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Can you take phenergan and subutex together?
I took a subutex and it has caused me to throw up over and over. Can i take a phenergan pill, safely?
i have never taken subutex before.
  That is something to ask your doctor.
How long should someone wait after taking last dose of methadone before beginning Subutex?
If someone has been taking methadone for nearly 4 years, and has been prescribed Subutex and they keep saying they are afraid to begin the Subutex for fear of acute withdrawals but they had their last dose of methadone 51 hours ago and are experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms, would it be okay to begin the Subutex? They keep referring to the half-life of methadone and have a fear of not waiting long enough..any help appreciated.
  if they wait until they cant bare it anymore then they should be ok.. Most important is what their stable dose of methadone was before they stopped.. they should have been taking 30 mgs or less daily before they stopped, if so then they could take the subutex now... if not, then i would recommend they get some methadone, and get down to a stable dose of 30 mgs or less before stopping then wait 24-48 hours and switch to sub.. if they cant get methadone, then wait until you cant bare it anylonger and take the sub
Gregg L (JPA)
can you take vicodin with subutex? was just switched from suboxone to subutex in prep for the duregesic patch?
ive been on suboxone for about a month and a half to two months. JUST got switched to subutex in preparation for being prescribed the duregesic patch. my question is, it sounds as though i can take the patch and the subutex together, can i take vicodin and the patch together?
[email protected]
  Suboxone, subutex, they are *both* buprenorphine. Perhaps the doctor lowered or raised your dose, but suboxone and subutex are the same thing. Wondering why you had to *prepare* for a duragesic patch. Generally, other opiate drugs are not to be taken with suboxone, as it (subox) is used for detoxing from opoid dependence.

You are assuming that you can take the patch and subox simultaneously, and the vicodin and subox simultaneously. Your doctor's office should be able to answer this question properly, or your pharmacist can, as well.
How long will 8mg of subutex block methadone?
I been taking methadone for 4 years. I didnt have any so I took a subutex from my friend, 8mg. Tomorrow I go back to the methadone clinic. Will the subutex block my dose? If so, for how long?
Gary K
  No. Subutex has no blocker in it. Suboxone has the blocker "Naloxone" in it.
How long does it take to get addicted to Subutex?
I have only been sniffing a little here and there for a few days, I have about a quarter left of an 8mg and I have 6 more pills. I was wondering how long it takes to get addicted to the subutex so I can slow myself down or not worry about it.
Stevo Batto
  Part of it depends on the person and the tolerance level... for some, they can get some mild addiction with even just 1 pill, for some it may take more.
If you are concerned about getting addicted, the only way to avoid it is to not take it. If you still want to take it and avoid addiction, you can ask a drug counselor what signs to look for that you're getting addicted. Addiction is a very hard thing to go through and even harder to get over so you really need to be careful whenever you start abusing a drug. Good luck and I hope I helped!
I take subutex regularly - what are my options for anesthesia during my upcoming colonoscopy?
I have an upcoming colonoscopy - is there a problem with them sedating me since I'm on subutex? Also, what can my dentist prescribe in the event I have dental pain requiring medication, e.g., abcessed tooth?
  What you need to do is make sure that you will have an anesthesiologist taking care of you. They will use propofol to knock you completely out for the procedure and you'll wake up feeling great afterward, with no problems relating to the subutex.

If the gastroenterologist sedates you, they will likely use an opiate, which is not a good idea for you.

As for the dental pain, I'd ask for recommendations from whomever prescirbed your subutex.
I need a good answer on this one. My friend is taking Lomotil for diarehha. The doctor prescribed him subutex.
He has a problem with pain pills. The problem is Lomotil is a class 5 narcotic. Can he Take subutex along with the lomotil. Thank You.
  Subutex is a anti-narcotic and is designed to treat opioid dependency. Your friend should not be taking any other narcotic medications, or alchohol while on this drug. So it's a no go for the lomotil.
Unless he has IBS or short bowel syndrome or something else, lomotil is not meant to be taken for long periods of time. I would suspect that your friend may be abusing the narcotic component of the lomotil otherwise.
What doctor would presscribe subutex or suboxen?
would i see a physchatrist or a family doctor to be put on subutex/suboxen to help with withdraw?
  Yes, start with your family doctor.

Don't worry about @omoikane - this person is a troll who never answers questions, just tries to make 'smart' comments.
Gary Y
Where can I find a st.Louis doctor to prescribe subutex for someone without insurance.?
My friend is currently taking methadone and its just getting to be too inconvenient with gas prices. He spends 35 dollars a day on methadone currently (including Gas). He needs to find a doctor to prescribe subutex to him that wouldn't be as expensive. He currently doesn't have insurance either. Where would I go about finding a doctor?
  Dr. Martin is a physician in the St. Louis area who has a cash only practice, which means he sees patients without insurance. His office visit rates are very reasonable, $50.00, I believe he is the one of two in the St. Louis area who are doing that.

Unfortunately, he does not prescribe that and there are only a few doctors who are able to do so because it is something that is highly controlled, so it's probably unlikely to find a reasonable rate to see a doctor for that.
How long does it take subutex to exit the body enough so I can pass a drug test.?
I will be taking subutex in order to get off of oxycodone. How long will it take before I will be able to pass a drug test. Also will it show up on the drug test as an opiate or something else.
  as far as the oxy yes it would show up as an opiate,but if your taking subutex and it was prescribed to you by a doctor i don't think you really have anything to worry about.
Tarra C
Bupe/Subutex Help: How long do I gotta wait? Been on codeine nonstop for months, 210 mg per day?
Let's say my last big dose of Codeine Sulfate was 90mg at high noon (pun intended). 3 tablets via oral ingestion - that's 30mg per pill. My prescriber was circumspect ("wait 24 hours" he'd say; then it's "go to suboxone[subutex].com" for all the safety info." My other doc says "U gotta be in mild withdrawal". So how long must I *really* wait before using that 1st sub-lingual 8mg buprenorphine tablet? I am "Bupe naive" -- a Bupe virgin! And I'm extremely sensitive to depression when in W/D. Any advice will be appreciated.
  just wait until you start withdrawl. i know it sucks but trust me subutex works very quickly and you will be feeling great in no time.
Private Postal
suboxone or subutex whats the best doesage to completely bloke any opiate and can it make you really ill?
on suboxone 8mg does it bloke any opiate?
taking suboxone does they make your eyes like pinpoint?
can i do a water test while on 8mg suboxone and will it be neg?
if you are on 8mg suboxone and you take an opiate i.e heroin would it make you really ill?
Kirsty G
  It takes alot of heroin or oxy to override 8mg of sub-x. i suggest going to a medical detox or treatment center and get off opiates and dont even start suboxone.its a synthetic and it is harder to get off than heroin.


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