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Do people take Zoloft (Sertraline hydrochloride) who are unprescribed in order to obtain a "high" feeling?
  HELL NO.are you kidding me?
should i take sertraline hydrochloride?
my doctor prescribed me it for my ocd and anxiety but I've been reading up on it and how its affected people in bad ways.. and how hard it is to stop taking it.. is it a good idea?

plus the weight gain :/
Michelle P
  If it helps then do so. Zoloft did me good, and bad(Weight Gain). Sadly any drug has weight gain. Try to stay healthy, drink water, and exercise. Everyone reacts to it differently, you have to try.
Wear water shoes in the lake.
How long do the sexual side effects of Sertraline hydrochloride last?
I asked my GP for some anti-depressant which i previously took last year but i stopped taking it, i started again five days ago and i've experienced some of the sexual side effects that are listed on wikipedia, arousal disorder and difficulty achieving orgasm, i was wondering how long it could last, i read on wikipedia it can last for months or years, but as i have only been on it for five days it can't be that bad?

i was on 150mg per day, im 19 and male if that makes a difference, i had no problem prior to starting the medication

this is the article i was reading
edit: i've told my gp i'd like to stop taking them due to the side effects, so i won't be taking any other ones.

i wasn't sure how long it will last from now on though?
witty comment
What are the specific symptoms if overdose occures with sertraline and mirtazapine?
My doctor wants me to take sertraline and mirtazapine. I am deathly afraid of taking these drugs because of the chances of addiction and overdosing.

What are the chances of adiction and the specific symptoms if overdose occures with sertraline and mirtazapine?
Chuck L
  All I can suggest is that these references below may help you somewhat

I'm not a medical expert - but it looks like both of these drugs do much the same thing for much the same symptoms - your medical practitioner should have told you if you are supposed to take both.

"specific symptoms of overdose"

Some of that information is in the references, but I am not sure I understand it properly - if you don't either, then a real doctor, talk with, you should!
Is anyone else taking Sertraline Hydrochloride...?
...and how have you been whilst taking it?

I have seen various forums and reports on the internet, and many people have had quite bad side-effects with this drug. What have you experienced and is the drug working/has worked for you?
  my depression became severe in october and i finally had the guts to see my gp. he put me on 50mg a day at first then psyciatrist put it up to 100mg day, i was on it until feb and it did nothing i had no side effects or anything. im now on mertazapine but dosage is going up soon, some meds work for some and some dont its trial and error.
Lisa Marie
could my medication be the cause of weakening and damage of my teeth?
the following are the medications i am taking, trazodone hydrochloride, seroquel quetiapine fumerate and sertraline, as my teeth were in good condition prior to taking them?
  Doubt it
What is everyones opinion on the pill Zoloft (sertraline hydrochloride)?
For people knowing of the pill and its side effects i was wondering peoples thoughts on this medication.
An Introduction to Zoloft Side Effects

As with any medicine, side effects are possible with Zoloft® (sertraline hydrochloride); however, not everyone who takes the drug will experience side effects. In fact, most people tolerate it well. If problems do occur, in most cases, they are minor and either require no treatment or can be easily treated by you or your healthcare provider.

(This article covers many, but not all, of the possible side effects with Zoloft. Your healthcare provider can discuss a more complete list of Zoloft side effects with you.)

Common Side Effects of Zoloft

Zoloft has been studied thoroughly in clinical trials, in which a group of people taking the drug have side effects documented and compared to another group not taking the medicine. This way, it is possible to see what side effects occur, how often they appear, and how they compare to the group not taking the medicine.

In these studies, the most common Zoloft side effects included:
I seem to has loss of appitie dizzyiness insomina nasuea hot cold flashes and a few others.

I am not sure if i should be concerned or if it's just my body getting use to it.
along with that I have heard so many rumors, postive and negative about 50/50. I appreciate everyones help.
is my psychiatrist crazy ?
he prescribed me sertraline and pimozide (orap) but i read they shoud not be mixed

also thing i already have fast heat beat and sometimes irregular

at the moment im taking only sertraline. i will wait to see what dr has to say
omg sorry for the spelling mistakes

what i meant is i already have fast heart beat and sometimes irregular
  Find a way to heal and stay away from the psychiatrists.
Will clonidine and sertraline help with Suboxone withdrawal?
I've been on Suboxone for a few months well to help with withdrawal from OxyContin and Oxycodone IR. Now I'm wanting to go off of opiates altogether and I'm wondering if the clonidine and sertraline (Zoloft) my new psychiatrist prescribed will help with the withdrawals (which for me include horrible depression). I'm really looking for a support group to help me get through the withdrawals as well.
Mr. B
  The clonidine will help a little, I am also going through the same thing except I was on the subs for 3 years.... The best thing to do is just be very honest with your Doctor, I told my Dr. everything, how I was feeling crappy, restless etc. He put me on Clonidine, Valium and Lunesta but I have to see him weekly to give updates.......... Also the best support group is going to be your local N.A. meetings, it always helps to get out there and share and learn from others.....Even if your feeling like total crap get up and go it will help to take your mind off of it, also try to drink lots of water and go for a walk even if you feel like your gonna fall over, you have to get out of your head... Good luck
myocardial ischaemia?
I feel chest pain after a several times. My age is 33. I have also left arms and back pain. I can not feel any pain while I am exercising or stair rising. my ETT result is positive for ECG evidence of exercise inducible myocardial ischaemia. My BP around 140/80. systolic always high. one doctor advice me for angiogram. Another doctor tell me that not need to angiogram and he prescrib me some medication. there are
1] Pregabalin inn 75mg
2] Vitabion {Thiamine Hydrochloride BP (100mg), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride BP (100mg), Cyanocobalamin BP (1mg)}
3] Clonazepam 0.5mg
4] Sertraline hydrocholoride BP 25mg
5] Pantoprazole 20mg
6] Betaloc 25mg (Metoprolol)
These are the generic name
Please advice me what can I do??
  For a more accurate diagnosis, without getting an angiogram, an Exercise Thallium study makes the most sense.
Sertraline and Hydrocodone and love to eat a grapefruit for breakfast?
I am also taking Crestor, Protonix, Folic Acid, Cyclobenzaprine, Sulfasalazine, Remicade , Furosemide, Klor-Con, Carbidopa-Levodopa and Methotrexate along with the Sertraline and Hydrocodone. Will eating grapefruit for breakfast every day cause me any serious issues? If so, please let me know what kind of issues and which meds would be involved. Thank you.
  The chemical composition in the grapefruit will increase the effect and pain killing properties of the Hydrocodone. I learned this from a drug counselor, but I have no idea if the grapefruit has any other effects on your other meds. You may want to consult a pharmacist because he could quickly and accurately find out if there may be any negative or life threatening side effects with a few quick clicks of his computer. Good luck! P.S. I love grapefruit, yum!
Connie D
Why ETT result is positive and coronary angiogram result is negative?
I feel chest pain after a several times. My age is 33. I have also left arms and back pain. I can not feel any pain while I am exercising or stair rising. my ETT result is positive for ECG evidence of exercise inducible myocardial ischaemia. But my coronary angiogram result is negative.My doctor prescribe me some medication. there are
1] Pregabalin inn 75mg
2] Vitabion {Thiamine Hydrochloride BP (100mg), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride BP (100mg), Cyanocobalamin BP (1mg)}
3] Clonazepam 0.5mg
4] Sertraline hydrocholoride BP 25mg
5] Pantoprazole 20mg
6] Betaloc 25mg (Metoprolol)
These are the generic name
Please advice me what should I do??
  The angiogram was NOT negative because it was done @ rest. There is no such thing as a "stress" angio.

ANY medical test (such as the ETT) can have what's called a "false positive". That means, simply, that the positive result was wrong. It showed positive when there is no heart disease.

The angiogram is the gold standard for diagnosing heart disease. It showed that you have no narrowings in your heart arteries to cause the pain.

Even if your doctor can't tell you exactly what's causing the problem, take reassurance in the fact that your heart is healthy.
Should I try dealing with natural or take meds for my anxiety?
I just got my first prescription of sertraline hydrochloride which is a generic version of zoloft or anti depressant.

I'm afraid to take it because of all the side affects and stuff and the bad reactions people had with it. plus putting chemicals into my body that might cause me to get addicted and dependent is a little terrifying. I'm only 22 years old and I've been dealing with ocd and anxiety for a little more than a year. I have ocd when I was a child and it resurfaced again at age 21.

I'm thinking if I should I try and improve on my own.. and see how it goes for a little while longer before really doing this.

What has worked best for you and what do you reccomend is better?
Leslie Obispo
  Obviously, you are very smart.

Don't use that crap. It will rot your brain.

Check out the source links below for the real truths regarding the toxic poisen pills prescribed by mercenary barbarian quack corporate psychiatrists.
Why am I soooo tried?
For about the past 8 months (that I have noticed) I've woken up tired (even though I normally get 7-9 hours of sleep. I work out 5 days a week, and try to eat fairly healthy. I've been on tri-cyclen for the past 4 years. I have also recentally started taking sertraline hydrochloride a couple month ago.My friend also suggested I take a vitiman b supplement so for the past few weeks I have been taking super B-complex...which hasent help!I'm desperate are there any supplements I'm missing that can give me my energy back!Please help!thanks
  I would say see a naturopathic dr. they are usually REALLY good at helping people figure out what is causing their fatigue. Supplements CAN help, but which supplements you need should really be determined by blookwork to see what you are lacking. Certain B vitamins can have side effects that are a pain in the butt themselves.

If you live in a state where naturopaths are licensed it should be covered by insurance
1st Psychotic Episode. Chance of relapse with use of cannabis/marijuana?
I am currently undergoing treatment for a psychotic episode caused by use of stimulants (amphetamines). I am taking 4mg of Risperidone daily (for the psychotic episode) and 50mg of Sertraline Hydrochloride daily (for general anxiety).

When the anti-psychotic treatment has ended and I am taken off the medication, I am considering using cannabis on an occasional basis. I was wondering what are the chances that I will have a relapse of the psychotic episode and possibly suffer worse than the first time?
Mark Adams
  You can't possibly be that stupid. First, amphetamine abuse almost certainly triggered your psychosis but didn't cause it. Expect another episode no matter what else you do. Second, high doses of cannabis can induce psychotic states in subjects who have no psychotic morbidity. Do you really think low doses of cannabis can't trigger an episode in a patient who has a history of psychosis? Third, you haven't even put your last bout of bad behavior behind you, and you're already looking for new ways to fail. Of course you're going to have a relapse and suffer worse than the first time; you may as well smoke up and accept the inevitable.

Has any one every been prescribed Topiramate and or Sertraline and if so?
what one, and how did it work out for you? What were the side effects? I just got a prescription today for it and will be starting it tomorrow and just want a little in sight of what to expect!
  sertraline for anxiety disorder i took it for 6 months helped a small bit but not really for me and gave me change in blood pressure and loss in sex drive..
Cetirizine hydrochloride (zyrtec) from online pharmacy?
hi...i used an online pharmacy to buy 180 10 mg cetirizine hydrochloride pills (generic zyrtec...for allergies)...normally they are oval but the ones that came in the mail are round and unmarked. they came packaged in little boxes labeled cetirizine hydrochloride and it has all the info on the boxes and also the bubble packs but ive never seen them round and unmarked before. i just want to make sure that i didnt get ripped off and that they are in fact 10 mg of cetirizine hydrochloride. any help is appreciated. thanks!
  generics never look like the brand name pills.

if you are concerned, call or email the pharmacy and double check that you got the right med, but if the package has good labeling then you should be ok
Dancing Girl 1
What will happen If i mix Fluoxetine hydrochloride, Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, and Ambien CR?
  Consult your doctor.
[ ★♏ . A I R ]
Are the following classified as narcotics: 1.Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride 2.Chlorpheniramine Maleate &..?
Are the following classified as narcotics:
1.Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride
2.Chlorpheniramine Maleate
3. Dicyclomine Hydrochloride
Please let me know for each item. Is there a list available online where the names of narcotic items used in medicnes is listed?
  You can check on the web site It has all you want to know about any med.
how to make Diltiazem Hydrochloride for injection stability?
we make Diltiazem Hydrochloride to dry powder for injection , but it degaretion after one month. it have another substance. how to make it stability? Diltiazem Hydrochloride must be preserved in tight,light-resistant and cool containers.
zheng y
  Why are you asking this? If you are working for a legitimate company making diltiazem, the chemists would know what to do.
If you're working for a less than legitimate company.....
Do any of these rx drugs get you fucked up.?!?
ChlorproMAZINE Hydrochloride
Hydrochloride Extended-release
Lescol XL
Zocor (simuastatin)
Augmentin XR

any of them?!

thankks (=
not looking for remarks..


  One is an antibiotic(for infections),One is an Antihistimine(for allergies)....what are you doing,going through your parent's Medicine Cabnit?!?

I'm not going to "help" you...but I'm sure we have plenty of people who will,they believe in "helping" kids get "high safely" around here!

Why don't you go join a sport...or something useful that will encourage your health/body....NOT DESTROY IT ;-)
Mrs Jim
Phentermine Hydrochloride online?
What is the best that you have used? or does anyone know of a website where I can get Phentermine hydrochloride without a perscription. I want the tablets not capsules. My sister was buying them from and now they do not have them.
With My Forever
  Go to
(I know it is a body building website)
Click on Other Treatments
Click Weight Management
Select the dose you want and put in your cart
Fill out info for billing and shipping.
After you have paid, you will see a questionnaire pop up. Fill this out and make up a fake name to go into the Physicians info spot. After you finish filling it out (of course saying you are very healthy) Click Submit.
You will see at the very top it will say Your order has been successful. It will look like you need to do something else because the screen stays on the same page you filed out.
Just X out of the screen and your meds will get to you in 2 days.
I order from this place only....and you do not have to wait for your script to renew before you can order more.
Best of all it is an American pharmacy out of Jacksonville, FL.
Teeth whitening after tetracycline hydrochloride?
I've tried Britesmile and it didn't do much at all. Anyone know of any other system that will work after taking tetracycline hydrochloride?
  Your NOT going to find anything that will remove that staining.

Zoom Whitening, is the best system out there, that i have seen. I perform the Zoom Whitening Treatment in my office. Plain and simple it wont whiten Tetracycline stains. Nothing will.... Not even, Internal Bleaching. I've seen it (internal bleaching by the doctors) and done it (the Zoom treatment).. and its just NOT going to happen.
what are lincomycin hydrochloride and lidocaine hydrochloride gel use for?
  Lincomycin hydrochloride is mainly used for fighting respiratory tract and soft tissue infections.

there's another type: It is indicated for the infections due to Staphylococcus,Streptococcus Pneumococcus and anaerobes. It may cause enteritis of pseudo-menbrane after prolonged administration. Patients with hepatic insufficiency should use prudently.

Lidocaine hydrochloride is used as a pain reliever. Lidocaine (lignocaine) belongs to a group of medicines known as local anaesthetics. Lidocaine acts to block temporarily the pathway of pain impulses along nerve fibres. This relieves or prevents pain in the area where it has been injected. This preparation is injected to provide local anaesthesia for minor procedures, such as dental surgery.

you can check out these websites. it's good. good luck!
pseudoephedrine hydrochloride?
I failed a drug test for meth-amphetamine. I don't do drugs, so I was wondering if pseudoephedrine hydrochloride contained some type of ingredient to cause this. I took Sudafed 12 hour sinus relief.
  yes it could of caused a positive result-- this is one of the chemicals used to make meth. it should be out of your system in 3 to 5 days-- ask for another test
Is Pramoxine hydrochloride the same as hydrocortisone acetate?
I used hydrocortisone for relief of some eczema around my mouth and it worked fine. I was wondering if Pramoxine hydrochloride is the same thing? I did some searching and they both show up together.
Look Its Jay
  Pramoxine is a topical anesthetic used to reduce itching.
Hydrocortisone is a steroid.
Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) ok during pregnancy?
I am having problems digesting my food. I am 5 months pregnant. My Dr. told me to take Betaine hydrochloride and pepsin with my meals to help me digest (HCL). Is this safe during pregnancy? My Dr says it is, but I see conflicting reports on the web.
  What you are seeing on the web is talking about exposure to vapors of hydrochloric acid, not about taking pills with a meal. Sort of like saying you can't drink from the municipal water supply because it is treated with chlorine when we know that chlorine gas is poison, especially to babies.

However, if you are still concerned, there are alternatives. You can take digestive bitters (Chamomile, Chickory, Gentian or a product called Swedish Bitters) at the start of a meal to increase your production of HCL. Also very helpful to sip vinegar water with meals. Mix 2-3 teaspoons apple cider vinegar and equal amount of honey in a little hot water. After it's dissolved, add cool water until it tastes pleasant.
Janet S
Any difference between different types of diphenhydramine hydrochloride?
I go through quite a bit of benadryl to deal with allergies. Is there any reason why I shouldn't start buying the cheap, generic over-the-counter sleep aids containing the same dose (25mg) of diphenhydramine hydrochloride as benadryl?
  If you live in the United States then the FDA should ensure that any product advertised as containing 25mg dephenhydramine HCL will be the same as benadryl (the pink ones). If you take the green ones it'll have additional ingredients as well.
Hector S
Why shouldn't Diabetics have Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride?
I am diabetic and wanted to take some Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride) and in the information leaflet that comes with the tablets it says do not take if you are diabetic. Whats the reason behind this?
Thanks but this isn't a site and cannot find what you want me to read....really need someone who knows the answer as I have already searched the net before coming on here and asking!!
Thanks formley_bob :o)
Just took aspirin when can I take theraflu?
I am feeling ill and thought that perhaps an aspirin would do (325mg) Well it didn't. I took the aspirin about an hour ago. How long do I have to wait until I take theraflu? acetaminophen 650 mg, diphenhydramine hydrochloride 25 mg, phenylephrine hydrochloride 10 mg
Jennifer Thorson
  you can take the theraflu now.

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