really need to ask yourself is: Just how important is breathing, and what am I willing to pay.

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